Monday, December 14, 2009

Iran Fiji Government to Formalize Military Cooperation

Post by: Realfijinews - 14/12/2009

The Military Government of Fiji are in the process of formalizing diplomatic ties with Iran.

This will manifest with the establishment of a permanent office and representative in Fiji for the Pacific.

This imminent development will lead to the establishment of a bilateral agreement that would seek to set the foundation for cultural, economic and military cooperation as Tehran embraces our rouge government to set a foothold in the Pacific.

Whether cooperation would include transshipment of embargoed goods is yet to be seen. Like most international agreements entered into between rouge states, the public will not have access to its scope and specifics.

Iran is the source of hope for funding Fiji's balloon debt, which due date draws nearer each day and has been the latent reason for Frank Bainimarama's arrogant defiance of demands by the international community to restore democracy with overwhelming confidence without remorse.

We were correct in our prognosis that Fiji has joined the 'family of republics' and it is only a matter of time for this fact to publicly manifest.

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