Thursday, December 31, 2009

Govt-rented quarters to be terminated

All government-rented quarters will be terminated as of February, 1, 2010, Government has confirmed.

And officers who are eligible to occupy quarters will be paid a housing allowance, at existing rates.

This, according to Public Service Commission chairman Josefa Serulagilagi, is all part of state reforms, which are being vigilantly pursued by all government agencies.

He said upon the completion of renovations to vacant government quarters in the Suva area, the properties will then be let out for rental at existing market rates.

Civil servants, as well as the general public will be eligible to lease these properties, he said.

“At this point in time, this arrangement will be confined to quarters in the Suva area only, and it will be expanded to other parts of the country at a later stage,” he added.

The PSC he said, is not wasting any time in upgrading vacant government quarters, and putting them on the real estate market for rental.

The review of the management of quarters, which will include the eligibility and entitlement of civil servants for provision of quarters, has been approved by Cabinet.

While the amendments to the regulations are being conducted, Serulagilagi emphasized that ample provisions will be retained to entice civil servants to serve in rural areas and outer islands.

“For the time being, officers serving in the districts will continue to live in government quarters and this arrangement will not be subjected to any changes at this stage.

“Furthermore, volunteers who have been allocated quarters by Government will continue to do so,” he said.

The maintenance of Government quarters will now be transferred from the Public Works Department to the Public Service Commission, as of January, 2010.

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