Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Frank’s Goons Racist at Heart

After threats and violence comes ugly racism as the favoured weapon for Bainimarama’s goons

The dictator makes a big deal of justifying his rape of democracy by telling the United Nations and international TV audiences that it’s all about creating racial unity.

But his message has yet to reach his hard-line supporters.

On a daily basis they are exposing Frank’s pious posturing on racial unity as the cynical lie we have always known it to be.

Tune into Bainimarama’s rusted-on disciples, specifically the goons in Media Cell who venture onto the freedom blogs to espouse the regime’s cause, and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

In their efforts to refute the damning facts about Bainimarama and his regime, they are stirring the racist pot for all they are worth.

A ready example can be found in the comments posted against articles on Fiji freedom blogger, Coup Four And A Half.

In a commendable display of democracy and free speech, the blog has a policy of not blocking pro-regime comments, no matter how offensive, illogical and racist they may be.

Recently, the blog ran articles by Professors Waden Narsey and Brij Lal, each one a sharp and telling critique that exposed the incompetence and falsehoods that are the hallmarks of Bainimarama’s dictatorship.

The two articles sparked a minor fury of postings by the Media Cell goons.

But instead of mounting well constructed arguments against the two academics, they chose instead to wallow in the gutter of racism and make an issue of Narsey and Lal’s ethnicity.

“Turncoat Girmit Baini Brij Lal” is what one goon posted, blogging as “Anonymous”. A second anonymous poster described Narsey and Lal as “two Uncle Tom Indians”.

But who’s surprised by the fact that the regime’s supporters are so ready to play the racist card?

Most of them are drawn from the ranks of the RFMF, which is 99 per cent ethnic Fijian, making it the nation’s most manifestly racist institution.

And how does that fact square with the dictator’s holier-than-thou public utterances?

The answer, of course, is that it doesn’t. But achieving racial unity has never been on the dictator’s real agenda.

Like “cleaning up corruption” the “racial unity” platform is another example of spin cranked up by Frank Bainimarama to conceal his true purpose in life, which is gaining protection from due process.

You know folks, we almost feel grateful to Frank’s racist attack dogs!

After all, they are playing no small part in helping the wider world to fully grasp the unsavoury truth about a despicable dictator who is relentlessly destroying our beloved nation.


Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...


Today is Human Rights Day and I dedicate this article to draw attention to the violation of human rights in Fiji by the racist and sexist attacks on the highly regarded Professors Brig Lal and Warden Narsey. 

These two sons of Fiji, have earned their places in the world of meritocracy and human values system.

The phrase "turncoat girmit baini” for Dr. Brig Lala and “Uncle Tom Indian” for both Drs. Brig Lal and Warden Narsey by Vorege Bainimarama's goons in the illegal interim regime (IIR) says a lot for the flaws in their strategic "product and market mix" that lacks brand management. 

VB and his chief Advisor Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum (ASK) argue that they want to take Fiji forward to the digital age, but it is the digital age values in human rights, freedom of choice and democratic principles that are showing up their true colors of autocracy the antithesis of meritocracy and democracy. 

In ignorance they say one thing but do the opposite, lost in purpose and reality. 

The IIR would be voted out in any free and fair general election with such a racist and sexist statement, which violates human dignity and self esteem as the basis for strength of character development for any nation.

By recognizing and talking openly about our national problems, there also exists the opportunity and initiative for Reconciliation, Amnesty, Unity and Truth (RATU). In our weaknesses and strengths of a multi-ethnic society, identified in our diversity we also expose the foundation for good faith, meritocracy and trust building relationships. 

It is now time to stop the "rot" in social, moral, spiritual, cultural, technical and economic tailspin in Fiji's present economy by having a "Political Multi Lateral Dialogue" (Suliasi Daunitutu (December 5th 2009) and "Sheath the Sword" (Colonel Jone Baleidokadroka (December 5th 2009).

Dr Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni SDL Member for Lami Open (deposed 2006).

Sai Lealea said...

Agree with you Mere on the need for "open listening and talking among those who co-created the problem in Fiji". Then and only then can we truly address the deep seated feelings people have about Fiji's current situation before we even explore a way forward.

People need to tell their own stories and dreams about Fiji and its future otherwise we get stuck in the present situation as people tend to only validate their own view of the situation when they do not open up and listen to other's stories.

But such an exercise requires very good, neutral and professional facilitation so it does not become a mere give and take or bargaining for maximum benefit. This is where the Commonwealth or UN could play a role.