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Fiji’s new upper class no-class

Post by: Fiji Democracy Now

December 2, 2009

In Fiji there’s nothing lower than our new upper class

It’s only taken a short and extremely painful three years, but we have seen a whole new class system emerge in our beloved Fiji.

The new upper class is the military and its hardline supporters, led by the no school dictator, Frank Bainimarama.

Yes, we know it’s impossible to imagine Bainimarama as “‘upper class” because the man is a loser who has had anything but a distinguished career.

His RFMF record shows he was sent home from UN peacekeeping duties in disgrace. His public record shows him to be a congenital liar. His police record shows him to be the likely thief of RFMF funds and a co-conspirator in significant fraud involving public monies, not to mention the odd dabbling in treason.

And increasingly his international persona is being compared with the likes of Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe.

So, in our new class system, where does that leave the rest of us?

Well, irrespective of our ethnicity, religious faith, strength of character or depth of patriotism, we have been relegated by Bainimarama and his goons to being second class citizens in our own country!

Our basic rights, such as freedom of speech, have been stripped and the regime’s incompetence makes us and our families increasingly vulnerable to the ever worsening effects of the economic and social disaster unfolding around us.

Bainimarama’s “upper class” is very focused. Beginning with the corrupt and greedy dictator himself, it demonstrates on a daily basis that its one and only objective is to look after its own.

Let’s take a few examples:

One: Well before abrogation of the Constitution and introduction of strict media censorship, we the people of Fiji woke up one day to read in the Fiji Times that Frank Bainimarama had raided the state coffers to the tune of $184,000.

Despite official spin to the contrary, it was a transparently obvious act of corrupt official manipulation to the benefit of one Frank Bainimarama.

Two: Perpetrators of violent crime should be accorded due process and have no way of escaping the justice due to them, which was the case in Fiji until three years ago.

But the case of Francis Kean, convicted killer and brother-in-law of the dictator, demonstrated how things had changed with a dictator running things.

Kean served only the briefest of prison sentences and on full salary. Then he was sprung and re-installed to his former senior RFMF post.

Three: Following graphic evidence of the horrendously violent and sexually sadistic torture so wilfully inflicted on Sakiusa Rabaka by Patrick Nayacalagilagi and his co-accused, it appeared justice had been done when the sentences were handed down.

But, on the personal orders of Bainimarama, the killers and torturers of Rabaka were released and fully re-assimilated into the RFMF in very short order.

Yes folks, there are now TWO very distinct classes in Fiji. Unless you wear the once respected RFMF uniform or are one of the opportunists riding on the dictator’s coat tails, you are very much second class.

But we can aspire to something better.

We might be second class citizens now, but never forget that one day Fiji will return to being a society where all classes can live in harmony and mutual respect.

On that day our arrogant new upper class will discover that is still in a class of its own, but this time it will be the criminal class.

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