Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crosby Walsh Misguided

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December 16, 2009

I stopped reading Crosby Walsh’s colonial hangover pieces a long time ago and I think RFN shouldn’t dignify his ramblings by refering to his pieces on this site. Whatever his history with Fiji, it must have been a very sheltered and priviledged one where he didn’t have to have tea and panikeke like the rest of us ordinary Fijians.

It’s very easy to pass judgement based on one’s priviledged past but it is quite cowardly to make those biased judgements from the comfort of a democratic environment where one doesn’t have to answer for the lies one peddles and indeed where one doesn’t have to mind his/her words given the gun hovering over one’s head.

If his pieces were indeed balanced or at least showed some semblence of balance then Walsh might be taken seriously. Until that happens, for me, his endless support for the interim regime and what it purports to stand for is simply a representation of useless dribble clogging cyber universe. Some people should just retire and mind their own business or have the courage to come here to Fiji and openly voice their biased opinions.

Let me assure Walsh that while I respect his right to freedom of speech, I do not respect his right to peddle misguided and misinformed opinions as a so-called expert on Fiji. And if he were courageous enough to come to Fiji and voice those opinions let me assure him that I, for one, would belt the living daylights out of him – and I wouldn’t need guns to do that.

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