Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crosbie Walsh Jealous of Shamima Ali’s human rights award

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December 14, 2009

Not surprisingly, the carping coup apologist, Crosbie Walsh, has tried his best to do a hatchet job on Shamima Ali by unfairly besmirching Amnesty International’s recognition of her human rights work.

In a typically snide piece* Croz shares some “unkind thoughts” clearly designed to take the focus away from the manner in which his beloved military dictatorship is trampling on our rights.

He completely ignores the very valid reasons why Shamima Ali stands out in comparison with, say, Shaista Shameem, when it comes to championing human rights in Fiji.

Then there are the two comments lodged within a couple of hours of the posting and so far the only responses. Each is from “Anonymous” but sentence structure, syntax, phrasing and levels of vocabulary and reasoning are remarkably similar to the writings of one Crosbie Walsh.

We hope for Croz’s sake it’s sheer coincidence. Let’s face it, chattering away to yourself in the bathroom is one thing, but doing it and patting himself on the back publicly in cyber space is altogether another!

That desire for the limelight is so compelling, isn’t it, Croz?

Fiji Democracy Now

* http://crosbiew.blogspot.com/2009/12/shamima-ai -newzealands-first-human.htm

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