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Bamboozling Bainimarama’s mixed up Military

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December 30, 2009

Here is a non exhaustive list of Fiji’s Military Leaders loser legacy from its first local head, Colonel Manueli on down. They are one mixed up lot, the so called Commanders from Delainabua. Their new year’s resolution should be to not bamboozle us, the Fijian people any longer.

They still pompously strut their stuff bedecked with military medals and British military regalia at Remembrance Day parades confusing only themselves in vainly trying to associate their high treason with valour and honour.

They adorn themselves with honours, awards and promotions befitting war heroes such as Sukanaivalu at Bougainville that fought against Japanese militarism.

They have forever besmirched the glorious fallen of the First and Second World Wars who willingly sacrificed their lives against the evils of tyranny and depraved dictatorship.

They set themselves up as ‘guardians’ of liberal democracy at Independence Day Celebrations when they did not liberate nor inspire the country to civic nationalism or any other ism but were primarily the instrument of local suppression for British colonialism and its chiefly power blocs.

They craftily used the Fijian chiefly system as the cunning conduit of their deceptive power grab yet berating and belittling the same system as politically corrupt. Though like a scavenging remora they still swim with Fijian supremacist ethos. Both are still mutually satisfied in their own political Machiavellian designs unknown to their prey-The Fijian people, presently being bought by feel good socialist policies.

Blinded by naked power they jackbooted and frog marched the nation with their convoluted cleanup campaign only to commit the same sins. This time erring impudently without public circumspect by not holding themselves out to accountable scrutiny –all in the name of ‘good governance’.

They plunder national treasure, ficac’ed all the opposition to limbo and rort the FNPF all in the name of national security and a phantom political enemy they created themselves.

Their installed Police Commissioner corruptly confuses Christian prostelysation with crime prevention only to be an embarrassment and contradiction to their own ‘racial and religious equality mantra’.

They talk racial equality so long as the military remains predominantly Fijian-the vital precursor to power. Obviously now wary that their electoral reform common roll may bring about an overwhelmingly opposite effect to its devious eternal intentions- to remain in power.

But most of all, they espouse global peace and freedom internationally but nonchalantly suppress human rights and freedom nationally against the norms of the twenty first century akin to Communist China. This is all cleverly borne out in The Peoples Charter document as the military’s ‘human security’ role where they sit above and are involved in politics at the same time.

What more can we say about the bamboozling Bainimarama’s mixed up military- a self pretentious military cum political outfit, morally corrupt from top to bottom?.

Happy New Year and more to follow in 2010…

Kai Colo

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