Saturday, December 26, 2009

Absence of Relevant Reliable Recent Statistics will Lead to Fiji's State Failure

Post by: Realfijinews - 26 December 2009

  • A new year is dawning and 3 years has elapsed since the Fiji Military Junta have seized our Nation, they began with the promise of elementary stuff articulated in a Charter, numerous illegal budgets promising to move Fiji forward, and a plethora of ad hoc trial and error decrees with Frank playing the role of a fire fighter hauling buckets of super-fund, cyclone and flood money to tame an imminent unstoppable volcanic eruption in our economy that would lead to severe widespread poverty, underdevelopment and missed opportunities that would see our Fiji, the once vibrant economic micro powerhouse in the Pacific morph into another wontok failed state.

    You see the disparity in the distribution of resources, wealth and prosperity in Fiji has been acute for some time, but as a direct result of this military government's mismanagement everything will slowly but surely erode to the point of absolute disaster with the chronic failure of essential public services that matter most to our marginalized people.

    Now we are not advocating that the government turn into a charity, what we are advocating for is that the Fiji Government legal or illegal do its job, but how can they do their job without the necessary vital statistics to make an informed decision to devise a plan, to seek funding and to implement and assess the success or otherwise of any plan to move Fiji forward.

    The underlying assumption of any "Government Policy" or "Government Budget", good or bad, legal or illegal, is that it must be based on statistics, that is the raw material without which everything else is a hollow sham not worthy of mention and commentary because its foundation is non existent and hence it follows therefore that the words uttered and figures projected by the military junta can only be described as hogwash.

    It is ONLY through relevant, cogent, up to date statistics that describe the reality on the ground that we can move Fiji forward. This is crucial in assessing government effectiveness as it purportedly holds governments (democratic) accountable for their policies to ensure that scarce resources are allocated proportionate to the needs before what has been said all along becomes a reality, that is that Fiji is a failed State and if you have not traveled to a failed state then you should or at the very least watch a movie such as Hotel Rwanda to see what will happen, genocide will be a foregone conclusion and this is why although it is regrettable that the Kiwi Key has lost his Keys it is necessary from their viewpoint to re-engage because the cost of intervening after the event will be catastrophic just as the RAMSI experience has taxed the Aussies in the Solomon Islands and PNG.

    The imperative therefore is to re-engage and in the absence of a satisfactory compromise to intervene. Arguments of sovereignty and the lawfulness or otherwise of intervention can be dealt with at the appropriate time and place which in any event will receive a tap on the wrist like everything else that the UN Security Council does in our World after listening to 10 years worth of soft law from our Tal-Qaeda.

    Australia needs to play a more proactive role like the United States in the middle east if it's to keep its place as the Pacific's voice at the G-20 level, otherwise it would be no different to what the Europeans have termed that continent as the land “down under”. But the fact is that Australia and New-Zealand are still largely an agricultural/primary industry type of economy like our Banana Republic, hence their understanding of our Bananasinpajamas.

    But seriously, how can Frank or anyone else for that matter move Fiji forward when we do not have the raw data to collectively devise a plan and join in the effort to rebuild our country to achieve unprecedented growth in 2010 and beyond?

    No one wants to see Fiji become like the Solomon's or Vanuatu or do we?, and we are not talking about GDP growth ,but social development of the marginalized. Make no mistake that's exactly where we heading folks. In the year 2010, we will have to renew our vows either to join the mob or bring it to its knees which comes at a price, playing hard ball one week and then going pussy the next when things heat up isn't going to cut it, there needs to be consistency and unity and nothing will change jack until we think and act as one.

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