Friday, November 13, 2009

Ratu Epeli opens Macuata meeting - Am Apologist for an Illegal Regime - 13/11/2009

Sai's Comments:
  • Does the President ever stop to wonder about the legality of his appointment? About the fact that his chiefly colleagues on the GCC had rejected him!
  • Of course not. He is a classical apologist for an illegal regime of which he is a key player.
  • Of course he would go to Macuata as its Ratu is another who has profited from the illegal regime of Bainimarama.
  • His reference to the Charter conveniently forgets that it was a farcical exercise and not a truly national initiative where free citizens from all walks of life had participated.
  • The fact is, Ratu Epeli has got himself a job he would never had got in a free democratic environment. For that he has let down Fijians.

Macuata chiefs were yesterday urged by the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau to practice good governance at provincial level.

Ratu Epeli said as good leaders, chiefs and district representatives should practice transparency and accountability.

He made these comments while opening the Macuata Provincial Council meeting at the chiefly village of Naduri yesterday.

Chiefs of Macuata accorded a traditional welcome ceremony to the President.

Ratu Epeli's entourage was guarded by traditional warriors armed with Fijian war clubs right across the rara (grounds) where the ceremony was held.

They braved the hot sun for about two hours - displaying the real Macuata traditional welcome.

Ratu Epeli said he was overwelmed with the gesture of the Macuata chiefs, vanua and its people.

He said his aim was to visit all 14 provinces throughout the country in accordance with Government's mission to see that people prosper and move forward with a new Fiji.

He said the Government had put in place measures to make the country prosperous through the People's Charter for Change, Peace and Progress.

Ratu Epeli reiterated that the 11 pillars in the Charter were based on the needs of the people.

Macuata was the first province to support Government through the Charter process.

Tui Macuata, Ratu Aisea Katonivere, said the traditional welcome accorded to the President was an occasion seldom faced by the vanua of Macuata.

"For the President to chose this province as his first official tour has caused the vanua to conduct the full traditional ceremony. It is in recognition of his kind heart to visit Macuata and also to inspect Government's effort in terms of development in the province."

Ratu Aisea said Macuata had entered a new page in the history of Fiji to be the first province to traditionally welcome the President soon after his appointment. "It is obvious that the President has made known today of the support of the vanua on the direction and the overall operation of the Government in taking us forward," he added.

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