Saturday, November 21, 2009

Race based school names to be faced out


Filimoni Kau

21 November

The process of phasing race based school names recommended in the People's Charter is set to proceed.

Under the People's Charter a recommendation was made to phase out school names that denote racial affiliations like "Fijian" and "Indian" and has been highlighted as of great importance in enhancing the building of a united and multicultural society.

Head of the Strategic Framework for Change, Filimoni Kau said they had informed the Education Ministry of this directive and the onus was on the Ministry to inform all schools.

He adds this was issued 6 months ago and they are waiting for the managements of schools to make the necessary changes.

The Ministry of Education has refused to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile the process of having a common name for all citizens of Fiji to be Fijian, and the indigenous Fijians to be called 'i-Taukei' is underway.

Head of the Strategic Framework for Change, Filimoni Kau said many processes including legislations need to change.

Kau confirms that work is also underway to priorities the needs of people who apply for scholarships which means that the race-based entry qualification for scholarship programmes will be removed.

At the moment the criteria for application for a Fijian Affairs scholarship is that the applicant has to be an indigenous Fijian while the entry criteria for the Multi Ethnic Scholarship is any person who is a non Indigenous Fijian.

Kau said the issue in relation to the common name requires a lot of work and it will also be included in the new constitution

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