Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NZ Expells Fiji Diplomat

Sai's Comment

  • What a sad day for Mr Savou and his family after arriving just around 2 months from Fiji to take up his post in Wellington. In fact he was just at a 21st birthday last Saturday, no doubt oblivious to what was brewing under Frank's collar in Fiji.
  • Such waste of effort, resource and time for public servants who could claim to be simply doing their job but caught up in Frank's idiotic brinkmanship.
  • Civil servants in Fiji must all be running miles to avoid being appointed to a senior post in NZ.
  • Again, unless and until a brave and courageous soul, rids Fiji of Frank, more of these lunacy is bound to continue.

New Zealand has hit back at Fiji and expelled their Acting Head of Mission in New Zealand, Kuliniasi Seru Savou.

The move was expected after New Zealand's Deputy High Commissioner Todd Cleaver and Australia's High Commissioner James Bartley were told to leave Fiji.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully announced that Mr Cleaver was declared persona non grata by Fiji this afternoon and was instructed to leave the country.

"At about 3pm this afternoon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here, at my request, invited the Acting Head of Mission in here and made the same sort of steps," Mr McCully told reporters.

"Mr Savou was declared persona non grata and asked to leave New Zealand."

Mr Cleaver was New Zealand's acting head of mission after Fiji previously ousted High Commissioner Michael Green then his successor, acting High Commissioner Caroline McDonald

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