Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nazhat Shameem Show her True Illegal Colours

Nazhat Shameem and her bleached-haired sis, Shaista Shameem, are two controversial women who were suspected of being part of the shadowy figures advisory team behind Frank’s 2006 coup, right from the word go.

Shaista Shameem did not waste time in showing her true color as she unleashed her Fiji Human Wrongs Commission filth soon after the coup.

Her high court judge sis, Nazhat Shameem chose to play it smooth.

While everyone knew her role as a key masterminder in telling Frank how to play his coup game, Nazhat smartly smokescreened her dark side by pretending to have upheld the 1997 Constitution in her refusal to re-enter the judiciary when Fiji’s 1997 Constitution was claimed to have been abrogated over the Easter weekend.

A few months on, Nazhat is feeling edgey in her poorly disguised form with an overwhelming urge to start implementing illegal laws that is close to her heart.

It was the anti-regime blog again that blew her cover when they exposed Nazhat Shameem Consultancy works with illegal Anthony Gates and his illegitimate judiciary.

Now that her real coup supporter and masterminder self is on display in the public arena, madam Nazhat Shameem immediately sort public relations assistance from another well known coup supporter reporter, Communications Fiji News Director, Vijay Narayan.

Nazhat’s voice is what people in Fiji have been hearing as head news on Communications Fiji radio stations today.

In it, she is explaining the real meaning of the junta’s Domestic Violence Decree, eventhough she knows full well that the decree she’s supporting and training people on is illegal.

The news item also says that she is training certain groups on the interpretation of the new decree.

So what exactly is Nazhat Shameem saying?

One – she recognises the junta’s illegal decree hence her willingness to promote it.

Two – she is the architect of the decree since she is able to give its real interpretation in the manner that it should be understood.

Three – she does not uphold Fiji’s supreme law of the land, the 1997 Constitution and has fully accepted, agreed and acknowledged its purported abrogation by promoting an illegal decree. It also means that she could very well have been an orchestrator in the constitution abrogation attempt.

Four – she is a terrorist to the democratic ideals by pushing for changes in Fiji’s law via the junta decrees and not through the voice of the people through the ballot box and their representative in Parliament. She is really an impatient, law-breaker who has no respect for the majority’s wishes.

Five – she, like Anthony Gates, Aiyaz Khaiyum, Aziz Mohammed and Ana Rokomokoti are the real terrorists who are raping the Fiji populace with their sick pervertial act to impose their illegal laws onto the helpless Fijian populace.

We say, the real 2006 coup key players are beginning to come out of the wood works . Fijian peoples’ patience and resilience is working with the junta and their masterminders already tripping on their own dirty tricks.

Without lifting a finger, the Fijian populace will soon see the demise of Frank & Co and his terrorist advicers, not from outside forces but from within!


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