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Internet Access Blocked in Fiji

Simply log into

And enter in the space provided.

Bloggers can pass on the message to their Fiji families and friends to log onto

to by-pass Frank & Co’s website block.

If they are IT savvy, they might like to download free anonymous proxies by googling “free anonymous proxies”.

Major call center businesses in Fiji like ANZ’s QUEST, ACS and the new MindPearl, are crying foul over Fiji’s military regime’s move to block certain websites.

Sources say if the regime has gone that far to block anti-regime websites from being viewed in Fiji, it means that the intergrity of the call center IT business in Fiji has effectively been compromised in a big way.

Fiji’s southern cross cable owner, FINTEL, the pipeline that feeds telecommunication and internet access into and out of Fiji is said to have been taken over by Frank’s junta.

In the process, all IT and call center businesses in Fiji are no longer reliable.

Insiders also report that CEO Fiji Trade Investment Commission, Annie Rogers, is not impressed with the junta’s decision to block website accesses in Fiji.

She said it has made her job even harder in trying to convince other IT-based overseas investors to invest in Fiji.

Bruce Hill

There are reports from Fiji of some anti-government blogs being blocked making it impossible for readers to read them.

Several of the websites are reportedly blocked in such a way people using Fiji-based internet service providers cannot access them.

The military government in Fiji censors all official media outlets, and has vowed to track down bloggers who disseminate information without approval.

The operator of one of the anti-government blogs, Coup Four Point Five, who could not be identified for security reasons, has told Pacific Beat its clear something is interfering with internet access in Fiji.

There is a way around the apparent blocking of access to certain internet sites within Fiji, but it involves people downloading and installing what’s called an anonymiser program.

This fools the internet into thinking a request to see a web page is coming from outside Fiji.

Australian IT consultant on computer security, Patrick Gray, says it is quite technically feasible to have access to certain websites blocked, especially by governments.

“Anyone sitting upstream from you, where you’re getting your access from, whether that’s you’re internet service provider or their upstream provider which provides provides the acces to them…if they wish to, they can block access.”

- Radio Australia

Yes, foreign reserves are high at the moment as the Governor of the Reserve Bank points out.

But the high reserves are not due to improving exports (we know the sugar industry is collapsing , the tourism industry is not particularly buoyant, garment is collapsing, fish, gold and timber are improving, but overall exports revenue are falling.

What has kept reserves up is that imports have also been falling because of the lack in investmen, and the serious constraints on our people’s incomes and expenditure.

So the current “healthy” foreign reserves” is nothing to crow about.

The only good sign is a growing economy with positive growth rates.

But following – 6.6% in 2007, a tiny recovery in 2008, current projections are of another negative growth rate for 2009 (possibly – 1% or even bigger drop).

Our people can not eat “healthy foreign reserves”.

- From Warden Narsey’s media blacked-out presentation at a recent gathering.

Sources in Fiji say there is no doubt that academic Professor Warden Narsey will be taken in by Frank’s Military Forces straight to the torture chambers soon for some serious talking down.

Like those before him, Warden Narsey is taken as an enemy to Frank’s junta, therefore, he must be subjected to abuses by Frank & Co.

Warden Narsey has been an ardent pro-democracy advocate. Someone who rised above all fears to speak on behalf of the silenced majority in Fiji.

His decision to speak to The Australian newspaper yesterday while still in Fiji means trouble for Warden Narsey’s life.

We salute Warden Narsey and we hope he will keep his contacts informed of his whereabouts

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