Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frank & Co Must be Punished

Frank & Co should be punished to serve as a warning to other wanabee coupsters

Posted by rawfijinews, November 12, 2009

Sai's Comments:
  • I have always advocated punishing all those involved in the 2006 illegal overthrow of the Qarase government. One can't speculate on what type of punishment the culprits deserve, but it must be so severe as to deter others from ever doing it again. I know for a fact what some would like to do to all of them, especially their leaders like Bainimarama, Driti and Teleni.
  • The punishment must be proportionate to the suffering, lost of life and repression dished out by Voreqe and his supporters. Just be reminded a number of people lost their lives during and as a result of the coup.
  • Frank and his murderous thugs must be ready to pay the ultimate price for their treasonous crime committed at the point of guns, and against those who are innocent, and could not fight back, as they have no arms to do so, as I know many of them would have loved to.

I had an interesting conversation the other day in which someone said that Fiji’s laid back – wait and see attitude will never work against treasonous criminals.

The commentator said that ultimately, these people need to be punished for their crimes – because their crimes affect everyone in the nation. He referred to in particular, the coup in Romania under Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu. As many of you may remember, Nicolae Ceauşescu was a particularly inept dictator who was summarly charged, judged and executed in the space of two hours. Brutal indeed.

While I have never been an advocate of capital punishment in any form, I can see some purpose to ensuring that Bainimarama and his cronies are punished as a warning to any other criminals in Fiji that seek to subrogate our rights. Perhaps we got it wrong with George Speight’s punishment – but maybe it wouldn’t have made any difference to Bainimarama’s madness.

Currently, Fiji is being ruined by the greedy, unscrupulous and criminal behaviour of a very select group of people who attempt to hide behind the thin veil of “nationalism” and alleged “reform”.

History will judge Bainimarama for what he is: a thief, a murderer, a thug, a traitor and a dictator.

What the people do with him and his cronies when they rise against him will be a measure of the people’s will to judge and punish him for his crimes as a warning to other criminals that seek to steal our future. The only way out for Bainimarama and his ilk at this time is to get out while they still have the skin on their necks.



Croz Walsh said...

Sai, Do you really think this sort of post will help resolve the political situation? It's a good way to let off steam and perhaps forment revolt if that's what you intend. I'd like so see your positive ideas on how best to peaceably resolve the situation. Best wishes, See you in Auckland. Croz

fijitoday said...

Sorry Croz but when a resolution to this crisis is finally sorted out it must include punishment for those who took over a democratic government by force of arms. There were legal and political avenues open to the Commander to address his concerns. The use of force cannot be condoned and to negotiate an agreement that includes an amnesty will encourage others to do the same in the future. I would rather suffer the current hardships for the next ten years than to have my children live under the present cycle of coups and military interference in my country.