Friday, November 20, 2009

Fiji’s Tainted Judiciary

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More truths about Fiji’s tainted judiciary

November 19, 2009

More truths about Fiji’s tainted judiciary

We are grateful to Raw Fiji News for digging out the excellent report in the Australian newspaper, which closely examines the crucial role of Justice Gates in the sudden expulsion of the Australian and New Zealand envoys.

The article was run by RFN on Wednesday 18 November 2009 under the heading, Fiji’s Chief Justice triggered envoy expulsions.

The article is well worth a close read. It reveals the degree of skulduggery that was engaged in by Gates and the extent to which our idiot dictator will seize on any pretext to play the role of strongman.

It also reveals another very strange truth: Chief Justice Anthony Gates holds British and Australian citizenship. Yet the military dictatorship has decreed that Gates can be acting President if Nailatikau is overseas or indisposed.

That means that, when ever he is acting President, this foreigner would be commander in chief of the RFMF!

Yet Bainimarama says he is protecting Fiji’s sovereignty when he acts on Gates’s advice to kick out the senior diplomatic representatives of Australia and New Zealand.

Yes folks, it’s all very strange, but it’s all very true.

First published on 5 November 2009, the article cuts through the propaganda fog generated by the military regime and clearly establishes three vital facts:

One: Gates publicly admitted that he briefed the dictator, Bainimarama, and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum on the situation, as he chose to represent, or misrepresent, it, regarding the Sri Lankan judges.
Two: Bainimarama admitted that he acted on the briefing and immediately declared the two envoys persona non grata.

Three: Bainimarama and Gates each justified their respective actions on the premise that they were protecting the “independence” of Fiji’s so-called judiciary.

But where is the “independence” of the judiciary if the Chief Justice is so openly hand-in-glove with the dictatorship, and in such an overtly political context?

Indeed, by his own words and actions, by his unilateral abandonment of the niceties of judicial independence, Justice Gates effectively demonstrated that his judiciary is anything but independent.”

And the Chief Justice also demonstrated that he can whistle up the dictator like an obedient dog.

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