Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fiji's Drunk Dictator Violates Liquor Laws

Post by: Coupfourpointfive25 November 2009
Sai's Comments:
  • One is not surprised at this drunken lunatic's behaviour. When to ascend to a position illegally and without merit of any sort, you will, of necessity, tend to revert to your normal way of life.
  • All that Voreqe was doing and displayinf for all the world to see, is being his usual incompetent self. Pray some brave soldier in his military will do Fiji and its people proud by removing Fiji's dictator for good.

The dictatorship regime's prime minister and army commander Frank Bainimarama drank for 7 hours at Suva's most popular night spot last weekend and in the process deliberately violated the pub's opening hours.

Sources have told Coupfourpointfive that Bainimarama, who arrived from his trip to Italy and Brussels last Friday morning (21 November) was driven in a private car to Traps Bar at 11pm the same night, accompanied by his wife Mary Bainimarama.

Like all night spots and liquor bars, Traps also closes for business at 1am daily. The interim regime has been strict on the opening and closing hours of night clubs.

However sources say Bainimarama demanded that the bar remain open for him and his wife.

Sources have told us that Traps Ba owner Gary Apted was also present and couldn't deny Bainimarama's demand. Gary Apted is the brother of well known lawyer Jon Apted.

Bainimarama left Traps with his wife at 5am on Saturday in a highly intoxicated state. He was picked up and driven away in the same private car used to drop him off at Traps

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