Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Email to NZ PM

04 November 2009

If you like to email NZ's PM about Fiji, here are his contacts:

Phone: (04)817 6800 (Parliament)
Phone: (09)4122496 (Electorate)

Use Template letter below if you like:

Bula Vinaka Prime Minister,

On behalf of Fijians in NZ and Fiji on whose behalf I know I speak, I wish to convey our ongoing support and gratitude to your government's effort to return Fiji to parliamentary and democratic rule.

It is our prayer that God almighty will bless you and the government and that you will never be intimidated by Frank's threats and hollow words as he again expels NZ and Australia's envoys. He is feeling the impact of the sanctions and thanks to you and the government for taking a strong stance todate.

I urge you and the government to strongly prosecute the direction you're taking on Fiji, especially representations to the UN to ban using Fiji's military and Police personnel in UN activities.

Sincere regards.

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