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Crocodile Tears from Illegal Fiji CJ

Anthony Gates, you really don’t get it! - November 1, 2009

As reported by Blogger Fiji Coup News and also Fijilive today , comments by Sir Anthony Gates calling on Australia and New Zealand to stop interfering with Fiji’s judiciary are nothing short of laughable.

First of all, YOU are an Illegal Chief Justice, Sir Anthony.

Secondly, the concept that YOU have to stand up against so called interference clearly indicates that you are sharing delusional megalomania with the Illegal Dictator Bainimarama.

YOU have no credibility to take a stand against anyone, because you have no legitimacy. What part of that don’t you understand?

I am pleased to see that you can at least understand that Fiji must have a judiciary, but you miss the point that any so called judiciary in Fiji in 2009 is illegitimate.

Thirdly, YOU also miss the point that had Australia allowed the illegal Sri Lankan judges to pass through Australia on route to Fiji would have provided Australian acceptance of the Fijian judiciary – which is illegal! What part of this don’t you understand?

This isn’t interference in the Fijian judiciary; rather it is, rightfully, the DENIAL of it because it is illegal!

You don’t appear to be very clever, Sir Anthony, but you are in good company…cleverness is, historically, not a strength of military dictatorships.

Fourthly, Fiji’s neighbours are conducting ‘policies of hostility’? Are you serious? Australia, in line with many other nations around the world, has condemned the illegal military dictatorship in Fiji, but never the Fijian people. There is a difference.

Interestingly the number of military dictatorships has declined significantly since the early 1990’s and, in South America in particular, democracy has been embraced. Democratic models may vary, but at the very least, people have been empowered to have a say in their respective countries. In Fiji under Bainimarama, they are being told.

This year (2009-2010) the Australian government has committed $35.4 million in aid/assistance to Fiji, up from $26.9 million in 2008-2009. This is a 33.2% increase. Policy of hostility, Sir Anthony? I don’t think so. YOU miss the point again.

When you finally comprehend that YOU are part of the problem in Fiji, I can only hope that the inner turmoil you may go through will see you denounce that very Dictatorship of which you are a part. But that is not likely at all.

I know that restrictions on the illegal judiciary continue from Fiji’s pacific neighbours. And so they should.

My concern is that within the Fijian illegal dictatorship, there appear to be too many who lack the intellect to understand why the travel restrictions are there in the first place.

And THAT doesn’t say much for the intelligence of the illegal judiciary, either.

Sunday November 1st, 2009

Posted by Teejay For a Free Fiji at 10:02 PM

Rarotonga, Cook Islands:

FIJI’S Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has erased his own credibility with ‘delusional’ notions that Fiji has a free media, says regional media watchdog Pacific Freedom Forum. According to media reports, Khaiyum told a regional journalism seminar at the University of the South Pacific on Friday, October 31, Fiji’s media were free to report on any issue, asking “Is there a restriction? Are journalists being locked up? Are journalists being told what to write? No!”

But in the same presentation on the Public Emergency Regulations (PER) introducing regime censorship of all newsrooms in April 2009, he admitted the “fundamental issue as far as the media control at the moment is concerned is that you do not have politicians being reported.” “The fact that his monologue went unchallenged by his audience only proves that self-censorship is thriving under the PER.

Mr. Khaiyum should know his claim Fiji journalists have not been restricted, locked up, or told what to write, is clearly delusional and out of touch with reality,” says PFF Chair Susuve Laumaea of PNG.

The latest global media freedom index compiled by global watchdog Reporters Sans Frontieres has Fiji ranked 152 out of 175 nations. In 2008, Fiji ranked 79th. “We can only stand in solidarity and sympathy for those who organised the debate, and offer our technical support help build understanding amongst the regime leadership that the right to freedom of expression and speech has specific universal indicators which can’t be mucked around with,” says Laumaea.

“The Pacific Freedom Forum and our networks warmly congratulate the Fiji Times, for their award winning free speech campaign as announced on Friday night in Australia,” says co-chair Monica Miller of American Samoa. “The irony for us all is that only a few hours before this cause for celebration, the regime AG in Fiji went public saying the media is free to report anything – so long as they don’t report on the leadership.

In saying that, he proved so powerfully why Fiji Times deserve the award, and our continued support.”

Pacific Freedom Forum/Pacific Media Watch, 01/11/09.

If Lai Qarase had been smart, none of this would have happened.

Instead, he set you all up for a big fall and at least 8 years in the political wilderness.

Now we have a member of the Mara clique back as President.

If you don’t like that, you’ve only got yourselves to blame, you and all those twisted Cakobau types who caused this mess in the first place.

Just think. When Epeli’s overseas, you’ve now got a kaivalagi back as Fiji’s head of state.

Cheer up. At least we don’t need to restore the monarchy anymore.

With the big Ant, we’ve swapped one queen for another!


Epeli Nailatikau, Fiji’s self appointed president! What a sham?

His credentials, ex military, arrognant, married to an ambitious woman of the “Mara” fame and last but not least, all his life, Nailatikau has always lived in a bubble of hysterical adulation from his star struck supporters. He took advantage of all this and by supporting Frank’s coup has become Fiji’s first illegal President. He couldn’t achieve it any other way!

The people of Fiji are not supposed to know anything, let alone ask any questions but accept, agree and witness the unblievable, mindlessness and arrognance of this man that has not done the “hard yaka” to achieve anything in his life. His “Mara” wife is no better as she will be revelling in the status it will bring her.

There you have it folks – self appointed president of my birth country, your nation, like it or lump it.

To those of us that know fully well that the law was broken so Nailatikau could achieve his dreams also know that while these law breaking clowns are around, everything is “fake” in Fiji.

Below is very interesting reading and no doubt today’s rulers in Fiji is a family affair. “Watch out Frank and those Indo Fijians, Nailatikau now rules!”

Rosalind Pratt

Democratic or Dictatorship – Elected or Self-Appointed.The Rulers make it a Family Affair!
Posted on October 19th, 2009

Prof. Hudson McLean

Having noticed many a remark with buckets of gossip, on the Rajapaksa Clan which now dominates the Rulers in Sri Lanka, it is well worth looking at the big picture in a global scenario

When John F. Kennedy was elected, one of his first appointees was his brother Robert F. Kennedy as the Attorney General and Confidant. Patriarch Joseph Kennedy wanted all of his sons to take over the White House. It almost happened, if not for the Curse of Kennedys!

George W. H. Bush got his moronic son Dubya two terms in the White House and Jeb as the Governor of Florida. And Jeb might still make a dash for the White House.

In Egypt, Syria, Jordon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States, the ruling baton is handed down from father to son. The parasites cling on to the same blood groups.

India shall maintain the Gandhi Dynasty on track possibly for the next few generations.

Singapore also started the Lee Dynasty by the Founder Lee Kwan Yew, getting his son Brigadier General Lee Hsien Loong into the Prime Ministerial stakes, with his wife Madam Ho Chin running the Temasek empire.

United Kingdom escaped the Dynastic feature but due to high democratic visibility, just managed to sponsor a few within the family circles. The families of the Ruling Class certainly made a great deal of hay whilst the sons shone.
Russia operates in a much classical manner where the selected few are allowed to make money as long as they support and dance to the Kremlin Top 10.

As one may have noticed that during the last ten years, China has officially named 105 Dollar Billionaires in 2009, with as many unsurfaced, with the Motor Mogul of BYD (Build Your Dreams) fame coming right on top of the pile.
Sri Lanka had the Senanayake, Bandaranaike, Jayawardane-Wickremasingha Dynasties with Premadasa (in-waiting), now the Rajapaksa Brothers & Company eyeing to maintain control.

Actually, give credit where its due, the Rajapaksa clan is the only Ruling Family which delivered the goods during one single term in office. Without the trusted support from the Rajapaksa brothers, President Mahinda Rajapaksa would have been taken for a long ride by the hangers-on.

Whereas, Bandaranaike clan was reputedly making hay during the insurgency with General Ratwatte leading the retirement pension schemes, Premadasa who came from nothing (riding a bicycle in a sarong in Kotahena), ended up as a wealthy real estate owner before the Tiger Terrorists cut him short.

People who enter politics do not participate in this game for charitable reasons. In politics, charity begins at home!
There is an old story, where a renown politician by the name of David Allen Thomas STRANGE whose last Wish was that his Headstone should be engraved with the epitaph…..”Here Lies An Honest Politician”.

When asked why? He responded by saying that everybody would then respond….”Dats STRANGE!”

So much for Honesty in Politics! Funny Ha Ha!

Fiji’s Chief Justice, Sir Anthony Gates, has called on Australia and New Zealand to stop imposing travel restrictions on Fiji’s judiciary.

At a media conference at his judicial chambers in Suva, Justice Gates said that he had to “stand up against such interference”.

He told Fiji Live that Fiji must have a judiciary, and it was not for Australia or New Zealand to tell it who to appoint.

He spoke of the difficulties facing the Sri Lankan judges due to join the Fiji courts this week.

Justice Gates said the judges were individually “warned” by Australian immigration authorities that if they took up appointments in Fiji’s judiciary then they and their family would not be allowed travel to Australia, even for medical help.

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PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

It does not take a Mara tool to see that Voreqe is stuffing up Fiji. Hopefully there are a few sane persons in and out of the military who can see through this idiot’s facade.

What ever happened to his phony excuses of racism and corruption? Where is the corruption now? Is there any change in the ethnic composition of the military? Aside from beating up cane farmers and Ganilau ordering an investigation, what has he done for sugar or those who depend on it for a livelihood? As the economy goes down, he supports his goons by eating up the hard earned assets of the People, FNPF, FHL, and bolsters his reserves by creating inflation and hardship for the population.


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