Friday, November 13, 2009

Council calls for Fiji, NZ dialogue - 13/11/2009

The Fiji New Zealand Business Council (FNZBC) has urged New Zealand to enter into discussions with the Fiji Government to serve and foster trade relations.

This includes withdrawing New Zealand sanctions against Fiji as a demonstration of goodwill and intention to enter into dialogue in an open and transparent manner.

Yesterday, the council raised its concern against the ongoing Fiji -New Zealand government-to-government disagreement.

FNZBC said this could put the annual million dollar trade industry between the two countries at risk.

The council urges that they (NZ and Fiji) put their differences aside so that businesses will not suffer.

“This comes at a point when countries need to be cooperating to boost trade and forestall the impact of the global recession,” a FNBC statement said.

The FNZBC was set up in 1987 to maintain, support, promote and encourage trade, investment, technical and economic cooperation and tourism between Fiji and New Zealand.

The statement said that delegates at the annual joint conference (FNZBC and NZ-Fiji Business Council) in Auckland in June had unanimously resolved to respectfully ask the governments of Fiji and New Zealand to initiate and develop constructive dialogue.

It also supports the suggestion that former parliamentary members of Fiji genuinely and effectively enter into a mediated negotiation process with the Fiji Government, including the suggestion that the NZ Government withdraw its sanctions against the Government.

“It again calls for constructive dialogue and appeals to both governments to move forward for the benefit of the two countries and its peoples,” the statement said.

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