Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Civil servants reminded of reforms and change - 25/11/2009

Our Government is serious about changing and reforming the civil service.

Commissioner Western, Lieutenant Colonel Joeli Cawaki said during the opening of the Civil Service Public Week celebrations that’s in progress at Churchill Park in Lautoka.

Mr Cawaki said Government is pursuing change and reforms in the civil service.

It has empowered divisional commissioners to ensure all government policies, plans and programmes relating to the divisions are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Like all divisional commissioners, he will submit reports on development relating to their divisions.

“With such emphasis on ensuring that Government’s plans are implemented, from the look of things, it appears that the West is in store for a bright future,” Mr Cawaki said.

He added that would be possible if all civil servants showed the necessary commitment.

“Such an effort on the part of government includes right sizing the civil service, cutting down on wastage, strategic mergers of government entities and improving service delivery, among other things,” Mr Cawaki said.

He said all civil servants in the West must be prepared to play their part in the necessary changes the people expect and deserve as the objectives will continue to be reiterated.

“Ultimately, a productive and efficient civil service is the key to the successful implementations of Government’s vision of a better Fiji - to the benefit of all our people,” Mr Cawaki said.

“Such is the importance of an efficient and productive civil service in government’s overall plans and we must all play our part in realising this objective,” he adds.

Mr Cawaki paid tribute to civil servants who responded to the call of the nation and excelled in their duties.

These individuals will be rewarded in Suva on Friday.

“To the rest of us, and here I would dare say lies the greater challenge, it is important that we use this week of celebrations to reflect our role and commitment to serving the public,” he said.

“Where necessary, it is important that we encourage each other to do better and spur each other to action.

“In doing so, we must motivate those who lag behind to free themselves from the culture of mediocrity, if they have not already done so,” he added.

Mr Cawaki said civil servants must also learn to put duty before self as many other cultures had done to their benefit and satisfaction, if we are to progress forward.

Only then he said, civil servants would be able to develop the culture of excellence and productivity they rightfully sought.

Themed ‘Striving for Service Excellence through Changes and Reforms’, the event started with march led by the Fiji Police Band from Shirley Park to Churchill Park.

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