Sunday, November 22, 2009

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is Fiji’s worst enemy

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November 22, 2009

If it looks like corruption, if it smells like corruption, then it has to be corruption.

I’m no expert on radio and TV frequencies and know bugger all about the technical side, but I do know plain corruption when I see it. It is very clear to me from the secrecy surrounding the preparation, formulation and promulgation by Aiyaz in close collusion with his brother, Riyaz, of the innocent sounding Regulation of National Spectrum Decree that the huge illicit benefit that automatically flows to Riyaz’s organisation as a direct result is about as corrupt as its gets.

As other bloggers have spelt out, the decree is nothing but an instrument to muzzle the media and give Riyaz a neat little way to set up a pro-regime television station while saving FBCL millions of bucks in the process. In other words, Aiyaz has corruptly used his office of attorney-general in the military controlled government to look after his own big time.

And how can anyone challenge the decree’s blatantly corrupt illegality? The dictatorship’s decrees are already above the law and just for good measure this decree says no further (legal) correspondence can be entered into or its five years in the stammer! Any lawyer brave enough to represent anyone challenging this decree would only stand to lose his licence, thanks to that other decree, the Legal Practitioners Decree 2009.

The corrupt Aiyaz must be feeling very cocky at the moment. The little tyrant knows he can make the laws and get away with blue murder on a grand scale and not one journalist in Fiji will be able to report a single word about the fairness or otherwise of his illegal and corrupt manipulations that is going on in front of us.

But all is not lost. While our censored media remains mum on this, we have the Fiji blogs to keep us and the rest of the world well and truly informed on everything that Aiyaz and Frank try to pull on the people of Fiji. The exposure of Aiyaz and this latest act of blatant corruption would never have happened without the blogs. We can be grateful to Coup 4.5, RFN and FDN for getting the truth out there.

Thank God there is the Pacific Freedom Forum and thank God there are journalists like Michael Field, Sean Dorney and Rowan Callick who are right across everything that goes down in the Pacific. The decree is another blow to media freedom in the Pacific and I think the story of the corruption practised by Aiyaz in this instance is so epic that it won’t be long before everyone outside Fiji hears about it. It’s a big news story everywhere, except in Fiji! The more the world knows about the level of corruptness that has become the hallmark of the military dictatorship of Fiji, the sooner the world might get serious about putting some real pressure on Frank and the rest of them to return us to democracy.

Corruption is all about a tiny minority greedily using their power and influence to help themselves to the cookie jar when they think no one is looking. But we are looking, and we are under no illusion that Fiji as we know it and love it is doomed if we can’t find a way end the regime’s increasingly totalitarian grip.

The 2006 coup was sheer madness and the rise to power of unprincipled power-hungry little crooks like the jumped up Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is what you get when you give a machine gun to a monkey.



Anonymous said...

what a thief this aiyaaarse. Should be put in jail. Highest corrupt guy. Bullshit FICAC

Anonymous said...

what a thief this aiyaaarse. Should be put in jail. Highest corrupt guy. Bullshit FICAC

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz has been architect of the 2006 coup. He is making millions now illegally by corruption. Thanks to his aunty Nur Bano pay mistress. Aiyaz is fooling with Fiji taxpayers and toying with Bainimarama but lining his pockets with millions yearly. The creation of FICAC is a sham to harrass the opponents of the coup and others. FICAC should investigate using head od ICC Criminal Court and uncover real corruption of Aiyaz, Naaz Shameem and Nur Bano Ali and Zarin Ali and Bainimarama. Wrong people are dragged into court just for show for corruption related trumped up charges, before hand picked judges and punished. So sad and wrong. Big fish and biggest corrupt guys are Aiyaz and the CO. Please someone do a coup and fix them up.pose them and jail them for life without parole.