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When is a Coup not a Coup?- When Somare Gets Senile

A coup is a coup is a coup ……- Not according to Somare!

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October 15, 2009

Although Rt Mara was a revered statesman prior to 1987 his tacit acceptance and possible prior knowledge of it happening cast a dark shadow over him. How this was derived was he did not strongly condemn the coup and accepted even though illegal then the post of interim pm.

How the Melanesian leader do not see this for what it is puts a question mark over their leadership acumen. Just like their acceptance of Frank’s act of treason is a travesty of legal norm and principle. Their action serves to embolden the criminal to think he is getting acceptance from some foreign governments even if it is from a mere few.

These Melanesian leaders should realise that by supporting him they only hurt the ordinary Fijians by prolonging his illegal hold onto power. They don’t need to look further than the PER extensions to see how suppressive and paranoid this bunch of coupsters are of the law and their total disregard for the people’s rights.

It is confounding to hear Frank talk about meeting with the EU whilst at the same time extending the PER. It would not serve him well as he was told by many world leaders to remove the PER and give people their basic freedom. This would be a strong consideration by the EU in their talks and a stumbling block to any progress there.

The Indians should by now realsie that the coup was not carried out to help them. It is just a facade as a cover up for their ulterior motives which is to illegally obtain and retain power enabling them access to fortune and fame. By losing out on the EU assistance the cane farmers will be deprived of much needed money for cane development. Now the cane farmers are pleading to the cash strapped ig for various assistance which would otherwise have been granted by the EU.

And I really can’t figure out why it would take 8 years to prepare a country for elections in this lengthy roadmap to democracy. The only reasons I can see are it will give them more time to feed off the government coffers, wear down resistance, outlive the current crop of politicians, garner acceptance by new crop of international leaders. Everyone must see this coup for what it really is.

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