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Regime Military Brutalises Cane farmers

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Fiji military brutality on cane farmers continue

October 21, 2009

I’ve read your blogs about soldiers harassing farmers and cane cutters.
I suspected they were the hallmarks of our military dictatorship.
Today I heard first hand from the victims. It is very serious. Farmers, and cane gangs are still being taken in to the Lautoka army barracks.

An Indian guy ended up in hospital when they started out.
Soldiers in civilian are also in and around the mill and I hear there are plans to cut about 160 jobs at Lautoka mill.
From November the army takes over security operations at the mill. Not sure whether it also affects the other mills.
Morale at the mills is now very low and staff under a whole lot of undue pressure. The downsizing is already starting with late comers and absentees.
The military is here to save Fiji. Yeah Rite!!


Sada Reddy cannot continue to fool the people of Fiji with his cheap explainations that the Fiji’s economic woes is due to the global financial crisis. Can he clearly explain in laymen’s terms the relationship of the global financial crisis to Fiji’s failed economy.

Can he explain what has the global financial crisis do with the recall of FNPF investments to Fiji?

Can he explain what has the global crisis do with the non-approval of FNPF off-shore investment?

Can he explain what has the global financial crisis do to the lack of exports from the Fiji?

He boasts about the billion reserves accmulated by RBF in the abnormal times. If FNPF offshore investments have not been recalled, payments of imports are not restricted, migrating people paid and remit their full FNPF pensions, retirees received their full lumpsum payment, could the Reserves be still at that level??? No way. Fiji is on its way to bankruptcy!!!!! Stop fooling the people of Fiji and leave the position cos you don’t deserve to be there.


Word is out that FHL boss Sereana Qoro is immersed in a personal debt totalling more than a million dollars that she is finding hard to repay.

It is said that she and her husband are involved in a project at her Ovalau real estate which has seen Sereana Qoro taking out a huge loan to finance it.

She used her $600,000 per annum remuneration package to back her loan.

But with her tattered reputation, failed deals and incompetence exposed, the banks are concerned that her ability to service her debt may soon be coming to an end.

They’re aware that Frank Bainimarama is not impressed with FHL’s performance, negative PR and allegations of under-hand dealings from that failed BP Oil deal.

Sources say that Sereana Qoro’s husband was even quoted to have said that they were issued a demand notice from the bank for defaulting in their loan repayments.

Some added that Sereana Qoro’s personal financial mess was also the impetus to Merchant Finance ex-CEO’s resignation after he refused to approve her loan to repay her loan arrears from other banks.

Moral of the story – how can Sereana Qoro manage a multi-million dollars investment company like FHL when she can’t even manage her own personal finances?

news scooper

Sources say public company Fijian Holdings Limited is again under the CMDA and South Pacific Stock Exchange spotlight after its board failed to deliver its 2009 annual report to its shareholders within the 21 days timeframe to its announced October 30th AGM.

It is reported that FHL has deliberately withheld the annual reports fearing their shareholders will “discover too much” of the unaccounted for millions of dollars wasted on their flopped BP Oil acquisition plan.

There are also indications that some shareholders will move the wholesale sacking of the FHL board and senior executives during the AGM.

Sources from within also report that Sereana Qoro has already indicated her wish that no media be allowed into the October 30th AGM.

Frank Bainimarama’s snap decision to play father xmas to Fiji’s school children is meant to happen today.

Frank is feeling generous and wants to dabble with some give-away bus rides for Fiji’s school children.

Reports from Fiji show that thousands of dollars have been dispatched to schools nation wide.

Each school is responsible for managing their own “busfare funds”.

Frank’s grand idea is that each child will be given their busfare from their own respective schools which they are required to pay to the school bus driver each time they board the bus.

Awkay. Given the many desperate hungry families in Fiji’s booming shanty towns, how will Frank control these kids from skipping school just so they can use their free busfare to buy a loaf of bread for them or their family? That’s assuming of course they will spend it on bread. What about if they spend it on a ciggie or a grass roll? Wild thought? We hope so!

According to Frank’s new government spokeswoman, Sainiana, they are ready to rock and roll.

But let’s see how far they can go with their short-lived free busfare PR stunt!

Reporter xyz

FIJI’S interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has called for the resignation of Fiji Rugby Union chief executive Keni Dakuidreketi, who faces charges lodged by the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption.

Bainimarama, a former Fiji Rugby Union president and ardent rugby fan, told domestic Fijian media that Dakuidreketi, who is reportedly facing charges of abuse of office and fraud, should immediately step down.

“It’s fairly clear that Keni should stay out until the case is over and if he’s found not guilty then he can be brought back by the board,” Bainimarama said. “It’s unethical for him to continue while the charges are still there against him.”

Fiji union chairman Bill Gavoka rejected the prime minister’s call and said Dakuidreketi would remain in office while the charges against him were being investigated, the Fiji Times reported. Gavoka also dismissed Bainimarama’s claim the rugby union was actively political.

“In principle, Keni hasn’t been convicted and rumors of him being convicted are not true,” Gavoka was quoted as saying. “The law doesn’t state that Keni must resign … it’s only fair that Keni is given the opportunity to continue doing his work as acting chief executive and attend to his case with FICAC.

“I’m a little disturbed because over the radio, the Prime Minister used the word politics. There is nothing like that at FRU.”

Gavoka said the Fiji Rugby Union was an independent organization and, though it received government funding, should be allowed to carry out its activities without political interference. Dakuidreketi said he was upset by calls for his resignation.

“I’m saddened that I’ve been found guilty by the highest law of the land even before the trial,” he said.

- Daily Telegraph

There are claims Fiji’s only remaining economic income, in the wake of the 2006 military coup, is from its struggling tourism industry.

The claim was made in a paper presented by the Lowy Institute, which has released its 2009 Pacific Islands Update report.

Just last month, the Governor of Fiji’s Reserve Bank claimed the global financial crisis has had a bigger impact on Fiji’s economy than any political developments.

Sada Reddy claimed the impact of the annulment of Fiji’s constitution and strict media censorship, had only a very minor impact on the local economy.

But Professor Ron Duncan of Australian National University, the author of the Fiji Economic Performance and Investment report for the Lowy Institute, says the economy is in a terrible state

He says Fiji’s sugar and garment industries are both doing poorly right now.

“I think employment is down to around 4,000 or less in the garment industry,” he said.

“Exports are down because of the global economic crisis. Then there’s mineral water which was the main sales to the US, and of course that market’s in a bad way for many of these kinds of exports.”

- Radio Australia

I was amazed to see people giving credence to the ‘nice’ words put out by our dumb dictator to mark Diwali.

Even if he meant what he said, it missed the mark. He said the Indo-Fijian community had contributed “colour, excitement and joy” to the life of our nation.

The contribution of the Indo-Fijian community goes way beyond colorful saris, joyful weddings and Bollywood music.

How about the generations of hard work to build a sugar industry, not to forget the fight for a fair share of the rewards for their labour and the labour of others in the union movement?

As active supporters of countless school committees, Indo-Fijians were the builders of our education system from the bottom up. And as high achievers they’ve made a major contribution to leadership in the academic world.

They’ve been leaders in the professions of law and medicine not to forget business.

And, if Bainimarama wanted people to believe he was being honest, he could have said there should have been more opportunities for Indo-Fijians to contribute in the sphere of government in the past twenty years.

But how can anyone give any credibility to Frank Bainimarama or his phony Roadmap.

Just look at the composition of his illegal regime. Kubuabola, Ah Koy, Bole, Vunibobo, Finau Tabakaucoro and Taufa Vakatale who’ve all supported and benefited from this regime were all ministers in the SVT Government before the 1999 elections. And Tabakaucoro, Kubuabola and Ah Koy were all under the cloud of suspicion of involvement in the Speight ousting of the Chaudhry Government.

And we haven’t even mentioned Isikia Savua who Frank has tried to appoint to positions and only withdrew after a huge howl of protest.

How can anyone believe this bunch are working for a race free Fiji?

They are all unrepentant Taukei extremists. What ever anyone may say about Poseci Bune, at least he has no Taukei extremist past, but he was sacked by the dictator.

Why would anyone believe this serial liar, thief and murderer?


Aiyaz has no shame, the man is an idiot at best !
He is guilty of an act of High Treason himself, yet asks that others respect and obey the law !
What an arse, hence his name I suppose !
And I agree, the New Zealand and Australian Governments should prosecute those who have broken National and International Laws and Conventions in regards to advising, supporting and accepting posts from this illegal junta.
I cannot understand why Australians and others haven’t been charged, Especially when you consider the New Zealand Lawyers who knowingly advised the Fiji Military of how to overthrow the Fiji Government before it actually happened !
It smacks of a network, not dissimilar to the Freemasons !

Re Anjala Wati’s childs visa to New Zealand :-
I doubt very much that the New Zealand Government would refuse entry on Humanitarian grounds !But isn’t it interesting that this prick, aiyaz, is demanding humanitarian aid and treatment, when he himself is part of the most repressive Regime ever to appear in the pacific !
What an absolute hypocrite !
As for Anjala, what goes around my darling, comes around !
What is it the bible says ” the sins of the Father ” ?

Mark Manning

We have already had two magistrates sacked for not towing the Regime line.

It is also now becoming abundantly clear to those working in the civil service, that their primary responsibility is not professional excellence, but rather loyalty to Frank. Anyone who bucks that obligation, is dealt with seriously and immediately. For example, PS who inadvertently admitted on TV that poverty was increasing was removed from their post the very next week.

This is the character of the reign of intimidation that Frank is now establishing all throughout the various facets of Government. That includes so-called independent institutions like the Courts, the RBF and the FNPF.

So Justice Wati may be “independent” from the Regime in her thoughts and deliberations. But if that independence ever extends to handing down a ruling the Regime does not like, then its bye-bye Anjala! The Fiji public and the NZ High Commission are both painfully aware of that fact. If Justice Wati is not already, then she’d better get wise if she ever hopes to have a long career in the Fiji “Courts”.

So Aiyaz is really taking the Regime’s “Emperor’s New Clothes” denial to new heights with this particular charade.


Aiyaz Khaiyum’s childish reaction to the non-issuance of a NZ visa to one of his illegal puppet high court judge shows just how much that visa denial means to him, the lady judge who obviously complained to Adolf Khaiyum, and those other members of his mickey mouse judiciary who knowingly took illegal oaths since the purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution by team Frank.

It’s another harsh reminder to Aiyaz and his unethical law-breaking judiciary followers that committing treason is a very serious crime, if not in coup coup land Fiji, then at least in most parts of the civilised world where law and order is respected and followed.

Aiyaz’s tantrum hurled at NZ shows how big-headed and arrogant he is.

He obviously must have promised this lady gahgah that he will ensure people like her who bow down to his illegal appointments , will continue to enjoy the same freedom to travel anywhere in the world as Fiji’s law-abiding citizens.

But now that he is not able to deliver part of his promises to his porns, some will surely re-think joining Aiyaz’s deceitful junta making the smart visa sanction achieve what it’s meant to do – to hurt those who have chosen to support the illegal take-over of a democratically elected government and the illegal taking-over of Fiji’s supreme law, the multi-party 1997 Constitution.

And while we are at it, what about the rights of those Fiji citizens you and your friend Frank stopped from leaving your island Adolf Khaiyum?

What about the many family members of coup apologists who don’t agree with your coup yet they’ve become a victim of it because of their association to an adult family member who chose to support the junta?

What about senior members of the civil service and their families who’ve been denied visas for education, health and recreation? They didn’t chose to work under a military regime but were forced into it!

What goes around comes around Adolf Khaiyum!

You’ll get caught one day!


Fiji’s interim attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, says a judge who’s been denied an entry visa for New Zealand was told why during an interview at the New Zealand High Commission in Suva.

But the New Zealand Immigration Service says no decision on the case has been made.

Mr Sayed Khaiyum claims judge Anjala Wati had been seeking to bring her 20-month-old child to New Zealand for an urgent eye operation.

He says an arrangement with Auckland’s Starship was already in place.

But he says Ms Wati was informed in a letter that her visa application had been rejected, and then requested an interview to find out why.

“She’s in fact been to the New Zealand High Commission here in Suva, and even had an interview. She was informed at the interview that the visa was being rejected because she was a high court judge.”

The interim attorney general of Fiji, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, says it’s unacceptable for New Zealand to deny entry to a judge.

He says this amounts to interference in the Fiji judiciary which not only victimises a judge but also her child, and must be universally condemned.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

Australia will provide A$5.3 million over the next six years as part of its continued support to the work of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC).

These funds will enable the FWCC to provide crisis counseling, legal advice, advocacy, training, education and awareness, and other support services for women survivors of violence.

Signing a funding agreement in Suva today the Australian High Commissioner, Mr James Batley, noted that the FWCC has been performing this vital role for 25 years and Australia was proud to have provided financial support to the Centre since 1989.

“Australia’s support for the work of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre is a core component of our contribution to efforts to eliminate violence against women in Fiji and elsewhere in the region,”Mr Batley said.

“Reducing violence against women is crucial to achieving gender equality and safer and more prosperous communities,” Mr Batley said. “In this regard, Australia is intensifying its efforts to address violence against women in Australia and the Pacific region and aspires to be an international leader on this issue in partnership with governments, civil society groups and multilateral organizations.”

A study carried out by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre has revealed that up to 66 per cent of women surveyed had experienced physical violence from their partner, and up to 30 per cent of victims reported being subjected to repeated abuse. In 2002, the Governor of Fiji’s Reserve Bank calculated that violence against women costs Fiji’s economy 7% of its gross domestic product (GDP).

On 11 August 2009 the Australian Government launched a new framework, Stop Violence: Responding to Violence against Women in Melanesia and East Timor, to help eliminate violence against women in Melanesia and East Timor, including in Fiji. This new phase of Australian funding for the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre is a major part of implementing this framework.

“The Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre has over many years provided counseling and support services to more than 18,000 people. Equally important, the Centre serves as a powerful voice for women and children through lobbying and conducting education campaigns to change attitudes regarding violence against women,” Mr Batley said.

The FWCC also provides training and mentoring to other groups across the Pacific to enhance the availability and quality of services to women who have been subjected to violence.


We say – good on you John Keys! Keep the smart sanctions on these coup apologists and beneficiaries. Perhaps it is also time to do something about NZ citizens aiding and abetting coupsters in Fiji like Chris Pryde, John Samy, Francis Narayan, etc, etc…

The interim attorney general of Fiji, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, says it’s unacceptable for New Zealand to deny entry to a member of his country’s judiciary.

Mr Sayed Khaiyum says Justice Anjala Wati, a judge on the Family Court has been refused entry for New Zealand after seeking to bring her 20 month old child to this country for an urgent eye operation.

He says an arrangement with Auckland’s Starship was already in place.

Mr Sayed Khaiyum says Ms Wati was told her visa application was rejected because she had taken up a position as a judge on the High Court of Fiji.

He says this amounts to interference in the Fiji judiciary which not only victimises a judge but also her child, and must be universally condemned.

News Content © Radio New Zealand International
PO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand

The AGM for Shareholders of FHL is scheduled for the 30th October ,2009. The FHL constitution clearly stipulates that the Annual Report must be distributed to all shareholders 21 days prior to the AGM as the normal practice for any limited liability.

Unfortunately to date the shareholders have yet to receive the Annual Report. As a major Class A shareholder it makes me wonder, if Sereana Qoro cannot provide a simple annual report then how on earth can she efficiently manage the assets of FHL in a transparent, professional and accountable manner. Her failure to provide the Annual Report shows two things: either she is deliberately trying to cover gross mismanagement and abuse or she simply does not know what to do.

Only time will tell and my humble plea to all shareholders is to come out in numbers to the AGM and lets all vote to terminate the services of the current Board asap, if we want to salvage our assets and sustain FHL.

FHL shareholder

If FRU is owned by the people of Fiji through the affiliated unions, why is it that they always run to government for financial help when they are out of pocket?

For your information, Keni himself has a conflict of interest in FRU in his relationship with advertising company NiuWave that Digicel contracted all their advertisements to. Keni is a shareholder of that company. Whether Keni is not involved in the daily management of Niuwave, that’s beside the point. The issue there is he has a conflict of interest.

If I’m in Keni’s shoes right now, I would save my family the embarrassment, do the honourable thing and resign. I would ask myself the question why am I wasting my time here when I have a multi-million dollar business to run? Instead, Keni offered to resign his position which basically means that he just doesn’t want to go or someone else is pressuring him from outside not to go.

Why Keni only offered to resign leads to the suspicion that Digicel maybe making some underhand deals in their contractual sponsorship with FRU. Keni is probably their key man inside.

I don’t have a grudge against Keni or Digicel but somethings are needed to be exposed. Let’s look at one example of some suspicious activities going on in FRU.

Almost everyone in Fiji was shocked when Samu Domoni Jnr was selected as Fiji coach. When the question was raised by various unions why Samu was selected, Keni mentioned that none of the local coaches met the selection criteria that the FRU had put in place. But in another interview and published statements from him, he said that they initially offered the coaching position to Rev Rinakama. The question then is what qualification did local coach Rev Rinakama met which other local coaches didn’t meet?

All these years, FRU have always stated that for any local coach to become the national coach, they must obtained recognised IRB level coaching qualifications/certifications. Either level 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on but which level is the right one?

Samu Domoni was said to be holding an IRB level 2 coaching certificate. And if we look at his other coaching profile, he just doesn’t meet up to expectation of a national coach.

FRU is now saying that Mike Brewer and Ella will monitor Samu’s progress and coaching ability in the tour to Europe.

This kind of inferiority complex thinking that Keni and Bill Gavoka are showing to the local IRB qualified coaches is the kind of people we MUST remove from all positions of leadership in Fiji. Whether they are in a national sporting body, corporate or government governance, they MUST be removed. Telecom Fiji has done right by removing two expatriates from their management team.

This kind of mentality do not augur well in the vision to make the people of this country believe in their capabilities. We will always look down on ourselves with Keni and Bill Gavoka’s mentality. These guys are cut out from the discredited era that only a few people in Fiji have the intelligence to lead this country. We saw that kind of thinking during Qarase’s leadership where a select group of about five people were in almost all the important boards of every major organizations in Fiji.

There are many other things to say but I cannot fit all of them here.


Bainimarama has issued a directive to the FBC and Fiji TV to ban all publlic broadcasts conducted by brothers Esala Teleni and Atu Vulaono’s Soul to Jesus crusade, an out-reach Teleni has imposed onto his entire Police Force with some having been sacked for their unwillingness to join the new cult.

Frank’s latest move against Teleni shows the continuation of disagreement, dissention and fall out between Bainimarama and his holly spirit filled police commish.

Its about time that Bainimarama sacks Teleni.

Agent Vinod

The saga in the FRU has taken a new twist. Last week we saw FICAC filing fresh charges against the NLTB, Bakani and FRU Board member Keni Dakuidreketi.

To be fair to Keni , we are all innocent until proven guilty by the courts and Keni is no exception. We salute the contributions that Keni has made to FRU and to rugby in Fiji.

However there is still a lot of bad blood existing amongst the upper echelon of FRU. It seems that Filipe Tuisawau is in the wrong place because instead of protecting his Board members as the President of FRU , he continues to ridicule them and critisice them in public.

Now Bainimarama has joined the band wagon. He still cannot get over the fact that Keni as Chairman of FRU sacked Frank, and now Frank wants revenge.

Let me remind Frank and Tuisawau that FRU is owned by the people of Fiji through the affiliated unions. It is not owned by any individual. So if they want anybody removed the way to do it is very simple………….convene an emergency AGM and put the vote to the floor.

Keni’s supporte

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