Friday, October 16, 2009

Need to Deal to Australia & NZ Coup Supporters

Call for Australia and NZ to review their domestic law on their Fiji junta supporters

October 15, 2009

Sai's Comment
- In fully endorsing this call by Tui, there are already instances where government's do legislate against the actions of its citizens when abroad to prevent involvement in illegal acts. For instance, NZ has begun or already moved to criminalise the actions of its citizens overseas when involved in child sexual abuse or money laudering.

-Christopher Pryde should be treated in a similar manner as he is up to his eye balls aiding and abetting an illegal regime. He is in fact akin to a terrorist or a mercenary as his actions and inactions, given his occupation as an officer of the law, are resulting in untolf suffering and misery for the people of Fiji.
- I now suggest a letter and email writing campaign to Pryde's MP from Christchurch and government in NZ to get rid and punish this mercenary.

The permanent eradication of the coup culture in Fiji needs the cooperation of people living in Fiji and abroad. Foreign Governments and NGO’s also have a role to play, but to effectively stop any coup culture in its tracks, you definitely need the cooperation of all the major players. Fiji is no exception

Whilst I commend the efforts of Australia and New Zealand thus far, however it is now time to step up another notch. They should begin in their own backyards by enacting new domestic laws, which makes it a criminal act for their citizens to be employed by or actively support an illegal regime like Fiji.

Take for instance Christchurch Lawyer Christopher Pryde. He was initially given a job by Aiyarse to work for the State as a lawyer, then in 2007 appointed Solicitor General for 5 years. Yesterday he took on an additional appointment as Permanent Secretary for Justice, Electoral Reform and Anti Corruption, which definitely comes with the appropriate remuneration. Australia and New Zealand by enacting its own domestic laws prohibiting its own citizens from being employed by rouge governments do not impact on the innocent victims in Fiji at all, but only disadvantages the rouge government itself and those worthless opportunists who have forsaken their professional oaths to make a quick buck.

I have below FBI’s definition of a terrorist and I ask you bloggers to decide for yourself whether people like Christopher Pryde by association, in positions of power, who plays a major role in drafting and approving of Fiji’s illegal decrees, is fully aware by virtue of his position of the Military’s intimidating tactics and acquiesces to it by not resigning from their positions comes within this definition because I believe he may.

‘The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objective.’

I urge Australian Prime Minister Hon. Kevin Rudd MP and New Zealand Prime Minister Hon. John Key MP to act responsibly and enact laws in your respective countries stopping your own citizens like Christopher Pryde from continuing to prolong the illegal junta’s reign of terror in Fiji by taking up lucrative jobs. Failing to do so, means your citizens are in effect promoting the illegal junta’s reign of terror and by association, Australia and New Zealand are promoting terrorism and quite possibly terrorists in Fiji!I certainly think it is in your national interest to enact these domestic laws forthwith because failing to do so could expose your governments to massive lawsuits from affected families for failing to properly applying your duty of care over your own citizens.

Tui Savu.

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