Thursday, October 01, 2009

Frank is the Culprit not Past Leaders and Chiefs

Frank has blatantly and arrogantly passed the blame on to the past leaders of this nation and the Chiefs for being the reason of all our problems that exist in our country today. He fails to honestly admit that he is the biggest culprit of them all. He is actually the one who has taken this country to unprecedented levels of social, political and economis chaos and uncertainity. To be fair he is actually pointing the blame to Sukuna,Cakobau,Mara,Ganilau,Patel, Koya,Reddy,Rabuka,Bavadra,Chaudhary and Qarase to name a few.

To make matters worse he is using the direct siblings and descendants of these leaders to get what he wants today. He has labelled these statesmen terrorists but continues to use their blood relatives to achieve his aims and agendas.

Frank fails to acknowledge that these leaders gave him the job otherwise he would have been an ordinary sailor because he never merritted his promotion.

To make it worse he has labbelled these men as social elites who harboured terrorists in Fiji. What an insult and a joke !

Its amazing to see relatives of these leaders hang on to Frank to earn a decent living. They are actually promoting Frank to spit vernom on the lives of these leaders. So for us common people its Frank using them for his agenda of staying in power and them using Frank to settle debts and service mortgages apart from enjoying a royal lifestyle.

Goes to show that in this day and age money and power are more important than pride and dignity.


Its become very clear that the siblings of the late Tui Nayau and Tui Cakau cannot visualise for themselves the game that is unfolding before their very eyes . It is very clear that they now know that they are just like the rest of us and are in no way different or should be treated with respect and dignity like their fathers.

The late Tui Nayau and the late Tui Cakau were real chiefs in the true sense of the word. They spoke and conducted themselves in a more chiefly, honourable and dignified manner. They spoke the truth and with a lot of wisdom. They led this nation from crayons to the stars because their pride, loyalty and allegiance was to their subjects the people. They came last because the welfare of the people were the cornerstone of their leadership styles. They earned and worked hard to earn their decent living.

This same accolade cannot be given to their siblings. Reason is that the siblings have done exactly the opposite. They have trampled all their people and have ammassed wealth at the expense of the people. They have supported the rape of democracy and the abrogation of the constitution. They have moved up the social, economic,political and traditional ladder not by merit but by the use of guns and the military. They have managed to rise from the brinks of bankrupcy through acts of treason.

However despite all the good that Rt Mara and Rt Penaia did their siblings were craving for more because they were greedy. They think we the people of Fiji owe it to them when we dont.

The two statemen must be moving in their graves.


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