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Ului Mara is No Chief of Ono i Lau

National Farmers Union to oppose junta : Mahendra Chaudhry
August 18, 2009
The National Farmers Union is shocked and troubled at the interim government’s unilateral decision to dismantle the Sugar Cane Growers Council. “The move will completely marginalise the growers because they now have no representation in an industry in which they have a 70% stake,” NFU general secretary Mahendra Chaudhry said. Mr Chaudhry said the union will oppose the government move. “NFU will make representation to the relevant Ministry. It is quite obvious that the interim government has been badly advised on this matter. “The sugar industry is a partnership between the miller and the growers. How can the growers be completely sidelined from decision making in an industry in which they are majority stakeholders? Government has obviously not realised the consequences of this arbitrary move,” Mr Chaudhry said. It jeopardises the stability and future viability of the sugar industry with dire consequences to the economy in general. It will also adversely affect the landowners who receive substantial rental revenue from sugar cane farms.
NFU sees recent developments in the sugar industry with the arbitrary dismantling of important institutions set up under the Sugar Industry Act of 1984 (the Sugar Commission of Fiji, the Sugar Cane Growers Council and the Fiji Sugar Marketing) in recent months, as some kind of neo-colonialism. Far reaching decisions are being taken without any consultation with the stakeholders. The sugar industry is well and truly being reverted to the days of the Colonial Sugar Refining Co (CSR) with the authoritarianism, exploitation and repression associated with the CSR. Are farmers being pushed to serve another Girmit? The repression has already begun with FSC adopting an autocratic attitude and withholding vital information from the growers and their representatives; sugar shipments are not being fully met and FSC’s chronic milling inefficiencies have already cost growers’ millions of dollars in lost revenue this season.
Farmers are already being cheated right, left and centre. Given this latest imposition on their rights, the future of the industry becomes highly uncertain. NFU is reliably informed that the so-called “local/expatriate” consultants recruited from Australia in December last year are behind this move – the interim government is working in line with a report submitted by these ‘consultants’ last December. Well informed sources in the industry say that at least two of the consultants, high up in the FSC hierarchy at the time, were not happy with the changes contained in the 1984 Sugar Industry Act. Obviously not! Because reforms ushered in under the 1984 Act introduced the concept of industry partnership and ensured FSC was made accountable to the growers and other stakeholders for its actions. An unstable sugar industry is definitely in the interest of these consultants because the more problems the industry faces, the more entrenched their lucrative consultancy becomes. The powers that be, including FICAC, should investigate how these “expatriates” are milking FSC. Apart from their highly excessive fees, there are other expensive perks including very frequent trips to Australia and back.
- Fiji Labour Party statement
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The Methodist church is one of the biggest landowners in Fiji. It also owes millions in overdue city and town rates, FNPF contributions, backtaxes etc. There are some reports that the Epworth commercial complex is in danger of foreclosure, as are some other properties of the church. The church had effectively hidden this from public view in the past because of their political connections, and anyone daring to question the process ran the risk of being victimised or publcly ridiculed.
This did not happen overnight, or in the last three years. The annual conference has raised millions of dollars but the people’s efforts were negated by the poor fiscal management of the leadership and the political nature of their leadership system. There are many religious communities and settlements in Fiji, both Christian and non-Christian. Every Fijian village has a church in it, yet, the villages and churches are dirty, villages overgrown and houses run down. What are the talatalas doing? They receive a salary, FNPF deductions, housing, in some cases cars as well. In the rural areas, their gardens are planted for them too. Why the drastic difference between Anglican, Catholic, SDA, LDS and evangelistic communities and settlements, and those where there is a dominant methodist influence?
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An interesting view Mr. Jone Baledrokadroka, and if one was honest with ones self, it would be fair to say it is a selective view. Whilst I do not disagree with your sentiments entirely, to add balance to your perspective, acknowledgment must be given to the demise of Fiji’s social economic prosperity and civil morale values since the coups of 1987. Since that time, the common tread to Fiji’s misery has been the military establishment with a perceived arrogance they know what is in Fiji’s best interests. Let’s be blunt, the best and brightest from our education system do not choose the military as a career, instead those who where challenged to have a profession tend to end up in the FMF. It is said a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and unfortunately for Fiji, when it comes to affairs of State and the military, this rings true. Since 1987 rather than being soldiers whose role is to defend the nation, we continually have a meddling into national affairs – a sad demise for an army that had a world reputation and respect for brave soldiers. Corporal Sukanaivalu I would suggest would be ashamed of what the FMF has become, and not just in recent times, but more so as a product of Mr Rabuka’s creation.
George Speight’s coup? I would suggest this is inaccurate, as the coup can be squarely attributed to the FMF where it is evident there was indiscipline within the force and rebel troops had the ability to secure arms and execute treason – with the assistance of shadowy officers and a PR man running his own agenda, being George. Could you have changed the course of events Mr. Baledrokadroka by instilling discipline and loyalty to the state? Please explain why the military failed to take appropriate immediate action after the coup was executed. Yes lives where lost, mainly because the military and police did not contain the situation and respond quickly to shut down the madness. In those dark days, the Parliament precinct was declared a DMZ, but the purpose seemed more about keeping witnesses out not to see first hand the incompetence of the disjointed, uncoordinated and outright unprofessional response. I sight this as an example of the unprofessionalism, indiscipline and incompetence that exists with the FMF, with much of these being in existence well before Frank was in command.
At the end of the day, Fiji needs to seriously consider the purpose and merit in having a military. Economically we cannot afford it, and history would suggest this organisation has proven itself to be dysfunctional and none conducive to nation building. In my view sir, the time has come for the once proud FMF to be disbanded.
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Since the purported abrogation of the 1997 Constitution, Fiji has fallen into the laps of military rule under the guise of the Public Emergency Regulation, which has gagged our nation’s media, quashed any form of opposition, limited freedoms of the Fiji citizens and disengaged the people of Fiji from power. “The People of Fiji are given a false impression of what is happening with our nation’s government, economy and freedoms. To make things worse, injustices supposedly done by the Interim government and their supporters are not investigated – What future is this Government leaving for us the youth of Fiji” says Peter Waqavonovono the President of the YPCN. We the Young Peoples Concerned Network feel that it is time for the Interim Government to open avenues for dialogue without preconceived outcomes. “The longer this PER is in place, the more our youth will suffer – already investors and so many academic and financial benefits have been lost because of the Interim Governments lack of commitment to truly return Fiji to Democratic Rule” says the president of the YPCN, Peter Waqavonovono. “Lets face it, Fiji is no longer a Democracy and there are no solid plans to take this nation back to a Democracy. And lets be realistic, without consensus and open dialogues, you can’t return Fiji to a sustainable Democracy” adds Mr Waqavonovono. It is depressing to see that the Interim Government and the important aspects of our society refuse to work together; the YPCN feels that it is time for a meaningful process of Dialogue to map out a better future for Fiji. “In order to have open and free discussions, the PER needs to be lifted and limitations on our freedoms including the media removed as a sign of good faith, a true commitment to Democracy seen, and most importantly the Military must return to the barracks” say Mr Waqavonovono. “Important parties that represent segments of our society need to be engaged to openly discuss Fiji’s future and all parties must be ready to have their personal visions or solutions challenged or changed” adds Waqavonovono. The YPCN is also concerned with the lack of coherence in national objectives by the current Interim Government “The Interim Prime Minister has gone on record as saying that all people in Fiji are to be equal and that Fiji Citizens should be given equal opportunities and freedoms – however, he supports the Fiji Police Commissioners use of State resources to advocate in Christian Campaigns and force his officers and their families to accept his own brand of Christianity. This is a good example of incoherence where the head is not working with the legs – and there are many examples to draw from; it could either be that or we have been misled to believe the Interim Governments genuine reasons for keeping power” notes Waqavonovono. The YPCN stands by its call that Peace is the only solution for Fiji, The network will continue to advocate for this. “The longer our leaders drag their feet, the harder life becomes for the youth of this nation that suffer from Unemployment, Poverty and a lack of proper education or opportunities. Its time to end the Deadlock” ends Waqavonovono.
Enquiries call : 714 8480
The YPCN is a youth network of youth activists from around Fijifocused on providing a space for youth activists and youth issues toaddress their different advocacy issues on the national level.
Visit YPCN on the World Wide Webhttp://www.ypcnfiji.com/
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As support for the current Interim Bainimarama lead Govt gathers momentum, let us reflect on the near 3 years worth of achievements through a top ten list;

1. The Getting rid of Qarese and his dumb ass cronies from running Fiji……..These guys just did not have a clue what they were doing when running Fiji for over 5 years. Just total dumb asses filling their pockets under the guise of native rights.

2. Making the FLP and ‘taxi driver’ type cronies a non entity…….. Wasn’t it wonderful to see MPC and Co get the boot for the third time around. Even better last week, PM got rid of politics in the sugar industry by dissolving the SCGC. Mills are not breaking down for once and running very smoothly. Guess whose not minister in charge? Lets hope we never see MPC and his ‘yes man who think MPC is God’ run the country ever again.

3. Getting rid of Politics from Local Govts………just great to see council run so efficiently. Especially in Suva and Nasinu. Lets pray that idiots like Rajeshwar Kumar and Praveen Bala do not ever come back to run council in Fiji. Suva is pothole free. Imagine FLP, SDL or NPF being able to achieve this. No way!

4. No Kava Fiji Police Force- Thanks Teleni! Excellent work

5. Nivis Motors Roundabout, Thanks Teleni and Manu

6. Laqere Bridge four laneing

7. Giving Fiji Law Society the boot. Vinaka AG

8. Zipping Pramod Rae’s ugly face on TV. Please make this permanent

9. People of Fiji not having to listen to Angie Heffernan’s fake accent on TV

10. Charging Siti Wailelakeba and demoting Laisa Digitaki to the “Reserves and Too old” bench!
Balwant Singh Ramrakha JnrVaradoli Ba Ba to Ba hei!
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You are a mere soldier in the army – promoted to an officer – like all other sons of manufactured chiefs who could not achieve academically eg. E Ganilau, E Nailatikau, etc etc. Your mother is a real Gone-Marama-Bale, but your father’s chiefly status, though installed as Tui Nayau, is most questionable and almost a well known fact that he was not a biological son of the late Tui Nayau prior to him – Roko Tevita Uluilakeba.As far as most of Lau is concerned and if you do not know, your father was only brought in to continue the late Tui Lau’s (Ratu Sukuna) ambitions. Your biological grandfather is not Roko Tevita Uluilakeba; it happens to be Borron, the once Mago Island “owner”, who most probably was a “thug” that came to Fiji to escape being an ex-convict in Australia ( the then dumping ground for British convicts).
So you are not a real blue blood descendant of the Vuanirewa chiefly household in Lakeba. You are a “manufactured” descendant of the Vuanirewa. The birth certificates of your father was manufactured by the late Ratu Sukuna, who had all the power to do so as an administrator during the colonial days. Ratu Sukuna did what the biased British Colonisers of the day wanted him to do. And Ratu Sukuna had his personal agenda for a manufactured chiefly royal blood that carried out his ancestral and demonic wishes. The chiefly status you & your siblings claim to have in Lau is manufactured big time! Do you Mara siblings ever wonder why your endeavours will always come to nought? It is because you are not the true biological descendants of the Vuanirewa clan. If you really really want to know the real facts, then we suggest that since you have such strong powers in your military status today all over Fiji which has no boundaries it seems, you should go dig up the graveyard of the true holder of the name you have been given – the late true blooded Tui Nayau, Roko Tevita Uluilakeba – as well as your father’s – and then do a DNA test to compare! Oh no! That would be subjective…. we need to have an objective coroner to do the DNA test! Then only then will you settle the matter forever!
Word of wisdom – you do not have to carry on doing what you are doing in Fiji now. Stop being Lord of the Lau group, because many of us do not respect you at all. Many of us Lauans are now well educated and we are no longer like our ancestors where we “sealed” our mouths. No way hossay! It is about time that we brought out some hidden facts out into the open. We have been deceived for too long and we no longer can stand the “make believe” chiefs who want to throw their weight about.
Fiji is not a kingdom where the chiefly title goes from father to son! No way! We are not the Tongan Kingdom. No way! The titleship goes from one illegitimate child to another in one generation before it can commence on the next. So get off your high horse and have some respect for the real Lauans. O cei o iko mo lewa o cei keimami sureta na kai Ono-i-Lau me keimami cereva! Keimami lewa ko cei keimami vakamenemenea! Ko iko a luveni kai vanua tani ko qai mai via via lewa a neimami bula! Keimami sa fiu ona ko keimami a Lau dina! Stop protecting your brothers-in-law & your sisters who only want the name, fame & game! You need a life, real life outside Fiji. You can still negotiate your way out with international figures……..with that kind of name you carry outside of Fiji, it is worth more than being in Fiji wanting to be Tui Lau & Tui Nayau!
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A farmer’s advocate says the Fiji interim government plans to dissolve the Sugar Cane Growers’ Council will leave the 22,000 sugar farmers powerless. The move is intended as another step towards restructuring the industry after the Sugar Commission and Fiji Sugar Marketing were wound down earlier this year. But former CEO of the Growers’ Council, Jaganath Sami, says the farmers will no longer have a collective voice. “So you can see the path the regime is taking is to give absolute power to the milling company and they will be calling the shots. So the growers will be in a very vulnerable, very weak position.” Jaganath Sami, former CEO of the Fiji Sugar Growers’ Council, says the signs don’t look good for the cane farmers with Fiji unable to meet its export market commitments, while it is also importing sugar for domestic consumption.
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August 17, 2009
A paradise lost, a noble experiment in democracy and multiracial harmony met its severest challenge and has failed. Sadly, it only took one man to destroy Fiji’s age of innocence. Pope John Paul 11 said; “a symbol of hope in the world” “Fiji was an oasis of stability in the turbulence of the 3rd world, peaceful and prosperous, a democratic outpost whose ethnic groups, Fijians, Indians, Chinese and Europeans were guaranteed fair representation under the constitution.” The late Leonard Usher former mayor of Suva uttered these sentiments; “I think we learned to live together as well as any multiracial society in the world.” I hope to God we can get back to that.” But the terrible danger now is that we have been divided and all that was accomplished has been swept away.” Ratu Mara was to have said after Rabuka told him of the coup; “20 years of my life just went down the drain.” Yet as the most influential politician in the South Pacific Islands until defeated by Bavadra refused to condemn the conspiracy. The simple fact is this Paradise, lost its innocence on the 14th of May 1987 and it will never be the same again. Fiji has been changed forever. The fragile shell around Fiji democracy has been broken. The Pacific way was always to “talk and talk and talk” until consensus is reached and all confrontation avoided. Instead people like Rabuka, Speight and now Bainimarama have allowed themselves the indulgence of breaking the law and justifying their actions later. When Fiji lost its innocence it also lost that famous saying on its Tourism advertising posters; “Fiji the way the rest of the world ought to be.” Brij Lal said; “The only lesson from history is that we don’t learn from history.” Rosalind PrattQLD
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Force line chairman of Fiji’s Lau Provincial Council, the military man, Ului Mara thinks he is making an impact because he is a Mara is nothing more than an excessive use of “I” and “me” He didn’t become the chairman of the Lau Council through proper channels and all he has acquired is the loss of respect from the Lauans that held his late Ratu in high esteem. Those that pretend to respect him only do it to get some in return. What an idiot! If Ului was so confident he had the support of the Lauans he would not have these insecurities, insecurities resulting in wanting to control everything. The people of Ono-i-Lau had months before the Ono-i-Lau Day, invited the Roko Tui Bau, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi as the guest of honour to open the day. He was apparently uninvited by none other than Ului who told the Ono-i-Lau elders to invite someone from the regime. (Yes orders from the military man.)
To protect Ratu Joni from such embarrassment, the elders went to formally advise Rt Joni of the decision but declined to invite a replacement. They took all the mats prepared for him and gave it to him. Included was a Tabukaisi, the beautiful mat of these islands. Little did Ului know that they both had connections to the chiefly clan of Ono-i-Lau and he wasn’t the only one. Ono
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A leader of the Indo-Fijian community in the Australian city of Sydney says more and more blue collar workers are leaving Fiji in search of work in Australia and New Zealand. For years, Fijian professionals like doctors, accountants, lawyers and managers have been leaving the country for jobs in Australia and New Zealand. But Sanjay Ramesh, political editor of the Fiji Times, an Indo-Fijian community newspaper in Sydney, says now plumbers, construction workers and electricians are increasingly joining the migration trend. “They are really concerned about the future,” he said. “They think that there is no resolution in sight in Fiji and that’s what’s driving them out of there. They think that Fiji is heading towards some sort of economic disaster.”
- Radio Australia
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Ask Fiji’s Bank employees what impact has Frank’s rule on their lives and they will quickly say; “NONE” Their jobs are pretty safe because it is being managed by experts of oversea’s banks. ANZ and Westpac couldn’t care less about the political mess Fiji is in, as long as they are making huge profits. While they are making huge profits, their employees are being paid and turn a blind eye to what is happening around them. They will remain neutral, in denial and ignorant of others suffering and struggling to make ends meet. Profits made by these two banks go back to Australia and New Zealand and all they need to worry about in Fiji is to pay the locals that work for them. Bank employees have the intellect to know what “democracy” is all about, they should also distinquish what is right over wrong but do they care, “NO” they are too comfortable to rock the boat. They have access to computers and could easily read the blogs to know what is going on but they choose to carry on receiving their pay packet and pretending all is normal. If they lost their jobs, then you will see them making waves but for the time being life goes on without a thought of Fiji’s future. Rawfijinews had this to say; “Our sources say Fiji’s major banks, ANZ and Westpac, have failed to assist Fiji’s private sector by imposing more stringent credit line and loan conditions, while they continue to record phenomenal net profits of more than $40million in the last financial year alone.They say that Fiji’s business community continues to suffer major losses with their business shrinking away as they are unable to fund growth opportunities.”
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by Jone Baledrokadroka
The role of Fiji’s military has changed substantially over the last decade – in the mid-1990s, there was an emphasis on professionalism and meritocracy, and an effort to steer the armed forces away from the 1987 engagement in politics (which was viewed as having had a negative impact both on the nation and on the RFMF itself). Since the 2000 coup, the RFMF has emerged again at the centre of Fiji politics, most forcefully since the December 2006 coup, justifying this by a claim to be tackling corruption, racism and bad governance. However, it is important to judge Bainimarama, this so called nation builder by his actions rather than be swayed by his discernible shifting rhetoric.
Since the April 10th abrogation of Fiji’s constitution, the role of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces has now reached another new level of military intervention in politics. A new legal order has been decreed, the media censored and it is almost certain that Bainimarama or Ratu Epeli Nailatikau the former commander of the military will be announced President in the coming days. To reiterate what Stephanie Lawson said about the 1987 coup “the praetorian character of this development does indeed suggest that the military in Fiji has become a homus politicus in its own right.” The controversial People’s Charter that was put together by a National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) in August of last year called for the realigning of the military’s role to include ‘Human Security’. Bad faith and deception can only be inferred on the part of Bainimarama and the military through the misconstruing of this concept. It is now clear Bainimarama and the military intend to run the political affairs of the state at least now till 2014. I would posit that he is there for life.
The Fiji Military, once viewed as the agent of Fijian political paramountcy, has now become its nemesis – core Fijian institutions and collective organisations have been destroyed or diminished – the Great Council of Chiefs, the public sector unions, the Law Society, the Media, the Methodist Church. It is as if Fiji society were being hollowed out to make way for the modernist state Bainimarama purports to be manufacturing for Fiji. Unfortunately the continued flight of intellectual and skilled human capital from Fiji of both Indo and Indigenous Fijians bares such a piped dream. The support by the Police and Military allows Bainimarama unbridled power. Bainimarama and the military are applying a dictum often attributed to a former Latin American dictator: “For my friends, everything . . . for my enemies, the law.” The recent arresting and charging of Methodist Church Ministers and a high chief confirms such a pitiful state of affairs where laws are invoked to penalize opponents of the regime.
The events of the present are being justified by a revisionist historical interpretation of Fiji’s 2000 Coup events. According to this view, the RFMF was a saviour of Fiji in 2000, when it stepped in to crush George Speight’s coup. What is forgotten is that (1) the RFMF was deeply uncertain about how to respond to the May 19th 2000 coup, and some senior officers were implicated in plots to unseat Chaudhry; (2) for some time after the coup, there was uncertainty about which side to take; (3) Bainimarama consistently justified his own abrogation of the constitution on May 29th 2000 - not (as some suggested) under duress due to Speight’s holding of hostages, but also much later, after the release of the hostages, in affidavits submitted at the time of the February 2001 Chandrika Prasad court hearings. In fact from May 29th to July 4th 2000 for some 37 days, Bainimarama had his first taste of power as head of government.

Within the RFMF, that mythical account of the 2000 intervention is being used to build solidarity in the rank-and-file, and to give Bainimarama popularity within the military. In addressing the Military’s Infantry Day Parade on the 23 Jun this year, Commodore Bainimarama said that the death of loyal soldiers during the 2000 mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks, Suva led to the event of December 5, 2006. The revelation was made by the Commander speaking in Fijian saying “Na nodratou mai leqa na tacida oqo e sega ni va ka waletaki (the death of our brothers (2000 mutiny) shall not be in vain).” Commodore Bainimarama said the death of the soldiers brought about many changes in the nation.
Again in his speech at the joint Passing Out Parade of 640 new soldier and police recruits, Albert Park, Suva, on Fri 26 Jun 2009, Bainimarama said, “The divide and rule policies espoused in the last 20 years has plagued us as a nation. Our objectives in the events of December 2006, was to arrest this trend once and for all.There are many obstacles in our path. Do not allow yourselves to be easily manipulated by external pressures and influences around you. Be just, be firm and steadfast”. Indeed, stirring rhetoric aimed at but two perceived threats-international intervention and ethno-nationalists.
The threat of ethno nationalism as demonized through the SDL and other nationalist parties has been overplayed by Bainimarama and the military. It is not a justification for the military’s high guardian role which since 2006 has increasingly burdened the tax payers with massive budget blowouts. More over in this modern age, Constructivist theory of ethnicity show that ethnic suppression in any form only exacerbates the polarization of a society. In fact, in 2000, it was the Military executive council headed by Bainimarama that co-opted Laisenia Qarase into the council and requested him to begin formulating an Indigenous Affirmative action plan as per the compact of the 1997 Constitution. This was the first strategy adopted by the military to appease George Speight and his followers in attempting to secure the release of the Coalition government hostages. Qarase then a senator was part of the Senate Committee on Indigenous Fijians in Business as mandated by the Chaudrhy government in 1999. Given his professional background, he had first hand knowledge from the senate committee submissions. The manipulation of ethno-nationalism as an inward destructive agent of indigenous instrumentalism by the military is ongoing. As seen in its truth and justice campaign prior to the elections in 2006 a smear campaign by the illegal regime is now orchestrated using the heavily censored mass media. The same baseless and biased rhetoric vociferously used to oppose the Qoliqoli (seashore customary rights) bills and the Reconcilliation Truth and Unity Bills of the first SDL governments is now used to harpoon past and todays Fijian leadership as racists and dismantle arbitrarily their institutions. It is as if the sum total of Crown and Fijian chiefly rule has failed Fiji quite contrary to the legacy of Lord Stanmore and native colonial administrators such as Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi. All for a created ‘multi-racial new legal order’ as if the phrase will inspire local and international acceptance and breathe life into what Professor Wadan Narsey describes as a morally gutted nation. Incidentally this new multi-racialism to be brought about by electoral reform by 2014 is – rather oddly – to be achieved and imposed under the watchful eye of a ninety nine percent indigenous military force. Even more perplexing is how the Military elite still regales itself of its bygone international peacekeeping reputation now tarnished by its installed regime’s abuse of human rights and the rule of law.

For the future, what is unclear is whether there is credible commitment from within the rank and file of the military, to see this praetorian role continue, given mounting internal pressure brought about by ethnic empathy, increasing poverty levels, the poor state of the economy and international isolation. Indeed the weight of plain social, economic and political reality will unravel the regime and its empty scheming rhetoric. The denial of the legitimacy of opposition or even counter-argument in the mass media weakens the regimes puny justification for rule even further.

Jone Baledrokadroka- Fiji Update 2009, Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane.
13 Aug 2009.
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Why fear Frank?
August 17, 2009
It is very interesting to note the extent that the military has gone to in trying to unsettle, stop, monitor and even tamper with the activities of the Methodist church in particular the annual conference. It has actually tried to control the church under the guise of politics and political motives. It has not done the same with the other churches. In addition the hibiscus carnival is next week but they are so worried about the methodist conference. Why cant the interim and the military allow the conference to go ahead but instead ensure the meeting venue is well guarded and security personnel be allowed in the meeting proper to sit in as observers. Only then can all fears be put to rest. It is very clear as the blue sky that there is not and will never be an uprising instigated by the church period. So why the fear guys ?
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Our sources report that the business community in Fiji is crying foul over their bank’s unwillingness to give them credit lines, restructure their debts, or to generally lend them money, even-though they’ve been banking with them for years with sufficient equity to cover their borrowings. They say that even-though the Reserve Bank Governor Sada Reddy is trumpeting high liquidity in Fiji’s financial market, reality on the ground proves otherwise confirming that Sada is only lying….yet again! Our sources say Fiji’s major banks, ANZ and Westpac, have failed to assist Fiji’s private sector by imposing more stringent credit line and loan conditions, while they continue to record phenomenal net profits of more than $40million in the last financial year alone. They say that Fiji’s business community continues to suffer major losses with their business shrinking away as they are unable to fund growth opportunities.
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The Suva Division is the largest division of the Methodist Church and that is why, they are requesting that it be held in the Furnival park. All those division that had done theirs indoors are very small division compared to Suva. If the Military is worried about the security, then they can send their armed soldiers (about 500 or 1000 personnel)to the Furnival park to guard it and keep in mind that they are good at peace keeping abroad and I am hopeful that they will keep the peace.
The Hibiscus will gather crowd similar to the Methodist Conference so what is the difference here? This Rally by the Methodist Church (Suva Division) will be smaller than the previous years so why hold it indoor? What are you afraid of Leweni? The Methodist is not political but they are just expressing their views because they represent a fair number in the population. People are crying and losing employment because of the situation that you created and the church is their to voice their opinion and the chuirch’s stand to the current difficulties that the people are facing because the Government dont give a damn about their livelihood but are adamant on reducing the size of the workforce which means the laying off of its people and for the current economic tribulations that we are going through, things is goiung to be hard for them.
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Fiji’s Methodist Church is seeking another meeting with government in an effort to obtain a permit to hold an open air fundraising event in the capital Suva despite being prohibited from holding public meetings. Church general secretary, Tevita Nawadra, said some circuits, including Suva, were hoping to have open air functions and wanted to use Furnival Park to hold their choir competitions and bazaar as part of their fundraising. Government spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni yesterday reminded the church in a statement that all its functions had to be held indoors to avoid large crowd gatherings. Fiji Live reports Mr Nawadra as saying Suva district has a very large roll making it difficult to hold meetings indoors. The restrictions on the church follow the cancellation of its annual conference this year deemed by government as political. The church has since been allowed to hold its annual choir competition and fundraising indoors and at district level.
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Fiji’s Chief Justice Anthony Gates is currently recruiting judges from Colombo in Sri Lanka.
The Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum told Fiji Live his administration is looking at sourcing qualified judges from Commonwealth member countries. In an interview with a Sri Lankan paper, the Sunday Times, Justice Gates said the government planned sweeping judicial changes in April next year. He said since Fiji and Sri Lanka were countries that inherited similar judicial systems, he wished to recruit judicial officers from Sri Lanka. It is reported that Justice Gates last week met Sri Lanka’s Chief Justice, Asoka de Silva, and Attorney General, Mohan Peiris, to discuss matters relating to his recruitment mission. A senior official of the Sri Lanka Justice Ministry told the paper there would be no problem in obtaining leave from the Judicial Services Commission for these 2-year assignments.
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There are revelations over the weekend that Aiyaz Khaiyum had confirmed to some of his mates that the 2014 election announced by Frank is baloney. Word has it that Aiyaz is confident they will be able to rule for as long as Frank lives. But he is not ruling out the possibility of making an early exit to pursue his own business interest in the North, where his family originates from.
Aiyaz, who’se been speculated by some as Fiji’s next illegal Prime Minister, has been keeping a low and quiet profile for the past few months, except to churn out spontaneous illegal decrees that tries to legitimise their every move.
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There are rumours swirling in Fiji that dictator Frank Bainimarama will implement a new constitution similar to the one adopted by US where there will be a President and no Prime Minister. And talks point to Frank himself as Fiji’s newest Pressie who will oversee everything relating to that doomed island state. But there is another group of rumour mongels who are saying that the Prime Minister’s office will remain suggesting that while Frank will take up the Pressie’s position, he has vowed to maintain his left cherry, Aiyaz Khaiyum, as Prime Minister.
This group say that Aiyaz is not liked by the military council who see him as a divisive anti-indigenous Fijian chap

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