Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ro Teimumu Let down by the Church

I would have hoped that the Catholic Church had shown its support for Ro Teimumu. But we have not even heard any support at all from the Catholic Church who, I have heard, would not want to indulge in anything political just because of some illegal decrees. They do not want to participate in anything involving politics. I sure do feel sorry for Ro Teimumu. The Methodist Church has just shown itself to be a spineless, toothless institution filled with people who just can talk but can’t walk the talk. And there is the Catholic Church whose support will be greatly doubted as it is common knowledge that its leader was one of the two Chairpersons of the NCBBF thus cementing its support for the government of the day.
Everybody knows the real reason for the 2006 coup was to protect Bainimarama from being taken to court for the misuse of the Regimental Fund, the involvement of the CRW soldiers in the 2000 coup and the deaths of the CRW soldiers at the mutiny up in Nabua. He knew right from 2003 that there were concrete evidences against him with the Police Commissioner and life imprisonment was the only penalty available to the court for people like him. He then started to attack the SDL government and all its policies to distract attention away from him.

His opposition to the Qoliqoli Bill and the Reconciliation Bill, his reason for the removal of corruption from government, the Electoral Process, the race issue, etc etc etc were all just a smoke screen to try and persuade the people of Fiji that the SDL Government and its policies were not legitimate and should be kicked out. He knew that as long as the SDL Government was in power there is always the real possibility that sooner or later he will be joining George Speight in Naboro. So the SDL Government just had to go.

Now, for the people of Fiji to believe in all the reasons given above, it is then no small wonder that any new religion, church, or people like Dr. Angco who arrives on our shores tend to rise sharply in membership terms. It is because it’s just too easy to “vesu” the minds of the Fijian people (vesu mona). It is shocking that even the educated ones are easily brainwashed. It gives a picture of people who are lost and do not know whether they are coming or going. In the case of Bainimarama, any outsider will definitely be amazed that people actually believe in this guy and all his promises knowing full well that he changes reasons for the coup faster than the Concorde in full flight.

The Roko Tui Dreketi had, herself, gone to Bau during the last Methodist Church Conference to ask that the Rewa Province host the 2009 Conference. It is a task she undertook for the sake of her people who are members of the Methodist Church and one she will defend even in the face danger. No one can therefore blame the Methodist Church for Ro Teimumu’s actions. It was one she choose to undertake for her people. It is no small deed given the fact that the lady is a Catholic and also the paramount chief of the Burebasaga Confederacy. That should have given a hint to the leaders of the Methodist Church of the respect the Gone Marama Bale has for the Christian denomination that brought Christianity to our shores, to her forefathers and also to the Fijian people as a whole. Now that deed has been repaid with the saddest act that the Methodist Church has ever done in its long proud colorful history in Fiji and that is to deny the truth and surrender to the darkness fast enveloping this nation of ours.

A question we may now ask is,” is there any hope left for Fiji and the Indigenous Fijian race?” I would like to believe that there is still hope for us. We are facing the most crucial moment in our history as an indigenous race as the uniqueness of our culture, our language, the survival of our race is threatened with extinction. The chiefs have given up, the churches have given up and the people of this nation are in a state of confusion as to whom to look to for liberation. In the midst of this confusion stands a brave lady in Ro Teimumu who choose to call a spade a spade and who is a beacon in this darkness for all those who are matured enough to know the difference between good and evil.
Unless the Fijian people and all the Christian churches wake up from their long slumber and see the true picture and realize that we have been taken for a long joy ride, the sacrifices of people like Ro Teimumu, sadly, will be lost in the lies that people have been led to believe is the truth.

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Peter said...

Very well written, vinaka vakalevu.

Reminds me of that song from yester year, "Isa Viti ko sa na vakaevei".