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Raivoce Released from Illegal Detention

Sakiusa Raivoce released
August 6, 2009
Businessman Colonel Sakiusa Raivoce is now under police investigation for allegedly breaching the Public Emergency Regulation. Police Director Operations, Waisea Tabakau said Colonel Raivoce was taken into custody earlier this week. Tabakau said police will continue to take those people in who allegedly breach the PER. We can confirm that Colonel Raivoce was released this morning.

Our sources in Cairns confirm that Mrs Raivoce, a UN staff attending the Pacific Leader’s Forum in Cairns, is already on her way back to Fiji to find out where and what has happened of her husband, Col Sakiusa Raivoce. There were also attempts by our Fiji sources to get word from Mrs Raivoce’s brother, illegal Minister Foreign Affairs , Inoke Kubuabole, what he thinks of his brother-in-law’s detainment but he switched off the phone.
Our sources in Fiji have tried to make contact with Col Sakiusa Raivoce but to no avail. But sources from Fiji’s military police can confirm that Raivoce was taken in two nights ago. These insiders say his arrest had something to do with an email distribution believed to have originated from Raivoce but the content of that email is still uknown at this stage.
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The Fiji interim government has accused the Pacific Islands Forum Secretary-General of poor leadership and practising double standards in relation to Fiji. Pacnews quotes Fiji’s new interim foreign minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola as saying the double standards exemplified by the Forum Secretariat in inviting Fiji to trade discussion on a selective basis are a poor reflection of the secretariat’s leadership. Ratu Inoke says it’s inconceivable that the Secretary-General, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, continues to overlook and disregard Fiji’s position in the Forum’s economic cooperation activities in relation to the PICTA, PACER and PACER-Plus trade discussions. He has accused Mr Slade of serving mainly Australian interests rather than the interests of the Forum members as a whole by excluding Fiji from the discussions.
He says that PICTA and PACER Agreements are governed by separate and definite rules and are international stand-alone agreements.
Ratu Inoke says as far as Fiji is concerned, it still a member of the Forum and as such it has every right including legal right to be included in all discussions and negotiations.
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New Zealand’s Prime Minister, John Key, says a call for civil disobedience in Fiji is unhelpful. The outgoing chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum, Niue’s Premier Toke Talagi, says international pressure has failed to sway the regime in Suva. He made the comments at the 40th leaders’ summit, being held in Cairns this week. Mr Talagi said people in Fiji must take responsibility for the restoration of democracy by rising up in protest. Mr Key says he wouldn’t go as far as to say Mr Talagi’s remarks are inciteful, but he describes them as unhelpful. “You can’t have a good coup and a bad coup, we have encouraged Frank Bainimarama to engage in dialogue with the Forum leaders in Fiji, both with Qarase and with Chaudhry, we think that’s the right course of action, not some sort of uprising by the people against the military coup.”
The Prime Minister, John Key.
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Wake up Fiji! Bainimarama’s Regime is strategising – there is no freedom of news reporting in Fiji – so that both the national and the international community who would normally acquire their news via the mainstream reporting, do not hear “actual” news. As it is in this one case where an individual’s human rights is being compromised. The spirit of control is at work big time in Fiji. Individual speech, activity, government and infrastructure – both national, local and ‘taukei’ have been conditioned to the advantage and best interest of the Regime. SELF-PRESERVATION is the Regime’s no one priority, not the livelihood, safety or needs of the Fiji nation and its people! In addition there are many civilian “gestapos” around who report to HQ to do the rounding up even at the sound of a ‘fart’! FREEDOM – there is no such word in Fiji!
People of Fiji have also allowed this Regime to prosper. People of Fiji have been conditioned so much such that you have now accepted the controlled lifestyle! Whether you agree or not is irrelevant, Fiji people living in Fiji have agreed to the Regime by not taking a stand against the Regime. A few individuals have tried to do this on their own eg. Raivoce, Roko Tui Dreketi, Leung, etc etc and they have had been rounded up, whilst the people of Fiji have sat back and done nothing. This is sad. “Isa lei ko Viti, na vanua ni marau” – not!
The vanua has sat back and done nothing when each of their paramount chiefs have been rounded up. The civil servants have sat back and done nothing when their elected government appointees were illegally dismissed. The soldiers and policemen have watched, sat back and done nothing when their leaders have illegally and wrongly ‘killed’ a civilian. The church members have sat back and done nothing when each of their church leaders have been rounded up.
Now Fiji is on the verge of bankruptcy whilst the people watch and do nothing! The dual citizenship folks of Fiji have deceptively taken advantage of the situation and in the name of “assisting to help build a better Fiji”, joined the Regime, to suck out what financial gain they can from the isles of Fiji. The wanna-be chiefs have engineered their manufactured chiefly positions to acquire a government executive position in the white house. What we are left with is a disoriented Regime that has little or no finance, preempting to be governing, when it is not. And we are left with the basic grass roots of people (the First Nations People or Indigenous) who have yet again been abused by a new kind of “colonisers” – the descendants of wanna-be “colonisers” and descendants of “indentured labourers” and “blackbirders”, sitting on the land that now is now legally not theirs. But in terms of the International Indigenous Law & Rights of the First Nations People, ironically under UN, this is indeed the great train daylight robbery! This is not discrimination as the regime puts it. This is an abuse of the rights of the Indigenous people – na i taukei – as the Maoris say in New Zealand – “Tangata Whenua”! Rise up “Tangata Whenua of Fisi”!
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Arresting and detaining civilians is the most disastrous strategy for Frank & Co. They must now move away from arbitrary detention and learn to address genuine concerns raised by their general public. Snuffing peoples voices and detaining people randomly will only work against them adding to their unpopularity. Instead of relying on the power of their guns, Frank & Co. should now up their power of negotiation. And to be able to achieve that, they should first of all humble themselves and be nice to their people by respecting their right to life and the dignity they deserve as Fijian citizens.
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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says Fiji’s path back to democracy must be peaceful – an apparent rebuff of a fellow Pacific leader’s call for Fijians to challenge the current regime. In his parting address as chairman of the Pacific Island Forum, Niue Premier Toke Talagi expressed deep concern for the welfare of Fijians under the coup government of interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama. “Perhaps citizens of Fiji must now rise . . . to the challenge the undemocratic rule of the military regime and restore democracy for the sake of the future of their children,” he said. “After all, the people of Fiji must also take responsibility for the reconstruction and the future and their own destiny.” But Mr Rudd, who is taking over as Pacific Forum chairman appeared to rebuff that position. “We advocate – and strongly advocate – a peaceful solution,” he said after the leaders meeting.
- Radio Australia
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Our sources are yet to establish exactly what prompted Fiji’s military police to lock up Col Sakiusa Raivoce. Raivoce is a well known SDL supporter and is also a well known outspoken Fijian Holdings shareholder. He was one of the main FHL shareholder’s who challenged the flopped BP Oil deal from day one,warning that it was a stupid investment move. Could his loyalty to SDL and his concerns for his FHL shares the cause of his arrest? Is it another intimidating tactic by Fiji’s military police soon after the swearing in of Raivoce’s brother-in-law, Inoke Kubuabola, as illegal Minister Foreign Affairs?
Is Raivoce’s arrest a way of sending a message to the Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns that the regime will continue torturing its own people as part of their roadmap to 2014? We think that whoever ordered Raivoce’s arrest is using his/her personal grudge against the guy to attract more unnecessary negative attention to Frank & Co. which only helps to give credence to the Human Rights Watch submission to Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth on continuing human rights abuses in Fiji.
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There are fresh reports coming in confirming that Col Sakiusa Raivoce, whose home was attacked with molotov bombs a few months ago, was arrested and put behind bars by Fiji’s military police for two days now. They say no one knew of his arrest since he is staying in his home alone with his wife in Cairns for the Pacific Forum Leaders while his two daughters reside in Europe. It is believed he was taken away from his home in the pitch of darkness.
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Our tin-pot dictator keeps talking about his roadmap but we haven’t really seen it. All we know is that we arrive at a truly democratic Fiji in 2014. With this kind of roadmap he’d be taking us from Suva to Lautoka via Kadavu, Ono, (Kadavu and Lau) and Udu point. Can the dictator show us some of the points on the way to our destination? We know constitution building starts in two years time, but where are we going in those two years? From the few hints he’s given it sounds like this is a time for economic building, because he says a strong economy is needed to build a strong social and political framework.
What he apparently has in mind here is that he will hand Government funds for projects that will develop the economy and have hosts of people showering him with gratitude for the help. What he clearly doesn’t understand is that the damage he’s done to the economy already means there will be no pork barrel for him to make handouts from. It’s gone. FIRCA revenue collection has been hit hard by the coup and the downturn in the economy that followed. The only thing the dictator has done to increase tax revenues is create massive inflation as a result of devaluation. But the dollars he’s collecting are devalued ones. They buy much less thanthe dollars we had before. The dictator’s roadmap is certainly a roadmap to nowhere.
Fiji Democracy Now
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Word has it in Suva that former Peoples Coalition AG Anand Singh was a likely interm replacement for Saiyed-Khaiyum as AG interim……… And then again after being booted out of FNPF Natadola project office would he then accept such an appointment? Then again others suggest he might have declined that offer and that Col Aziz the pros- who is raking in all the benefits he can bleed off Fiji is the more receptive candidate of the 2.
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Mr. Key’s blatant disregard of the Fijian spirit is not surprising at all. From the comforts of the Beehive and Uni lecture theatres, he claims expert status to our situation. His speechwriters and some Uni guru on Pacific Affairs custom script this sought of rhetoric as in a QUT Business Forum recently. All to the glee of the academics organisers and stunned silence of the audience, most misinformed students and fellows. We do not have to be reminded that blooming Coups are “impacting on the appetite of people to invest in Fiji”. But, have these Foreign academics ever considered the reality outside their out dated textbooks and reference materials? Goodness, NO!!
They have no idea of the “Business” element of the Fijian spirit. The Fijian spirit of overseas Fiji citizens and former residents. Of the 1.2 Millions Fijian, 800,000 live in Fiji. The rest are spread out in every continent on earth!! Definitely, many, including yours truly , do not and will never condone any seditious acts against any democratic Government or process. However, our Fijian spirits are eternally linked to those of our loved ones back in Fiji. Isolation, gag Decree or all forms of dissuading rhetorics will neither weaken nor terminate this eternal bond. And for this reason, our hearts are turned to each other; foreign Fijians hearts are turned toward home.
As we speak “Turning our heart towards home” projects are discussed through out overseas Fiji communities. The honourable resolve that, when all Fiji’s so called friends and neighbours desert us, we shall not fail our own fresh and blood, we will sell Fiji to our neighbours and work mates, even if they fear to go as tourist, we will visit as tourist and spend, and spend and spend!!…eh…it is an investment for us foreign Fijian tourists!! This dual and multiply citizenship offered by the present Government have ignited serious interest amongst the overseas Fiji Community around the globe. Especially, amongst our Indo-Fijian Business lot; citizen of other countries who were classified “foreigners” by previous Governemtns the moment they assume overseas Citizenship and FTIB lording their requirements when previously desire to re-invest in Fiji on capital injection less that minimum FTIB policy. Taukei citizens of other countries technically remain a “Fijian” via the VKB.
Yours truly sighted a Sate Government paper today, stating that a course for psychological and thence physical health risk prevalent amongst Fiji Indians in western societies is “homesickness”. Home sick to come home, home sick longing to hug relatives left in Fiji, loss of the familiar environment, familiar Fijian spirit of their neighbours. No wonder they’re turning their hearts towards home!! And in the process turnig their wallet in possible investments in mother land!! Let’s be ready for the economic boom, that will sure shock the acedemics who keep their nose to their books and not reality.
May be it pays if Mr. Key walk the Suva, Lautoka, Sigatoka and Labasa, Ba markets. He will sure trip over abundance of produce at very very affordable prices. Road side vendors galore.. Halt in rezoning of Agricultural land by the present Government is paying of as our people are turning to subsistence and semi commercial farming again. Poverty he alleged. What poverty. Some foreign academics barometer used to determine and conclude we are below the poverty line. Hope he uses the same poverty ruler in Auckland suburb of Otara and others who do not or are not even allowed to stick a bele or cassava plant in their backyard.
Many academics and students quickly rope into their imagination the malnutrition pictures of Africa or Asia at the mention of poverty, and may quickly assume that Fiji’s children walk around skin and bones, Goodness, NO!! Our children are one of most well nourished and healthiest lot on earth!!
Semi Meo
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Well what do you know. that Shiasta has apparently flown to NYC to present her report on CEDAW WHEN SHE WAS INTERIM OMBUDSMAN ergo INTERIM CHAIRMAN FHRC…..WHAT is her business in that/there now that she is no longer a regome appointee? Strutting around for relevance or is she turning against her old demons?? And who is paying for her trip there? it would help Fiji to know
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MULTIPLE coups have ravaged Fiji’s finances, investment and tourism while poverty rises, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key says. That, together with climate change and the global financial crisis would be top of discussions at the Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns this week, Mr Key said at the Queensland University of Technology business forum in Brisbane today. “If you look at Fiji, just as one example (of the Pacific islands) of how the coup is impacting on the appetite of people to invest in Fiji,” Mr Key said. “We are seeing an increasing number of Fijians below the poverty line, quite alarming numbers actually, and that’s not unique around the Pacific.” Fiji has been suspended from the PIF for delaying a return to democracy and faces suspension from the Commonwealth in two months if it fails to commit to new elections by 2010.
“The issue of Fiji will be raised but it’s not my expectation that there would likely be a change in the position that was adopted at Port Moresby from the Pacific leaders,” Mr Key said.
The global financial crisis has affected the Pacific Islands in two primary areas of tourism and repatriation of funds which have dropped by 10-20 per cent. “There’s an enormous trade imbalance,” Mr Key said. “We need to work on issues that will open trade into New Zealand such as quarantine roadblocks.”
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The outgoing chair of the Pacific Islands Forum has called on the people of Fiji to rise to challenge the military regime’s undemocratic rule. Fiji was suspended from the Forum in May after failing to heed leaders’ calls to set a deadline for elections. Toke Talagi, who is Niue’s Premier, told the opening ceremony of the Pacific Islands Forum in Australia that the organisation stands ready to help Fiji return to democracy but it will not accept a prolonged rule by the interim regime. “Perhaps citizens of Fiji must now rise to the challenge their undemocratic rule of the military regime and restore democracy for the sake of the future of their children. After all the people of Fiji must take responsibility for the reconstruction and the future and their own destiny.” Toke Talagi says the regime’s indication that elections will not be held until 2014 is simply unacceptable.
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Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority rut
August 5, 2009
We say – this email was sent to and Frank Bainimarama on and and copied to us.
Bonjour mon ami
The robbery at the customs bond in Lautoka may have been executed by officers from within to cover up for the missing items stolen from the bond, the goods were held by them. Ya know those goods taken from passengers at the airport … like liquor and ciggies!!! And forgotten cameras and stuff!!! They sell then at the public auction… Remember old Lulu Buksh was the Auctioneer way back….Same thing. When I read online news that laptops were also stolen I knew they would be sold on the streets soon but they were recovered. A little bird told me that when police checked the stuff in the bond, some packages that were supposed to contain laptops were sealed and empty. The number of laptops stolen was less than the actual number missing from the bond… Hence the robbery….to COVER UP….. FICAC was formed to root out rot.. here is a good case for you.. go for it. And check out this guy Vosa at FIRCA Lautoka he is the guy in-chagre of the broken into bond…that same bird said he has been too long in the West… time to move him or send him home for being complacent and allowing his staff to steal….. roots growing very long…. he may not be liked by staff…… in fact his very own staff don’t like him.. they just tolerate him… He has an ailment,, he is afflicted by the Napoleon complex. Look up the meaning…. Au revoir et salut. Mon French Connection
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Post Fiji Limited rut
August 5, 2009
Now I guess people will realize waht the good military appointed board is doing at Telecom Fiji. I thank rabiloi for highlighting the matter in advance and now that it brought before our eyes, we know that the information was true and credible. Well I have been following development in Post Fiji Limited, sister company of Telecom Fiji and can guarantee that there will be redundancy offered in September this year. The company under the leadership of self proclaimed wonder boy Joape Kuinikoro who has hoodwinked himself through to board by bullshitting them of venturing into Post Bank, but the catch is when??? Rodan Joseph Junior son of Rodan Senior is pet boy of Chairman. Under his management there gross favoritism, nepotism and mismanagement. One good case is unlawfully renting a vehicle from carpenters and causing accident in Keasi even though he receives fuel allowances. He talk about ethics when he himself authorized purchase of 2009 Diaries with out tender and quotation worth $40,000 by local printer Redox to be distributed to farmers and road users of Isaac Mows koro Naitasiri. Can this be investigated by FICAC and Fiji Raw.
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