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No one is safe in Fiji as Human Rights are Ignored

The illegal regime took another step on its Roadmap to dictatorship with the announcement that it plans to set up a commercial arm of the prisons department. Slave labour is a well established part of every evil dictatorship. Stalin had his Gulags. Hitler’s Auschwitz had a banner over the gate: “Work Brings Freedom.” A large slab of the North Korean economy is carried out by half-starved prisoners. So it looks like we’ll be going down that path. If prisons can help pay for themselves, the regime can afford to throw more people into prison. With no independent courts or constitutional protections to stand in their way, the regime will be able to jail its opponents at will. With the plan to farm 1000 acres, this is no small plan. I’m not making it up. This is the report that was carried on Fiji Village on 6 August. “Prisons Dept proposes to set up commercial arm. The Prisons Department is proposing to set up a commercial arm in future to utilise the 1,000 acres of land around the Naboro prison complex. Deputy Prison Commissioner Auta Moceisuva revealed this to members of the Lau provincial council after touring Naboro prison yesterday which was done as a means of strengthening the relationship between inmates and their families after they serve their term in prison. Moceisuva said they hope that the Prisons Department will not rely on government for financial assistance if the project is successful.
Moceisuva said government has allocated $400,000 this year for the farming project involving prisoners.” No-one is safe.
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The Commonwealth Secretary General says he is still considering what form of engagement the grouping will take with Fiji. The interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has invited a Commonwealth delegation to Fiji for talks over the Pacific nation’s position in the grouping, after it issued an ultimatum for progress towards elections by September.
Kamalesh Sharma says he has received that invitation. “We are always ready to engage in the pursuit of promoting democratic constitutionalism. Dialogue is the way of the Commonwealth. So we are ready to respond as appropriate but I still have to consider what this form of engagement should be.” Kamalesh Sharma says timing, and the level of the delegation is what needs to be considered.
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Tom Ricketts new FNPF and ATH board member
August 7, 2009
Tom Rickett is now a confirmed board member of FNPF and Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited. His appointment was confirmed via a market announcement by ATH awhile ago. Ricketts was a former military regime minister together with 2 other Fiji Labour members, Mahendra Chaudhry and Vayeshnoi. Ricketts resigned from cabinet along with Vayeshnoi after Frank asked Mahendra Chaudhry to tender his resignation following Chaudhry’s insistence to apply tax on all bottled water and refused rebate to bus owners disrupting public transportation and bottled water exports. Even though Chaudhry was asked to leave Cabinet, his propositions on bottled water and on bus operators were approved by Frank’s cabinet and later adopted by the regime boosting government receipts.
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Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor August 07, 2009
Article from: The Australian
KEVIN Rudd has adroitly applied his diplomatic skills to come through the first international meeting he has hosted as Prime Minister with wins on the major proposals for which he fought. The big-ticket items agreed to unanimously yesterday by Mr Rudd’s fellow leaders at the Pacific Islands Forum summit in Cairns were a call to action on climate change, a compact on aid to Pacific nations, a push to extend the region’s free trade area to Australia and New Zealand, and keeping Fiji in the “sin bin”. Mr Rudd remains chairman of the forum for a year, until the next annual leaders summit in Vanuatu; thus he takes ultimate responsibility for ensuring the leaders’ decisions are implemented.
Flanked by the other leaders, he said the need for climate change action was “not just a matter of importance or of urgency but of national survival for some of the world’s most vulnerable countries, many of whose leaders are standing with me on this platform”. The forum agreed on a “call to action” to global leaders to agree at the Copenhagen climate change summit in December to reduce emissions by at least 50per cent below 1990 levels by 2050, setting the world on a path to limit the increase in average temperatures to 2C. Australia was contributing $25million, Mr Rudd said, to help the islands replace “the enormous cost” of imported fossil fuels with renewable energy.
The forum also agreed on a compact to co-ordinate aid, including $1 billion a year from Australia, going to Pacific countries, where 2.7million people, more than a quarter of the whole population, still live in poverty. Mr Rudd said the importance of aid had increased with the global economic downturn. But it was proving a growing challenge for hard-stretched island governments to handle the “spaghetti bowl of conflicting and sometimes competing” aid programs on offer.
Sometimes, he said, ministers in those countries discovered half their staff were travelling offshore on trips funded by donors. “We can’t wait for this to get worse and worse,” he said.
The forum also agreed to retain Fiji’s suspension from the forum, Mr Rudd said, until the military-installed regime “give us any confidence” of its desire to return to “the family of democracies” that comprise the other 15 countries of the forum. Fiji strongman Frank Bainimarama flew to Port Vila, Vanuatu, last month and appeared to win the support of his fellow leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group countries — Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu — for his continued rule. Mr Bainimarama was vociferous about the impossibility of extending the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER Plus) to Australia and New Zealand. The forum agreed on an early start to negotiations to extend the free trade area covering the island countries, to the region’s economic heavyweights, Australia and New Zealand
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Sereana Qoro demotes her gal pal
August 6, 2009
The vindictive bad-hearted liar Sereana Qoro, has demoted her one-time confidante and gal pal, Mariana Saumadu. Sources say Mariana was pushed by Sereana to be FHL’s board secretary, which she got. Sereana even threw in a brand new Honda CRV for the board secretary’s role to win Mariana’s continuing support. But all that loyalty-buying by Sereana back-fired when Mariana replaced her as Acting FHL group Managing Director while Sereana Qoro was sent to the sin bin by Frank & Co. People who know Qoro well say that Mariana’s sudden rise to fame and her few days of acting in Qoro’s seat didn’t sit well with the deceitful Sereana Qoro. Mariana became a thorn and a threat to Qoro overnight and had to be pruned by stripping her off the Board Secretary job. FHL market announcement also report that Mariana will now be replaced by Tevita Gonelevu, Manager Financial Markets.
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The Fijian Resort hotelier, Radike Qereqeretabua, must be regretting accepting the military’s appointment to rejoin the FHL board. FHL website reveal that Qereqeretabua is not new to FHL. He was a past director when Lyle Cupit was the Chairman giving him the benefit of compare and contrast between the ousted shrewd business-smart board verses the green prideful militarised FHL board of today. A market announcement by FHL reveal that Qereqeretabua has tendered in his resignation citing “demanding work and personal commitments” as his excuse to opt out. But those close to Qereqeretabua say otherwise. They say he is disappointed and embarrased by Sereana Qoro, Col Aziz Mohammed and Isoa Kaloumaira’s lack of business ethics which catapulted in the failed BP Oil acquisition proposal crap Qoro took up to the board. Qereqeretabua was heard to have said that he no longer wants to be associated with FHL’s bunch of crooks. Unfortunately for him, his term as Director FHL post 2006 coup will continue to haunt him. A law suit against the FHL board and management will be a litigation matter in the coming years. That’s for sure!
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Police Commish Teleni is a very bad example of what a christian crusader is all about. He thinks he’s doing God a favor by imposing his “souls for Jesus” draconian rules onto his officers and the public of Fiji. The endless rolling over of Fiji’s Public Emergency Regulation powered by Teleni is nothing but a bully tool he uses to instil fear and control the populace. The PER lie has been abused big time by Teleni. Case in point is Sakiusa Raivoce’s two nights detention who was later released yesterday without any charges. So Teleni, now that you’ve failed to find any legal charges to hammer Raivoce with, will you allow Raivoce to use his rights to seek redress on your unfounded allegations? If Teleni can apply PER on Raivoce and others, then it is only proper that these law-abiding citizens be given the equal chance to go to court for their unfounded random detention based on some flimsy personal vendetta by Teleni and others. But Fiji is a pariah state.
There’s no such thing as fair justice nor rule of law in coup coup land.
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Hasn’t somebody told Alipate Qetaki that he’s living in a totalitarian state? He claims that the Native Land Trust Board is bound by law and can not take action against defaulting tenants.
According to Qetaki “the process of reentering a piece of land that has been in default on rates is a lengthy one according to the Native Land Trust Act”. Where has Qetaki been since Easter? Holidaying on the far side the moon? The constitution, which did make it difficult to change the Native Lands Trust Act, is gone. A change in law or the constitution for that matter needs no more than a decree. And decrees issue from an orifice that we don’t refer to in polite company.
Qetaki says he hopes “that some areas of the existing law can be changed to assist in the re-entry of leased land that are not being utilized so that they can be leased again.” That’s no excuse you moron and everybody knows that except you.
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Australia adopting double standards on travel ban
August 6, 2009
coupfourpointfive reported Mahendra Chaudhry is in Australia.
Now then, Mr Rudd failed to execute a ‘peaceful step by step resolution’ he talks about. It was very simple and remains simple enough for Mr Rudd to penalize peacefully those coup supporters INCLUDING Australian citizens shamelessly tucking away bloated wallets on the ground. Australians openly supporting dictatorship rule in Fiji without fear of recriminations from their motherland travelling back and forth countless times a year.
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Two and half years later if Frank Baimarama thinks that his is “victory” he should think again. Dishonest victories are sure to backfire and Frank’s is no exception. We can only conclude in saying that the illegal regime’s actions after the 2006 has resulted in a “Pyrrhic Victory,” a victory by them that has been accompanied by enormous losses and has left them as winners in as desperate shape and isolation as if they had lost. It is a victory gained at too great a cost, a victory or success that comes at the expenses of great losses or cost to the nation and its people. Pyrrhus, an ancient general who after defeating the Romans told those who wanted to congratulate him; “one more such victory and Pyrrhus is undone.” Let us hope Frank and his regime realizes sooner than later because they will never be given a chance to do it again or get away with all the misery and hardship they have brought to the people of Fiji. Force and not moral reasoning is Frank’s ally, an ally in which exploits and negates the triumph.
Frank and his team have gambled away the trust placed in the nation’s constitutional powers for the use of the guns and has temporarily secured their power base by means of suppression and now tenuous monopoly on any information. The cancellation of the Methodist conference is a great disappointment but like all of us and the Roko Tui Dreketi we are learning to cope and survive. It is a case of have to and we will do it. However, what concerns us greatly is the Vunivalu of Rewa, Epeli Mataitini, undermining the Roko Tui Dreketi publicly in his statement of her. His attitude will reflect greatly on the youth of today. With proper upbringing it is not acceptable that another chief undermines or embarrasses another chief in public, no matter the provocation. Proper upbringing when practised should mean something and sadly it is not happening in our beloved Fiji. Torika

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