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Conman Foster back in the Picture

The well known international conman Peter Foster is circulating a litany of lies and false accusations against the SDL Party and its leader the former elected Prime Minister of Fiji, Laisenia Qarase. The document containing Mr Foster”s dishonest diatribe is titled “Fiji Truth”. That in itself is a massive contadiction. Virtually everything Mr Foster says must be viewed with caution and scepticism. He has built a reputation as a stranger to the truth. He is a serial liar and accomplished deceiver. His criminal activities have led him to prison many times.
Normally the SDL would not bother to respond to allegations, claims, defamation and character assasination from someone like Peter Foster. The SDL Party is aware, however that “Fiji Truth” is being distributed on the Internet. Some who read it may be tempted to believe parts of Mr Foster”s tale. The SDL Party will respond to ascertain certain fabrications for the purpose of clarification. Foster has given us an opportunity to once more put facts on record and to reinforce the positive message of what SDL Government was able to achieve in its six years of office until it was illegally removed by the Fiji military.
The SDL suspects that Foster is making a renewed attempt to butter-up the army and Frank Bainimarama in the hope that he will be able to return to Fiji to continue with his life of crime and lies. But after the RFMF’s disastrous and embarrassing experience with Foster shortly after the 2006 coup and his mysterious escape from Fiji, it is unlikely that his plan will be successful.
- SDL statement
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FSC Chief Executive Deo Saran’s statement that FSC will “ensure growers interests will remain an integral part of FSC objective” after the dissolution of the Sugar Cane Growers Council is the greatest lie and deception. Anybody who falls for this crap has only himself to blame. This intellectually retarded, speech handicapped no hoper, jonnie come too late to the industry, known hitherto more for his moral cowardice and gutless pliability, has been quickly moulded into a most dishonest and contriving minion by his masters Rasheed Ali and Gautam Ramswarup. Freshly back from their $150,000 industry funded junket which included many a personal agendas in London, Vancouver and many US cities, the announcement of this anti farmers vendetta could not have been more treacherously planned and executed. Although, the scrapping of the SCGC has been formally announced by the regime, even the most naive, however, would see the irrefutable DNA and fingerprints of Rasheed, Ramswarup and puppet Saran in this unprecedented backstabbing of the 22,000 cane farmers and some 300, 000 who indirectly rely on the wellbeing of the industry.
Rasheed and Ramswarup’s anti farmers agenda dates back to the 1980’s when they fiercely opposed the many reforms proposed in the Sugar Industry Act of 1985 which was headed by the late Sir Ian Thomson- arguably one of the most impartial and authoritative figures in the industry. Like their colonial CSR predecessors, they sought complete immunity for FSC from any losses arising from its failures in crushing, milling, transport, sugar extraction efficiencies, wastage’s and capital improvements misadventures. They were not prepared to accept the fundamental partnership structure of the industry and argued that FSC was neither liable nor accountable to any body or any law in the country. Under the Rasheed/ Ramswarup model FSC could not be liable whether the TCTS was 8 or 80 or whether the cane trucks were delivered at 10. 00am or 10.00pm. The 25,000 farmers, 10,000 harvesting gangs, 50,000 cane cutters and thousands of lorry drivers had no choice but to accept their dictates and inefficiencies without any contractual recourse. The additional financial losses, down times of the harvesting gangs, lorry drivers , the standover cane , and the crushing and sugar losses were all part of the injustice suffered by the farmers because of the dogged opposition of Rasheed Ali and Ramwasrup. Using FSC’s money they wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal and arbitration to oppose the reforms of Ian Thomson.
That was their mindset of arrogance, ego and inequity. And that still continues today except with greater vengeance and vindictiveness. They did not learn the lessons of the Denning Award of 1970 when the famous judge in his landmark ruling could not but add “ CSR has had a long innings and it is time for the farmers to have their innings now.” While the whole country rejoiced in the euphoria of the Denning Award in the wake of some justice for the farmers, Rasheed Ali commiserated with the CSR as within days they made the announcement to exit from Fiji. This was the greatest act of imperialist blackmail and thanks to our farmer’s leaders that they resisted CSR’s bluff. The disloyal Rasheed, however, sat deep in the inner sanctum of the enemy CSR’s camp comprising heavyweights J C Potts, Murray Aitken, Brain Robertson, Noel Dowling , Maurice Abrahams and Bill King and plotted against his own Fiji people. Till today Rasheed and Ramswarup operate as CSR clones and their fundamental position have not changed over the years.
The right to organise and form industrial associations and unions to protect and advance their interests is guaranteed to the cane farmers under not only the abrogated Constitution but also under international charters including the regimes own. Is this just the precursor to a wholesale abolishment of all human rights, trade union movements, religious groupings and all kinds of rights of association? Like the lawyers, are we now also going to see practicing licenses for Accountants, doctors, nurses and teachers being controlled by the regime rather than their respective professional bodies? What of the future of other trade unions like, FPSA, FTUC, FTA, FNA, NFU and scores of others and their well-fed leaders?
The entire trade union movement in Fiji owes its genesis to the sacrifices, vision and courage of the pioneering and committed leaders of the sugar industry. Pundit Ajoydaya Prasad, SM Koya, KS Reddy to name a few. It is the struggle in the cane fields and suffering of our people at the hands of a exploitative colonial empire that saw the birth of The Fiji Kisan Sangh, Maha Sangh, Federation of Cane Growers and others that set the foundations for seeking some dignity and justice for them. We should not allow their glorious legacy to be destroyed by the opportunistic greed, avarice and self-interests of these predatory unscrupulous vultures Rasheed Ali and Gautam Ramswarup and of course their new puppet Deo Saran.
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New addition to ATH board
August 20, 2009
David Kolitagane, acting deputy PS Finance, is ATH’s new board of director replacing Mesake Nawari who did not seek re-election after his 3 years term expired. This announcement was made at the ATH 11th Annual General Meeting this morning. Sources confirm that Mesake Nawari, a board director of ATH, has resigned from the ATH board. New inclusion to the ATH board are con-man John Prasad and Sri Lankan national Kodakoda both representing FNPF.
Nawari, a former CEO for South Pacific Stock Exchange and CEO Fiji TV is currently an MBA senior lecturer at University of the South Pacific.
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The Fiji Economy will collapse if the military regime”s mismanagement continues. The economy is in serious decline. Economic growth during 2001-2006 averaged around 3% of GDP. In 2007. the first year of the Regime, the economy contracted by a massive -6.6% of GDP. The forecast for 2008 was a growth of 1.2% of GDP but this was revised downwards to 0.2% of GDP. It is possible that the final figure could be another negative growth. The forecast for 2009 was a positive growth of around 2% of GDP. The latest forecast is another contraction by at least -1.0% of GDP.
Fiji”s precarious economic situation can be attributed directly to the coup of December,2006 and the continuing mismanagement and abuse by the military dictatorship. The adverse impact of the global recession has been felt only from late 2008. Our economic woes will continue to worsen with the current illegal administration. With the overall contraction of the economy during the 3 years 2007-2009(-8% of GDP cumulative) the effects have been devastating and some of these are :. Loss of thousands of jobs. Reduced salaries and wages. Increased poverty. High inflation. Increased food prices etc:. Increased rate of violent crimes. Forced retirement of civil servants. These problems are likely to deteriorate further as the economy continues to decline.
With an overall negative growth of -8% of GDP during the 3years from 2007, and with no sign of recovery yet, it will take between 5 to 10 years for the Fiji economy to be restored to its 2006 pre- coup level. This is a big blow to our beloved Fiji and its people so people beware !! So long as the military regime continues to rule our country we can expect more hardships and sufferings. The worst is yet to come.
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There is no way that Bainimarama will be able to salvage the country”s ailing sugar indusrty if he continues to pursue the political roadmap that his Regime has imposed on our country.
Bainimarama”s statement that there is a list of plans that have been there for the last 10 yrs to resurrect the industry is another blatant lie. The only viable plan to reform the industry is the one prepared by the last multiparty government. That plan involves the upgrading of the four sugar mills, improvements on the farms to increase productivity and reforms in other areas such as transportation, irrigation and so on. For the upgrading of the 4 sugar mills a loan of f$86m was secured from the Exim Bank of India. For farm improvements etc the SDL Govt secured a grant of f$350m from the European Union to be spent over a period of 7yrs. The upgrading of the 4 sugar mills is on-going but very much behind schedule. The F$350m grant from the European Union has been withheld because of the stupid political path that the military dictatorship is taking. We need a financial grant of F$350m urgently if our sugar industry is to survive. Can Bainimarama deliver on the funds required ? Definitely not ! Can Bainimarama implement fully the reforms now in progress ? Definitely not !! Bainimarama cannot deliver because no country is willing to assist a military dictatorship. In addition the Regime cannot provide sufficient local resources to implement the necessary reforms.
The Regime”s recent decision to scrap the Sugar Cane Growers Council will only make matters worse. Bainimarama must learn that he cannot continue to eliminate our various democratic institutions for too long. These actions are catching up with him sooner rather than later. The only way to resurrect the sugar industry is to return Fiji to parliamentary democracy. Such decision or action will also restore Fiji to some semblance of normality and progress. Bainimarama please beware ! Your time is about to come to an end. Make some sensible decisions now before it is too late. Take away your pride and personal ego for your own sake and for the sake of our beloved Fiji.
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The head of Fiji’s Capital Markets Development Authority (CMDA) Mereia Volavola has been fired as the Reserve Bank of Fiji moves to take over the Authority’s operations. Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama announced in a statement this afternoon that effective from August 13, the administration of the CMDA was being transferred to the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF). Reserve Bank governor Sada Reddy said the move would consolidate the supervision and regulation of Fiji’s financial system and bring about greater efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of the CMDA. CMDA CEO Volavola’s contract was terminated as the announcement was made. The RBF was yet to comment on how the change would affect the rest of the CMDA’s staffing and executive structure. Reddy said it made sense to bring the CMDA under the RBF. “Apart from reducing the cost of operations, this will enhance the professional support and the institutional strength to the fledgling operations of CMDA,” he said in the same statement as Bainimarama’s. Reddy said it would take some time to consolidate the CMDA’s operations into the RBF but in the interim the CMDA would “continue to function normally but report to the Reserve Bank Governor”. He said a final move of staff to the Reserve Bank was expected to take place in October. The CMDA is responsible for developing and regulating Fiji’s capital markets.
- Fijilive
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MEN living on a tiny Fijian island have been ordered to wear a skirt instead of trousers on Sundays to avoid offending God. The Methodist Church on Bua island has ruled that men must wear the traditional island sarong, called a sulu, on Sundays to learn to respect the significance of the holy day. Families cannot travel on any motorised transport or do any form of work, including hanging out clothes to dry, until they get the message, Galoa Village headman Josefa Baleinasiga has told the Fiji Times newspaper.
“The ban is meant to bring good luck to the island as we respect the day of the Lord,” he said.
“You can see that often misfortune befalls us because we don’t respect His commandments that there be no work performed on Sunday except worship.” He said that since the ruling was made, clothes lines on the island had become full on Saturdays and people had stopped travelling offshore in boats fixed with outboards. “But we make exceptions during emergencies for the sick so it’s not a ban that hasn’t been well thought out,” Mr Baleinasiga told the newspaper. But it hasn’t been a hit with everyone. A villager who wished not to be named said the ban was “too restrictive”. “We can’t understand how wearing a sulu vakataga on Sunday will help us forge closer relations with the divine,” he said. “At times too for the school children who come home for the weekend, the best time to return to their hostel in Labasa or Savusavu is on Sunday – so that is getting in the way.”,,25950967-5012766,00.html
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We can confirm that majority of Lauans are backing Ului Mara to remove Frank Bainimarama and to take Fiji back to election. There are revelations that Ului Mara has sufficient support backing him to re-write Fiji’s history by steering it back along the democratic path. But sources say that Frank will undoubtedly try to marginalise Ului Mara from his position of power within Fiji’s Military Forces, something he hasn’t been able to achieve so far. There are also talks that Frank was to have been arrested upon his return from Vanuatu but Ului Mara saved Frank telling him that from that day forward, Frank must realise that it is he, Ului, who is in control from behind the scene. And now with Ului Mara’s increasing support from his own province of Lau, he seem to be well on his way to oust Frank. Will he do it? We really don’t know! Only Ului Mara can answer that one!
Revelations from within indicate that tyrant Frank Bainimarama is very uncomfortable with Ului Mara’s recent attempts to win the people of Lau’s hearts and minds. His direct communique with Fijilive earlier this week where he is seen to be testing the waters of how much support he has from his own relatives in Lau is a bold move by Ului which is sending mixed reaction to not only the Lauans but Frank himself. Frank knows that when it comes to real power, Ului Mara is no doubt the most powerful man in Fiji right now.
It is he who controls not only the troops at the military camp but his birthright also gives him the added advantage of having pockets of support from his huge extended family. There are even talks from within that Ului Mara will most likely take-over from Frank as soon as he has the confidence that he has the peoples support behind him. Will he do what Frank can’t do i.e follow the Appeals Court ruling? Sources say Ului Mara is heading that way to repair his and his father’s reputation. It is also said that Ului is now seeking advice from his anty, Ro Teimumu Kepa.
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We can confirm that morally corrupt Isikeli Mataitoga is back at Foreign Affairs working for his corrupt buddy, Inoke Kubuabola. Mataitoga became a military appointed judge leading up to the claimed abrogation of the 1997 Constitution in April, 2009. He, like all members of the judiciary, were relieved of their duties. Word has it that his late application to join the judiciary was tossed back at him. The thought of been unemployed for an indefinite period wasn’t going down too well with Mataitoga’s broke financial standing. He had to find a job to pay his bills and who else to befriend but his old High Commissioner staffer to PNG and Japan, Inoke Kubuabola. In case you might have forgotten, Isikeli Mataitoga was SDL government’s CEO for Ministry of Foreign Affairs who was directly responsible for all the offshore Fiji missions . Now, it is pay-back time for Isikeli Mataitoga for looking after Inoke Kubuabola well when Kubuabola was an unemployable imbecile after his SVT days. Sources are now speculating that Mataitoga might become the new Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs or he may be waiting for a diplomatic posting while leaving off taxpayers money.
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Pacific bank deal in progress
August 19, 2009
Papua New Guinea’s largest commercial bank, the Bank of the South Pacific, hopes to finalise the proposed buy-out of Colonial National Bank by the end of the year. The Bank of the South Pacific’s chief executive, Ian Clyne, told the Fiji Times there are still a lots of processes involved, such as approval from the board and other relevant stakeholders. The bank already exists in Fiji, with branches in Suva and Nadi, after buying out the Habib Bank in 2006. The Bank of the South Pacific has been in operation for more than five decades in PNG and has 35 branches there.
- Radio Australia
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Thank you for voicing your opinion as to whom you prefer to be the Tui Nayau. The whole issue was not about who was to become the Tui Nayau – that is a side issue! A major issue one would have thought was the deception or fabrication that the Lauan and the people of Fiji have been subjected to up until today by their own chief Ratu Sukuna & Ratu Mara – the fabrication of the birth certificate by Ratu Sukuna in order to make Rt Mara a vuanirewa sibling to become a Tui Nayau. Which families in the vuanirewa clan have had to be pushed aside in order for this to have occurred? The VKB was initiated by Ratu Sukuna and be assued that this has been fabricated big time too! Is this not a concern for the Fijian indigenous people – the VKB being inaccurate and subjective to the extent that it has been fabricated big time by the very person that initiated it during the colonial days? That is an issue that one hoped the Lauan people and Fijian people would pursue to substantiate and resolve. Obviously when you live with this deception for so long, you accept the consequences of the rule of a non-biological descendant of the vuanirewa clan. And it seems that this deception has become an accepted one judging by defensive comments.
It is funny how indigenous Fijians cannot entertain for one moment the thought that the two big Lauan chiefs – Ratu Sukuna and Ratu Mara – are the origins of all these secondary issues that have evolved today. Let me list a few major issues that “the big two” have created – the mess Fiji is in today! And may I add that their descendants (together with the opportunitists) are wanting to enforce us to adhere to that structure………(but wait, most of Fiji have had their eyes opened being also educated).

A. Native Land Trust Board (NLTB)
We have many graduate lawyers in Fiji today who have been well versed with a “Trust”. The ownership of assets of a trust belongs to the trustee of the trust. In the case of ALL mataqali land in Fiji – it is an asset of the NLTB (a trust) – and therefore my fellow mataqali native Fijians, let me tell you what the government has not told you all this time – “you are legally no longer the owner of the mataqali land”. The irony is that the person responsible for this setup was none other than Ratu Sukuna – I believe a law graduate! He and the British colonial administrators of the day set this up to our mataqali disadvantage today! Problem today? Oh yes ….Big time!
Even the “kovuti ni qele” within this setup is questionable! Many of you mataqali owners will identify with this and have wondered who to take your grievance to as the buck stops there! The abolition of the Trust null & void needs to occur for you as native land owners to retrieve what is yours according to the UN Indigenous rights and First nation people land rights. We have been for too long living under a false pretense that the mataqali Fijian title land is still ours! Wrong!
The government of the day is the real owners of the land, not the “i taukei”! The appointees of the government of the day, who are NLTD Trustees are the real owners!And all the above – NLTB, VKB & “kovuti ni qele” – were all done by the law graduate, Fijian Administrator, most respected chief of the day – Ratu Sukuna. And Fiji exalts him, by having a Sukuna Day! And a statue to magnify him and his contribution to Fiji! The contribution that Ratu Sukuna has brought to Fiji – was a legal separation of the “taukei” and his mataqali land – and this is not heresay, it is legal. Where to from here “Taukei” (First nation people)?a) Lobby with an MP to submit a Bill in parliament that overturns the NLTB Acts – that is in a normal democratic government setupb) Take your case up to the courts – preferably the International Courts, as the one we now have in Fiji is very subjective.
B. The type of government structure we have had since Independence Day (10 Oct 1970) has been a West Minister Abbey type. The British colonial days has not been over. British Administrators may have gone out on 10 Oct 1970, but my oh my!…they are very much alive and well in Fiji. Ratu Sukuna and Ratu Mara have continued to allow the British Administrators to rule and reign today through the system that we carried on prior to Independence Day. Fiji is still in that structure that was introduced to Australia, New Zealand and the other ex-British colonies. Their Executive system, Government system, and Judicial system do not condone the Fijian indigenous rights and the uniqueness we have in Fiji. The Land system is not the right structure for Fiji. Look at what is so controversial today! Mataqali(s) should be the legal land owners, not the government!
The parliament system is not the right structure for Fiji. We need a something similar to the Canadian system where the First Nation people’s rights are recognised.
The Judicial system is not the right one for Fiji. The Indigenous land rights must be incorporated into the Judicial system. Yet our two big time Administrators – Ratu Sukuna and Ratu Mara – who were supposedly University graduates – could not see what was best for the “i taukei”?
We need to get rid of the ungodly “colonial” mindset. The coups today will continue if we are only changing the “captain and crew of the boat” and not the “whole entire structure of the boat”.
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The Methodist Church and its leaders have become a complete laughing stock. When the real leaders of the church were arrested,interogated, locked up in cells and appeared in court there was total chaos in the church hierachy. The so called wanabee church leaders stood up to fill in the vacuum but instead of upholding the principles and values of the church they betrayed the trust and loyalty of the church members by going to Lomanikoro to present a tabua to the Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi informing her that the Bose ko Viti has been cancelled and to seek her forgiveness. This was the same lady and high chief who was taken from her chiefly home in the middle of the night by more than ten police officers to be locked up at CPS then to QEB for trying to assist the methodist church by hosting the Bose in her province. What a shame!! These padres potray themselves as men of the cloth and “teachers of men” but they cannot see beyond their noses. They fail to acknowledge the amount of trouble that Ro Teimumu had to go through for the sake of the Methodist church.
It is now very clear that there is a clear rift in the church . It is now clear that there is confusion in the church. It is now clear that there is treachery ,deceit and dishonesty in the church. It is now clear that there is back stabbing in the church. It is now clear clear that there is fear in the church. The Holy Bible says “when God is on your side who shall you fear”. This is a clear indicator to people that some padres only preach from the mouth and not from the heart and soul. Some talatalas view their job as a paid occupation rather than a calling from God. The talatalas I know came through hardships and difficulties during the course of their duties. They swam across rivers, walked through jungles, planted their own food and were not paid salaries but their achievements economically, socially and spiritually was huge. The padres we now have travel in expensive cars, enjoy a fully furnished residence, send their wives and kids overseas for work and better education, have their gardens made for them, have members cook their lunch on sundays and enjoy other perks but their achievements spiritually has been very insignificant from a layman”s point of view. These are the ones that are currently running the church now. What they have brought to the church is shame and embarrassment. They are a bunch of backstabbers.
The likes of Lasaro, Waqairatu, Kanailagi have fought the battles and run the races for the church while the ones we have now dont. It is sad to see that church members sacrifice their luxuries to meet church obligations on a yearly basis. But when they find hardship the padres fail to give them direction. The padres have deserted the flock and in the process made the sheep wander for greener pastures. The most decent and honorable thing the church leaders should have done was to back each other instead of falling apart. They should have stood up for what is rightous according to the bible. They should not allow the church to become party to deceit, treason, force,intimidation and human rights violation. Now the church has jumped into the interim bandwagon even they dont see it as such. The actions of the methodist church now speaks volume.
They must realise that by cancelling the Bose they have become a friend of illegality because they are doing what this illegal regime wants them to do. They should have defied orders and defended what is right and good for the flock. They should not fear guns or anyone but only fear God. They must defend at all times the constitution of the church which is the Holy Bible because this document was enacted by God. They must be reminded that you can abrogate a constitution but you can never abrogate the Bible because this document or constitution is for this life and the next life. As the bible says “everything else will go away but my word will remain for ever”. People who defend the word of God become saints while those who dont become traitors like Judas who sold Jesus for a mere 30 pieces of silver.
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Leave the Maras alone and let’s find the galls and the balls to get Fiji out of it’s current mess!
August 18, 2009
Please lets give the two brothers a chance to sort themselves out. They need their privacy. Lets not meddle into affairs that do not concern us. Please leave the matter to the people of Lau to sort out because it is an in house matter for them the Lauans. Who befitts the title and who becomes the paramount chief of Lau is for Lau to decide. We must not use the blog sites to air and clean dirty linen that must be kept indoors. We have problems bigger than appointing chiefs on our plate at the moment.
To say the least we must learn to take what is ours and leave what does not belong to us aside. Lets talk about what belongs to us and that is our freedom and our democracy. Lets discus ways of getting this back. We dont want to know who is Mara or Tom or Harry, we want to find a way forward and out of this mess. Workers are being laid off, innocent children are suffering, business is struggling, freedom of speech is non existent, human rights are being violated etc etc ect so where do we go from here? Appointing a Tui Lau will not solve our problems. Ului or Mara will not but the people will if they are really keen, genuine and honest about their identity and the future of their children.
It would be better to ask Ului to try and use his chiefly connections to persuade Frank to return to the people of Fiji what rightfully belongs to them that is their right, freedom and their democracy. Ului will be remembered as a true chief if he does this because a trademark of a true chief is his love for his subjects or people not one who only thinks of filling his pockets and taking away from the people what is theirs. Whether Frank, Ului, Chaudhary, Qarase or whoever is a chief is God”s choice and no one really can do anything about it. Whether any of these men can take Fiji out of our current mess is a concern to this very proud nation and its people.
Lets all get together and try and get us out of this mess. Lets not forget that Ului was born a Mara,period. Whether he is a true chief or not the devil may care because Fiji and its people care less. We need a chief, politician , talatala, public servant, soldier,farmer or villager who has the galls and the balls to take Fiji out of the mess that we are currently in.
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Did conman Peter Foster’s story rattle SDL?
August 18, 2009
One of Peter Foster’s intent when he released his version of what he understood to have happened during his conning days in Fiji is to create a wedge within the SDL camp. Has he succeeded? We don’t know as sources close to that political party say they haven’t heard anything relating to Peter Foster’s story being talked about by the SDL gang. It’ll be interesting though to see what SDL will do. Will Peter rattle them? Only time will tell! Are people demanding a response from anyone to rebutt a well-known con-man like Peter? We doubt it!
Should we expect a rebuttal from SDL? Again, we really don’t know but our observation thus far can confirm that SDL’s Public Relations machine is all but kaput! Will only take another con-artist to respond to another con-man like Peter Foster!
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Pacific analysts must become more creative in their approach to thinking about Fiji and its future, an academic from The Australian National University will argue in Canberra today.
Dr Katerina Teaiwa, Pacific Studies Convenor at ANU, says that solutions for Fiji won’t be found in adversarial thinking, framed around a pro or anti-military viewpoint. She says that more lateral, creative thinking is required to map out a better future for the nation.
“We need more options than just ‘for or against’,” Dr Teaiwa says. “We cannot just roll out a series of economic or political facts which paint the bleak picture we expect to see. We have a responsibility to use these and other contextual knowledge to go further to provide more positive readings that are actually helpful for the people of Fiji as a whole,” she said. “Anyone who lives in or is from Fiji knows that the situation is not completely hopeless. Fiji requires more diversity amongst, and collaboration between, its experts so that the situation on the ground is illuminated from multiple spheres and through multiple lenses. If we want freedom of speech, democracy and diversity on the ground, we should apply the same principles in terms of the voices and sectors we draw upon to understand the situation.”
Dr Teaiwa argues that there is a need to look more closely at modes of communication, cultural institutions and other sectors which are commonly left out of the dominant political and economic discussions about Fiji. “The battle around race politics is played out as much in the realm of popular perception as in government policy. Popular perception is shaped not just by NGOs, newspapers, church ministers, business and political party leaders, or military rulers, but by popular culture and what islanders call the ‘coconut wireless’. “The areas of heritage, sports, cultural policy, festivals, music, and the performing and visual arts require closer examination as they increasingly offer economic and political avenues and tools for Fiji islanders. Most importantly, as indicated by the growing importance of cultural diplomacy internationally, these arenas provide real nuts and bolts for positive nation building, regional harmony, cooperation, and peace.”
- ANU Statement
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What about the $12million loss Mr Deo Saran?
August 18, 2009
FSC has failed once again to meet a full sugar shipment to the UK with a shortfall of 8000T this time around. It was only able to ship 22,000 tonnes of raw sugar instead of the full load of 30,000 tonnes. Its first shipment late July was also short at 27,418 tonnes – less 2582 tonnes.
Enough cane was supplied to the mills to produce 60,000 tonnes sugar to meet the two scheduled shipments of 30,000 tonnes each. Instead, FSC has thus far produced only 49,418 tonnes – ie 10,582 tonnes short which was lost through poor extraction and failure to convert juice to sugar resulting from chronic milling problems. Cumulative loss to the industry from the two short shipments so far is estimated at $12 million based on the total shortfall of 10,582 tonnes.
Loss to farmers is $8.4 million (70%) which means they have already lost $3.50 per tonne through FSC’s gross negligence and incompetence. But FSC chief executive Deo Saran tries to hide this enormous loss and to mislead the nation with his talk of the $25 million revenue the second shipment will bring in. The alarming truth is that our sugar shipments are getting steadily worse as the season progresses. So, given FSC’s very dismal record so far this season, it is doubtful whether the Corporation will realise its total production target of 240,000 tonnes sugar as claimed by the CEO. FSC’s main problem is its two larger mills which are grossly under-performing. Nine weeks into the season, Lautoka is still crushing only at about 62% capacity while the situation at the Rarawai Mill continues to deteriorate, with the mill doing barely one/third of its capacity. In the first three weeks of operation, the mill produced no sugar at all. Mr Saran should tell the Ba farmers how many millions they have lost as a result of Rarawai Mill’s failure to convert cane juice into sugar. Boilers are not heating sufficiently to crystallise the juice which is being dumped wholesale into the Ba River.
- Fiji Labour Party Statement

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