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World Church Organise Against Illegal Fiji Regime

The Council for World Mission says it’s going to lobby governments throughout Pacific countries to take action against Fiji. The comment follows the arrest of several Methodist church leaders and Fiji’s most senior female High Chief over the church’s annual conference, which the interim government has banned. The interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama says those detained are appearing in court this afternoon, in relation to the breach of a permit given to them when they met as a standing committee seven days ago. Martin Baker of the council’s Pacific arm says in many countries the church is a major player in national infrastructure and any pressure on government can have a significant influence. “I think we have a profound concern to see what appears to be a growing level of religious oppression and especially oppression of a major church in Fiji, I don’t think it bodes well for the future. I mean, to alienate a group of that significance seems to me to be a likely cause for growing unrest and increased conflict within that nation.” Martin Baker says he’s written to New Zealand’s prime minister and the council’s management team will meet next week to form a plan of action.
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Fiji police have charged the paramount chief Ro Teimumu Kepa and two top Methodist Church ministers with defying the Public Emergency Regulation. The church president, the Reverend Ame Tugaue, and the secretary general, the Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, have been charged with contravening orders by organising a meeting last week with two church figures that the interim regime wants to have expelled from the Methodists’ leadership. Ro Teimumu has been charged with inciting the people of her home province Rewa by publishing a letter on the internet which invited the church for its annual conference after the interim regime had banned the gathering. The three have been released on bail and made to surrender their passports.
They are due back in court in three weeks to enter a plea. Although the annual Methodist conference has been banned by the interim regime, there has been no official church statement yet to call off the event.
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FSC continues to deny growers data on the amount of sugar manufactured weekly at each of its mills, adding to suspicion that it has something to hide. It takes the industry back to the days of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company (FSC) when growers often felt cheated of their proper dues because the Company kept such data confidential. This situation was rectified only after the 1970 Denning Award which finally provided justice and equity to growers and brought a modicum of stability to the sugar industry.
Forty-five years later, things appear to have come full circle. Once again executives of the milling company, no doubt under directions from their (local) expatriate consultants, themselves former CSR staff, are withholding vital information from growers in an industry in which they have a 70% stake. However, figures NFU managed to obtain show that mills are still performing pathetically indicated by an increasingly poor overall TCTs of 14 tonnes of cane being used to produce one tonne of sugar. Mill statistics for the week ending 20th July are as follows:
Lautoka Mill
Weekly cane crushed (tonnes) 22,354
Total crushed to date 65,393
Penang Mill
Weekly cane crushed (tonnes) 11,935
Total crushed to date 75,880
Labasa Mill
Weekly cane crushed (tonnes) 32,017
Total crushed to date 141,204
Rarawai Mill
Weekly cane crushed (tonnes) 4,566
Total crushed to date 6,799
Total sugar in stock : 21,000 tonnes with 12,000 T at Labasa and 9000T at Lautoka
FSC is still 9000 tonnes short of a full load for the deferred shipment now due at the end of the month of July, 2009.
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Eratou sa sereki na Gone Marama Bale, kei ratou na Talatala. Ena qai kacivi tale ni oti e 3 na macawa (21 days) na nodratou kisi. Lewa na Mataveilewai meratou kua ni vuka i vanuatani, ka meratou solia na nodratou passport ki na Mataveilewai. Sa vakatabui vei ratou meratou na bose, se veivosaki. Meda kua ni yalolailai na i Taukei. Na qai qo ena qai ga. Meda yadra tiko, ka kua ni toso e muri. Ratou nakita qo na mataivalu, ni ra tovolea mera vakamalumalumutaki keda, ni ra tovolea mera veisau taka na noda vakasama kei na noda vakanananu. Ia o keda, e matata tikoga na dina. Oratou ga na butako, na laba, na basu-lawa o Bainimarama, era sa kania tu qo na noda buno na lewenivanua, era vodo wavoki ena pajero, era voli vale ena ilavo ni FDB kei na Merchant Bank, era voli ena motoka kei na vale mai vei ira na daunibisinisi. E matata tiko na dina, ka sega ni tabonaki rawa. Na qai qo ena qai ga!
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Rewa paramount chief Ro Teimumu Kepa and Methodist Church ministers Ame Tugaue and Tuikilakila Waqairatu have been released following their three-day detention. The three appeared before Suva magistrate Eparama Rokoika inside a packed courtroom. Prosecutor John Rabuku appeared for the State, Sevuloni Valenitabua for Ro Teimumu and Aseri Vakaloloma for Tugaue and Waqairatu. Both Tugaue and Waqairatu are alleged to have organized the Methodist Church Standing committee meeting on July 17 in Suva, allowing the attendance of Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi and Manasa Lasaro, which was in contravention of the order. Ro Teimumu is alleged to have published a letter on the Internet whereby inciting the people of the province of Rewa to meet and assemble for the Bose ko Viti, a clear defiance of the provisions of the Public Emergency Regulations. The case will be recalled on August 13 when they are expected to take their plea.
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John Prasad – (BOTTOM FEEDER) check the nature of his relationship with AG. It starts with cronyism with no intent to disguise a complete disregard for qualification. Chum hasn’t done much so there isn’t much to write about someone as incompetent and inept. Chum’s father-in-law was also pretty high up in the Civil service – more cronyism. Suva Grammar boy blows good Worked at Rewa Dairy as quality controller, went to Massey Uni (P/North) in the mid-80s. Back to Rewa Dairy, came to New Zealand around late eighties, worked for a number of agriculture related companies as sales manager. Went to China , couldn’t handle it, returned with tail between his legs. Did his business admin mid-90s. The programme is average, it did not offer enough Financial modules to warrant any in-depth ability in any financial role.
Chum has never held a management position prior to crony appointment with FDB/Finance and was unemployed for long periods. Chums claims of being chair of Malti Investments is a contrived joke. Malti Investments is Chums family trust – it is not registered on the companies register in New Zealand, has no significant or traceable record of commercial action, joint venture investment and achieved nothing. The trust is a dodge with homes, and increasing with Fiji Govt Taxpayer money.
Chum has had no role to play with any community, and is a professional opportunist. What chum does best and excels at is “bottom feeding”. Re: check AG’s bottom. In a nutshell, here is a monkey put in charge of Fiji’s finance. The bloke has no commercial, management or financial background. That he refuses to accede to doing media interviews shows a lack of transparency. Works even better with a media ban. No doubt about it. Chum neither has anywhere near the qualifications nor anything like anything resembling experience for the job but then chum is a bottom feeder.
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The arrest of the Fiji paramount chief Ro Teimumu Kepa has prompted fears for her safety.
Rewa Provincial Council’s deputy chairman, Pita Tagicakiverata, says when he visited the chief at the Central Police Station yesterday she was cheerful. Mr Tagicakiverata says it appears the charges Ro Teimumu faces are in relation to having accepted on Sunday the Methodist church’s request to host its conference. But he was cautious about saying anything that might endanger her. “That is a concern of all Rewans. We don’t want to see our paramount chief in custody like this but I was very glad yesterday when I saw her at CID headquarters and she was well, smiling and all that. Her health and safety is our concern and I’m glad that she is being treated well” Pita Tagicakiverata of Fiji’s Rewa Provincial Council.
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Fiji’s interim Prime Minister has confirmed that Methodist church leaders in police custody will appear in court this afternoon. This follows ongoing tussles over the past few months between the interim government and the church as to whether its annual conference can go ahead. Two days ago the country’s most senior female High Chief, Rewa Province’s Ro Teimumu Kepa was also taken into custody, allegedly for a letter outlining her intention to allow the church to hold the conference in her province next month. Commodore Frank Bainimarama says both Ro Teimumu and the church leaders breached the conditions of the permit given to them when the standing committee met seven days ago. He has told Auckland’s Radio Tarana it is pointless for the church to try and go ahead with its conference.
“If you look at everyone that’s making the decision in the Methodist Church, they are all politicians. They are backed by chiefs who have been ousted who are in the SDL Party, they are backed by a thinktank, a group of people who have been ousted by the government. It’s a political move and we are not going to tolerate this.”
We say – Ok Frank, now turn around and see your regime apologists/beneficiaries nobodies. They’re mostly failed politicians, failed businessmen/women, corrupt opportunists etc,etc. At least the Methodist Church clerics and the SDL have the peoples mandate. And what about you Frank? No mandate – just gundate!
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Christian Crusaders were mobilized to defend the faith of Jesus Christ in all aspect. Though the times have changed, the concept still remains and one must vow his/her commitment to the protection of our faith. Fiji has a history where the vanua and intergrated with the Lotu and they cannot divorce. Attempts to do this in the past have considerably failed. And for reasons of solidarity and allegience, all Christians in Fiji must stand to see that nothing will deter or destroy the very roots of our belief. Perhaps we have reached the apex of this on-going problem in Fiji and it is time where the rise of “Crusaders” is seen inevitable. We have fasted and prayed. We have been encouraged by the word of God to tarry for the right time.For one thing is becoming clearer – “nai valu ni lotu sa na vakarau basika tale”. Fiji – God has rested the lives of these treasonous individuals and the ungodly into our hands. It is the matter of taking the first step. It is the matter of marching to the Conference, not for the reason of the Conference – but to the illegal regime what it means when we stay committed to our God and to our patriacrh. We have a history, we cherish the sacrifices of our forefathers; and we now stand to defend it from the “Johnny come lately” who sold our identity for their selfish desires. God speaks to us today
“Do not fear, for I, the God of your forefathers, is here to strengthen you and fight for you. You shall stand in the midst of the people to procliam my glory; stand and be still, for I am the Lord of Host. I shall bring your enemies to the frontier; I shall weaken their strength as the hoppers of the fields. I shall create confussion in their camp; I shall smote the harden hearted with my sword. No longer shall the wicked be tormenting the righteous; No longer the ungodly be a threat to you. For I have clothed you with my glory; and I have placed an ephod in your breast; thou shall walk in the valley of destruction; and your swords shall consume the wicked souls. For they cry out for mercy in repentance of their deeds; I shall not hear their cry; and I shall proclaim you as my child; the people of this new generation”, thus saith the Lord.
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This saga has a new twist. The move by the military has encouraged the entire Fiji people to breakloose from their controls. Any retaliation from now onwards is not of a law-breaking citizen, but a mere patriach protection as the defender of what is left with us – the vanua and the lotu. Mobilizing the kaiviti into a communal activity is nothing new. It is part of us – something that we are born with. Hyped and psyched from the continuos injustice and military intimidation for the past two and half years, the kaiviti has now reached its limits and a breakthrough to insanity is coming. We have been holding back because of the knowlege that Aiyaz is behind this, for his ploy to destroy the Fijian system and the Lotu. Articles were written to bring the “ulukaus” (likes of Frank, Teleni & others)into some sanity for the future of the kaiviti. Now, they have ignored the many call to sanity and initiated a move – by rounding the “Gone Marama Bale Na Roko Tuidreketi” and the “Prophets” of our living God into the barracks unto the Fiji Courts;as heralds of the truth we stand to call for all “dra ni kaiviti dina” to stand and fight back.
Our fight today will secure the future of our children. If it means death – so be it. Follow through this blog for the time has come to carry that “crusade sword” and terminate the “ungodly”.
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Murderous Frank Bainimarama wants to destroy Methodist Church supreme body – Annual Conference
July 23, 2009
The no holds barred attempt to snuff out the Methodist Church in Fiji by Frank’s illegal regime is coming to a head. What is unfolding is the struggle between the forces of good represented by the Methodist Church and evil represented by Frank’s illegal regime. Frank the evil accuser in his warped sense of being above politics accusers the Church through its lawfully constituted constitution via its annual Conference of being involved in politics. All except him folks! What then is Frank and his evil empire’s strategy? Answer: Simple- by not having the annual Methodist Conference the Church becomes illegal like him and his regime! For the Annual Conference is the only lawful constituted forum that authorises all church business both spiritual and temporal.
Under the Methodist Constitution, the hierarchy of the Methodist Church has at its apex the Annual Conference, also known as Church Conference or simply Conference.
The following Chart shows what the power structure of the Church looks like.
Fiji Methodist Church Structure
Annual Conference (Supreme body)

Standing Committee (Executive body of the Conference)

President of the Church (Chief pastor and official Representative of the Church)

General Secretary (Executive Officer of the Conference)

Divisional Superintendents (Responsible pastors and officials of the Church in each Division)

Circuit Ministers and Ministers (Responsible pastors within the Circuit)

Church laityFrom the above Chart, it is clear that the supreme or all-powerful body of the Church is the Annual Conference. It is a large and representative body and meets only once a year.
Clauses 67 and 68 of the Constitution provide as follows:-
“67. There shall be a Conference of the Methodist Church in Fiji, which shall meet annually. There shall be one Conference only, comprising both ministerial and lay representatives.
68. The Conference shall consist of the following:
(a) Ordained ministers(b) The lay vice- President(c) The two immediate past vice- Presidents(d) Circuit lay representatives(e) One lay representative from each section of the secretariat(f) The head or one representative from
Dilkusha Girls’ HomeVeilomani Boys’ homeBa Methodist HospitalMethodist Lay Training CentreMethodist Handcraft and Farming School
(g) The Administrator of the Deaconess Order(h) The President and the Secretary of the Methodist Women’s Fellowship
(i) A representative of the Overseas Missions Committee
(j) The Secretary for Education
(k) The Principal or Head Teacher of each church school or his/ her representative
(l) All ordained deaconesses
(m) One woman representative from each division
(n)One youth representative from each division, being a member of the Church under 30 years of age
(o) Ex officio lay national leaders of the church (Financial Secretary, Property Development Supervisor)
(p) The President’s Panel. For this the President may appoint no more than ten extra lay members of Conference choosing church members who, in his judgment, have a special contribution to make to the work of the Annual Conference.”
“Each Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Fiji shall appoint a Standing Committee to act as the executive of the Conference in matters which may arise between Conferences.
The responsibilities and functions of the Standing Committee are set out in the Appendix to the Constitution of the Church which provides as follows:

A. Terms of Reference of the Standing Committee
1. To make decisions on matters which are not otherwise provided for in the Constitution of the Methodist Church in Fiji.
2. To deal with matters which, by the Constitution of the Methodist Church in Fiji, are under the authority of the Conference.
3. To see that Conference decisions are carried out, making any supplementary decisions necessary to ensure this.
4. To deal with matters which the Conference directs the Standing Committee to handle, including the items under Section A of the Conference Agenda.
5. To receive reports of the decisions of the Working Committee on Ministry, and to take any action necessary.
B. Personnel of the Standing Committee
The Standing Committee shall consist of 32 people. Provision shall be made for representation of women, youth and minority groups in the Church.
1. The following shall be ex officio members:
The President, Ex- President, Vice- President, General Secretary, the Superintendent of the Suva-Davuilevu Division, the Superintendent of the Indian Division, 1 lay representative of the Indian Division recommended by its Annual Divisional Meeting.
2. The remaining members shall be elected by Conference in such a way as to give equal representation on the committee to ministers and lay people, including the ex officio members. They shall include at least 4 women, at least 1 young person, and at least 3 representatives of minority groups within the Church (e.g. Indian, Rotuman, Banaban, European etc.).
3. Any lay person who has been a representative to any two Conferences may be included in the personnel, subject to the provisions in paragraph C on the method of election, and provided that he/she is a confirmed member of the Methodist Church for a period of not less than four continuous years, and has consented in writing to being nominated.
4. The Standing Committee shall serve from January to December of the year following its election.”

Yes all ye faithful Methodists should their be no Conference this August then according to our constitution the church and we the flock will all become like Frank and his regime- Illegal. The persecution and jailing of the standing committee members is the harbinger of the beast that has been foretold in the bible in the end days. This is just what the Devil Frank wants! Do we want that and suffer eternal damnation! No! So stand up and defend your faith now!

Modechai Ester
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Sources from Fiji have confirmed that there was no sighting of high chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa and the four Methodist Church clerics at or around Suva’s court house this morning. Their contacts at the court registry say there is provision for them to appear later in the day. Meanwhile, they report that people in the greater Suva area are going about their normal Thursday errands.
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Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish dictatorship, so wrote George Orwell. And that is what has been taking place in Fiji since December 2006. Now, the deranged and illegal bully boys in the police and military have once again barred their dictatorial fangs, supported by a section of the Mara-Ganilau clan, in arresting the men of God – the Methodists – and the paramount chief of Rewa, Ro Teimumu Kepa, whose late husband taught us the meaning and value of human rights in Fiji.
But we must not be distracted from our ultimate mission – to peacefully or violently overthrow the devils in disguise who are currently ruling Fiji, encouraged by a pliant and corrupt judiciary and an illegal president who has no constitutional powers to issue decrees or impose or extend public emergency.
To Justice Daniel Goundar, Anthony Gates, Paul Madigan and all judicial lackeys of the regime, we say, enjoy your days on the bench, for in the end justice will catch up with you – as to Madigan, he exemplifies the corruption and cronyism at its best – the very thing he had claimed he was trying to eradicate in the establishment of FICAC.Military fear is reasonable fear, and the more reasonable it is, the less there is to fear in it.
So, to the bully boys, we say, your days are numbered. Remember what happened to Oliver Cromwell. He died of malaria in 1858. He had abolished the monarchy, de-established the church and united British Isles. When the monarchy was restored in 1660, Cromwell’s body was exhumed in 1660 and beheaded. His head was kept on public display until 1685. People often ask me, Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the UN once wrote, what difference one person can make in the face of injustice, conflict, human rights violations, mass poverty and disease: I answer by citing the courage, tenacity, dignity and magnanimity of Nelson Mandela. We must draw courage and hope from Mandela’s long march to freedom, as he told his fellow South Africans in 1951: “Sons and daughters of Africa, our tasks are mighty indeed, but I have abundant faith in our ability to reply to the challenge posed by the situation. Under the slogan of FULL DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS IN SOUTH AFRICA NOW, we must march forward into victory.”
We repeat to the people of Fiji, what Mandela told his suffering people: “You can see that there is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desires.” Again, we hear that Ro Teimumu Kepa will be prosecuted for incitement. Let the bully boys and the brainless A-G charge you, for remember Mandela’s ringing words of 7November 1962: “Posterity will prove that I was innocent.”He told his people: “I am charged with inciting people to commit an offence by way of protest against the law; a law which neither I nor any of my people had any say in preparing.” The same applies to all the laws that have been passed since the abrogation of the Constitution – we have no obligation to obey unjust laws, for as Mahatma Gandhi, once reminded us: “An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so.”
There must be no turning back now, for as Mandela told the world from the dock in his Rivonia Trial in 1964: “The time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices – submit or fight. That time has now come to South Africa. We shall not submit and we have no choice but to hit back by all means in our power in defence of our people, our future and our freedom.” So let us support Ro Temimum Kepa and the valiant Methodist talatalas – it is now time to fight the illegal regime. These brainless brawns are beyond redemption. The future of the Fijian race is at stake in Fiji!
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The issue is not so much that a high chief has been apprehended at midnight and taken for questioning without any justfication. It is more about the moral repugnance and abomination of denial of very basic tenets of natural justice to a decent citizen of fiji whose rights to human freedom , dignity and freedom of speech are enshrined in not only the abbrogated constitution but also in the preamble to the Charter tha the regime has adopted as its mantra. It is also about the traditional respect that we have for all the mothers, sisters and citisens of our country. Religious freedoms form the cornestone of all civilised societies and the suppression of the Methodists in Fiji cannot and should not be condoned by those who have any respect for their own rights and religions.
It is time for all the religious groups to show total solidarity with the Methodists.

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