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Voreqe's Days Fast Running Out

Sources report that while the Methodist Church and the chiefs try to address their differences with tyrant Frank Bainimarama in a civilized manner, members of the Fijian public are beginning to show their support for the Driti-Ului initiative to take over FMF. These sources say that ordinary folks they’ve spoken to back Driti and Ului to remove Frank and to take Fiji back to an election. Meanwhile, there is confirmation that Frank Bainimarama was taken to the QEB before lunch today.
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A Fiji military spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, has denied reports that there’s been a change in the military leadership. There have been claims that Colonel Pita Driti and Colonel Roko Ului Mara had taken over the military’s leadership from Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The reports were carried by blog sites which have assumed a media role in view of the continued censorship imposed as part of the emergency regulations. There had been claims that the two had told the interim prime minister that he should decide between running the military or the government, with some suggesting that he had been denied access to the barracks. But Lieutenant Colonel Leweni says these reports as rubbish. Commodore Bainimarama is the interim prime minister, foreign, sugar and finance minister, and heads the military. He survived a mutiny in 2000.

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The established Methodist Church in Fiji is worried by the messages being preached by the so-called New Methodist Church. The new Christian movement was established by Atu Vulaono, who is a brother of the Police Commissioner. The Commissioner, Commodore Esala Teleni, has been driving a new religious focus in the police force with a Christian Anti-Crime Crusade. The General Secretary of Fiji’s Methodist Church, the Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, says concerns about the new movement start with its name: “They call themselves new methodists but the justification but the justification for using the name is a big question as well as the characteristic of their preaching and the way they recruited their people to become ministers, it is totally, it brings some serious questions about how this new domination operates itself.”

The Reverend Waqairatu says the way the new denomination works hand in hand with police raises further questions and they would like to hold discussions with the commissioner.

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There are some un-confirmed reports from Fiji that Frank Bainimarama has been arrested by the military. There are speculations that Pita Driti and Ului Mara have taken over from Frank Bainimarama. Both men were reportedly disturbed with the way Frank Bainimarama tried to stop the annual Methodist Church conference in August after Frank took up Aiyaz Khaiyum’s recommendation to ban the annual meet. Aiyaz’s hatred towards the indigenous Fijians and the Methodist Church was the subject of his Masters Programme thesis at the University of Hong Kong.

In it, he meticulously outlined how to dismantle the Fijian structure and its Methodist Church – a recipe that Frank Bainimarama adopted since his coup of December 2006.
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Sources from within say Frank Baimarama’s suspension order on Pita Driti last Monday before he left for Vanuatu failed. Pita Driti and Ului Mara have joined hands to take over command from Frank Bainimarama. The rumours of the weekend bloodless mutiny was infact Pita Driti and Ului Mara’s c0-effort in announcing to the Fiji Military Forces that they must now withdraw their support for their Commander Frank Bainimaram and his supporters. Fiji Military Forces is now without a Commander per sie as Pita Driti and Ului Mara take control.
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Stop glorifying coup perpetrators!
July 13, 2009
Democracy, human rights and the rule of law are no longer the potential solution, Frank the dictator, Epeli N and his brother Tuki, Epeli G, Ului and his siblings, Diriti, Teleni, Khaiyum etc has become Fiji’s problem. If these coup perpetrators have their way and are allowed to reconstruct the system according to their whims that is the end of Fiji as a progressive and moderate nation and it will take years for Fiji to rehabilitate itself. Accepting and legitimizing coup perpetrators will not end the coup culture and it leaves no hope for true democracy! The people of Fiji astound me in the way their glorify those that have allowed the dictator to last this long and for the coup culture to exist in Fiji. Fiji Times is printing stuff, typical of a censored newspaper, nothing about the good Pro Democracy Advocates but high praises for the likes of the country’s illegal Vice President and his sit on the fence brother, Cokonauto. This does not help your situation. It seems to me now that this coup is heavily backed by those Part Europeans that all through their lives in Fiji had no idea whether they wanted to be Fijians or Europeans, most of them attended Fiji’s oldest school, Levuka Public School. In the days before Independence those that had European blood running through their veins it was important for them to call themselves Part Europeans, after Independence they searched around for whatever indigenous blood their had and wanted to be know has Part Fijians. Today they have become a bunch of confused individuals, that cannot distinguish right over wrong. Bowers, Petersons, Pickerings, Ocornors, Smiths, Whippys, are some of the names that come to mind and have some connection to the Dictator. The two brothers Epeli and Cokanauto just love hanging around these Part Europeans because they are adored and worshipped by them. To the Part Europeans it gives them a feeling of being up there with the hierarchy! They feed off each other. It is a wonder Mathew Robinson, a great fan of the two brothers didn’t insist on having a traditional Fijian welcome when the country’s illegal VP arrived in Levuka. This letter in today’s Fiji Times tells it all. Levuka reunionELVIS Presley died years ago and Michael Jackson’s funeral captured the limelight last week but their legacies continued to live on in the Old Capital over the weekend during the Levuka Public School Reunion.Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and Ratu Tuakitau Cokanauto sang and “moon-walked” away at the Royal Hotel bringing back memories of the world’s two iconic artists.The performance of Joe Chang and his crew was just simply awesome.Great music guys and who would dare to not mention Levuka Public’s ‘dancing queen’, Lorna Underwood.To Brij and Russell, the ‘war” begins on Saturday… Go the All Blacks.Vinaka Levuka and push Ovalau.ANTHONY SAHAILevuka
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Qarase and Chaudhry team up to lobby against Frank & Co.
July 13, 2009
We can confirm that Qarase and Chaudhry have been meeting.
And why not?
They’re after all the democratically elected multi-party government ousted by tyrant Frank Bainimarama.
Mahendra Chaudhry has clearly demonstrated that he is not particularly honest in his claims as an observer of democracy and rule of law by joining Frank’s illegal cabinet.
Laisenia Qarase is commonly rumoured to have supported the coups of 1987 and 2000 which kinda puts the two party leaders on the same coup-supporter pedestal.
Both their wigs have been clipped so bad by Frank handicapping their plans to drum up their supporters emotions – somethings they’ve mastered well over the years.
They both know that now is the time to put their heads together as dominant political leaders and to salvage whatever needs salvaging to move Fiji forward.
Both their political survival depends on how well they can work together in initiating political talks with Fiji’s various interests groups including Frank & Co in establishing a civilian government.
They will also have to determine how to tackle Frank & Co and their trespasses.
So why weren’t they able to communicate like what they’re doing now for the best interest of Fiji when they were the multi-government?
Why does it have to take another coup for these friggin egotistical political leaders to talk?
The coup of 2006 happpened because neither Qarase nor Chaudhry had an honest conviction to make the multi-party power sharing concept work.
They were too polarised with their own prejudices to be able to work together as true leaders who can bring everyone together.
It had to take Frank Bainamarama and his 2006 coup to force them to talk again?
What a bunch of hopeless leaders!
We say – Fiji has grown out of Qarase and Chaudhry. We think Fiji needs fresh blood to take Fiji forward.
Qarase, Chaudhry and Bainimarama can all prepare themselves for the upcoming general election to test their popularity ratings. But we doubt any of them will win.
They’ve created too much unnecessary hardship for the Fiji peoples. Next please!
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NZ PM says Forum mandate NOT weakened by MSG decision
July 13, 2009
The New Zealand Prime Minister says a decision by three Melanesian countries to support the decision by Fiji’s interim leader to delay elections until 2014, doesn’t weaken the mandate of the Pacific Leaders Forum.
The Forum suspended Fiji in May for its failure to hold elections.
The leaders of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu said over the weekend they support Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s plan and will lobby the Forum to lift sanctions.
John Key believes a Pacific wide consensus against Fiji’s return to the Forum remains.
He believes the Melanesian support is based on a desire for progress towards democracy.
“IN: I think what is happening with these Melanesian countries is, as I think it is with all the countries of the Pacific, is a genuine desire to see Fiji actually come up with a workable solution that will not only deliver democracy, but the really important point here is to end the long term coup culture in Fiji.”
John Key says Fiji will be discussed at next’s month’s Pacific Leaders Forum but isn’t expected to dominate.
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The only thing booming in Fiji is their squatter settlements
July 13, 2009
The sharp growth in the number of people living in squatter settlements in Fiji has been labelled alarming.
Fiji’s Social Welfare Minister ,Dr Jiko Luveni, estimated that close to 15% of the population live in over 200 squatter settlements around the country.
Dr Luveni told Fiji Village the greater Suva area has the largest number of squatters and it is estimated that by 2010, the Suva/Nausori corridor will have 15,000 squatter households with 100,000 people.
Dr Luveni said they do not want Fiji to become a social welfare society and people must work for their survival.
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Fiji’s former VP optimistic lawyers can be effective under new rules
July 12, 2009
Fiji’s former Vice-President, lawyer Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, says his colleagues can be effective practising under controversial new rules.
Fiji’s interim government has taken over the role of registering lawyers and has granted practising certificates to the large majority.
Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi did not reapply but is leaving the country to sit on the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
But he says he supports his colleagues who have taken up practising certificates under the regime
“They’ve changed the rules and in order to engage them, to deal them in this new system they’ve created one has to be part of it. I think that one has to best them at their own game.”
Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi says he’s ambivalent about leaving Fiji during difficult times but events of the past months have been emotionally draining.
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Controversial coup plotter Inoke Kubuabola masterminded MSG outcome
July 12, 2009
Our sources from Vanuatu confirmed that Inoke Kubuabola, Fiji’s ex-ambassador to PNG now Fiji’s ambassador to Japan masterminded Frank Bainimarama’s colloboration with the MSG leaders.
Inoke Kubuabola is a very close personal friend of Michael Somare.
They often played golf, wined and dined together during Kubuabola’s stint in PNG.
Sources say that Inoke Kubuabola was with Frank Bainimarama in Vanuatu and that it was him who was used as a conduit to break the ice between Frank and the MSG.
So who exactly is this Inoke Kubuabola?
He is brother to ex-SDL Finance Minister, Jone Kubuabola.
He was a Minister in coupster Sitiveni Rabuka’s military regime in 1987 ’til 1999.
Many say Inoke is a cunning bugger who knows how to use his friends to get what he wants done – even if it means supporting coupters like Sitiveni Rabuka and now Frank Bainimarama.
We say – Inoke Kubuabola has no place in the new and more aware Fiji. It is conniving coup supporters like him who work from behind the scenes and are always the first to claim their pay-back as coup beneficiaries which for Inoke came in the form of being a Minister and now an ambassador.
We say – shame on Inoke Kubuabola for his unethical motives!
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All corruption must be exposed!
July 12, 2009
The Momi Bay saga was created during the SDL reign.Typical.SDL gave Voko Industries $5M in loans but Voko paid only $1.5M,the rest was written off.The money is now used by the 2 Korean bros to purchase nightclubs in Suva.$3.5 M of Extinct Mataqali Fund was given to Ballu Khan eventhough he was not a Fijian and not reg. in the VKB.F.Y.I. God removed the SDL Govt. to allow them to repent of their sins.
Unfortunately, the ‘everybody else in Fiji’ chose to join forces with the SDL4Lyfe troop and the ‘Methodical Methodists’ and they imposed a systematic tyranny under the guise of democratic government. This ruse was aided and abetted by both Australia and New Zealand and also achieved support from more distant and important ‘actors’: the EU, the USA and even ‘look North Neighbours’. Only now can it be seen how this tyranny became an orchestration for suppression of human rights in Fiji: all under the banner of ‘democracy’. What a sham!
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Rumours of mutiny abound
July 12, 2009
Rumours of a bloodless mutiny is swirling in that troubled island Fiji.
It began on Saturday when there were moves to arrest Frank Bainimarama upon his arrival to Fiji yesterday.
But our sources say that the chiefs and the Methodist church elders prevented the mutiny from happening by advising the military that they will have nothing to do with it as it will only perpetuate the coup/mutiny strongman in Fiji.
It is understood that they prefer to resolve the matter by decently engaging in a one-to-one meeting with Frank Bainimarama today where he will be told to peacefully step aside.
Will he?
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Methodist church, chiefs and Fiji military bind together
July 12, 2009
Word from Fiji is that the Methodist Church, chiefs and the Fiji Military Forces have agreed to work together in moving Fiji back to a speedy election.
But the new arrangement is without the Frank Bainimarama factor.
And that arrangement is one of the issues that is currently being told to Frank Bainimarama by the church/chiefs/FMF conglomerate as we blog.
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Fiji Christians fight Frank Bainimarama on their knees
July 12, 2009
The Methodist Church, like other Christian Churches is not a pressure group or an organisation of human rights. And I believe all Christian leaders in Fiji are aware of this. One of the primary role of Christians is to portry the life of Christ in our lives – the essence and the impact of Christ (the anointed One).
The vision of all Christian denomination is sharing the main vision of God – (John 3:16) that all believers should not perish (second death) but have an everalsting life. The defects in the kingdom of men should not move the lives of Christians because our hope is not this kingdom of men but the everlasting kingdom of God. Persecutions and injustice play is along the road to this everlasting kingdom and history showed that Christian patriachs follow the same road.
The bible is clear on the standing of Christians in how they handle themselves under an ungodly leadership. The likes of Daniel under the rulership of King Nebuchadnezzar when Daniel submits to the kings’ administration but stood his grounds in his faith (read Daniel – Old Testament). Daniel did not stand against the king in protest, but waited until the king confronts his principles of worship. And even on that occasion, he did not stage a protest but bravely accepted his sentence and was thrown in the lions’ den. The lesson that Christians learn from this story is, God always intervene even to the very last minute of our predicaments when we choose to wait upon him. And in the New Testament, Jesus did not interfere with the Roman government of his days but said “Then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” (Luke 20:25).
These are the principle that Christians must take when dealing with issues of life. We do not mix our principles or we will be relegated from the church of our Lord Jesus Christ to a pressure groups or even human rights movement.
Human rights basically is not a Christian movement as its principles is man-centered that based on rationalism and secular equality. It agreesively reacts when unfair play and injustice is inflicted to man. It mobilizes pro-active pressure groups to fight against institutions and perpetrators. It teaches men to indulge in non-violent protests. Above all, it agressively worships mans’ right to be heard and be treated right.
The bible teaches Christians a Christ-like rights. A right that humbles himself and seeks the “will of the father” in any given situation. A right that tolerate the intolerable. A right that loves his enemy. A right that takes all grievances to the Lord in prayer. Christians do not fight their battle in flesh & blood – but fight it on their knees.
While pro-active members, pressure groups and rights movements committed to its course, Christians are also committed to their course in doing what is biblically right. And this is why the Methodists choose to seek the “will of our heavenly father” in the hype of 2006 and 2007.
Pressure groups, pro-activits and rights movement can criticize the Church or Christians’ stand, but isn’t that infringing on the so called “rights” of the Christian citizens of this nations? A right that they so dearly cherish and die for?
Our prayers is with all lives who are victims of this saga. Christians, keep on praying. Continue that persistent prayers for this regime, our chiefs, our elite community, the accademics society and those who have dispised us – “…Lord, forgive those who tresspass against us, as we forgive them.”
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Frank and Methodist meet today
July 12, 2009
Human rights violator Frank Bainimarama will be meeting the Methodist Church leaders today.
Frank, who returned to Fiji yesterday, is all but very quiet.
Commentators say the agenda of the Methodist elders is to tell Frank that their August annual conference will still go ahead with an invitation extended to Frank to use it as a reconciliation meet between his regime and the 200,000 odd Methodist followers.
Team Frank is already showing signs of disintegration with the removal of some of Frank’s key supporters like landforce commander Pita Driti early last week.
3rdFIR head, Ului Mara, is also said to be against Frank’s banning of the Methodist conference, to be hosted by his maternal relatives of Rewa Province. It is understood that the people of Rewa have approached Ului Mara to exert his influence in supporting the Methodist conference.
We can also report that Frank Bainimarama’s position is getting weaker by the day and he knows it.
He no longer controls the military, Ului Mara does!
And he doesn’t have the populace support, the democratically elected SDL/FLP multi-party does!
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Bainimarama’s delusional victory over MSG
July 12, 2009
News from Australian journalist Sean Dorney (who was expelled from Fiji earlier this year) on the ABC that the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) have announced their support for Dictator Bainimarama, should come as no surprise.

This follows contrasting news on Intelligentsiya’s blog that Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has called for the Fijian people to take to the streets peacefully.

The impact of the MSG support for the Dictator has the possibility, and I suggest only a possibility, of dividing the Pacific Island Forum membership, and Dictator Bainimarama would be very satisfied with this base level power play.

Why no surprise?

The question that needs to be asked is: What, exactly, did the Dictator tell the MSG that enabled them to be convinced of the unsatisfactory roadmap to Democracy in 2014?

One cannot assume that what he told them was anywhere near the truth. Bainimarama has an obvious agenda to drive a wedge between pacific nations at the very time they need to be a united front.

As one who has written about Bainimarama making strategic blunders before, this one is another strategic blunder that will have repercussions only for him and his illegal regime.

The Pacific Islands Forum’s Biketawa Declaration, 2002

The Pacific Islands Forum’s Biketawa Declaration is something member nations need to remember. As I have said previously, the PIF’s Biketawa Declaration underpins the rationale for Fiji’s suspension, and it stated quite clearly:(i) Commitment to good governance which is the exercise of authority(leadership) and interactions in a manner that is open, transparent,accountable, participatory, consultative and decisive but fair andequitable.(ii) Belief in the liberty of the individual under the law, in equal rights for allcitizens regardless of gender, race, colour, creed or political belief and inthe individual’s inalienable right to participate by means of free anddemocratic political process in framing the society in which he or shelives.(iii) Upholding democratic processes and institutions which reflect nationaland local circumstances, including the peaceful transfer of power, therule of law and the independence of the judiciary, just and honestgovernment.(iv) Recognising the importance and urgency of equitable economic, socialand cultural development to satisfy the basic needs and aspirations of thepeoples of the Forum.(v) Recognising the importance of respecting and protecting indigenous rights and cultural values, traditions and customs.(vi) Recognising the vulnerability of member countries to threats to their security, broadly defined, and the importance of cooperation among members in dealing with such threats when they arise.(vii) Recognising the importance of averting the causes of conflict and of reducing, containing and resolving all conflicts by peaceful means including by customary practices.
Dictator Bainimarama is breaching a number of the Biketawa Declaration’s key planks. That is why I suggest he has led the Melanesian Spearhead group a merry dance, and in so doing, has made yet another strategic error. I suggest that Australia’s Foreign Minister Stephen Smith, among others, will be doing some fast talking to PIF members in the coming days.

Act on the advice of the Samoan Prime Minister

Finally, it ever there was a time to let the Dictator know that he has opposition from within, the advice of the Samoan Prime Minister for Fijian people to hit the streets, peacefully, is now, in the weeks leading up to the PIF meeting in Cairns next month.
Read more here
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Why Sereana Qoro’s lies is nothing but a lie
July 12, 2009
We say – one of the basic benchmarks used to determine the efficieny and capability of any management team is the non-interruption of their product supply to their market. That requires good planning and foresight. Sereana Qoro can’t hide the truth. No cement in Fiji shows incompetence on her part and that of her team, period! If they were good at their job, their raw materials order should never have been short and must not be allowed to fall under a pre-determined level. They’ve been mixing cement for donkeys years now and they still can’t get their orders right? That’s very hard to believe! Heads should be rolling by now for Sereana Qoro and FIL head Josese. Next excuse we hear from queen of deceit, Sereana Qoro, is that the clinker they have is not up to international standard. That they’ve only “found out” that their clinker stock is of cheap quality …. WTF! If that’s the case, it means that the whole batch they received from their supplier must have been of low grade, hence, their decision to stop manufacturing all together. Believe it? Nope, its too lame for us! Our take is that their clinker supplier – a reputable global company – will never ever compromise its standards by shipping to FHL low grade clinker. They wouldn’t wanna do that to their long-term client FHL, would they? It’s a complete no-brainer and our research supports our views. FHL’s clinker supplier is Holcin Singapore, a buying house that supplies Fiji Industries and its New Zealand partner Fletcher. If Qoro is telling the truth about the sub-standard clinker, why is it that Fletcher New Zealand is not making the same noise and why isn’t the NZ building industry complaining about cement shortage like in Fiji? So who is lying now? C’mon Sereana Qoro – tell the truth that FHL has major cashflow problems!
Radio report by Communications Fiji :
Fiji Industries Limited has confirmed shipment of cement is expected to arrive later today which may ease the short supply of cement in the country.
Fijian Holdings Limited Chief Executive Sereana Qoro said the cement company is bringing in two shipments of cement, one today and another next Tuesday totaling 2060 tonnes for customers.
FIL is hopeful that cement supply will normalise by next week.
Fiji Industries has run out of good quality clinker to mill at this time and the next clinker shipment does not arrive until next Thursday.
The milling will commence as materials are discharged.
According to Qoro, because the company can only sell cement that meets stipulated international quality standards they have decided to wait.
None of the hardware companies in the country have supply of cement.
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Bainimarama lying about elections : Pacific Forum
July 12, 2009
By Tamara Mclean – AAP
Fiji’s military ruler Frank Bainimarama lied when he pledged to take his troubled country to the polls in 2014, the head of the Pacific Islands Forum says.
Toke Talagi has lashed the regime in Suva, saying Commodore Bainimarama has proved he cannot be trusted to keep promises to restore democracy with an election because he is “too comfortable” in the top job.
Commodore Bainimarama has set a September 2014 election deadline in his latest “roadmap for change”, a date that has angered Australia and New Zealand, coming as it does almost eight years after he took power in a 2006 coup.
Talagi, chairman of the powerful regional forum and premier of Niue, said the army chief does not even intend to stick to this belated poll date.
“I don’t believe Frank Bainimarama is being totally honest,” Talagi said during a visit by New Zealand Prime Minister John Key to his country on Wednesday.
“I don’t believe he’s going to have elections in 2014 like he says.
“I don’t believe we can trust him because he’s changed his mind so often.
“I think he’s happy with what he’s got at the present moment and he will continue that.”
Key’s four-day tour of the Pacific pointedly avoids Fiji, which was ousted from the forum in May over failed election promises.
The visit to Tonga, Samoa, Niue and the Cook Islands is Key’s first in the top job and aims to assess the impact of the global financial crisis on small Pacific states ahead of the forum’s meeting in Cairns next month.
The Kiwi leader said he and his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd decided last weekend to shift the focus away from Fiji and on to pushing ahead with economic development in a region struggling with drops in tourism, expatriates’ remittances and flagging gross domestic product.
Talagi, who is usually careful not to antagonise Fiji’s regime, said he wished Fiji could be involved in the project but the trust in the relationship had run out.
“There’s so much we can do for Fiji but Fiji has to help itself first,” he said.
Heavy media and public censorship remain in Fiji following the abrogation of the constitution in April.
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Critics says muzzling Fiji’s lawyers is part of institutional intimidation
July 12, 2009
A critic of Fiji’s military regime says the legal fraternity has been muzzled in the latest step in the emerging pattern of intimidation of the country’s institutions.
The interim regime has issued practising certificates to most of Fiji’s lawyers, a role that used to belong to the independent Fiji Law Society.
Brig Lal, professor of Pacific and Asian History at Australian National University, says the lawyers have complied with the new rules out of necessity and under duress.
He says it is not a sign that the interim regime is gaining support.
“Its succeeding to the extent that you don’t have any protests, any resistance on the street but there’s a great deal of anxiety and confusion in the populace and I think it would be a huge mistake on the part of the interim administration to take this silence as consent because it is not.”
Professor Lal says the inerim government is targetting sections of society it thinks will act as a point of resistance.
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