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Throw Out Voreqe from MSG

Sources say that Frank was told yesterday that the Methodist Church is not backing down from their planned August annual conference. He was also told that he can’t stop the Methodist nor does he have the support to carry out his unpopular choice that is turning out to be the making of his own demise. Frank is a very scared man right now and he is not looking forward to returning to Fiji.
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It’s official! Frank Bainimarama consorts with criminals. The reason it’s official is that, three days after the event, Fiji’s heavily censored media has been allowed to report what the blogs and international press were already reporting. This was the story about how our dictator, Frank Bainimarama, met secretly with the fugitive former Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. There is something very unsettling about the news that an international fugitive of justice such as Shinawatra was officially received at taxpayer expense by the current government of Fiji. It’s confirmation that our dictator, Frank Bainimarama, turns a blind eye to criminality. And it confirms that if criminality suits his purposes, he will happily embrace it. The criminal acts of Shinawatra and his wife, Potjaman, while he was Prime Minister of Thailand have been well documented by Thai courts of law, which saw fit to sentence Shinawatra to jail for corruption. Yet the dictator greeted the Thai criminal like a visiting dignitary despite the fact that Shinawatra was in criminal mode, travelling under an alias on a Montenegro passport, as criminals do. It was a meeting of two criminals who couid help each other. Criminal Frank Bainimarama desperately wants cash investment to prop up the economy of Fiji, which is coiiapsing as the result of his total mismanagement of it. Criminal Thaksin Shinawatra is equally desperate to stay out of the reach of Thai authorities relentlessly pursuing him. Luckily for Shinawatra, Fiji does not have an extradition treaty with Thailand. According to media reports, including Fijilive, Bainimarama and Shinawatra discussed a $US280-million investment by the Thai fugitive in return for asylum in Fiji. Does this mean that Fiji’s dictator, the man who says he knows what’s best for us, is now a fuliy-fledged member of the criminal classes? It certainly appears so. Criminality fits Frank Bainimarama, our grubby little tin-pot dictator, like a glove.
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It’s confirmed!
FNPF members will get only 5% interest on their funds, a drop from last year’s 6% and 6.5% in the previous year. The return to FNPF members is lower than Fiji’s going commercial term deposit rates. Commercial banks in Fiji are offering interest rates between 5.25% and even higher for term deposits and it is expected to increase with Fiji’s liquidity getting tighter by the day. So what does all that mean for FNPF members? Ummm …. it means that the current militarized FNPF board and management are not doing a good job as custodians of FNPF members. It means that FNPF members are getting poorer under the current FNPF board. It means that FNPF members are not getting premium returns for their money invested in FNPF since interest rates higher than 5% is offered in the open financial market. It means that FNPF members funds are being looted by the regime. It means that FNPF investments are not attracting good returns. It means FNPF is tanking!!!
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Ului Mara have influential supporters to remove Frank Bainimarama
July 10, 2009
We can confidently report here that Ului Mara has been given the “go-ahead” to peacefully remove Frank Bainimarama and return Fiji to a national election in mid 2010. We can also report that Ului Mara has the backing of some influential people who have the ability to mobilise thousands of people to show support for Ului. But is Ului Mara the right man to take Fiji peacefully to another law and order plato? He could very well be!
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Bite the bullet Vore. You’ve chosen to shun the “normal” dimplomatic way of doing things. You’ve chosen to crush various social and institutional structures that are essential to development, peace and progress. You’ve chosen to disregard “normal” procedures, rules and regulations. So your cards are being dealt right back at your face. The good words of the Bible “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU” never fails. So I guess you should expect the treatment you have been dishing out to boomerang back at you…and your family/sons/daughters.
Vore, recall the biblical concept of sins of the father which infers that the sons (or daughters or family) pay for the sins of the father. Well, we patiently wait for God’s answers to our prayers for he never fails us.
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Word from QEB is that the Fiji Military Force, comprising of some 10,000 officers (including reserves) have lost faith in Frank Bainimarama and his leadership style. Sources say that Fiji’s armed minority are now convinced more than ever that Frank’s clean-up corruption coup of 2006 was all a lie. Pressure is now mounting on Ului Mara to peacefully take over from Frank and to make way for a civilian government in what many are predicting to be another bloodless coup. Will Ului do it?

Fiji group urges MSG to spurn Bainimarama
July 10, 2009

The Australian-based Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement has asked Melanesian Spearhead Group leaders not to waste any time by seeking to re-engage with Fiji’s interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The MSG is holding an extraordinary meeting in Vanuatu today, with the organiser shunning publicity of the event which the Fiji leader is expected to use to outline what he believes is his mandate to rule for another five years.
The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement says the MSG leaders should seek a dialogue with true representatives of the people. It says Commodore Bainimarama represents no one but himself and a very small elite group of people, whose interest he is trying to protect. It says his lies and broken promises have brought shame on the office of the Fiji’s Prime Ministership. News Content
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Fiji’s interim government has issued practising certificates to a large majority of Fiji’s lawyers. The Chief Registrar’s Office, which took over the role from the Fiji Law Society, has publicly listed 337 lawyers who have been permitted to practice. Former Law Society president, Graham Leung, is an outspoken critic of the military regime and one of the small number of lawyers who did not reapply. Mr Leung says his decision was a matter of principle and conscience.

“The large majority of lawyers took an entirely pragmatic view of the situation and I’m not going to criticise them for that. Those are individual decisions. But really at a time of crisis such as this one might have hoped that the lawyers might have demonstrated greater leadership.” Graham Leung says compliance with the military regime is disappointing but not surprising given that the lawyers have to earn a living.
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Samoa has defended the secretary general of the Pacific Islands Forum, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, following recent comments by Fiji’s interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The Fiji leader had accused Mr Slade, who is Samoan, of going beyond his mandate by excluding Fiji from last month’s regional trade ministers’ talks in Apia. Fiji delegates were left out because Fiji had been suspended from the Forum in May for its interim regime failing to commit to giving up power by holding elections this year.
A Samoan statement, carried by the Samoa Observer newspaper, says the suspension also included the exclusion of Fiji trade officials from technical trade meetings. However, the statement says there is a case for including Fiji trade officials at technical trade talks, but that is not a decision for Mr Slade to make on his own.
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Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama
PO Box 2353,
Govt Bldgs,
4th Floor,
New Government Buildings,
Dear Commodore,
Let me congratulate you on your recent five-year “mandate.” I bet few people understand how tough it is to run a country — and a military. I have a proposal: Since you won’t be using your Parliament building for the next half-decade, a group of investors I represent are interested in developing its buildings (and lands) into a high-class spa and resort. Commodore, I know you could see the brochures now: Eat, sleep and play in luxury where elected officials once governed!
You don’t need me to tell you the buildings are beautiful. Nor do you need me to tell you how much Westerners will pay to sleep and play in traditional Fijian housing like the Vale-ni-Bose Lawa. My clients would like to inform you at the offset that they’d need to add a few amenities. Once democracy is restored, though, who’s to say that Parliamentarians don’t deserve a swimming pool, a few Jacuzzis and tennis courts? Since the buildings haven’t been used in awhile, I am certain a thorough cleaning would be necessary. (At lest the lawnis still being cut.) Also, we’ll probably need a place to store some of the desks, chairs and law books. I am certain we can find a suitable venue, however.
And, file this under “nudge-nudge, wink-wink”: If you’re thinking of giving Fiji a few extra years of your hard work, I am certain my clients would be willing to sign an extended lease – say, one of those 30-year-deals. We’ll be in touch,
Trent Zinn, Esq.
Los Angeles, CA
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The most WORTHLESS of the lot (4 newly appointed illegal magistrates) is No.3, Elsie Hudson, the Nigerian scam lawyer, who has been a company secretary and so called legal drafter all her miserable life. Why is Anthony Gates appointing this foreign, inexperienced opportunist when Fiji has qualified, senior and experienced LOCAL lawyers?? What litigation experience does this con-artist bring to Fiji’s Courts?? This is apart from the fact this opportunist Elsie Hudson is known to despise Pacific people yet has to put up on our turf to get her a decent job! Bloody worthless creature!
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I am a freelance writer in Port Vila Vanuatu who reads your website and is very concerned about the mess Frank and Co (and his immediate predecessors) have got Fiji into. Who is this “Senior Information Officer Research and Developments Division of the Ministry of Information – Fiji” (quite a title) who is here in Port Vila apparently as part of Frank’s entourage spruiking Frank & Co rubbish to the media? I can’t find his name by searching the Fiji Govt website or by Googling.
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Reading through your comments I came across this one and felt it should be posted for further discussion. Two of your postings; “Nazhat Shameem turns down offer” and “3rd FIR chief Ului Mara wants the Methodist Church and Bose Ko Viti to go ahead.” is a sure indication that those supporting Frank are now starting to realize the wrong that they have done in doing so. They now know it is going to be a losing battle and want forgiveness. lastpolarbear saidJuly 9, 2009 at 10:18 pmI don’t think Fijians should be singing the praises of this woman. She was happy to defy the Constitution when it suited her, but now her arse is on the line, she makes out that she is up holding the Law of the land !What a bloody hypocrite. She needs to be brought before the Courts as much as any others who accepted illegal appointments under this illegal Regime. The thing that concerns me here is, that Fijians will start the same old same old all over again, by forgiving instead of prosecuting. And the whole thing just keeps rolling on.Until these treasonous acts are prosecuted and the people responsible are prosecuted, there will be no deterrent in the future and the coup culture will be maintained. Wake up, and stop this island mentality of forgiveness without punishment.Recognise what they have done wrong and where they have broken the Law, prosecute them. You can still forgive them, while they serve their time in prison.Do the crime, serve the time and yes, we can still forgive you. The above comments could be said for the military man Ului Mara, who for once has agreed with his Aunt, Ro Teimumu and seems to be standing against the Frank the dictator and allowing the Methodist Church and the Bose Ko Viti to go ahead. One must ask the question; “has Ului who has blood on his hands and Nazhat Shameen taken this stance for the good of the people of Fiji or for their selfish reasons in that they are now desperately in need of the people of Fiji to forgive and forget!”No Way Hozay!
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The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement would like to kindly ask the Melanesian Spearhead Groups Leaders that their Leaders Retreat today should be the last one that Fiji’s Military Dictator, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama attends. Commodore Bainimarama, given his past misdemeanour against Pacific Islands Leaders, does not deserve to be engaged by the MSG Countries or the rest of the Pacific Islands Forum Countries. His past lies and broken promises has brought shame on the high office of Fiji’s Prime Ministership and confirms that he is not worthy to be Fiji’s National Leader. The Movement urges the MSG leaders to instead dialogue with people who are true representatives of the people, after all it is the interest of the people of Fiji that should be paramount.
Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama represents no one but himself and a very small elite group of people, whose interest he is trying to protect. His so called ‘Road Map’ to restore Fiji to Parliamentary Democracy is just another stalling process to delay his inevitable exit from Fiji’s leadership scene. The Movement commends the noble intent and patience of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Leaders but believe it will again be an exercise in futility. At the end of the day Commodore Bainimarama will never relinquish power unless forced to do so.
Bainimarama’s actions of the past has indicated that he will try and hold onto power for as long as possible and any threat to his hold on power will be swiftly sabotaged by his Regime. This has included the efforts of the Special Ministerial Group under the Biketawa Declaration and the President’s Constitutional Review Forum that was to be facilitated by the Commonwealth and United Nations.
Bainimarama has twice snubbed the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders by his non attendance at the annual leaders meetings. He has even insulted the Pacific’s most respected statesmen and Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare when he rejecting Sir Michael’s ‘Tabua’ and personal overture to attend the Special Leaders Retreat in Port Moresby early this year.
Given that the Bainimarama Regime is now suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum, Pacific Leaders including those from the MSG Grouping should cast they eyes towards the leaders of the last elected government of Fiji. The Coalition Government that was overthrown by Bainimarama in a power grab in December 2006 attracted 84% of the votes cast in a general election just six months earlier.
Therefore, any attempts to talk with those that grab power in December 2006 and members of the Interim Government ruling Fiji would be going against the grain of suppressed public opinion that exists in Fiji today. The people of Fiji feels betrayed by the leaders of our Melanesian Brothers every time they re-engage and dialogue with a man that has brought nothing but death in custody, injury, humiliation, torture, misery and poverty upon them for the last two and a half years. With all due respect, the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement humbly requests the MSG Leaders not to waste their time and resources on seeking to re-engage Commodore Bainimarama. Instead, they should seek the wise counsel of Fiji’s political leaders and Civil Societies that advocate democracy and freedom. These are the true voices and representatives of the silent suffering People of Fiji.

Usaia Peter Waqatairewa
President, Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement.

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Fosters share sale will hide FHL’s poor financial performance
July 10, 2009
According to the latest FHL market announcement, it will be announcing its group financial performance for the year ended June 30th, 2009 soon. Are people waiting with bated breath for such announcement? Boring ……. Anyway, the truth is this – FHL group will still book a profit.
How come? Remember that lucrative Fosters shares they sold not so long ago for a discounted $40million? That extraordinary one-off share sales proceeds is the positive net capital gain receipts that will help hide FHL’s mismanagement by its military appointed board and management. When FHL finally announce their result and you wanna know how much real profit they made, simply deduct Fosters share sales capital gain of $30 million from their profit and you get a rough idea of their real performance.
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So it seems that FICAC was already investigating the Namosi House saga when radio station FM96 started pumping out some revealing findings into the matter this week. Today, another junta radio station, FBCL, is reporting that FICAC will forward its findings to the illegal AG, Aiyaz Khaiyum. Was the military regime controlled FICAC working in cohorts with FM96 news director, Vijay Narayan and Aiyaz Khaiyum in a joint PR campaign to remind the public how corrupt the ousted SDL/FLP multi-party government was, in particular the indigenous Fijian provincial councils? Was their PR spin meant to water-down the tension that exist between the Methodist Church and Frank Bainimarama? Looks like it! Hey, we support the great vision of exposing and cleaning out corrupt elements who are abusing the system for their own selfish gains and we believe that those found guilty must be dealt with in a “legal” court of law. But if such noble investigation findings are meant to cover up someone else’s wrong doings, then mate, it becomes rather lame and holds no credibility with the smart Fijian public. We know that the Fijian populace are not that stupid not to see right through such smokescreen PR manouvres by Aiyaz & Co.
It doesn’t work and it will never right their wrong! Meanwhile, we support the investigations into the Namosi House ownership.
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FHL Managing Director, Sereana Qoro, in a statement today, admitted there is still no funder for their $190 million wish to buy BP SWPacific. She’s finally owned up to what the public already knows – that FHL doesn’t have a formal loan approval letter from any financier, despite their many fanciful announcements regarding the already doomed deal. Shrewd business people know that in this volatile world,success comes when you are able to fix all the variable constraints and unknown key factors of a deal to a known quantifiable value over a strict time-line. But not so with the way Sereana Qoro and her incapable FHL board are handling this BP deal. They have shown time and again that they are not in control of their desire to buy BP. They are negotiating haphazardly compromising their position each time they open their lying mouth. The FHL board have demonstrated all the “DO NOTs” in Negotiation Skills 101. And the longer they drag out their BP acquistion lie, the more costly it’ll be for the shareholders of FHL. Oh, we are glad that CMDA and SPSE are demanding disclosures from FHL. Better do what you have to do CMDA and SPSE or you will both be dragged down by FHL’s crap. Read FHL’s market announcement here
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We can confirm that Judge Nazhat Shameem has turned down the offer to join Fiji’s illegitimate judiciary. Sources say Nazhat is of the view that the claimed abrogation of the 1997 constitution is something she will never support – and we say cheers to that! Nazhat is said to be enjoying her time as a stay-home mum and wife to her husband and two children. Good stuff Nazhat!
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The four worthless lawyers:
1. Makereta Mua
2. Ropate Cabealawa
3. Elsie Hudson
4. Mosese Naivalu
These are the latest four unethical lawyers cum illegal magistrates who have come out of the closet to admit their support for the illegitimate military regime. Like those unprincipled ones before them, these four have shown that they are only worthless cheap legal graduates on paper who can easily be bought by their desperation to make money, to get promoted to magistracy level, with no regard whatsoever in upholding what they ought to be guarding - Fiji’s supreme law , the 1997 Constitution. We have absolutely no respect for people like Makereta, Ropate, Elsie and Mosese.
They have failed to honor and uphold the rule of law and the Appeals Court judgment that ruled the military regime illegal. They must now prepare themselves to face the full brunt of the law when democracy returns to Fiji.
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New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has taken a dig at Fiji’s military leader, Frank Bainimarama, likening him to a “wayward” child. Mr Key is on a tour through the Pacific, visiting leaders in four island nations. During his tour the Prime Minister sampled kava with Samoa’s head of state.
Afterwards, he had a dig at Fiji’s self-appointed leader, Commodore Bainimarama, when he was asked by journalists to describe what Samoan kava tasted like. “I thought it was fantastic, yeah, I tried it,” Mr Key said. “It was different to the kava that I had tried in Fiji. It was good.” Which one is better? “Oh well,” said the NZ leader, laughing. “It’s difficult to choose amongst children, even if one is a little wayward at the moment.”
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Who’s left?
July 9, 2009
The war drums are beating, the Fiji Military is in a command crisis. The bastion of Fijian paramountcy with its predominantly ethnic Fijian makeup will be put to the blow torch in the coming weeks prior to the Methodist’s Annual Conference in Rewa. The ossified traditional triune of Lotu Vanua and Matanitu will undergo the ultimate temporal test of coercive force. Fijian Spiritual Hegemony versus Frank and Ayarse’s counter Hegemony viz a viz “the new order” and of course spruced up with Teleni’s new Methodist twist.
Just two weeks after the abrogation of the constitution on Good Friday by the President, Commodore Bainimarama his Land Force Commander Colonel Pita Driti and his Chief of Staff Colonel Aziz Mohamed in a grand show of military machismo were conferred the Companion and Officer’s of the Order of Fiji for “distinguished service of a high degree to Fiji and humanity at large”. The high priests of the “new order” had been anointed. Nothing was going to stop the military juggernaught- not Good Friday even Easter Sunday.
Three months later the ‘anointed’ colonels bought with a miserable two pieces of silver are on the outer of palace politics. One hanging onto dear life with his corrupt FHL wannabies, the other wanting to make a ‘brave’ stand for the Methodist conference against his master’s worst nightmare. ( sa qai rere ko Pita) My! How times change. Well now lets see.. umm.. who’s next senior on the officer graduation list … eh officer cadet Curu Oso Sir! Aah.. se qai pass out ga.. top recruit Sir! OK promote taki koya .. full colonel OK!
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The Military Council and the Methodist Church
The surprise announcement by the dictator (telegraphed all the way from Vanuatu!) that he wiii now meet with Methodist Church leaders tells us three important things. First, the reversal is a sure sign that Frank’s bluff has been called.
Second, it throws a revealing light on the ongoing power struggle within the RFMF and the vital role of the shadowy Military Council in determining how Frank deals with the Methodists.
And third, it backs up freedom blog reports that Land Forces Commander, Pita Driti, was ordered by the dictator to take leave after being observed hob-nobbing with former Methodist Church head, the outspoken Reverend Manasa Lasaro. When Frank Bainimarama decided to take on the Methodist Church, he blundered into double trouble because his military are overwhelmingly followers of the Methodist faith. The ensuing split in the RFMF over the dictator-versus-Methodist Church confrontation goes right through the middle of the armed forces and even extends all the way up to the Military Council.
The Military Council is the body which Bainimarama said on 6 December 2006 would exist only until such time as an interim government was appointed. But it lives to this day. We should not forget that it was the Military Council that ultimately prevailed over the dictator, forcing him against his will to sack the interim finance minister, Mahendra Pal Chaudhry. On Tuesday, as soon as Frank was out of the country on his way to Vanuatu, the Military Council once again demonstrated that it has a mind of its own. It did nothing to stop the Standing Committee of the Methodist Church from convening a meeting, despite the fact that such a gathering was in clear breach of the PER.
The mentally challenged and over-promoted Lieutenant-Colonel Neumi Leweni threatened members of the Standing Committee with arrest if the meeting went ahead, but nothing happened!
That’s because the Military Council deliberately sat on its hands, which gave the Standing Committee a “Leave Pass” and made Leweni’s shrill threats sound as hollow as his stupid head.
This monumental cock-up at the highest levels of our illegal military regime leaves the dictator very exposed. His authority has been seriously undermined. He now knows that his meeting with the Methodist Church leadership will be crucial to his survival. And that’s not just because he bit off more than he can chew by engineering a confrontation with our biggest religious body. The other crucial issue facing the dictator in this unfolding dramais the prospect of another standoff with the Military Council. And that makes you very, very nervous, doesn’t it Frank?
Fiji Democracy Now

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