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Teleni Betrays Frank to Save his Skin

Word from within the echelons of the Methodist Church is that the terrorist Police Commissioner Esala Teleni had rung the Church executives to confirm that he had not authorized and was completely unaware of the moves to detain senior executives of the Church over the last couple of days. What? One may ask, how could the head poncho of the Fiji Police force be unaware of the detainment of senior ministers and officers of the Church? Isn’t it true that just a couple of days ago, terrorist Teleni had issued a statement supporting the mentally deranged terrorist Prime Minister stating that there will be no permits issued for the Church’s Rewa conference?
If one gives this law-breaking leader of the Fiji Police the benefit of the doubt and were to believe he was unaware of the detainment of Ministers of the Church, then what is terrorist Teleni’s business telling the public? As servants of this oppressive regime, is it not the duty of his Police officers to make arrests and detain under the laws including the public emergency regulation? Or where in the law does it say that all arrests and detainment should first have the personal approval of the Police Commissioner?
The truth is, Teleni is lying; nowhere in the laws does it say that arrests and detainment may only be made at the express authority of the Commissioner. And the arrest of the Church General Secretary and 7 other senior ministers confirm that neither Bainimarama nor Teleni and the government have any respect for the prophetic role of the Church in standing up for God’s morality in the public domain. The more likely scenario is that terrorist Teleni is employing a smoke screen to hoodwink the Church. It is an attempt to fool the executives of the Church and stem the growing tide of anti regime sentiments. Having firmly made its stance for the restoration of basic rights, the rule of law, and a quick return to democracy as a means to alleviate the oppression and growing poverty, and after deciding that the Rewa conference will go ahead despite threats from the terrorists in power, the terrorist’s regime only weapon is either get the Church back on their side through whatever means or enforce their threat through force including the gun for which they will be held fully accountable either locally or by the international community.
So as the Church executives meet with terrorist Teleni today, let them be mindful of the real motive behind this visit. The Church is facing a serious test of faith. The Fiji community and the world is watching; good people agree and fully support the godly stance the Church has taken this far, and the Lord Jesus says that the price will be persecution. No matter what terrorist Teleni may say, by supporting and enforcing the new Methodists, terrorist Teleni has severely breached the right to belief and has declared war on other religions including the Methodist Church. Jesus teaches us to forgive; at Calvary he forgave but he died gruesomely standing up for God’s principles.

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Fiji is rapidly sliding into a Nazi sate – the detention of the paramount chief of Rewa, the courageous Ro Teimumu Kepa, is now proof beyond reasonable doubt that the Adolf Khaiyum led regime of his gangster and murderous boss Frank Bainimarama, supported by a part of the corrupt Mara clan, is proof for all of us to see. Yes, let us name and shame those, as Professor Wadan Narsey, has suggested. The first on the list can be that other Professor – Satendra Nandan, who asserted that the 2006 coup was the best of all previous coups. It’s time we Spoke Up or Rose Up against the illegal, immoral and Nazi state. If not, we could be repeating with the German Pastor Martin Niemoller, “First they came….” “First they came…” is a poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemoller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group. When the Nazis came for the communists
I remained silent; I was not a communist.Then they locked up the social democratsI remained silent;I was not a social democrat.Then they came for the trade unionists,I did not protest;I was not a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews,I did not speak out;I was not a Jew.When they came for me,there was no one left to speak out for me.
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If you want further proof that Frank Bainimarama is a liar just have a look at this. Back in 2003 in an interview with the late Robert Keith-Reid, the Commander said he would be staying until his retirement age of 55. So what happened? He’s lifted his own retirement age to allow him to stay beyond 55 and reduced civil servants age from 60 to 55. That should prove to anyone that he will NOT keep his word about a constitution in three years and elections in two years after that. He’s a liar who will do and say anything for his own benefit.
Check it out:
Frankly Speaking – Fiji army commander Frank Bainimarama speaks out
By Robert Keith-Reid
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The detention of Ro Teimumu Kepa marks the beginning of the endgame for the military regime. For the first time a leading opinion maker in Fiji society has been prepared to adopt the mantle of Gandi and offer herself as living proof that guns cannot force people to believe, they can only instil fear. For someone who has decided that the common good is greater than her own fear, the power of the gun is spent. If the military believe that they cannot solve the problem by shooting a few because the many will continue the peaceful struggle, they will not shoot any. What we need now is a formula to enable the military to make a peaceful exit. The military prime minister should immediately resign in favour of a pre-eminent, non political figure, whose sole function should be to hold an early election. Ro Teimumu Kepa is the ideal person to do this and after the election we should insist that she be appointed president by popular acclaimation, in succession to the present non incumbent, in order to restore the integrity of the presidency and, through it, of the nation. By watching and praying for her now in her hour in the garden of Gethsemain, which, like Christ, she voluntarily accepted, we watch and pray for all Fiji and we honour the nation’s future just as we honour this its most remarkable leader.
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Latest -Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu taken up to Queen Elizabeth Barracks an hour ago for further interrogations.Keep praying. The criminals must not succeed. Be prepared for a mass civil disobedience. No armed confrontation but peaceful disobedience and sit down the key.The soldiers are trained for armed conflict with an armed opposition. They cannot handle mass civil disobedience by thousands.Wait for the signal.Tu vakarau. Update Fiji Time 6pm 22 Jul09
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If you want to get rid of your illegal leader in Fiji, you would have done it a long time ago. Do not wait for the political process to find a way, because it will never come. Political pressure is a waste of time. Do not trust in it.Rise up and fight. Not with computers. In the 90’s we had our sandline crisis in PNG and the people overthrew the Chan government of my country for bringing in merceneries against Bougainville. I personelly fought my own Police forces in the streets. Some of my friends died. With sticks and rocks we fought against tear gas and bullets – wantok warriors. The real deal.But at that time I must admit, I was a bit of an insane university student. Now I am married and too old for that stuff.I would rather do business and get rich with my own sweat in my own country’s economy. After all, I paid a price in my younger days to hopefully get PNG on the proper path. I did not fight with computer or political pressure, I did it the real wantok way on the streets of Port Moresby – eye for an eye and tooth for tooth. The Police and Army forces of PNG know who the real power is, so they will not mess with the PNG grassroots.A short time ago when a lot of illegal chinese businesses in my country were attacked, the Police could not do much. They know who the real power is, because in PNG we know how to fight. So now, even the chinese business people in PNG know that they do not mess with wantoks.We trade with whoever we want to trade with, and cut off links with whoever we do not want to trade with. We are the masters of our own destiny.Don’t just stand there! Fiji is sinking and all you are doing is standing around hoping for some outside power to intervene?Your destiny is in your own hands. Or do you want me to come over there and pick up the first rock for you to throw at your army?I can do that provided that I pay one way ticket to Nadi, and you pay my return trip back to Port Moresby.
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