Thursday, July 23, 2009

Taukei Navolau, Ro Dona, Taken in by Military Thugs

Ro Dona Takalaiyale – Taukei Navolau, Liuliu ni Sauturaga was taken in by the army at 5:30am Fiji time from his residence at Lomanikoro, Rewa according to his wife Betty.
What a shameful act to sneak in at such a time! Look at what the illegal regime has made Fijian soldiers do to each other-to front thuggish acts on behalf of their cowardous leaders in Frank and Teleni.
What are those so called chiefs in the illegal regime sayng? The two Ratu Epeli, Roko Ului and others! Fijians mark them for their betrayal of our place in our home land and their total ignorance on what is happening to their fellow countrymen.
Ro Dona is reportedly not well and has been receiving medical treatment.
In the meantime, the Gone Marama Bale, Ro Teimumu is awaiting her court case.
I hope she will take a stand and declare she does not recognise the legality nor legitimacy of the courts and regime given the usurpation of the democratically elected government that Ro Teimumu was legally part of previously. Our hearts and prayers must go out to her and the vanua of Rewa.
Let all law abiding, god fearing and patriotic Fijians continue to pray for her, the vanua o Rewa and Matanitu Vakaturaga o Burebasaga

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lucky said...

why would such people even consider that in the name of GOD they use their political agenda to usurp the military rules.

fiji is not the first country to be run by military rule, history has shown that such people do get killed or lesser punishment is drag them thrumilitary courts.

not a smoart move. unless you have a bush army or villages ready to stand behind you.

in this case no one village marched to protest.