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Qarase & Chaudhry Roadmap for Fiji

Who said Qarase and Chaudhry can’t work together? Latest from Fiji is that the pair have sent a co-signed submission to the Pacific Forum, the Commonwealth and the United Nations on a roadmap to a democratic election in August 2010. The Qarase/Chaudhry roadmap is in itself a major breakthrough in Fiji’s political sphere. Finally, the two men have pushed their differences aside and are now working together for what they owe to their electorates who voted them into 63 seats out of the 71 Fiji parliamentray seats or 89% mandate of the people of Fiji. And we say, kudos to Qarase and Chaudhry! We think it is very healthy indeed for the two to give in their last bit of political will to the people who entrusted them with their votes by saving them from the clutches of Fiji’s usurper, Frank Bainimarama and his merry men. We can confirm that Qarase and Chaudhry are resolute in their desire to push Fiji back to democracy in August 2010.
We think they need all the backing of the Fiji peoples and friends to achieve that.
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The Courts Home Centre sales boy and CEO, James Dutta, is no longer the face of Courts. The guy who loves to hear his own voice and see his own face on TV ads is now history. Word is that he was kicked out by his gujarati Courts owners for non-performance coupled with his many hot air marketing tactics that was not reaping returns. Dutta was to have left Courts months ago but he threatened its board by quoting that he had good links to the military who will ensure the demise of their Courts business if they let him go. The board gave Dutta more time but decided to pull the plug on him after the military regime kicked him out from the FNPF board, ATH board and other regime appointed boards he once held. Now that Dutta has lost his $750,000 per annum Courts Home Centre job plus the many “sitting” allowances from FNPF and others, sources say he has returned to his adopted country Australia to get away from it all.
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FHL military appointed CEO, the incompetent, deceitful Sereana Qoro, has proven to be a mother of lies. Her contagious lies have infiltrated the whole of FHL, BP South West Pacific, FHL public shareholders, Frank’s regime that trusted her incompetency, the South Pacific Stock Exchange and Fiji’s Capital Market Development Authority. In her latest statement, she has claimed that FHL has pulled out of the BP SWP acquisition deal – a devious lie that is way off the truth. The truth is this – BP SWP could no longer accept FHL’s requests to extend their settlement date without paying further penalties, or in this case, more non-refundable deposit at $5million per extension request. BP also arrived at the conclusion that FHL could not raise the required funds to buy them out. In other words, BP told FHL, “enough is enough”. Now, the most disturbing element of Sereana Qoro’s stock exchange statement, which even the FHL board members claim was prepared and sent to the Stock Exchange without their approval, is the claim by her that BP SWP will refund 100% of the deposit paid amounting to more than $25million.
This lady is obvioulsy in lah lah land and is making up fairy tale stories to suit her mismanagement behavior! No right thinking entity, and a globally established one like BP Oil, will ever want to enter into a sale and purchase agreement so loose with no penalty clause to protect it from fly-by-night buyers like Sereana Qoro and her doomed FHL. A good 7 months have passed since December 2008 when FHL and BP signed their S&P Agreement. FHL was given 90 days to show the color of their money but now, we’ve learnt it was other peoples money they were betting on which funders were reluctant to lend because of FHL’s board and management very low credibility rating.
Anyway, BP had foregone the opportunity to close the deal with a more financially able second bidder in Total, who placed a bid of $110million compared to the $190million by FHL. This is big bucks we talking about and the question we wanna raise with Qoro is, who will pay BP for the opportunity cost foregone caused by FHL’s stuff up? There is a cost to everything and stupid mistakes are usually the most costly ones. Surely, it’s not gonna be BP ……. but FHL for their buy-out bluff. So who’se lying? Sereana Qoro …. again! Someone has to pay the price for this big blunder and Sereana Qoro is the likeliest candidate!
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Frank Bainimarama’s military regime is synonymous to unemployment, poverty and insecurity.
More Fiji peoples than ever before have been laid off work since Frank & Co usurped power in 2006. Telecom Fiji’s 200 staff is the latest inclusion in that unemployment list with their staff union negotiation rights with TFL completely stripped off from these helpless 200 staff. But as these TFL staff are forced to go home, executive staff and their cronies continue on with their cushy jobs dictating terms from their own TFL kingdom in a manner that mirrors the corrupt and devious work ethics championed by Frank Bainimarama’s illegal regime. We will soon be exposing some of this rut at Telecom Fiji with names of executives and staff linked to these corrupt practices which warrants a thorough investigation by FICAC.
Stay tuned!
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Overcome fear Fiji peoples!
July 26, 2009
The Hebrew children were overcome with fear. They heard reports of giant-sized enemies with cities walled up to heaven and they were terrified. They whimpered and whined and wanted to go back to Egypt. Somehow they forgot that they were serving a miracle-working God, the same God who had just drowned Pharaoh’s whole army in the sea. In Hebrews 3:19, we have this sad commentary concerning Israel: “So we see that they were not able to enter, because of their unbelief.”
When we express fear before our enemies they sense it immediately. The enemy is like a mean dog. As long as we walk toward that dog with confidence he will grudgingly move out of our path and slink away. But God help us if we show fear and begin to retreat. That same dog will eat us up.David was a man of great spiritual strength and holy boldness. However, on one occasion, fear got hold of him. He wrote a description of this episode for us in Psalm 55:4-5: “My heart is in anguish within me; the terrors of death assail me. Fear and trembling have beset me; horror has overwhelmed me.” How did the great David get into such a state? He gives us the answer in the second and third verse of this Psalm: “…My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught at the voice of the enemy…” David had been listening to the voice of the enemy and it almost destroyed him. When we realize who our heavenly Father is, and how much he loves and cares for us, we cannot go on fearing. The Bible says in 1 John 4:18: “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”
Esther Yambe
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The silence from the Indian Community these days is deafening !Are there elements in the Indian and Moslem community who are just waiting for Frank and Co. to dismantle the last of indigenous Fijian culture and will they, at that point, move in and take over the land ? I saw Frank’s broadcast tonight on SBS, Dateline, it wasn’t a very convincing telecast at all, quite boring and dull, full of smirks and childish quibs, as is usual.
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Fiji doesn’t owe anything to the Mara girls, they owe themselves basic ethical values
July 25, 2009
The Mara children were brought up most, if not all their life at the expense of the Fiji government from Chief Ministership, through Prime Ministership to Presidency of their father.
Although their mother was rightfully a paramount chief and was served by her confederacy in contrast to their father’s chiefly status as a controversial one, these children have forgotten that they are not forever a Fiji government nor a vanua responsibility. This is the issue they have. The Mara girls are continuing to ensure that they are a fiji government responsibility as they may have realised that they cannot become a paramount vanua chief. Epeli Ganilay tried to contend the Tui Cakau one and Epeli Nailatikau is aiming for the Vunivalu one in Bau. Whilst the vanua titles may for a long while still to be determined, their lifestyle has to be supported by someone and so hence the government of the day. And because they cannot achieve that legally, they have to side with whomever is going to give them the financial support from the government even if it is illegal (Bainimarama is a convenience for them. Roko Ului has to maintain the sisters’ status quo, and compromise their aunty (Ro Teimumu) of course. You see, these children are not principled adults. They have been “spoilt” kids. But what can you say if this was instilled in them, that they are to continue the dynasty of marriage of convenience in being rulers as Tui Cakau (Cakaudrove) and Vunivalu (Bau). Intellectually and academically, they are not very bright children. I would even question the two who say they have law degrees.
They could have been bought as their father had quite an international influence that could do more than one can imagine. Ask the two of them who are “law graduated” students, how many legal cases they have taken up as work experience. There may not even be a handful, let alone one case. If someone can state the cases they have done, then only then will we consider that they are genuine law graduates. I mean if you are a law graduate for real and can represent your clients in court etc, would you not be excelling at your work here in Fiji as well as overseas… I would question their ability to be studious professionals. Take a Look at Ratu Madraiwiwi…he was a long time practising lawyer….Sailosi Kepa……to name a few graduates that we know of and have continued to work in that profession and better themselves in that field. But what about the Mara kids – nothing to show but subjective appointments based on what? at foreign affairs? convenience? Okay, is that because, the ones who reported to them did the work! One wonders!
Basically, none of them have done well for themselves – they have tried to continue the reign of their parents in government and vanua, but they have not acquired the academic and cultural respect that their parents had.
And they will probably never acquire our respect ever, as most of us are disgusted at their lack of principle in accepting positions with an illegal government and their hunger for status (politically and culturally), by hook or by crook!
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Right from its beginning more than a century ago, the sugar industy has beem modelled on the principles of partnership involving the farmers , the millers, workers and the government. It has been a prtnership of four equals. Even CSR, the colonial plunderers of Fiji’s wealth and resources, conceded to and abided by this practice, albeit grudgingly. The reason for this is very simple and it is predicated on the recognition of sugar industry’s pre emminent position in Fiji’s economy. As the mainstay and and engine room of its national lifeline, sugar industry, until very recently ,directly supported about a third of its people and another third indirectly.
20,000 cane farmers, 70,000 canecutters and lorry drivers and some 200,000 family members and export earnings of until very recently abot $400 million in a just over a billion dollar economy. That today it is a pale shadow of its glorious past is because of the failure to restructure, reform and upgrade it at the right time. And this failure has the DNA and fingerprints of every industry leader but most notably the villians Rasheed Ali and Ramswarup who had their dirty hands on its levers for good 20 years of its most critical phase. Some $150 million was spent on the mills, transport, shipping and excess capacity during that period and yet todays mill operating capacities are stll just fractionally better than they were in the early 1980’s. The bottlenecks are still there and public is denied access to key operating figures.
The Sugar Industry Act of 1985 reinforced this partnership model even further and entrenched it formally in its provisions. The Mill Area Committee , the District Committees etc were all incorporated to give specific expression to the various stakeholders the right to participate and contribute in the governance of the industry.Indeed, the object of the 1985 Act clearly stated as its core the mutual interdependence of the stakeholders, the absolute neccesity for goodwill and trust and for the resolution of all industry matters with the “maximum expedition and minimum legal technicality and form.”
Sharing of vital industry information, regarding mill performance, marketing, farming and husbandry , crop diversification and infrastructure upgrade were all part of the basic information that farmers organisations and trade unions were privy to. FSC had access to all information about the farmers, their production, income , debts , family details etc. Even at the parliamentry level, the bipartisan sugar select committe had equal representation from all the major political parties guaranteeing equal an unrestricted access to all key data about the industry. However, the current performance of the industry is shrouded in deep secrecy and even the most basic of information is not shared with the farmers and the workers. There is an arrogant refusal to accept the normal ptotocols of transparency and accountabilty and it has all to do with their determination to conceal the massive inefficiencies, operatational failures and capital investment misadventures.
Rasheed Ali and Ramswarup, the consumate colonial clone they are, have destroyed that partnership model and with the help of the current notoriously supine Sugar Minister and Permanent Secretary the danger is that they will destroy the very industry. Maybe there is still some hope of saving it but it must start with the immediate sacking of this serial siamese white collar predators.
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The PER, pathetic emergency rules more like it, is used when the dictator and his wannabes feel it will not show them up as having only a few supporters. The Bose Ko Viti would have been attended by not only the Methodist people but many others. It was an act of defiance and people would have turned up in thousands to prove to the world how unpopular Frank’s military regime is. Recently the country’s oldest school, Levuka Public held its 130 years reunion in Suva and Levuka. Reunion is a social gathering of people formerly associated so why was it allowed to take place under the PER without the organisers applying for a permit? They could have been inciting trouble! This rule smacks on hypocrisy with the arrest of the high chief the Roko Tui Dreketi and the Methodist Talatalas. It seems Frank and his men keep adding to their stupid made up rules when it suits them and while keep pretending to be working under certain laws.
The Levuka Public School reunion was a sham with people like Nailatikau, his brother Cokanauto, Tom Ricketts, Mathew Robinson, ( who the hell is he? ) and Fiji Times reporter Geraldine Panapasa milking it for days. Why is the continuation of glorifying people like Nailatikau and his brother Cokanauto, which was so obvious in all the write ups in the Fiji Times? Shame on those few that attended! We, the sensible ones know that the PER has nothing to do with a national emergency because mapping a political and land tenure for lasting peace is impossible in dictatorship land without free media and the right to gather, meet, unite, assemble, congregate, group, amass etc etc. This is something they created after they couped and then added to it when they trashed the country’s constitution and assaulted almost all aspects of what was a true democratic society. Baba Kid
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As true as the statement may be in a general sense, you have personalised it. We say … this is the posting being referred to: An opinion As a long-time observer of Fijian affairs, who wrote about 400 Fiji-related articles on Wikipedia, I have long been mystified by the behaviour of the Mara children. What I’m about to say may not be the whole truth, but there is one that most of the media just don’t get: In the 2000 coup, Adi Koila was kidnapped by Speight’s thugs and held hostage for 56 days. From what I have heard, she was brutally treated. According to the late Sir Vijay Singh, that was what prompted her father to resign the presidency. I have reason to believe that Qarase’s leniency towards Speight – AND his inclusion of some of Speight’s supporters, including his brother, in the government – enraged the Mara family. While that doesn’t excuse their behaviour, it does change the context of it, in my opinion. Having said that, I don’t think they’d be doing it if their father were alive.
By putting it that way you make it sound like a corrupt action as if it were simply one man’s private desire made into a public fact (i.e. Qarase’s leniency). In fact it was, and needs to be interpreted as, a leniency subject to law, due process and the constitution. And if it were unjust, as you clearly imply, then it needs to be publicly spelled out and why. It was, after all, the leniency of the Fiji Government led by the Prime Minister. If anything has been proved by the two coups since December 2006 it is surely that Fiji politics now needs political discussion about the conduct of office bearers under the constitution. Any Fiji governance seeking a just public space will want to make room for lawful dissent (a normative space to hear and contribute) so that healthy and opened-up political debate can take place.
But if the interpretation of government actions ignores the given-structure, the given task of government which is to do and maintain justice and to be seen to be doing and maintaining justice, insight about the way the structure has been formed will too easily be precluded by resort to “personalities”. In this case, the Government’s leniency is then interpreted simply as the imposition of the will of one man. And so Frank Bainimarama has simply been saying to Fiji: if Qarase can do it, if he can impose his will on Fiji, why can’t I? And this man claims to be opposed to all “political” viewpoints. Such ambiguity cannot be sustained. But it isthe personalised view of a political act (reducing politics to personalities) which effectively opens the door to Government’s responsibility being dissolved and one man’s will becomes the normative principle for public life hereafter.
Dear “blogger” I suggest you add two points to your very perceptive historical comment about the actions of the Prime Minister and the Government in the wake of the Speight coup:
1. just because a person holds a public office does not mean that they should ignore or under-estimate the possibility that their acts of reconciliation in one direction may add in another direction to the hurt and anguish of those whose rights have been flagrantly and unjustly violated;
2. when official acts of reconciliation are undermined by poor choices by Government office-bearers, as you clearly suggest they were, the way of redress is not by sulking and privatising the hurt with your drinking mates, but by publicly seeking an alternative path to reconciliation, openly and forthfrightly – just like the brave Paramount Chief has done recently – because public justice has not been rightly served when one party or group has to suffer added dishonour at the elevation of some other party or group, or in the shadow of some blatant self-serving decision to show one is a “strong leader”.
Any wrong decision by a lawful government can too easily become grist to the ongoing nurturing of personal grudges which a government needs to overcome if it is to freely exercise its calling to implement, maintain, sustain and promote further public justice. This view then also must not only have a bearing on how previous Government and political failures are interpret in relation to current events, but also upon the way the current mis-administration of justice by the illegal regime has taken over control on the back of many (as yet) undefined and unarticulated-for-public-consumption personal grudges. Fiji’s politics must get beyond “personalities” and it must do so by finding a place by which to ascribe right political respect to human personality.
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The charge against Ro Teimumu of urging the Methodist conference to go ahead is as phony as everything about the nakedly illegal dictatorship. It remains to be seen whether, if held, the Methodist Conference would contravene the Public Emergency Regulations, but it cannot contravene it inadvance. The PER is not in force in August before August arrives. What happens if there is an outbreak of love and affection for the tin-pot dictator and his alleged vision for Fiji and as a result the PER is taken away as unnecessary. The dictator himself, declared to the world’s media that the PER is only temporary. It looks like the tin-pot dictator has jumped the gun. If the Methodist Church applied again for a permit, the Police Commissioner may approve it. The PER gives dictatorial powers to the Executive but it doesn’t give them to the Dictator, it gives them to the Commissioner of Police or relevant commanding officer in the FPF.

The PER also requires that the powers exercised by the Commissioner be exercised “by order”. This means he has to be specific about what he’s banning. If the Methodist Church were to propose a slightly different “meeting” would it still be prohibited? And, incidentally, has the Fat Phony actually made an “order” as required by the Regulations? The PER is supposed to be a law, draconian obviously, but if it is a law it should be subject to judicial review. We all know that the dictator believes, and with good reason, that he has the judiciary in his pocket, but let that corrupt judiciary be forced to show what they are doing. We’ve already seen a glimpse of it in the actions of Magistrate Rokoika in closing the court. Let’s shine a torchlight on the sleazy activities of these judicial prostitutes.
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Dictator Frank is panicking but we are empowered There are clear and compelling reasons to believe that dictator Frank Bainimarama and his despicable regime are beginning to feel the cold fear of panic. And for the first time since December 2006, we, the people of Fiji are now being empowered by the inspiring spectre of good people resolutely staring down our despotic dictator.
It’s not just the giveaway of the dictator’s body language during his news conference that tells us he is running scared. There’s plenty of other evidence there for ail to see. First, the regime’s attempts to intimidate the Methodist Church leadership have back-fired and have instead served to strengthen the resolve of the vast Methodist Church Membership.
Second, the respective roles and responsibilities of the police and the RFMF under the regime’s own PER have become confused as the number of illegal detentions and arrests has risen. Third, we now know that the determination of the dictator and a handful of his cronies to dictate to the Methodist Church does not extend to the rank and file in the police and the RFMF. Instead, the calm composure and dignity of targeted individuals hauled in for questioning has only given the rank and fiie greater reason to seriously question the sanity and morality of what the regime is ordering them to do.
Fourth and finally, despite strict censorship and despite resorting to secretive Gestapo tactics such as midnight raids on sleeping households, the regime is now finding itself subjected to the full glare of the intense publicity it so desperately sought to avoid. It’s publicity that has the potential to give heart to the oppressed people of Fiji and empower them to peacefully resist the dictator. It is enough to empower the people to reach out to each other to build mutual strength for the struggle that lies ahead. This fact presents the Fiji Freedom Blogging community with their single greatest challenge since our nation’s nightmare began on 5 December 2006. It’s a challenge that we must meet, and we will if we maintain the level of detailed reporting and thoughtful analysis that we have seen over the past three days. We can guide the people. Bloggers from cyberspace become as one wfth the wider Fiji community as we swing behind the individuals who have finally and so clearly signaled their desire to fill a leadership role.
We refer to leaders such as the reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu and Na Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa. This week their brave actions have spoken so much louder than even their wise and considered words. They have spoken loud enough for us to hear, and loud enough for us to know in our hearts that we must follow.
Fiji Democracy Now
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Ro Teimumu Supporters – how do you know you speak for all Rewans? Have you done any analysis on how people feel on the ground? I want to tell you and the rest of the supporters that for too long we have been overlooked on bread and butter issues that affect us in Rewa. This Govt is trying to weed out dirty elements that’s taking us nowhere if they stumble here and there, its because they have to put up with people like you.
What happened to the previous Govts that were in power? I tell you all they did was to “bluff” their way to the top. Remember the Nivis Motors Roundabout? When they (IG) came in, Nivis was told to make way for the expansions that were to be carried out in the best interest of the Nation. We never heard from Nivis again because after the dust had settled, Nivis continued to enjoy business as usual and those poor people that were once held ransom by him were now more comfortable with the flow of traffic. SDL said that a court case had to be put in place before any work could start. What a load of bullshit? Nivis simply invited them for tea and you can guess what happened after that.
Next on the line was the Laqere Bridge. The landowners of the Kalabu were simply instructed to make way for the two lane bridge because for too long a lot of time was wasted on late-comers and this was affecting productivity. Again SDL could not make headway into the deal because of the huge payout the landowners demanded and secondly, Kalabu was an SDL stronghold so that matter was swept under the carpet until the change of guards in 2006. The Nokonoko Bridge beside that Bailey bridge is another deal that took only a few months to seal.
This week, we have seen surveyors analyzing the roads from Makoi to Nausori and what we gather is that their next plan is to expand the roads right to the Rewa Bridge. So you can see that over the three years of service, the IG has progressed immensely given that any other govt before this took two terms in power to achieve a quarter of what has been completed so far.
The Prime Minister in a radio interview this week bluntly told the nation that their objective was to weed out corruptive elements from our society because we don’t need them – I don’t need them too. These are hard core nationalists and they don’t exist in predominant roles anymore in any society. They have been pushed to the back where they rightly belong and as far as the IG is concerned, they will now live there – take it or leave it. The IG is for equality and we must value this as the only way forward. It has its benefits and in the long run, the country is going to reap the rewards.
The Marama Roko Tui Dreketi is so unfortunate to be advised by these Nationalists front liners and all they have done to her is to bring her under their spell and I for one do not condone their actions on this great lady. She sent out the letter simply because those clergymen that paid her that doomed visit did not correctly communicate to her the decision of the IG. All they told her was that the Annual Methodist Conference was still going ahead knowing too well that it was the other way around. What a bunch of crooked deceiving clergymen not worthy of the cloth they wear.
I stand by my chief only if the advisers are true to their calling and appointment. Anything to the contrary amounts to insubordination and warrants an immediate expulsion. So to all of you that provide advise to her – let me make it clear that all your lobbying or bullying tactics is no longer working and please leave her alone. She is a courageous woman and what she needs are real honest friends that will stand by her in these times. Not manipulators like those “con” talatalas that visited her but never made it into court for their actions. She paid the price for the wrong advice she was given and for that, these people must also pay.
We, Rewans want a better deal for our province but the advisers are hell bent on going against the wishes of the IG simply because the conditions they once enjoyed are now a thing of the past and they have forgotten or forgiven those that took everything away from them abruptly. That is LIFE! What goes around, comes around.
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We believe that there are a hosts of agenda in this whole catastrophe. Ideally, one concludes that having bottled up with the deficiencies of the Qarase regime, has turned this into their personal crusade. On the other hand, it is always difficult to satisfy everybody and this nature exists in all democratic system. Notwithstanding the political behaviour that exists in such model and the fact that the inception our Fiji independence suffered the same at the London meeting when the late Indo-Fijian leader Mr Saddiq Koya disagreed with the proposal by the Fijian leader Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, these hosts of reasons found their shape and form when the Head of RFMF, Commdr Voreqe Bainimarama intiated to his elite military commorades of his intent to takeover the government if his term be not renewed. There was a great divide in the military executives that led to the termination of those who were against the intent and a mere promotion, so to speak, to the faithful.
Certainly the Mara family will hold that thought and moreso after Senator Sir J Ah Koy mooted the incompetence actions of the Qarase regime of the expulsion of Ratu Epeli Ganilau as Chairman of the GCC that contributed to the deteriorating health of the former first Lady and then Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Lala Mara. The injustice of this catastrophe goes to the victims, the Fiji society who are brutally suffocated from the peace and prosperity of their future. While one may lift a finger and point at another, the onus is with the society as how we can encounter through this hard times and keeping in mind a promise to give our children what they deserve – a brighter future.
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Frankly absurd!
July 24, 2009
It is easy to see why the dictator and those stupid enough to serve him went this far and disgracefully arrested the noble people of our country. If they didn’t show any power of an illegal opposition, Rewa would have been flooded with not just the Methodist people, but the whole of Fiji. Money was received from overseas relatives to help us attend the Bose Ko Viti from when it began until it ended. This would have been the first act of defiance and with the thousands in Rewa the world would have seen how unpopular Frank’s Military Regime is and that they only had a very few supporters.
The laws that they have proposed and keep harping about are not laws, they are Frank the dictator’s SILLY RULES TO SUIT AND JUSTIFY THEIR EXISTENCE AND TO STOP SHOWING THEM UP AS VERY UNPOPULAR, STUPID, INADEQUATE, NO BRAINERS THAT DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO MANAGE THEIR OWN LIVES LET ALONE MANAGE A NATION. All we can say is “Thank God We Have All The Smart, Caring and Thoughtful Chiefs and Frank has the no money, stupid Ones.”
The chiefs we have, value our customs and traditions and we strongly believe they will strive to make sure it is there for future generations. Here speaks one of our smart chiefs and we quote from his book; “Traditional leadership can help strengthen democracy by encouraging the indigenous Fijian people to adopt a more realistic approach to their traditional and customary obligations.” ( Which we have ) Chiefs and elders may suggest that a more modest discharge of these duties would be better suited to circumstances.” ( In the 21st century our chiefs do understand and have always suggested ways of cutting cost. ) “Tradition will continue so long as there is a useful place for it in one’s life.” ( Our chiefly system is who we are and we don’t need an unheard of commoner, only known to us after he couped telling us how it is important to change this and that so all the races can live together happily. ) He has more to say; “Traditional leadership and democracy make uneasy but not hostile bedfellows. There continues to be a place for tradition within our evolving democracy. So long as the Fijian people see in it a structure that is essential to their identity and their well-being, its future will be assured. By the same token, traditional leaders will have to demonstrate their capacity to be relevant. they will also need to be more open to public scrutiny, both from their own people and the wider community.
Moreover, they will have to create for themselves space in the system of governance that reflects the popular will. This they can do by demonstrating to the country at large, that mutual respect, compassion and tolerance are the essence of the traditional system. Ro Teimumu as our high chief, a politician, a loving mother, a catholic and a caring smart lady of class knows this and is doing the above for not only her people of Rewa but for the people of Fiji. We will not or are prepared to listen or obey what we class as Frank’s made up rules in our birth country. Don’t let them stop us!
Through the blogs we can be organised and people can gather else where if the lamu lamu soldiers are ordered to close off the entrance to Lomanikoro. Have many different places where people can attend even for a picnic and to sing hymns but please keep fighting back and don’t make it easy for these Bullies because that is all they are school boy Bullies. Qai Se Warai, Na Qai Ga
Ro Teimumu Supporters.

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