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Punja and Frank Up to Something & We Know

There was a secret meeting held on the 12th July between Hari Punja, Frank Bainimarama and Col Tikoitoga (we have evidence). The discussions eluded to Hari Punja bribing FB in buying a property which Hari will fund and rent back from FB. No surprises Punja is hedging his bets again. The $$$$ is sourced from INDIA. The deal was brokered by TEFLON COL AZIZ. The military camp understands why Aziz wasn’t mentioned in the despatches relating to the GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY at Fijian Holdings. Our spies picked this up and are disseminating this within the military camp to the boys and boys at the Police.
The response from everyone is, “me sa vesu o Commander,” e na gauna oratou a vesu kina na lala vei Rabaka kei Verebasaga , a kaya o koya me ra dui COLA na kedraii totogi”, But he lied to everyone that immunity covered everyone. .. He should be a man and answer for his crimes as well.
We feel sorry for ourselves as OFFICERS, NCOs and ORs. Sa keimami valoloma na lasutaki. He shall be investigated for his crimes. He is not fit to lead
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Fiji’s Public Service Commission says it plans to cut the number of public servants by another 20 percent as part of reforms to be completed by next year. The PSC chairman, Josefa Seruilagilagi, has told Fijilive that public servants will be asked to take voluntary redundancy packages. Another 6,000 jobs are to be slashed after 2,500 staff were made to retire in April following a decree by the interim regime that lowered the retirement age to 55. Mr Seruilagilagi says the government’s budget is mostly used to pay salaries and this has to be brought down. Last year, the public service faced pay cuts but the interim regime retained its pays.
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Sources from Fiji report that Frank Bainimarama has been frequently spotted with Hari Punja at his Muanikau home and Walu Bay office. Hari Punja is one of Fiji’s business tycoons who has time and again displayed his no loyalty to anyone except himself and his pocket. He only has permanent interest with people, particularly the rulers of the day, but has no permanent friends, and again, it is due largely to his greedy nature to make money by hook or by crook. The frequency of the Bainimarama and Hari Punja meetings have increased dramatically over the past months and sources say they must be up to no good again. Hari Punja is a controversial businessman who was named by various people and groups as financier of Fiji’s various coups.
Two of his sons, Rohit Punja and Sanjay Punja have departed from their Flour Mills of Fiji business citing “personal reasons” as the cause of their decision to leave. Hari Punja is also the Punja brother who carried out his own coup in their Punja and Sons family business resulting in his setting up of what is now Hari Punja and Sons that has majority controlling shares in public companies such as Flour Mills of Fiji, Rice Company of Fiji, Atlantic Packaging, to name a few. Hari Punja is also a institutional investor in Fiji TV and Communications Fiji, both of which he is a board member. So folks, don’t be surprised with all the one-sided pro-junta propaganda churning out from the two media houses, controlled somewhat by Hari Punja. He is betting the tyrant Frank horse!
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We can confirm that the people of the Rewa Province are not taking heed of announcements made by murderous Frank Bainimarama and his peep-squeek spokesman Leweni of heir intention to ban the August Methodist Church conference. According to them, their paramount chief, Ro Temumu Kepa, has not relayed a message to her people that she has bowed to Frank’s threats. So, they carry on regardless with their preparation.
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Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, says members of the Melanesia Spearhead Group will take Fiji’s case to next month’s Pacific Islands Forum, but he is not hopeful Suva’s suspension will be lifted soon. Sir Michael, along with the Vanuatu and Solomon Islands prime ministers, met Fiji military leader Frank Bainimarama in Port Vila, Vanuatu, last week and called for Fiji’s suspension to be reversed. Earlier this year, Fiji’s constitution was scrapped and strict controls imposed on the media and freedom of assembly. But Sir Michael has told Radio Australia whatever the forum decides on Fiji, it will have MSG support. “We’ll go with the majority decision. But at least we’ll make our points known, we’ll make our standpoint known to the forum leaders.”
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