Thursday, July 30, 2009

Presidency- one step away for Frank

Presidency- one step away for Frank
30 July 2009

Now that Ratu Iloilo is gone- Moce Jo! Well at least he will be spared the butt of numerous un-chiefly jokes and snide remarks around the tanoa. What is the likely cause for the President’s retirement? Ultimately it’s all to do with power for Frank the dictator and his final lunge to install himself into the Presidency as the supreme ruler of Fiji. Yes, He tasted absolute power for a month in May-July 2000, and again in December -Jan 2006 and yet again in April of 2009 and was totally high on it (and still is). With the 1997 constitution now gone and CJ Gates the homo in his back pocket (so to speak), Frank’s Military and President for life dream is at hand. Yes, the President and Tui Viti from Kiuva. What Ratu Seru Cakobau and Ratu Kamisese Mara could not achieve Ratu Voreqe from Kiuva is on the verge of! Now how does that grab you? No, not Epeli Nailatikau the Tongan as President for that would be political suicide for Frank trying to court the already disgusted Fijians. All it will take now is to keep the soldiers and policemen-his main supporters happy.
The soldiers only want their ration allowances re-stored and the policemen their 12% pay increase as long promised and everything will be oh so sweet. Unfortunately the coffers are drained therefore FNPF needs to be syphoned slowly but surely to keep government going.The yellow ribbon programme had conned the public into a false sense of prisoner rehabilitation and the police Christian crusade were all charades of police community work to shore up his power base unbeknown to the poor and gullible public.
The Methodist Church will put a stop to Frank and his satanic forces in 40 days . Beware the Ides of Augustus

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