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A Plea to Roko Tui Dreketi

A Big Kerekere To Ro Teimumu Kepa, Paramount Chief Of Rewa Please for the sake of those of us that believe strongly in doing what is right for humanity and the country we love so passionately I plead with you to stand your ground and allow the Bose Ko Viti to go ahead in your province of Rewa. As you say it is critical to show Bainimarama that the people of Fiji are not going to be subservient to his rules and his whims so now is the time to show him. It is more so now that he has become a dictator and with his military regime going on a “Gagging Spree” in their desperate attempt to control freedom of the media and freedom of speech. We were also let down so badly by the nation’s lawyers in taking the pragmatic approach and applying for their PCs. It was a given opportunity for a group of intellects to show some defiance against the dictator and his team and sadly it didn’t not happen.The legal system affects nearly every aspect of any society. Lawyers are the backbone of any legal system linking it to society in numerous ways. They hold positions of great responsibility and are obligated to adhere to a strict code of ethics. Lawyers are our representatives and act as both advocates and advisors in our society and should lead the way in exemplifying our legal rights and not take the pragmatic approach.
The Ro Teimumu I have known all my life is a true faithful Fijian high chief with great dignity and courage, a politician, a staunch catholic, a loving mother and caring human being who has obliged her people by doing what’s right and that is to stand against all that is illegal. For this reason I am certain she will not budge and give in to the Military Regime because of its illegality. To keep her people united she must stick up for what is right and within Fiji’s “Constitutional Powers.” She is blessed with the knowledge of her country and her people and with divine assistance also actual grace she is equipped to point her people into believing in her, in order to stand up to Bainimarama and in no way disallow the Bose Ko Viti to go ahead. What she does with her people will automatically flow through to the remainder of the people of Fiji. We must understand and respect the “constitutional powers” of the land and do our utmost to guard and protect it from being trashed.
The issue should be a legal and principled one for every citizen of Fiji. We must not be seen in any way to have accorded Bainimarama’s Regime “legitimacy” because they do not have it. The law and constitution must be upheld and we must all be aware on the consequences on us as individuals and to the people of Fiji if we do not uphold it. Once again I plead with Ro Teimumu to lead her people to a crusade of justice in promoting the goal of supporting the rule of law and democracy in her country which has been under so much pressure since Rabuka’s 1987 coup. She must simply underscore the extent to which she is prepared to endure being contested over what she believes to be the right for her people and the people of Fiji. Each and everyone of us have a responsibility and obligation to the development of our country, ( my case birth country ) especially when it is under siege and facing chaos and anarchy.
Isa, Di Teimumu, vosoti yau if I have been cheeky and over stepped the line but you can blame the desperate situation we are in and my passion for my birth town, Levuka! I am sure you will understand. It was said to me by Everett that to whom much is given much is also required . There is no higher calling of duty than public service of or towards one’s neighbour and country. A scripture we must value that it is better to give than to receive. With grace and mercy and your help we the people will be resolved to deal with any future adversity or challenge that may come our way in a spirit of confidence and good humour.
Loloma bibi, Rosalind.
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We say – Nice to know that Frank Bainimarama is acknowledging the impact of freedom bloggers who denounce his lawbreaking coup(s). Our word of advise to him is this – leave us alone Frank! Concentrate in propping up your crumbling junta empire. Kinda says alot when you make reference to us at a shakey time such as this, aye!. Waz up Frank? You feeling your foundation rattling under your feet? Relax bro ….relax … and may the truth win this war! Fiji’s Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is requesting the public not to read blogs on the internet.
He was responding to reports that there differences between high ranking officers in the Fiji Military. Bainimarama says blogs are done by people who have nothing to do with their time.“Reading into blog sites is not doing anybody any good. It’s a waste of time. People who read it really have nothing else to do. Tell them to go plant cassava or something.” He adds people have been arrested for being linked to certain blogs posted on the internet. Bainimarama is advising people not to read blogs as it is intended to frighten them. “Earlier blog sites were traced to three people. I understand they were arrested but they were let off again. It was traced to their computers. Whoever is reading blog-sites will get sad and they get depressed. That is the whole purpose of the blog-sites. My advice is do not read blog-sites. It’s not gonna do anybody any good.”
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Prime Minister John Key said there had been a unanimous decision to expel Fiji from the Pacific Forum, despite several nations recently breaking from the consensus and announcing their support for the military regime. Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG), said on Monday morning self-appointed interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama had “won their support for lifting the suspension”, the Solomon Times Online reported. PNG Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare said he was convinced some of Bainimarama’s plans were good for Fiji. Leaders from the MSG said they would take Fiji’s case to their peers at the Pacific Islands Forum in Cairns, Australia next month. Key said there was a desire to see a solution in Fiji by all those who has reached the unanimous decision to expel it. “All 16 countries in the forum want to see a solution, but the question is what that solution will be.” Bainimarama had not engaged in dialogue with the other political stakeholders, Key told reporters. “From New Zealand’s point of view, it’s not just a conclusion or an outcome we want to see, it’s an enduring outcome. “But I don’t think there’s any desire to revisit the decision we made which was to suspend Fiji from the Pacific Forum,” Key said.
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While Police officers guard and patrol Aiyaz Khaiyum’s Loa St family home, insiders say the illegal wanna-know-it-all AG, Aiyaz, hardly sleeps at home now. They report that Aiyaz has found a new rendevouz spot at Suva Point with his newly-divorced bird, Morika Hunter. Wonder if he will order another batch of police officers to his second home!lol
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We say – to give credibility to Frank and Leweni’s claim, why haven’t they asked Driti and Ului to give a joint press conference to justify that they still support Frank? Or simply, why hasn’t Driti or Ului stepped forward to speak to the media like they use to do to dispel the split prevalent at FMF? Frank Bainimarama can not deny that the masses support from all walks of life including Fiji Military Forces, is now behind Driti and Ului. He will have to face up to his fate as the coup executionist. We are pretty sure that Fiji is willing to pardon Driti, Ului and their military officers, if they carry on with what they are doing to install a civilian government - BUT NOT Frank Bainimarama who has to reap the coup seed he sowed. Fiji’s interim Prime Minister has dismissed claims that there’s been a change in the military leadership.
A Fiji military spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, denied internet reports that Colonel Pita Driti and Colonel Roko Ului Mara had taken over the military’s leadership from Commodore Frank Bainimarama. The reports were carried by blogs, which have gained a media role amid the continued censorship imposed as part of the emergency regulations. Commodore Bainimarama has told Auckland’s Radio Tarana the claims are a non-issue. “Reading into blogsites is not doing anybody any good. It is a waste of time, people who read it have nothing else to do, nothing good. Whoever is reading blogsites would get stirred and they get depressed and that’s the whole purpose of them. My advice is, don’t read blogsites.”
Commodore Frank Bainimarama
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So far it was John samy, John prasad, Jone Dakauvula, Francis Narayan, Parmesh Chand and Rasheed Ali. But the latest to join this exclusive cabal is one Gautam Ramswarup -a conman par excellence. His apppointment as the new Chairman of FSC is a cruel joke against the people of Fiji especially the sugar cane farmers and the workers. People of Fiji deserve to be told exactly who this character is and what specialist skills, experience and expertise he brings to solve the many pressing problems facing the industry and what vision, if any, he has for its future. This man worked in a Suva accounting firm for few years before joining FSC in the early 1970’s. Shortly after the 1987 coup , he joined his soulmate Rasheed Ali and fled to Australia- reportedly on the back of a fear that Rabuka was going to investigate some of the white collar deals that had taken in FSC under their management.
Both at Price Waterhouse Suva ( talk to previous managers Bhaskar Bhindi, Mahesh Patel, Dhiraj Hemraj) and FSC , it was common knowledge that Ramswarup for all his grandstanding and bragging was completely incapable of any real work, output and productivity. Insiders in the Sugar industry remember him as a peerless master of bluff and bluster, all style but no substance at all. A pastmaster at avoiding work and responsibilities , his incompetence was so glaring and his reputation, if any, such a joke that he could not even balance basic financial journals despite his dubious claims to many a high level professional qualifications.
All his working life he has preyed on others to bail him out. But to be fair to him , he was about the most accomplished greaser of his generation and lived entirely on his contacts and connections.With his turbo charged ego and an obssessively narcisssistic disposition, he had a fiercesome reputation for vengeneance and victimisation. For not only did he destroy many promising careers through sheer institutionalised personal hatred and vendetta, unjustified demotions and arbitrary transfers but also entrenched a deeply damaging culture of cronysim , nepotism and mediocrity through totally unmerited promotiom of his cronies and favorites. He terrorised all and sundry-from ordinary mill labourers to senior mill managers and it is no overstatement that he was more widely depised and feared than any body in the history of the sugar indusrty.
George Moody Stuart , one of the most astute Managing Director’s of FSC,once in a moment of disarming honesty even joked that if there was a competition to find the most unproductive employee in its 3000 plus workforce , then Ramswarup has to be clear frontrunner. Stuart was being kind -the fact was that he was clearly the most useless for the money he was paid. Perpetually shielded by his mate Rasheed Ali, Ramswarup was allowed all the excesses of excecutive priveleges, abuse of power and total immunity from any kind of accountability for his performance or lack of. The contriving Ramswarup cultivated an artificial aura of executive indispensability , arrogance and pomposity about himself with consumate cunning and guile which many mistook for quality and competence. But talk to any of his contemporaries and they will tell you how profoundly hollow he is.
How he was able to manipulate the key levers of the FSC with such impunity remains one of the mysteries of the industry but it is certainly not unconnected to his symbiotic partnership with Rasheed Ali and their self serving mantra of ” you look after me I will look after you.” And the usefullness of this pact should not be underestimated for there was a lot to be looked after. We have been reliably informed that life has not been that easy for him in Sydney for the last 20 years he has ben living there. His bluff and incompetence exposed , Ramswarup has not even had a steady job and yet he is reported to be living in obscene affluence and opulence supported by a multimillion portfolio of wealth and properties. When , where and how he has acquired this massive fortune needs to be thoroughly investigated.
As a starter he must explain how he was able to secretly acquire from FSC a prime residential property in Marou Rd in the Suva Domain for a fraction of its fair market value and how it was leased back yo the FSC. He must also explain his direct involvement in the award of some of the largest tenders and contracts in the sugar industry and his close association with the leading tenderers , contractors and their principals and his failure to ever declare any real or potential conflict of interests. He must tell how he leased his Tamavua house to Wetpac bank when they were the bankers for FSC and why only Westpac was allowed to clear some $300 million of sugar foreign currency in Fiji and why it needed a revolt from the farmers organisations to change that practice.
Based in the Dominion House , Suva , all his life , Ramswarup has never worked in any of its sugar mills and has no first hand experience of the sugar industry. To put it crudely in the rural parlance he does notknow the difference between a sugar cane and a bamboo plant. He does not understand the milling factories nor the cane farms. His lack of empathy for the farmers amd the workers is very well known and is on public record. ramswarup just does not understand the pulse of the industry and the feelings and sufferings of the poor.
Arrogant and insensitive to the extreme, it is under his tenure that the industry saw its darkest chapter of industrial relations with the cane farmers and the workers. Rather than some constructive engagement , consultation and genuine partnership , the hallmark of Ramswarup’s style has been one of strident confrontation, unmalleable arrogance ego and intransigence. This man has nothing to offer to the industry and the 200,000 whose lives depend on its wellbeing and viability. Like his previous comrades, he is part of the problems we face today and no part of its solution now. He is a mercenary; a serial opportunist who is there for his own self interest.
How much is he defrauding the farmers now as the Chairman of FSC? We cannot and must not allow the industry to become the retirement sanctuary to support the largesse and luxury for these no hopers and conman. It was Ratu Mara who summed up their arrogance best in 1983 when he admitted to a group of trade unionists that ” if Rasheed and Ramswarup get a chance they will kick on my balls.” God save the industry .
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The Hari Punja & Frank Bainimarama deal
July 15, 2009
More revelations are surfacing on a supposed deal hatching between Hari Punja and tyrant Frank Bainimarama. It is reported that Hari Punja is courting Frank in his bid to out-smart his own blood brothers at Punja & Sons. A multi-million dollars warehouse built by Punja & Sons in Lautoka is not settling down well with their coup-maker brother Hari Punja in Suva. So what does Hari do? He wanna draw in Frank as his business partner provided that Frank gives Hari concessions in all facets of business he’s in. Politician and FLP leader, Mahendra Chaudhry has always pointed out Hari Punja as a selfish greedy buggy who is only interested in making money at the cost of the poor ordinary folks. It is of no surprise then that Hari is bedding coupster Frank – that’s quite normal for him , really!

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