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Methodist Targeted by Fiji Police

Fiji sources are now reporting that the Methodist Church think-tank comprising of some ousted SDL/FLP multi-party parliamentarians have been rounded up under the instruction of Police Commish Teleni. This is the same Teleni who is organising a church conference in Labasa tomorrow “to get to know the Methodist Church pastors better”. And these sources have also confirmed that a permit was given by Teleni to himself for the Labasa conference contradicting his stance in denying the Methodist Church a permit to hold their own late August annual conference.
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The Methodist Church in Fiji says five more of its members have been taken in to custody by police today. The church says the five are still being held at a police station in Suva and could appear in court later. It follows the detention of more than a dozen Methodists in the past week, and the laying of charges against four church leaders who are alleged to have violated a meeting permit. The police in Fiji could not be contacted to confirm the latest detentions, which come after the church defied the interim government’s decision to ban its annual conference. Meanwhile, the police in Fiji say they have invited Methodist leaders to a church conference in Labasa tomorrow and expect them to attend. Police spokesperson, Mika Cabealawa says more than US$8,000 is being spent to bring almost 300 pastors from all Christian denominations in the north of the country together for the conference. He says one of the aims of the conference is to build a good relationship with the Methodist church and other denominations. “Our vision from our commissioner is to work together and we want to come down and talk. It’s to bind together with the Ministers and the church, from difference to one. That’s how we plan for this crusade.” Mika Cabealawa says community policing initiatives have been more expensive and have not worked in the past. He says there has been a good response to efforts to involve the church in reducing crime rates.
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28 JULY 2009

I am delighted to be here today for the opening of the Fiji Economy Update 2009. This is an important and influential event and it has rarely been as relevant as it is this year.

The distinguished line-up of speakers from both USP, and the Australian National University, reminds us of the close, longstanding and mutually-beneficial relationship which exists between these two key institutions. Beyond this, of course, representatives from a number of other institutions are also here, underscoring the breadth of academic contacts between Fiji and Australia.

Australia has been pleased to support USP throughout its forty plus years of operation. We value its role as a key contributor to development in the Pacific, as a provider of education and training, targeted research and consultancy services and technical expertise for the region. This year we increased our support to USP by 32% over the previous year, and later this year we will begin negotiations with USP on a multi-year agreement, to commence in 2010.

The Pacific, including Fiji, has not been immune from the impact of the global economic crisis. Aside from its direct impact on economies of the region, the GEC has put into sharper relief some of the underlying rigidities and obstacles to economic resilience and growth in the Pacific. Here in Fiji, of course, the impact of the crisis has been magnified by the effect of political developments over recent years and by the imposition of rule by decree, seemingly for an indefinite period.

I note that this Update is taking place only a week ahead of the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting in Cairns, Australia. The GEC is likely to be the key issue for discussion and we anticipate that the Forum meeting will prove influential in shaping the region’s response to the GEC, including how to strengthen development coordination in the Pacific.

One of the significant issues that Leaders will discuss is whether to start negotiations on a new regional trade and economic integration agreement – currently known as PACER Plus. Leaders will be considering this issue on the basis of a positive recommendation from their Trade Ministers at their meeting in Apia last month.

Much has been written recently about Fiji and its participation as an important regional economy in PACER Plus and doubtless this will be discussed in Cairns. As you would be aware, following the decision taken by Forum Leaders in Port Moresby in January this year, Fiji’s regime has been suspended from Forum meetings and events, and from participation in Forum regional cooperation initiatives. This includes Forum meetings held since May, at which decisions have been taken on PACER Plus. Australia’s position on this is that we will welcome Fiji back as a full participant in PACER Plus negotiations, but not until concrete steps are taken to return Fiji to democracy and the rule of law. Subject to the decisions taken by Forum Leaders at next week’s Forum meeting, and on the basis of the decision made by Leaders when they met in Port Moresby in January, we remain open to considering options for keeping Fiji informed on PACER Plus developments.

All that said, the trading relationship between Fiji and Australia continues to be a strong one, reflecting the strong linkages across the board between our countries. Fiji continues to benefit from privileged access to the Australian market under existing international agreements and arrangements, including SPARTECA and SPARTECA-TCF. Contrary to what you might read in some publications, economic sanctions are not being contemplated.

Australia is also serious about providing direct support for Fiji’s export-related sectors. This assistance is, of course, consistent with Australia’s long history of assistance in Fiji, where we also maintain significant programs of assistance in the education and health sectors, as well as working on community sector development.

Australia is providing up to F$3.28 million in support to Fiji’s TCF industry. This program is helping the industry through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality and market reach. This year we also granted Fiji’s TCF industry a reduction in the Minimum Local Area Content from 35% to 25%, thereby lifting the number and type of garments able to be exported duty-free to Australia.

Fiji is also benefitting from its inclusion in an Australian Government pilot program, the Enterprise Challenge Fund, a program which provides grants direct to commercially viable business projects which improve livelihoods, incomes, and access to vital goods and services for local communities. I’m pleased that, so far, two export-oriented firms in Fiji have received grants through this highly competitive scheme: Nature’s Way Cooperative and Future Forests Fiji Ltd.

As a neighbour with a significant stake in Fiji’s economy, who wants to see Fiji fulfil its economic potential, Australia has a keen interest in this Update. I hope it can make a genuine contribution to public debate on the economy here in Fiji. At a time when freedom of speech is heavily restricted, it is imperative that the University fulfils its traditional role of providing a space for the free and respectful exchange of ideas and opinions, free from coercion or intimidation. I wish you all well in your deliberations.
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I understand Mr. Qarase’s probable reasoning behind doing a deal with Chaudhry.As a manager of an Investment Bank, he knows too well what a financial crisis the Fijian Economy is about to hit.A tsunami of unequal proportions is about to hit the Fijian Banks, the reserve Bank, the economy and the whole of the Fijian society.Mr. Qarase is not interested in the Politics of it all, and Chaudhry, God love him, is probably just as aware now.
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Those involved with the Fiji Oil industry recognised there was something a miss with the FHL / BP Oil deal from the outset. It just did not add up and make rational economic sense. Having said that, there have been many deals in Fiji that do not make economic sense with these being concluded for dubious reasons other than sound ethical business. Lets be frank, Fiji is a corrupt place with there being many underhand transactions. Accordingly, interested stakeholders were curious as to how FHL’s offer was arrived at – was it incompetence and a miscalculation or was there some other influence at play. In any event, the CEO needs to accept responsibility and be accountable, offering an explanation. Disappointingly, it would seem FHL’s CEO lacks the moral courage and credibility to honestly divulge the underling facts, something that is owed to the shareholders and community at large, after all FHL has directly benefitted from tax payers funders courtesy of Mr. Qarase. Come on Ms Qoro do the honourable, honest, responsible thing and tell the truth.
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By taking on any Religious Faith, be it catholic, Methodist, Hinduism or Islam, Frank has opened a can of worms and won’t be able to put the lid back on now! Effectively, by this act of stupidity and defiance against the Methodist Congregation, he has taken a stand against all Religions, therefore, all the citizens of Fiji. Frank has gained absolutely nothing from this action. As for the SBS interview, I was disappointed that the reporter didn’t confront and challenge Frank as to the real reasons behind his actions of December the 5th. 2006. Why wasn’t Frank challenged about the investigation by Andrew Hughes, the then Fijian Police Commissioner, regarding his alleged involvement in the murders of 5 C.R.W. Soldiers in 2000, one of whom, wasn’t even on duty during the killing of other soldiers at the camp ?
REST IN PEACE :- murdered by fellow Soldiers,
Selesitano Kalounivale
Jone Davui
Epineri Bainimoli
Lagani Rokowaqa
Iowane Waseroma
And why wasn’t Frank challenged about the murders of at least 4 unarmed Fijian civilians since December the 5th. 2006 ?
REST IN PEACE :- murdered by Soldiers,
Nimilote Verebasaga
Sakiusa Rabaka
REST IN PEACE :- murdered by Police,
Tevita Malasebe
Josefa Baleiloa
Why again, wasn’t Frank challenged by the reporter, that all these atrocities and crimes against Humanity, happened while he was in Command, since 2000 ? And finally, why wasn’t Frank challenged about the illegal detentions, tortures and assaults at the Military Base, against unarmed, innocent, male and female Fijian citizens, again under his command ?
Mark Manning
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We don’t blame Frank Bainimarama for his disappointment towards the FHL board of directors.
He entrusted them to sync FHL’s vision to his foggy national roadmap while at the same time continue to grow the business for the benefit of its public shareholders. Frank is obviously feeling very let down by his hangers-on for lumping more problems onto his head. The inept parasites he chose to promote his interest at FHL have failed to deliver but have succeeded in undermining Frank’s attempts to show Fiji and the world that his apologists can do a better job than previous administration and corporate leaders. These board directors and executives, Colonel Aziz Mohammed, Isoa Kaloumaira, Sereana Qoro, Padam Lala, Michael Makasiale, Radike Qereqeretabua, Saimoni Lutu, Ulaiasi Baya, Iowane Naiveli, Aiyaz Musa, Nouzab Fareed, Tomasi Radakua, Mariana Saumadu and Tevita Gonelevu, are not worth the directors fees and salaries paid to them by FHL’s shareholders. Collectively, they’ve contributed in FHL loosing millions of dollars in costs associated with the doomed BP Oil acquistion. And for that, Frank can be excused for sacking all of them – something we expect him to do very soon if he is to bring some form of credibility back to this publicly listed company.
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The more Frank opens his mouth, the less sense he makes. He is obviously a very troubled – traumatised – person who has yet to receive the relevant counselling after the events of November 2000. Can Jone Baledrokadroka, the new face on the Australian/Fiji democratic scene do the honourable thing and tell us once and for all the TRUTH behind the deaths of some of the CRW soldiers? Was Frank directly involved in any of the deaths and if so, how? Was Baledrokadroka himself involved and if so, how? Fiji and its people will not move forward unless the events of November 2000 are revealed honestly. If Frank was involved, then that will explain the reason for his actions in December 2006. It will also give the people of Fiji a better idea of why things are the way they are and why they need to take the necessary action to change the current status quo.
At the moment, the i-taukei structure as it has existed for hundreds of years is beginning to break up – chiefs are being arrested while their bati sleep and paramountcy is being tested by subordinate chiefs without the ordinary people uttering a murmur. The clergy is being abused and the congregation simply sits meekly accepting that their shephards are being de-robed by a superior authority – an authority they can see – Frank Bainimarama. One wonders whether in all this madness there is reason for the congregation to continue to profess that there is an ultimate higher authority – GOD. If they cannot protect their own clergy from Frank, how can they expect to be welcomed by GOD?
Everyone is more concerned about bread and butter issues than about what is REALLY happening in Fiji – the destruction of the Fijian (i-taukei) system. The Bible can be interpreted in different ways by different people because that is human nature. But do we realise the prophesied END days – for us here in Fiji at least – are probably already upon us because the end of the Fijian system (including i-tauvu taki) is already taking place? The wolves in sheeps clothing are already working among us – they’ve come back from their new abodes to feast upon the spoils that Frank offers them in the knowledge that in this scenario, the ordinary sheep can see and understand what is happening but have resigned themlves to the fact that they are being led to the inevitable slaughter and are simply content to feed off the remnants of lush paddocks to which they once had free and open access. Through our inaction,we are all party to the mess we are in. We are worse than sheep – we see but refuse to see, we understand but refuse to understand.
The Oracle
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A former president of Fiji’s Methodist Church wants the organisation to cancel plans for its annual conference. The country’s interim government, installed after a coup, has banned the gathering scheduled for next month. Last week it arrested the church leadership, who insist the meeting will go ahead regardless. Reverent Ilaitia Tuwere says he blames both the Methodist Church and the interim government for the stand-off, but he says the church needs to cancel the conference in the interest of avoiding a potential clash. “It’s a guarantee of a confrontation,” he says. “And I hope there will be no uprising. Because if there is going to be one there will be, really, Fijians against Fijians because most of the people in the army are Fijians and most of the people in the Church are Fijians. “It will be very unfortunate. I hope this will not come around.”
- Radio Australia
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Methodist Church in Fiji says detention of its members is continuing
July 27, 2009
The Methodist Church in Fiji says the detention of its members is continuing with at least three members being questioned by police on Monday. That comes after more than 10 church members were detained last week and four church leaders were charged with violating a meeting permit issued under the public emergency regulations. The church says all its members have now been released, but the four leaders are not allowed to attend meetings where its annual conference or political issues are being discussed until they reappear in court in August.
The Methodist deputy general secretary, Tevita Banivanua, says church members are unsure whether to proceed with the church’s annual conference despite the interim government’s decision to ban the event. “We just don’t know what to do or even to say, now are conference has been withheld like this. The way of communicating with our people, we have been completely shut off.” Reverend Banivanua says church members are depressed, frustrated and annoyed.
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Dictator Bainimarama did himself no favours on SBS program, Dateline, on Australian television. The Dictator was simplistic, hypocritical and ignorant about the realities of the consequences of his actions in April. The interviewer, Mark Davis, pulled no punches with his line of questioning.
Some of Bainimarama’s comments: -
The Dictator’s response to questions included comments like:
” If I have to fight anyone, I’ll fight anyone.”
As for changes that he believes Fiji needs he stated “You need to have it done, today.” ( Really? Well what’s with the 2014 timeline – you don’t add up, Dictator)
When Davis asked if he could speak to Qarase, Bainimarama said: “I don’t want you to speak to him, it doesn’t make sense.” Bainimarama also stated that his rule is not a military dictatorship.
Some thoughts on Bainimarama’s performance:-
1. Qarase participated in a democratic process and was voted into power by the people of Fiji. There is no such thing as a perfect democracy, but at least Fiji did have an evolving democracy. It is interesting to note that Qarase had an inclusive cabinet.
So, the question is rather obvious: Bainimarama raised the race card, claiming that the 1997 Constitution was racially based. Qarase’s inclusive cabinet tends to make Bainimarama’s claims rather tenuous. An evolving democracy, with an inclusive cabinet was ripped from the Fijian people.
2. The dictator’s comments on the Methodist Church were nothing short of an insult to the intelligence of many people within Fiji, and not just Methodists. And to add to the hypocrisy of the man, he was sporting a cross around his neck. He chose to ignore the spiritual aspects of the very people he claims to be helping. He ignored the fact the Church bodies do enormous community and humanitarian work. On this issue, he came across as rather stupid – it was completely about his power, to hell with everyone else.
3. His statement that the Pacific Island Forum is for the pacific island countries and really not for Australia and New Zealand was very ignorant. Obviously, both countries are geographically linked to the pacific and invests hundreds of millions of dollars in pacific countries. Many Pacific Islanders reside in both Australia and New Zealand. The PIFmeeting will be in Cairns in a couple of weeks. The major countries in the region play a key role in pacific affairs,whether Bainimarama likes it or not. This is another threat to his power (and ego)
4. Finally, his statement that “no one can bring about changes except the military, here, now,” indicates that he has no interest or faith in the Fijian people.
It was clear from tonight’s interview, that Frank Bainimarama is the paramount leader of Fiji, that his Dictatorship is legitimate because he made it so. While Qarase, was an elected Prime Minister,Bainimarama has never faced the people. He will never test himself with the electorate and for one good reason: Bainimarama’s interview betrayed his attitude towards democracy – he doesn’t believe in it. His claim that 2014 will see a return to democracy is a lie. I suggest that democracy will return over Frank Bainimarama’s dead body. There is one solution, it seems: power must be wrested from him. And that, surely lies from those within the military with a conscience. And this will, in turn, come from a response to non violent, non cooperation that will come from the people. The Methodist Church leadership has set the ball rolling……..
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SPSE Announcements :: Suspension of Fijian Holdings Limited


Suspension of Fijian Holdings Limited

The South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) would like to inform investors and the general public that it has been resolved by the Board of the Exchange that trading in Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL) will now be suspended until further notice.

The suspension comes in light of continuous delays by FHL in addressing queries raised by the Exchange relating to the recent corporate governance audit report. The Exchange’s concern was whether there was any material information that was revealed in this audit particularly concerning any breaches of corporate governance. Since the Exchange is concerned that material information in the report that could be used by investors to make informed decisions about FHL may have been withheld from the market and since to date the Exchange has not received a satisfactory response, the Board has decided to take this step to ensure that all shareholders receive timely and accurate information and that an orderly market is maintained.

Suspension of trading in FHL shares will be uplifted as soon as FHL addresses the queries raised by the Exchange to its satisfaction and fully complies with the continuing listing requirements of the SPSE Listing Rules.

All licensed members of the Exchange will not be able to execute FHL orders until the suspension is uplifted. Settlement of all trades prior to the suspension will be carried out in accordance with SPSE rules.

Should you require any further information on the issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jinita Prasad
Chief Executive
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Rasheed & Ramswarup – the real deal
July 27, 2009
This is the REAL DEAL.
SOURCE -They themselves
The rotten low life infidels that they are, they will not even spare each other. Word has it that they know some much about each other’s loots, that they have signed a sham marriage of convenience pact only for the purposes of protecting each other. There is no love or honour in that pact. It is all about deceit, duplicity, double crossing, hatred and distrust.
For they can eat together, travel together and sleep together, but given half a chance they will not hesitate to screw each other.
For example, Rasheed recently told a group of Fji people in Aussie, that Ramswarup’s real agenda in conning the FSC Chairmanship is to advance his own deeply personal financial interests in Fiji. He gave details of how the unemployed and never again employable Ramswarup had been working for some time on a business plan to set up a private hospital in Fji in partnership with a prominent Sydney doctor. According to Rasheed, Ramsarup’s current FSC appointment gives him a perfect foil to do the feasibiltiy for that business project all at the espense of the sugar industry. Of course , Ramswarup’s connections with the other conman Francis Narayn , who heads the trade and investment agency will be very handy in getting all the neccessary regulatory approvals and permits plus valuable inside information about any potential competetion or policy issues and even the possibility of getting some tax, tarriff and funding concessions. Rasheed confirmed that this was going to be a multimillion dollar venture and is linked to the regime’s earlier announcement of privatising some key health services. He sees that as a positioning phase and they will hit the ground running when the time comes.
Likewise Ramswarup has told his own coterie of cronies that Rasheed also without a job himself,is deadly keen on a plan to make a living by provide consultancy services to FSC and the agricultural sector. According to Ramswarup, with the links that Rasheed has built within the industry and the regime, he stands to gain big time as is so evident now in the way they are dictating everything within the sugar industry. From mill crushing to marketing, they are controlling the show and with a gutless and compliant no hoper CEO in Deo Saran and his deputy Anamale Naicker,they will be writing their own cheques.
How much better can it get for anybody ?
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If it walks like a dictator, if it quacks like a dictator and if it looks like a dictator, then it must be a dictator.
That’s about the only concrete fact to emerge from Frank Bainimarama’s one-hour television interview with the program, Dateline, on Australia’s SBS Television on Sunday night 26 July 2009. With his pathologically self-centred, often boastful claims (example: “I will fight anyone”) Frank Bainimarama unambiguously projected himself as a tin-pot dictator of the first order.
Of course, when asked if he was a military dictator, he flatly denied the fact to the camera. But then he contradicted himself by continuing to speak like one. There were two other key points that emerged as the dictator blustered and boasted to the interviewer: The first was that, for the benefit of the international audience, our dictator has now changed the official reason for seizing power in Fiji.
Two and a half years ago, the reason he gave for his coup was the need to “clean up” corruption? Well, it might have sounded credible at the time but corruption is no longer the issue. In fact corruption has completely vanished from Frank’s list of self-justifications and in its place is a new official reason for the coup and the disasters we are experiencing. As Frank kept emphasizing for the benefit of his Australian television audience, his main mission in life is to rid Fiji of race-based elections.
Why? Because, as Frank readily admitted if an election was held today, the winner would be the man he threw out of the Prime Minister’s office. And, boasted the dictator, he would never allow this to happen! And that leads us to the other point that came through loud and clear: The dictator is plain dumb.
For example, he’s so dumb that he doesn’t think anyone will remember that the election system he condemns as racially skewed in favour of indigenous Fijians is the very same system that enabled Mahendra Chaudhry to win in 1999! But that’s the thing about dictators. They can say anything they like because they won’t allow anyone to contradict them. Except in Frank’s case, that is. Every time he speaks he does a pretty good job of contradicting himself.
Fiji Democracy Now
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Tyrant Frank Bainimarama’s circus show
July 27, 2009
Bainimara’s interview with SBS Dateline Australia
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A high profile international workshop will begin today (Monday) at the Sonargaon Hotel in the city where participants will brainstorm on the global financial crisis. The workshop has been organised by the macroeconomic policy and development division of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), the regional arm of the United Nations headquartered in Bangkok, and hosted by the Bangladesh Bank. Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith is scheduled to inaugurate the workshop at 9:30am, followed by an opening message from Dr. Noeleen Heyzer, under-secretary-general of the United Nations and executive secretary of ESCAP.
The governor of the Bangladesh Bank, Dr. Atiur Rahman, will deliver the keynote address.
Senior finance and central bank officials from 17 Asia-Pacific countries will meet in the four-day workshop on “Strengthening the response of the global financial crisis in Asia-Pacific: the role of monetary, fiscal and external debt policies,” to look at various economic policies used by regional governments in dealing with the global crisis.
The participating countries are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. It is expected that the Reserve Bank of Fiji will be begging for Financial Assistance at the meet.
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PORT VILA – Two representatives of the Fiji Regime were this morning questioned by participants at the Pacific Media Summit in Port Vila, Vanuatu for their attendance at the meeting despite the actions of their Government to suppress media freedom in the troubled Pacific Island country.
Talei Tora, a Lance Corporal with the Fiji Military, and an Information Ministry Official arrived over the weekend to take part in the Pacific Island News Association (PINA) biennial conference alongside some 200 participants from the region. At the session titled Shooting the Messenger addressing violence against media practitioners, editor of Cook Islands News John Woods said, it was a direct offence to journalists in the Pacific to have the two representatives of the Fiji Interim Government at a gathering of Pacific journalist.
“Why are they here?,” Woods asked during the meeting.
His query to the conference organisers was supported by other participants.
Editor of Fiji Times, Netani Rika, whose publication has been heavily censored by the Fiji regime, said the two were welcome, although he walked out before the Fiji official addressed the conference. “These people who restrict our work and the work of our colleagues each day have been allowed to have a voice in this forum, that is how it should be. I thank PINA for allowing the Ministry of Information to be here, let us treat them with dignity, decency and respect, may I ask to extend that respect to them for the duration of this meeting,” Rika said.
Despite his understanding at the presence of the Lance Corporal, Rika said: “You would forgive me, I no longer feel comfortable in the presence of people who do not treat us with respect at home but expect to be treated with respect offshore.”
Lance Corporal Tora defended the censorship in her country, saying: “the media had abused its freedom in Fiji.” She told the gathering of journalists that they were shooting the messenger, that she, like a journalist was also doing her job. “Just like journalists we also have a task to do. I reiterate that this is no easy task. Having to deny journalists their work, is not a task we carry out with malicious intent. Our names and photos published on blogs. As if Fiji government are intending to spy on this meeting. We are here to exchange ideas and meet friends,” she said.
Asked whether she will report back to the military backed regime in Fiji the outcome as and discussions of the conference, Tora simply said she was not obliged to say. PINA Manager Matai Akauola defended the invitation of the two Regime workers as a way of engaging with Governments to improve the situation for Journalists in any country.
“Our job is to try and work with the Governments in place, we see safety for journalists as pertinent. If we do not engage with governments, we see that our Journalists in Fiji will suffer. PINA engages with Government whether they be oppressive or not. When things happen you have to strategise in how you deal with Governments.”
- Apia Review Online

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