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Methodist Church Defies Frank

Here again we make the case for the Methodist Church’s true stand in May 2000 which Frank and Ayarse harps on falsely for the illegal regime’s naked power grab in December 2006 and April 2009. This is evidence as published in the Fiji Times of Saturday June 10th 2000.
Churchmen want Peace.
Senior ministers of the Methodist Church visited the military camp in Nabua and the parliament complex yesterday. Church general –secretary Reverend Doctor Ilaitia Tuwere, said members of the church’s standing committee, ministers and some members, divided into two groups-one to the army camp and the other to the parliamentary complex. The church members went to Nabua to show their support for Commodore Bainimarama and the army in their effort to resolve the crisis. Last Friday the church leaders visited the parliament complex with the intention of urging Speight to release the hostages.
But Dr Tuwere said people in the complex thought the Methodist church had come to support Speight. “There are so many rumours going around. We give our support to Bainimarama to clear the air with our ordinary people.” Dr Tuwere said. “What the church needs to see now is the rebuilding of the nation and that is not an easy job”.

Because the Methodist Church backed the military in 2000 for upholding the rule of law against Speight’s high treasonous act which he is now serving jail time for, Frank now sees the church as his Enemy No. 1 this time around. Hey! So isn’t Frank in effect saying to the Methodist Church and Fiji, you are not permitted to destabilize me, even though I committed high treason! The church has been true in its stance against coup mongers like Frank even Reverend Josateki Koroi the President of the Methodist Church at the time of the Rabuka coup condemned the 1987 coup on behalf of the flock. Tebara sili wacala.
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Must be pretty difficult trying to please the country’s illegal Dictator and his merry men! It is becoming obvious that blogs eg Rawfiji News are the way to go as we crave daily to find out exactly how Frank the Dictator is governing Fiji. His gagging of the media has done the blogs a service, way beyond anyone’s imagination. It is now a sense of satisfaction and relief to gain knowledge by reading daily all the uncensored news of once a democratic country turned dictatorship. There is no excuse for denial or ignorance!
Even before censorship, Fiji Times was editing our contribution and we had to tone it down with touches of sarcasm just to have what we wanted to say published. Blogs are great, we can face the issues straight in the face and they will publish the good articles the way it was meant to be written! The fight against Frank has become more intense and growing each day since he gagged the media. For this we thank you Frank! It is a pity those that can’t afford computers don’t get to read the facts about how you and your men are destroying our beautiful islands. So for those of you that don’t do blogs because it is beneath you my advice is if you cared about the future of your country and its people you have no choice but to voice your learned knowledge and good ideas on Rawfiji News the one many of us have found to have credibility!
Fiji Times journalists must be under so much pressure because images of bias reporting is starting to emerge as these journalists want to see their stories approved for print. They have no choice but to keep glorifying those that have lost our respect because they have accorded Frank’s Military Regime “legitimacy” which they do not have! In a small nation like Fiji bias reporting will arise when the reporting of any research is going to be influenced by the nature and direction of its results. Please for all our sakes those of you that use to write into the Fiji Times with your articles, do so in Rawfiji News as we all can learn from your knowledge and good ideas and pass it on to others that do not have access to the internet. It is not that Rawfiji News is not giving us what we want, it will be another form of defiance to the Bullies. The only good thing that has eventuated from media censorship is that Fiji Times is writing more about the good people of Fiji. This letter was of great surprise to me that it was published and mine wasn’t when you take into account the writer who we all know and are very proud of because of her contribution to the development of Fiji through sheer hard work and the passion for her country.
Proud of Suliana
IT is good to read about good people in the news and Suliana Sandys is one of the few these days.
I for one know Suli’s family well before she was born and it is not surprising that the Sandys/Vollmer union produced such a good heart and soul in a person and character such as Suliana. It is common knowledge in Levuka about Suli’s strength of character, her ability in the sports field of hockey and community work which started with her dearest mother Mella Volmer/Sandys.
Suli is what I would term human capital because she adds value to any relationship she makes at personal, family, community and national level. One cannot put a price on such people because they radiate a synergy that is good, that imparts positive benefits to all. Suli is a responsible hard worker, quiet observer and a very astute and authentic leader. She has a big future ahead of her, if the authorities can see past their bureaucracy. How can the Ministry of Education terminate her services only because she has reached the age of 55years. It is the ministry’s loss with high risk to education generally and child development in particular. By the way Geraldine Panapasa, just a small oversight, Suli is not Mrs but Ms. I fully support that Suli receive the ‘Pride of Fiji Medal’ in the Community Spirit Category.
My family and I are very proud to know and share life’s journey with Suliana.
Dr MERE T SAMISONI (nee Keni) Ex LPS student – 1944-55
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France has snubbed Fiji by not inviting its interim regime to this month’s summit with Pacific leaders in New Caledonia. The summit will be the third in six years and will this year be chaired by the French foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, standing in for Nicolas Sarkozy who was earlier expected to be the host. When France held the inaugural gathering in French Polynesia in 2003, a plane was dispatched from Tahiti to Suva to pick up the Fiji prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, for the day.
The New Zealand foreign minister, Murray McCully, is likely to miss the Noumea summit because of a conflict of dates, with the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group due to meet in London at the same time to consider Fiji’s full suspension. Fiji has already been suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum over the interim regime’s refusal to relinquish power this year by holding an election three years after the last coup. Among those expected to attend the Noumea summit will be the French Polynesian youth and sports minister, Tauhiti Nena, as reportedly suggested by the territory’s president, Oscar Temaru.
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Fiji’s interim government is being urged to talk to unions before it goes ahead with redundancy packages for public servants. The Public Service Commission told FijiLive this week that it plans to cut the number of public servants by another 20 percent as part of reforms to be completed by next year. Two and a half thousand staff were made to retire in April after the retirement age was lowered to 55 by decree. The commission says it plans to shed another 6,000 jobs and staff will be asked to take voluntary redundancy. The general secretary of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, Attar Singh, says the unions have not been informed of any redundancy proposals. “The unions will now write to the Public Service Commission, enquire with the commission whether or not they are serious about this and if they are then there is a need for them to you know invite the unions for dialogue and begin a process of negotiation if that is the way to go, so the unions can also put forward the views of the workers and take account of what the country’s and the government’s situation is and arrive at something that is mutually acceptable.”
Attar Singh of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions
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There are speculations that Merchant Finance CEO, the $400,000 per annum Pastor Freddie Keshwan, is facing a possible job chop. His board chairman, perdiem swindler Colonel Aziz Mohammed and deputy chair, the $600,000 per annum Sereana Qoro, will just have to shove all the blame on poor Freddie, eventhough the buck stops with the board. Because Merchant Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of FHL, we predict that South Pacific Stock Exchange will have no choice but to get to the bottom of FHL’s non-disclosure about the rut in MF giving it another very valid reason to suspend FHL from the stock exchange.
What a bloody financial mess FHL is in!!!
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Well placed sources at Reserve Bank of Fiji have confirmed that another of FHL’s cash cow is dying a very fast death. Merchant Finance, chaired by Colonel Aziz Mohammed and its CEO, Freddie Keshwan, are under considerable pressure with the presence of RBF auditors in their Merchant Finance office today. It is understood that RBF is very concerned with the Merchant Finance recent cashflow problems and have stepped in to audit where their once healthy cash reserves have disappeared to. Talks is that Merchant Finance was also used to finance the now failed BP Oil acquistion pushed by the FHL board plus some phoney loan approvals made to members of the regime.
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Can you send out the message for the people in Suva to boycott Shaista Shameem’s new coffee shop opposite FINTEL! No one should bother going to her legal firm too. Now she and her unemployed Fiji Air pilot husband wanna set up shop in Fiji after getting kicked out by their VB friends. Tough luck Shaista! Hehehe you’re stuck in Fiji with your travel ban to the modern world.
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The Editor Vanuatu Daily Post, Dear Sir,
Re: The Prime Minister’s PNG/ Solomon’s/ Vanuatu in MSG decision.
The recent decision by the MSG to support the so-called “road map” of Fiji’s illegal Regime (IR) is an absolute disgrace! I am writing to express my anger at the blatant disregard for the rights, expectations, conscience, will and choice of the people of Fiji that this unaccountable decision represents. Condoning the Regime’s illegitimate moves like this will only prolong the unnecessary suffering of the Fiji people. Better to continue isolating the IR and hasten their collapse from within (a process which was already underway, but which will now be needlessly prolonged).
I cannot for the life of me think what could possibly have prompted the MSG leaders to accept the Fiji Regime’s brain-dead roadmap. It is nothing more than a wish list of fine words by people who have proven time and again that they don’t know what they are doing, or how to keep their word. For these reasons alone, the roadmap is about as meaningless as it can be. And that is before you even consider the fact that it is based on their tainted “People’s Charter” which is already in place and failing to deliver on any of its promises to date, and which the Regime did not even have the guts to put to the people of Fiji by referendum or vote or any other legitimate polling method.
The roadmap is simply a joke – it lacks understanding, it lacks expertise, it lacks legitimacy, it lack popularity, it lacks detail, it lacks an economic platform, and most importantly, it lacks the commitment of the Fiji people. The only reason I can think of then, that the Regime might have been able to arm-twist support out of the MSG, is if it somehow made this into an issue of Fiji’s “sovereignty”.
If that is the case, then let me make this very clear – Fiji’s sovereignty belongs to the people of Fiji!! It does not belong to any gun-toting hooligan who happens to come along and thinks he has an idea for our collective future. Just think for a moment about the implications of accepting that, as a legitimate way of running affairs in your respective countries before you accept it on Fiji’s behalf.
The recent speech by USA President Obama to African leaders sums it up well. He pointed out that the people of Africa cannot blame colonialism or western dominance or democracy for their problems – they can only blame the tyranny and corruption of Leaders. Therefore it is up the to the African people to solve this for themselves in democratic ways of freedom, constitutional democracy and the rule of law and order.
In today’s 21-century market economy, the discipline of Leadership/Management is about fulfillment, as opposed to just effectiveness in order to sustain humanity. But the MSG completely ignored both good management practice and legal pathways in its decision. Why?
Although the MSG decision may give the IR some cause for hope, it does nothing of the sort for the people of Fiji. As I said before, this Regime is already collapsing. So even IF it makes it to its 2014 election deadline, it (or its designated successor) will not survive the verdict of the Fiji people in any free or fair election thereafter. I do not see how any legitimate Government that emerges then could find merit in an organization like the MSG whose tactics have no strategic meaning, and which so easily disregards:
1. The People of Fiji;
2. The Courts and Constitution of Fiji;
3. Commonsense;
4. Expert Advice; and
5. Basic Right over Wrong, in favor of such an illegitimate, bumbling and violent interloper as the Bainimarama Regime.
Such, an example of bad policy is not only outdated and uninformed, but goes against the heart of basic human values and hope for a free and emancipated Fiji.
The Hon. Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni MP.
Cc PNG Post Courier; Solomon’s Star; Pacific Forum Secretariat.
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We say – Thaksin is the guy who has befriended dictator Frank Bainimarama promising to plough in millions into Fiji’s ailing economy. Where will he source his money from we wonder? Fiji’s taxpayers and FNPF perhaps? Prosecutors in Thailand have started proceedings to permanently seize $US2.2 billion in assets belonging to convicted former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The funds were frozen in 2006 after Mr Thaksin was ousted in a military coup. The prosecution and defence have more than 100 witnesses to participate in the trial, which is expected to last until October. Mr Thaksin is not expected attend. The billionaire-businessman has lived in exile since the coup, returning only briefly last year to face a corruption trial over a multi-million dollar land deal involving his wife. He fled again before he was sentenced to two years prison in that case. Mr Thaksin has since spent time in Britain and Hong Kong. More recently he has been based in Dubai. His lawyers say this case is politically motivated. They say the case was mounted by a body backed by the coup makers who forced him from office almost 3 years ago. Some political observers say it will be difficult to prove the money was gained illegally. Mr Thaksin changed many laws while in office, famously adjusting foreign ownership rules to allow the sale of his telecommunications firm Shin Corp to a Singapore company.
- Radio Australia
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We say – believable? Nah, not for us but you decide. Newsworthy? Not one bit except to show how FBCL continue to suck up to Fiji’s tyrant. Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says he has had a positive response from the people of Fiji on government’s road map. He says he has received numerous responses from people endorsing the road map as the way forward for Fiji. Bainimarama says the road map is intended to take out uncertainty. “I’ve been receiving calls and letters and txt from leaders of the community and from the business community for their acceptance of the road map and how positive the road map has made people become. Most people – if not all – the leaders has accepted the road map. We can say that this is the way forward for us.”
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Our sources have confirmed the identities of the 4 ex FSC/CSR , now citizens of Australia for the last 20 years , phoney so called consultants who according to National Farmers Union cost the industry about $800,000 for some part time work. Our sources in the industry also estimate that on a full time annualised basis , this works out to be in excess of $2 million. Predictably and not surprisingly at all they are the same lot.
1.Rasheed Ali,
2.Gautam Ramswarup,
3, Ram Karan and
4. an unnamed functionary all enjoined symbiotically in their shameful odysssey of despicable greed and avarice.
Conscience, ethics, fairness and morality has no place in their marauding mission of naked plunder and banditry. But you have to give to them for the way they are able to con everybody.
Cunningly disguising themselves as altruitic Fiji patriots and using many of the standard templates of the normal consultantspeake, they are ruthlesssly defrauding Fiji. They are cold blooded opportunists-money obsesseed, unprincipled and thoroughbred extortionists who should be extradited to Fiji to account for this racket.
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We’re re-running this story due to popular demand….
Aiyaz Khaiyum has been named as the key bomb-maker for an Alqaeda-like resistance group that tried to blow up the Nadi airport, the Monsavu Dam and other important infrastructure in Fiji following Rabuka’s coup of 1987. Members of that resistance group have made their confession and affidavits prepared, where intricate but explosive details of Aiyaz Khaiyum’s bomb-making capabilities are revealed. In the confession, these individuals have revealed for the first time how Aiyaz deserted them at the 11th hour of their terrorist attack, when members of the group were ambushed by military personnel and detained for weeks and some for months.
The Aiyaz Khaiyum led terrorist group were on the brink of carrying out Fiji wide bomb attacks when the military intervened. They say that while they were rounded up by the military, they didn’t realise that Aiyaz was already at Nadi Airport waiting for his flight to flee Fiji. He then lived in Sydney for a few years, working in a TV station before he left for Hong Kong where he undertook his Masters Degree. They also revealed how unsympathetic Aiyaz was in using civilians to hide his bombs in their respective homes during their 1987 terrorist-like resistance plans. Such a woman who helped Aiyaz Khaiyum is a distant relative of his and mother to a well known business consultant and ex-city counsellor. Aiyaz Khaiyum’s first wife is a native from Pakistan and these individuals say Aiyaz is well connected to certain terrorist groups in Pakistan.
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We say – well, well, well …. what have you got to say now Ajmal? Very short-lived sense of security by Frank & Co. aye! You reap what you sow bro. You made your own choice to go to bed with the tyrants, now they’ve screwed you up so bad with a tattered reputation, travel bans, and you’ve also just killed your career. Ajmal Gulab Khan has been terminated as the Chief Magistrate by the President Ratu Josefa Iloilo. When contacted by Fijivillage News, Khan confirmed that he was issued a termination letter from the President’s Office on Wednesday afternoon. He refused to comment any further on the matter. Khan was also the Central Liquor Tribunal, Chairman of the Copy Right Tribunal, he was the Court of Review, VAT Tribunal and Central Agriculture Tribunal. The Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khiayum, Chief Justice Anthony Gates and Acting Chief Registrar Ana Rokomokoti all said that the appointing body is the President and they will not comment on Khan’s termination. However, Permanent Secretary at the President’s Office Rupeni Nacewa also refused to comment on the reason why Khan has been terminated. Khan was appointed to the post of Chief Magistrate following the abrogation of the 1997 constitution by President Iloilo on April 10th.
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Samoa’s Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says tougher trade sanctions against Fiji would make it difficult for the military regime to maintain its grip. This is despite the Melanesian Spearhead Group comprising Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Fiji in a meeting last week in Port Vila calling for a lifting of Fiji’s suspension from the Pacific Island Forum. The Samoan leader has told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat economic action against his Pacific neighbour would have an impact. “That’s important, eventually economic issues will bite some people into their senses,” he said.
- Radio New Zealand
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The illegally installed High Court judge and a judicial traitor and turncoat Daniel Goundar is quoted as saying that the deposed but once legitimately elected Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase is not “a flight risk but he is a risk to national security”. We say to him that it is the treasonous judge who is a risk to Qarase’s right to natural justice. After all, Goundar has been appointed by a President who is no longer a constitutional head of Fiji, for how can Ratu Josefa Iloilo be – he has abrogated the 1997 Constitution under which he was appointed by the Great Council of Chiefs. Similarly, FICAC has no powers to prosecute Qarase because its original powers were established under the now abrogated Constitution – of course, the treasonist judge Goundar and FICAC will retort that they are operating under post-April decrees signed by President Iloilo. Sorry, the disgraceful high chief is not a constitutional head of state but a puppeteer of the military regime.
FICAC lawyer Aca Raiyawa told the illegal, unconstitutional and unethical judge Goundar that Qarase had violated certain sections in the Public Emergency Regulation when he last went to Australia and made political comments, which ‘has threatened the national security of Fiji’. Well, if that was the case, why wasn’t Qarase charged and brought to court on his return from Australia? In any case, since the 1997 Constitution is no longer in existence, whatever Qarase said or did in Australia can no longer be held against him. We say to the treasonist Goundar, masquerading as a High Court judge – let Qarase travel to any part of the world – for you have no legal or moral right to deny him his fundamental right to travel the world. But we say to Goundar, if you are man enough, please travel abroad – for unlike Qarase, we are waiting for you – to cart you off to the International Criminal Court, for you are nothing but a judicial traitor to the rule of law and natural justice.
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Can’t Bainimarama’s illegal cabinet tackle more important issues which involves the people of Fiji than just a hand full of Fiji’s citizens during these difficult times? Things like child prostitution, keeping the thousands of children at school to finish their education, squatter problem, to name a few. “Legal marriage age now 18″ come on, AG Sayed-Khaiyum that is easily fixed in the land of Dictatorship. You don’t even need cabinet to approve the amendments! What amendments? The easiest archaic law in place regarding marriage inherited from colonial times? It is a joke and how the heck are you going to police it? This is an issue that is furthest away from our minds and would mainly involve our Indo Fijian brothers and sisters because previously girls below the age of 18 through arranged marriages could be married off or involuntary marriage as you call it. As you say it was classed as basically allowing children to get married and with this law introduced it was not helping to gender empowerment. Big Deal it is common sense and anyone could’ve figured it out. How about cabinet fixing the problems we have mentioned above? If you did you could easily score brownie points and have our support while you illegally remain in power. We all have opinions and good ideas but the illegal regime are looking for justification as why their opinions and ideas should be accepted by the people of Fiji. Your laws are not legal as you seem to think it is not necessary to first of all legitimise your so called cabinet. Why should we bother about your laws when they are amended without parliamentary consensus for further inquiry as to why it should be adopted? We are waiting to give up our morals for the future of our country if you Mr Khaiyum would come up with something worthy of us giving up our morals for. Fiji4All
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Your blogging on Sharon Smith Johns is causing problems for her in Telecom group.She has not been seen in the office for almost 2 weeks. She demanded and received a bonus payout last month too and that is now being questioned by TFL board as well as other spending she has made including large payment to Australian website design company for Connect’s own website. They are asking why she would pay $500,000 when Connect has its own web design department. Australian company is apparently her friends company.
TFL reporter
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What’s Chaudhry up to now? Whose side is he on? Does he mean well or is he up to one of his old tricks again? We do not know what to think of him, whether the question he poses is because he now has finally realized what a total idiot he was to support Frank in the first place or whether he is now after votes when Fiji finally has democratic elections. We think that it is the later because when we learnt of the project, we that have been in tune with what has been happening in Fiji asked the same questions; “why is Fijian Holdings to build a $20m Police HQ and where will the money come from to finance the $20m project? Why did he even bother when he was an illegal minister that was being allowed to bankrupt the country? Chaudhry should have listened to the man that knows nothing about money but to take it illegally from anywhere he can, the other Epeli who is Fiji’s illegal Defence minister. The twin tower Police complex is estimated to cost $20m and construction is expected to start in the 3rd quarter of 2010. It will be located at the corner of Malcolm and Selbourne Street, Suva. Well this is it folks, simple logics even a 5th grader could work it without taking other factors into account – rising of interest rates, the country’s economy etc. Gaunilau, grab the cash man, said that the project was in accordance with the his illegal Govt’s cost cutting initiative, and under the agreement, this not have a clue illegal Govt say they will be given 20 years to pay back the loan. He added that it was a worthwhile deal because in the end the building will belong to the Govt of Fiji. OK cash flow is what the country wants not more buildings! With rental costs amounting to the same value as for the repayment of the loan for the construction, it is the best criteria to spend taxpayers hard earned cash to house Frank’s useless Police Force. Like their other business deals they do not take into account the rise in interest rates, the state of the nation’s economy, maintenance etc. Chaudhry, try harder to convince us that there are no hidden agendas and that your first priority are the people of Fiji. Fiji4All
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After two and half years Frank is worried about the blogs and tells us not to read them. The blogs have been around since the coup. They have detailed every disastrous step the illegal regime has taken. All the inner secrets of the evil illegal regime have been blown – the dictators big payout to himself and the attempts to have his brother-in-law evade justice, to name just a two examples.
So why is it only now that Frank finally comes out and says “don’t read the blogs”. Does this mean there’s trouble at the camp? When there’s so much smoke it doesn’t mean much when the dictator and his henchmen come out and deny that there’s a fire.

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