Friday, July 31, 2009

Jone's Dream of Assasinating a Dictator

Around 5am this morning, Jone woke to a dream where he saw Illegal Fiji PM being assasinated at the QEB camp in Fiji. Voreqe had arrived with his usual excessive entourage and unnecessary security detail, akin to an African dictator. A number of people were seen rushing around in anticipation of the party's arrival and it seemed were planning something.

On the party's arrival, Jone saw a Fijian man wearing sulu standing to the side of a building where Voreqe's party was moving towards. As he looked closer, Jone realised that the man in sulu was his uncle Osea. From where Jone stood, just as Voreqe's group were about to enter, shots were fired by his uncle Osea. In a flash, Jone saw people flocking around Voreqe, carrying him towards another building to await medical treatment. It was soon clear that Voreqe was dead and no more.

Sudden shouts of excitement and rejoicing could be heard around the vicinity of the camp flowing up and down the streets of Nabua, up towards Tamavua, and down to Vatuwaqa. It was obvious that it was a much awaited event and people have been suppressing their true feelings for some time. Even some Fijian men and a couple of Indians who were enjoying fresh home brew under a nearby mango tree, jumped in the air in unison to show naked and true feeling of joy and happiness.

At the Nabua village hall, women who were busy pleating mats and beating masi cloth, came running on to the street beating wooden drum srticks on the pavement and biscuit tins in celebration. It would appear that the joyous and festive celebration had no regard for gender, ethnicity, age or religious divisions.

Back at the camp, as Jone moved towards the throng of people surrounding Voreqe's body, a press conference was being organised with the two figures of Roko Ului Mara and another Fijian man, who would appear to be a church minister taking centre stage. It transpired that the press conference was to announce the return to civilian rule in an agreement struck between the military and the civilian population.

As Jone moved closer, he was noticed by a person close to the main party, following which Roko Ului gave the order to a nearby soldier for Jone to be apprehended. As the soldier attempted to place a blindfold over Jone's face, he struck out and swore at him pleading his innocence.

With the shout, only then did Jone realised it was all a dream, as his wife Topelu, poked his side then gripped his arms in a firm but caring embrace. Disappointed, Jone woke from what he had thought was a vision much needed to be fully realised for his beloved country of Fiji and its people!

Not to worry Jone, all of Fiji no doubt are after the same outcome in your dream as the only salvation for Fiji.

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