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Illegal Fiji Regime Running Dry of Ideas

Ah that word: “mandate”.
When it suits his purposes Commodore Bainimarama has tried to use common political terms but in doing so shows that he and his advisors lack genuine political understanding. The same goes for repeated appeals to “national sovereignty”. Did he not do so, again and again, ad nauseum, in the days after December 5, 2006 trying to justify to the world that Fiji should be left to do want it wants to do. Well we know that it wasn’t what Fiji wanted to do. And that is not now the way appeals to “national sovereignty” work – neither at home, nor in the region, nor throughout the world.
Look at the US. The American myth that gave justification to George Bush’s unilateralism with Iraq, was justified in terms of an appeal to “national sovereignty”. The problem was, however, that they were not under any military threat. But when you make such an appeal …. and so the US (Bush/ Rumsfeld/ Cheney) understanding of national independence (standing tall etc etc) has undermined the place of the US across the world and caused many to look down on a nation that has done many good things. The US contribution was despised on account of that action based on “national independence”. And the myths that supported it are now in doubt in many people’s minds, particularly among Americans themselves. And in fact they should be looking again at our they understand their place in the world, just like all other citizens of all other nations, including Fiji and Australia, have to do.
What approach should the US now take? Well the previous myths need to be replaced by the truth and the truth is that the US, though dominant, is but one nation (dust on the scales) among the community of nations and that it needs to co-operate with other nations if it is to play a true role in fostering justice around the world. It is a question of “shoulds”; the US has to win back its place in the international realm by doing justice at home and by using its great talents to assist the building of just societies throughout the world. It doesn’t have any other task.
And as a nation that so often appeals to God, it should have learned by now by heeding the Old Testament prophets that this is the way – as a servant of justice not as the servant of itself – and along that path it can contribute to God’s purposes, to the Kingdom that Jesus said we should pray for and which will surely come. But that is no different from any other nation. That means that the citizens of America and Fiji, of Australia and Vanuatu, will need to start eye-balling each other in the search for what justice means. Nations, governments and citizens, as political communities have a global role to play by being committed to serving one another with justice. Not with rhetoric. Not with hairy-chested defiance. But service with justice and humility.
What does it mean for a country to do justice domestically and internationally? That’s the question. It is evident that Commodore Bainimarama and his hapless crew have shown a genuine seriousness about politics since they grabbed hold of power. How could have been if they were too busy holding on to what they had stolen? Where is the effort to actually confront the problem of “coup culture”? Where is the evidence that public trust has returned by engaging all the citizens of Fiji in discussing about their own political responsibilities? The answer given is usually that Fiji’s citizens are a lot of no-hopers and need the neo-colonialism from Queen Elizabeth Barracks, if not the judiciary and the former Fiji Human Rights Commission, because they simply can’t absorb democracy. And so genuine trust is always positioned somewhere off in the blue yonder by this mob. And whenever he speaks, he continues to justify that delay by pathetic appeals to “national sovereignty” shorn up by trying to transfer the accusation of imperialism from himself to New Zealand and Australia. It doesn’t stick. The new imperialists, the neo-colonials are the ones with the power these days in Fiji.
In America under Bush there was continued efforts to characterise the UN and efforts to develop world-wide governance as a tendency that Christians have to deplore. Global governance was viewed as a matter of Satan’s rule, right? And so it went. That’s why many Christians believe that efforts to promote global justice goes against national sovereignty and Christian beliefs. But even the US actually gave up such notions of totally “pure” sovereignty years ago. How else could they have become such a powerful force in the world if they hadn’t willingly co-operated with the UN and many other transnational agreements and treaties? Like all the countries of the world the US is not sovereign over its own money and over its own debt and over its own jobs. Not anymore. Even with all the military apparatus they have over the world they simply are not sovereign. And there’s a massive debt. It’s contribution is being formed from all sides by other nations so that for its very continuance the US will have to work internationally. They might even have to take a leaf out of the European Union book where many states have been working like crazy since 1989 to figure out how to have something that is more transnational that still retains their national identities. We all live in one globe – and that is where Fijians should take the opportunity of thinking hard about the EC’s help with sugar and further reflect upon why the Junta is such a complete disaster.
The President, the judiciary, the military and those supportive of the two coups, whether they know it or not, in their mad commitment to help the treacherous military commander avoid the legal spotlight, are actually trying to remain loyal to an ideal of separate independence that was pronounced dead after the second world war. Forward to the past. But there’s simply no future in that. And a careful examination of the problems the US is dealing with will help Fijians understand just why the current junta is so wrong. Living so close together, as the American states have realised, and as the states of the European Union now realise, means that the inter-connectednss, the inter-twined economical relations, the transnational treaties and agreements, locally, regionally and globally, all come together and tell us that there is no wisdom in inventing a road map for a world that doesn’t now exist; not in the Republic of Fiji Islands, not in the South West Pacific, not in the East or the West, the North or the South, not anywhere.
“Christ will have dominion, over land and sea; earth’s remotest regions shall. His empire be”. That empire is one of serving our political neighbours with justice and our joy is to follow the One with all authority seeking wisdom and humility as we do so. Knowing that the fruit of our labours is not ultimately in our hands. We might want to say “God bless Fiji!” but had we not better say it as a humble prayer lest we presume to be telling God what He ought to be doing. Our task is clear and there is always going to be a lot to do.
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If our dictator thinks he has any sway with the international community, he’s badly mistaken.
Civilized countries don’t like dictators, especially grubby little tin-pot dictators like Bainimarama. His lies, oppression of basic human rights, greedy self-enrichment and arrogance get right up their noses. Take the Pacific Islands Forum. The Forum decided unanimously that Frank’s dictatorship over Fiji was untenabie and, from 2 May 2009, Fiji’s membership or that important body was suspended. And this happened after Forum member countries had given the dictator more than enough time to consider his position, and after the dictator broke his solemn promise to call elections in 2009. That’s right, civilized countries don’t like shameless liars who steal people’s freedom and intimidate them when they speak out, as Frank Bainimarama has so consistently done to us!
This week the US State Department made it very clear that a Fiji being administered according to Frank Bainimarama’s whims Is unacceptable. In the near future Fiji’s membership of the Commonwealth will be on the block. Unless Frank has a sudden change of heart, Fiji is certain to be suspended from that body. But Frank Bainimarama, stupid and belligerent as he is, thinks that he can win the international diplomacy stakes by spinning yet another lie to the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). He thinks he will win sufficient support in Vanuatu to get himself number one spot on the agenda of the Pacific Islands Forum leaders meeting in Cairns two weeks later. Well, Frank, you’re wrong again! The agenda is already set and it’s not about you.
It’s the economy. Stupid!
Fiji Democracy Now
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We say - wait for Frank and his ahhh no-depth spin doctor Leweni to pounce on this story by their buddy Vijay Narayan. It’s now confirmed. The Namosi House is not owned by the Namosi Development Company at this stage. Although the tenancy agreement for Namosi House was signed by the Director of Lands and the Chairperson and Secretary for Namosi Development Company on 22nd September 2008, Namosi Development Company was not the owner then and still does have the title of the land. A company search shows that Namosi Development Company has four shareholders, issued with $1 shares namely Ratu Suliano Matanitobua, Ratu Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro, Samisoni Tuilawaki and Leone Tuvutokona. However, a title search shows that Winproject Limited which is owned by a group of businesspeople own the piece of land on which Namosi House was built.
Further investigations in relation to the ownership of Namosi House reveal that the land and the building in Toorak is owned by the group of businesspeople. However, an agreement was reached a few years ago that the government would rent Namosi House because the building is owned by the provincial council’s investment arm, Namosi Development Company Limited.
When Fijivillage contacted Namosi Development Company Chairman Ratu Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro, he confirmed that Namosi House is currently owned by Winproject Limited. He now said that there was a deal and he would not want to reveal the names of some people involved because according to him, it is a confidential matter. He also confirmed that the Namosi Development Company was started off with the issuance of $1 shares to the four people from Namosi. Namosi House is currently occupied by the Health Ministry, under an agreement that the government has to assist the province’s development.
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Fiji’s (illegal) interim Prime Minister claims to have a mandate to impose his rule for the next five years as he plans to explain his deferral of elections to the leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group. Commodore Frank Bainimarama has told Auckland’s Radio Tarana he believes the MSG leaders meeting in Port Vila this week will appreciate what he calls the reality that elections won’t be held until 2014. He has arrived in Port Vila ahead of the meeting on Friday and is meeting with Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Edward Natapei, this afternoon. Commodore Bainimarama says he would like to personally share with his fellow MSG leaders the mandate that guides his government to ensure democratic elections are held by September 2014.
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Ah hah …. so coup coup Frank is already announcing from Vanuatu that he will meet the Methodist gang upon his return? So why the change of heart you? The Methodist standing committee subtle defiance yesterday to carry on with their meeting without a permit or approval from the regime says alot. It has sent disturbing signals across the seas from Fiji to Frank in Vanuatu on just how fickle things are back home. The regime’s inability to stop the Methodist standing committee meeting yesterday is the beginning of what is to come. Without using guns or any killing machines that Frank & Co. are using to shield their sorry selves, the Methodist Church have successfully sent a weighty subliminal message to team Frank i.e work with us or step aside! Will Frank get his way with the Methodist? We doubt it and Frank knows it!
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Coup apologist Australian, Sharon Smith-Jones, is the controversial CEO of unprofitable internet provider company, Connect. Connect is also a subsidiary company of Telecom , Fiji’s telecommunication company that is letting off more than 100 staff due to falling financial performance by the company. Questions are now being raised by affected local staff why an expatriate non-performing CEO like Sharon Smith-Jones is still enjoying her $350,000 per annum salary package when her business unit, Connect, has been running at a loss for the past financial years. They are demanding an answer from the board and management to explain why someone like Sharon, a well known regime supporter, has not been fired from her position for her lousy performance todate. They say it is incompetent expatriate executives like Sharon who are chewing into their Telecom bottomline for not delivering the deliverables required of them.
Some are even complaining that Sharon’s annual salary can employ almost 30 local staff at $12,000 per annum. They added that expensive non-performing executives like Sharon should be removed to protect low paying hard working locals whose pay go towards feeding hundreds of children and extended family members in Fiji’s worsening economy.
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Our Methodists should take a defiant leaf out of the heroic fight of Archbishop Tutu who told an equally defiant South African crowd against apartheid: “We will be free!”, “All of us!”, “Black and white together!” and finished his speech saying: “We are the rainbow people of God! We are unstoppable! Nobody can stop us on our march to victory! No one, no guns, nothing! Nothing will stop us, for we are moving to freedom! We are moving to freedom and nobody can stop us! For God is on our side!”
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Fiji’s military regime have had their first taste of peaceful defiance by the Methodist Church today – and they obviously didn’t like it. We’re not talking about the military boys and girls but Frank Bainimarama, his senior military and police officers and his very few supporters. Radio network Communications Fiji today filed this report: “The government and the military have stressed that the Methodist Church of Fiji executives need to have a permit to have the church standing committee meeting today. Permanent Secretary for Information and Military spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni said the standing committee cannot just meet without an approval to decide on their next step after the cancellation of the Church Conference.
Fijivillage has received confirmation that the church standing committee meeting has already started. Meanwhile, Police Director Operations Waisea Tabakau said they are aware of the meeting and are taking the necessary steps.” Later this afternoon, there were talks that members of the Methodist Church standing committee were going to be arrested for purpotedly breaking the public emergency regulation as suggested by Leweni. It never happened! So why didn’t the regime move in? Sources confirmed that the regime was advised against it with a warning that arrests of the Methodist Church standing committee will be a fatal mistake. The committee ended their meeting peacefully and guess what, Fiji’s military regime couldn’t do anything about it. Leweni’s cowardly statement achieved nothing except to show to the world how Frank & Co.’s scare tactics are not having its desired effect on the Fijian masses. Frank & Co. are ruling by bluff for far too long and it is the Methodist Church who can and will topple them with their peaceful defiance.
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Frank Bainimarama thinks he’ll manipulate his meeting with the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) in Vanuatu this Friday to make it appear he has a support base in the Pacific. Once again he’ll be clutching at straws. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that there fe a difference between dialogue and support. Being invited to the meeting is not a sign of support. It’s because people like MSG Chairman, Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Edward Natapei, see the meeting as an opportunity to maintain dialogue.
The MSG wants dialogue among MSG nations, including with the pariah state of Fiji, which has been formally suspended from membership of the far more influential regional grouping, the Pacific Islands Forum. This is because the MSG was launched with the stated objective of strengthening inter-Melanesian cultural ties, commercial, trade and common adherence to shared values such as “sustainable development, good governance and security”. So, with the likely exception of Frank Bainimarama, no one at Friday’s meeting will see what the dictator has done in Fiji as in any way enhancing the region’s sustainable development, good governance and security. In fact, it’s quite to the contrary. Other Pacific leaders see the dictator as a threat to those shared values. So, if Frank thinks the meeting will help him undermine the will of the Pacific Forum and the wider International community, he’s a bigger fool than so many people already take him for. Remember, Frank, the purposes of the meeting is dialogue. And remember also that it will be two-way dialogue, NOT your preferred one-way dialogue. No doubt you’ll get a fair hearing, but because you can’t bring your guns to bear on your interlocutors, like you do on the people of Fiji, your interlocutors will want to have your say. The best thing you could do for our beloved nation is to shut up and listen, just this once?
Fiji Democracy Now
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It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Radio Regime the radio propaganda machine controlled by the brother of Adolph Sayed-Khaiyum has run a story trying to blame Australia for the outbreak of brucellosis. According to Radio Regime: “Imported semen from Australia used for breeding cows in Fiji could be the cause of the Brucellosis outbreak in Fiji.” The evidence for this is zero. It’s just an obvious attempt to switch responsibility from the illegal regime to the Australian Government because they’ve told the dictator he has no credibility unless elections are held. If Radio Regime had taken a moment to check the website of Animal Health Australia, they would have found that Australia has been free of brucellosis caused by Brucella abortus since 1989. Check it out on their site:
Australia has strict standards of checking animal health status, while it seems the Fiji Government now has only two veterinarians actually working their trade. If the regime wasn’t so arrogant and stupid they would be asking Australia nicely to help eradicate the disease as quickly as possible. If they haven’t realised it yet, the dairy farmers of Fiji, just like the cane farmers and tourism operators will realise that they paying a huge price for the tin-pot dictatorship.
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King kong Frank Bainimarama has left his banana tree for Vanuatu to further his monkey business. But he has forgotten to appoint his deputy to look after his monkey kingdom. Or has he? Frank left Fiji earlier this morning but at the end of business today, no announcement has been released by his minority group as to who will act on Frank’s behalf during his absence. Surprised? Don’t be! Fiji is a lawless banana republic. They are all under the bananarama spell, listening! And what can they hear? Their sickening silence!
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The Methodist Church will hold its Bose Ni Viti and Conference at Rewa. Frank cannot stop them. He and his 3,000 soldiers will have to take over 200,000 Methodists to jail. The capacity of the jails is approx., 1000 – I have to confirm this. But going on metrics alone the Methodist population will flood them out. What a joke!

1. Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before. Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe; forward into battle see his banners go! Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.
2. At the sign of triumph Satan’s host doth flee; on then, Christian soldiers, on to victory! Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise; brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise. (Refrain)
3. Like a mighty army moves the church of God; brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod. We are not divided, all one body we, one in hope and doctrine, one in charity. (Refrain)
4. Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane, but the church of Jesus constant will remain. Gates of hell can never against that church prevail; we have Christ’s own promise, and that cannot fail. (Refrain)
5. Onward then, ye people, join our happy throng, blend with ours your voices in the triumph song. Glory, laud, and honour unto Christ the King, this through countless ages men and angels sing.
Cannot be there to join you but will be in thought and spirit. God Bless you All
A blogger
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My last comments on your site seemed to have caused a lot of controversy. I wanted to let my thoughts be known and realized that none of your daily papers would publish it because of the censorship brought about by your nation’s Dictator, Frank Bainimarama. I then checked out all the blog sites and felt that Rawfiji News was the only one that had credibility.My great maternal grandmother was born in Fiji so the family have always had a great interest in your beautiful islands. When I was old enough and could afford to pay for my airfares I made an effort to return to Nadi on numerous occasions to enjoy your resorts, beautiful weather and the lovely people. I am certain a part of Fiji was given to me through my great grandmother because the first time I set foot on your islands I told myself when the time was right I would return to make Fiji my second home. The time was now and made that journey only to be disappointed in what I saw and read in Rawfiji News. I haven’t or will give up hope but sadly realize it is going to be a long wait for me to return to Fiji because of its messed up legal system. A trusted justice system is very important for those of us entering your country – a legal system that is trusted throughout the world for our safety. Each and everyone of you need to think and choose your battles very carefully because it is going to be a long arduous campaign.You must all first learn to unite and focus on right over wrong. The squabbling and what came to my notice about my comments did your cause nothing. It showed you all up, the fact you are all educated but have not a clue what is right from wrong and why people like me make comments on how the 2006 coup have affected all of us.Unity is what is required and you will need the Trade Unions, big business people, owners of large resorts, large organisations, NGOs, religious groups and last but not least Fiji’s lawyers to bring the Military Regime down and out. This has not happened and when the lawyers had their opportunity they decided on the pragmatic approach and applied for their PCs.Don’t waste your time on people like me because I have a choice and for the moment I have chosen to stay away because I don’t like what I see. The other reason is because I have spoken out and according to your country’s rules they would kick me out anyway.Good Luck with your endeavours and thank you very much to Rawfiji News. Keep up the good work!
Frank VoyagerUSA
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Frank and Leweni’s attempts to stop the Methodist Church Standing Committee meeting today has failed. Leweni used FM96 Communication Fiji radio network to try and propagate fear on the Methodist Standing Committee members. He said the committee needed a permit to meet at their own Centenary Suva church and that they run the risk of breaching the regime’s public emergency regulation. But Leweni’s hot air didn’t stop anyone. The committee members are meeting as we blog. Sources say Leweni and Teleni are now considering arresting these committee members. Let’s wait and see!
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We believe the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting in Vanuatu is a complete waste of everybody’s time. The Melanesian so-called leaders are not part of Fiji’s constituency, nor do they have the mandate by the Fijian people to determine sovereign issues for them. These leaders should be reminded that majority of Fiji peoples don’t respect nor recognise Frank Bainimarama for his cowardly coup act that is fairing out to be nothing more than a grab for money, power and status. At the same time, they should be wary of Frank’s machevalian ways for he will surely use their meeting and their melanesian group to try and legitimize himself to the international community. They should leave it to the Fijian people to determine Frank Bainimarama’s fate. It’s coming – we can almost smell it!
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Fiji’s high ranking coward, Frank Bainimarama, has nothing better to do except to spend most of his time trying to shift blame to others on the ripple effect of his unpopular 2006 coup. His latest childish assertions blaming the Forum Secretariat’s Secretary General, Tuiloma Slade, as the guy who instigated Fiji’s exclusion from last months Pacifc Trade Minister’s talks held in Samoa is laughable. Frank Bainimarama just doesn’t seem to get it. The international community which includes the Pacific community have no place for coup-makers. Coups are birthed by cowards like Frank Bainimarama who are born to contaminate the world with their infectious coup seed.
All they know is to blame others except themselves for all their problems. And we say – be a man Frank and stop being a cry baby you stupid fool!
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So, in terms of corruption – do we still remember the “Clean up” coup – it seems clear from this distance that now, more than ever before, the attempt by the December 2006 coupsters to isolate and smear allegedly “corrupt” individuals (PM Qarase, CJFatiaki, PCHughes) is showing its internal weaknesses and that it was itself the outcome of a far deeper corruption which was given covert support by those bodies which craved more power for themselves. Now the focus shifts as prominent Fijian “national flagships” – statutory bodies, corporations, businesses, even churches join the RFMF, the President and the judiciary under the spotlight that Frank Bainimarama and his inept cohort assumed was under their control.
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I must say that when the FHL/BP Oil deal officially goes belly up and shareholders loose the value of their shares with the loss of capital in FHL then the Solicitors who drew up the financing agreements must be sued that is what they have professional indemnity insurance for. We have to understand that the legal advisors are the people that should have warned the Board of the impact of their decisions and should have protected their clients money from being lost with such an idiotic non refundable deposit condition for such a large percentage of the FHL Capital. Why are the provincial councils and indigenous shareholders still holding on to their shares? Shareholders must sell immediately and mitigate our losses now because the situation will only get worse by the day and court action will not solve anything especially with the Military government controlling that area and even if we do manage to file how long will we wait for a decision and appeals etc? That will take around 3 to 5 years in best case scenario. There are only two steps to be taken now. First get a Mareva Injunction and Freeze FHL Assets until final determination. Second sell all shares in FHL before it is too late. Dont worry the illegal government will steal the money from somewhere else to buy us out anyway but at least we will have our money back now.

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