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Frank Running Scared of Colleagues

FHL is still on its dangerous trail of non-compliance as a publicly listed company. Their board and management have breached just about every rule governing Fiji’s stock exchange – the questionable stock exchange whose board has FHL listed as one of its public trading companies. One of the basic fundamental rules of publicly listed companies is the requirement that they must always be truthful and transparent in all their dealings. Public companies like FHL are required by law to always make a market announcement via the stock exchange on important matters happening in their business. It is a basic necessity to keep the public informed about what is going on and the performance of their share investment in the public companies.
But FHL have been hopelessly secretive on some major developments in their growth strategy plans and the way they’re conducting their business. The truth about their failed BP Oil acquisition was never transparently communicated to the public by FHL. Those disclosures were taken to the public domain by bloggers and not FHL as required of them. The same thing happened when FHL’s top three were suspended. The bloggers broke the news first forcing FHL to release an announcement to the Stock Exchange which is what they should have done in the first place. Now, the no cement reality.
Again, that piece of news was dissiminated by bloggers, now picked up by the mainstream media who have been unsuccessful in getting a response from FHL. Meanwhile, no public announcement has been forthcoming from FHL via the stock exchange which again raises the question as to why such a dishonest team like FHL board and management are still allowed to run a public company by CMDA and SPSE. We say – be warned people! Refrain from buying any public company shares in Fiji until the watchdog CMDA and SPSE get their act right. Your share investment has been looted right infront of your eyes by dishonest incompetent boards like FHL. And guess what, the useless CMDA and SPSE are toothless tigers who don’t know how to protect your investment.
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The Frank empire is slowly but surely falling! Latest from within is that Ului Mara is now in control at the Fiji Military Forces. It is understood he is talking to ”some” people to gauge whether he has their support to take over from Frank Bainimarama. If Ului Mara’s mandate is to carry on from where Frank Bainimarama left off, then he might as well forget about it. If he is thinking of following the Appeals Court judgment and give Fiji back to a lean civilian government of four wise people to prepare for an election in the next 12 months, then Ului will get our support. To be consistent with his resolve to make things right for Fiji, Ului must be seen not to take sides and must call a spade a spade by removing everybody serving under the illegal new order which includes his two brothers-in-law. If he can’t swallow that, then he should expect one of his own boys to do it.
Pita Driti had the opportunity but he got too carried away with the novelty of his new found illusive power. Ului now has his best opportunity to do what is right for his fellow countrymen and his own conscience by honoring the rule of law spelled out in the Appeals Court judgment between Qarase and Bainimarama.
Good luck Ului Mara!
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We say – FICAC should look into this investigative reporting by Communications Fiji. Something stinks in this scheme of arrangement. The four shareholders of Namosi Development Company, the investment arm of the Namosi Provincial Council must be investigated to find out whether the rental receipts from the Namosi House was used for the livelihood of the people of the Namosi Province or is it another of those corrupt cases where the office bearers and high thiefly chiefs continue to steal from their people. If that’s the case, then Suliano & Co. must be taken to task. By Communications Fiji Thousands of dollars which have been made as rent payment by the government for Namosi House have ended up in the bank account of Winproject Limited, not the Namosi Development Company.
Following investigations, it is now clear that Namosi House which was given out on rent to the Health Ministry based on the tenancy agreement signed by Namosi Development Company. However, according to information gathered by Fijivillage, all the money paid has been forwarded to Winproject Limited which is owned by a group of local businessmen. Based on the records obtained by us, it is also clear that Winproject owns Namosi House at the moment. It was earlier claimed that the building is owned by Namosi Development Company.
A company search shows that Namosi Development Company has four shareholders, issued with $1 shares namely Ratu Suliano Matanitobua, Ratu Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro, Samisoni Tuilawaki and Leone Tuvutokona. We have also received confirmation that on 30th October last year, a cheque for the sum of $695,265 was paid by the government to Namosi Development Company.
This government cheque was for rent arrears for the period 4th January 2008 to 30th November 2008. All monthly rent payments of $63,766 for Namosi House has also been deposited in the same ANZ bank account number provided by Namosi Development Company.
Investigations reveal that the ANZ bank account number where all this money has paid out belongs to Winproject Limited. Namosi Development Company also has a bank account with ANZ. Transaction history of the account shows a deposit of a government cheque of $695,265 on 3rd November, 2008.
The same amount was withdrawn from the Namosi Development Company account the same day and deposited into the bank account of Winproject Limited. When Fijivillage contacted Namosi Development Company chairman Ratu Kiniviliame Taukeinikoro, he confirmed that Namosi House is currently owned by Winproject Limited. Although it was earlier said publically that Namosi House is owned by the people of Namosi, Taukeinikoro admitted that the house does not belong to them at this stage. There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen. Namosi House is currently occupied by the Health Ministry, under an agreement that the government has to assist the province’s development.
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Fiji’s interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says he hopes Fiji will be allowed to sit in at next month’s Pacific Islands Forum summit in Australia despite its suspension. Commodore Bainimarama refused to attend last year’s Niue summit and he sent his attorney-general to the Papua New Guinea summit in January which was called to discuss the Fiji situation. The Forum suspended Fiji in May after its interim regime refused to commit to relinquishing the power seized in the 2006 coup by holding elections this year. Speaking to Auckland’s Radio Tarana, Commodore Bainimarama says if the Forum invites him to the Cairns summit in August he will attend.
He is in Vanuatu for an extraordinary meeting of the Melanesian Spearhead Group whose members backed Fiji’s Forum suspension. Commodore Bainimarama says he wants to explain his road map which will provide for elections in five years, a year after a new constitution is to have been drawn up.
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Frank’s fall is fast approaching. Our intelli say that Frank Bainimarama has been told by his MSG peers in Vanuatu that he must step down to allow a civilian government to take Fiji back to democracy. The MSG leaders have also been told about the latest development in Fiji regarding Driti and Ului’s opposition to Frank’s roadmap to nowhere including Frank’s failed attempt to stop the Methodist Church annual conference. We predict Frank is living out his last days in power. It will be another laid-back bloodless take-over by the military and it is now just a matter of time!
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Wanna know the truth why FHL is not producing cement any more? Word from FHL is that the whole group is having cashflow problems after the board paid out almost $30million to BP Oil for a buy-out plan that has gone completely wrong. They say FHL’s bankers ANZ and Westpac are not giving FHL any relief by freezing a large component of their overdraft facility. This overdraft restriction was placed on FHL by both banks following FHL’s reckless decision to channel all its available cash towards the payment of BP Oil non-refundable deposit of close to $30 million. But now that the sale and purchase has flopped followed by the suspension of its senior executives and the company’s impending suspension from South Pacific Stock Exchange, the banks are managing their risk by declining FHL’s overdraft credit line. Sources also say that FHL’s clinker supplier, the main ingredient for cement manufacturing, has refused to dispatch the raw materials to Fiji without prior payment by FHL. The supplier is demanding cash on delivery before they can load the raw materials onto the shipping vessel. In an earlier report, we ran a story on how Merchant Finance, owned by FHL, was not able to pay its staff on time during its last pay day. Cash is getting very scarce in what was once the Fijian flagship in commerce.
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To all Pacific Youth Festival Participants

Bula Vinaka
The Young Peoples Concerned Network is a network of Youth Advocates like yourself from around Fiji who have been working in the area of youth advocacy for some time. We have been excited just as you are, about this Pacific Youth Festival. To us, the festival is a pot of many ingredients – ingredients needed to carry and sustain youth advocacy in the region, setting the bar for better understanding, involvement and standards for young people in all our Pacific nations especially Fiji. We as an organization cannot be part of this years gathering of great minds, wise voices and future leaders of our Pacific but I sincerely hope you all the best. As a youth network, the YPCN has faced some very trying trails that have tested our endevours and strenghen our beliefs. When I say this, I make mention of our Democracy Shrine that was destroyed 2 times by militant elements in 2006, later on termed by a Insurance Report into the incident as a ‘terrorist attack’. I recall the hardships many of the members of the YPCN have faced whilst been detained and abused for the cause of Youth Progression. I recall members and 100 plus supporters who have since Easter 2009 worn the ‘Black Arm Band’ to silently share their thoughts on the extent of human rights violations we face not only as youth but as citizens of Fiji after the Junta Administration has been set up and have replaced our laws with their own, demeaned the Judiciary and gagged our media. I make mention also of many events we were to organised but unkindly blocked out by security forces and denied permits or spaces to encourage meaningful dialouge on the furture of Fiji youths. I recall my own personal trials, where i and other mebers have been arrested, on a handful of accasions warned, intimidated, and abused for believing that ‘youths should have a voice’. In making these recollections, I plead with all participants in the PYF to use their time wisely and make every moment count. Many voices that have gone before you, have ensured that our governments and civil society have specified programs that factor in young people and prepare them for sustainable futures.
I also make mention of the efforts of many Department of Youth and Pacific Youth Council Memebers to tried their very best to negotiate our presence at the PYF this year and keep us in. Because of our principles and extensive experiences in the area of youth progression we have eventually been blocked out of the PYF, an event we have been preparing for, with heartfelt appreciation of its endureing promises. It has been our prayer from the very begining that the PYF engage all sectors of our society and not be as politicised and controlled as it looks. Now as a result we cant help but mourn the missed opportunity where many young people have been denied the help of some of the worlds most inspirational speakers and great minds of democracy, human rights and gender equality.
But the answer for Fiji is Peace, Dialouge and Understanding, and we accept the ban placed upon us by Fiji’s Junta, but we make this statement, we will not be dettered. The YPCN holds onto its priciples and will continue with its work with young people and will push the ‘youth agenda’ striving for ‘youth justice’ in all spheres of our lives. It is our calling! We will be pasteing our resources and speeches we hoped to share at different sessions throughout the PYF on our website (which is also self censored for the safety of its members) and please do visit the page and access our database of youth advocacy materials. Enjoy yourselves and make every moment count.
Peter WaqavonovonoPresident
The YPCN is a youth network of youth activists from around Fiji focused on providing a space for youth activists and youth issues to address their different advocacy issues on the national level.
Visit YPCN on the World Wide Web:
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Another budding candidate for the unstable FNPF board has pulled out. Tabualevu’s family have confirmed that he has rejected the offer quoting that they (the Tabualevu family) do not support nor recognise Frank Bainimarama. And we say – kudos to Radrodro and his wife Marica for their principled stand!
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Joe Rodan has written to Frank Bainimarama advising him that he can not accept the FNPF Director job he was offered. We can report that Fosters Australia, Joe Rodan’s employer, have told Joe in no uncertain terms that it is his job or Frank Bainimarama. Joe was reminded by Fosters to take heed of their company policy when it comes to political matters. It seems that Joe Rodan is not ready to lose his job over Frank Bainimarama’s board director offer and we say – he had better forget about it or face the coup supporter stigma for as long as he lives.
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Well, Aiyaz Khaiyum has finally realised how short-lived his illegal political life is becoming and how fast the Naboro Prison is approaching on the horizon. Aiyaz Khaiyum is a smart, cunning bugger. He can smell trouble a mile away. But the trouble that is looming before him right now is beyond him. He can’t handle it with his new order bull decrees. He can see the guns being drawn out by the gun holders. Does he have one to defend himself? Just a toy water gun for Aiyaz Khaiyum leaving him fully exposed to the viles of the military people he used to carry out his 2006 coup. Tick…tock…tick….tock
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Reliable sources have confirmed to us that 3rd FIR chief, Ului Mara, is with Pita Driti, in their stand to allow the Methodist Church and the Bose Ko Viti to go ahead. Frank Bainimarama’s two most important men, Driti and Ului, have openly defied their Commander’s discriminatory decision to try and suffocate the Methodist Church. Sources have reported that Ului, whose late mother was the high chief of the host Rewa Province, is disturbed by Frank Bainimarama’s decision to follow Aiyaz Khaiyum’s advise in trying to dismantle the Methodist Church. He is also said to be upset about the way Aiyaz Khaiyum is trying to influence and weaken the indigenous Fijian structures and its forums like the Bose Ko Viti.
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In one of our earlier postings, we were questioning why there is still no announcement as to who is acting on Frank Bainimarama’s various positions while he is away in Vanuatu. It has come to light that Frank Bainimarama is finding it hard to trust his own man. Pita Driti’s defiance to question Frank Baimarama’s ban on the Methodist Church took Frank’s fears to greater heights.
He had to move fast and eliminate Driti, which he has. But in doing so, he has not announced Driti’s landforce commander replacement. Why? We hear that Colonel Aziz Mohammed is too scared to enter the QEB facility. We also hear that 3rd FIR boss, Ului Mara, is at loggerheads with Frank. Right now, it is Colonel Qilio, Teleni and Leweni who are on Frank’s side. The rest of the military council members are beginning to doubt Frank Bainimarama’s “mandate”.
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We can confirm that a deep crack is beginning to surface within the high echelon of Fiji’s Military Council. We’ve been told that Pita Driti warned Frank Bainimarama not to interfere with the August Methodist Church annual conference and to let it go ahead considering that other christian denominations and religious bodies are publicly holding their crusades/conferences without any objection from the regime. Sources say Frank ordered that Pita Driti be prohibited from entering QEB or any military facility. Driti was subsequently suspended after Frank heard of Driti’s opposition to his Methodist Church ban.
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If the Church officials choose the option of re-visiting Bainimarama to ask for ‘permission’ AGAIN then the standing committee may as well just make Frank, President of the Methodist Church. If he has not already, Frank is on the verge of realising that he CAN control the church members, after all – through the standing committee’s inability to make a firm statement of the church’s position. I wouldnt be surprised that his next move after that – will be to sack the whole lot of church officials in the standing committee, and replace them with his own team, like he has done with Driti. The committee must make a firm statement on what they want to do and not allow information go around as rumors. Dont keep the people waiting. The last thing you want is everyone going beserk. Don’t side-step now Standing Committee!
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We say – Coup Four Point Five blog is reporting that one of Frank Bainimarama’s closest ally and landforce commander, Pita Driti, is on his way out. Coup Four Point Five reports … The military’s Land Force Commander, Colonel Pita Driti, has been ordered to take leave. Well-placed sources have confirmed that Driti was told to take all of his leave after he was seen talking to former Methodist Church head, the Reverend Manasa Lasaro recently. It is not known where the conversation took place.
Lasaro and former church president, Reverend Tomasi Kanailagi, are regarded as anti-regime elements by army commander and interim prime minister, Frank Bainimarama. Bainimarama used the two powerful leaders of the Church as the main reason why he ordered the cancellation of the annual Methodist Church conference scheduled for next month. Our sources say Driti was basically stood down as Land Force Commander. The Land Force comprises the largest force of the military, under which is he powerful 3rd Infantry Regiment (3FIR, that is led by a son of the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara. Coupfourpointfive has been informed that Driti was asked ordered to relinquish his uniform as well and that leave is a precursor to his inevitable termination as Land Force Commander.
Meanwhile, the standing committee of the Methodist Church was meeting late yesterday afternoon. According to a report posted on teh Fiji Village website last evening, the meeting was supposed to discuss the option of approaching Bainimarama once more to request him to allow the conference to go ahead next month.
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Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor July 09, 2009
Article from: The Australian
FUGITIVE billionaire former Thai leader Thaksin Shinawatra flew in his Learjet to Fiji for a secret meeting with the controversial prime minister and military commander Frank Bainimarama. The subject of their discussions, held in Mr Bainimarama’s office in Suva on Monday, is unknown, but informed sources in Fiji say Mr Thaksin is considering investing $300million in the country. In return, he would probably be assured safety there from extradition, if he should choose to use Fiji as one of his bases in exile. Thailand is seeking to return him to Bangkok, where he faces two years in jail for abuse of power. Mr Thaksin used an assumed name to enter Fiji, although his true identity was known to the authorities, who approved his visit in advance. The Thai government has cancelled Mr Thaksin’s Thai passport, and says he is currently using a passport issued by Montenegro. Thailand’s deputy prime minister, Thaworn Sennian, said Mr Thaksin had earlier flown to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, where he stayed en route to Fiji. Thai embassy officials immediately sought Mr Thaksin’s arrest and extradition. “Somehow, Thaksin managed to get wind of the impending arrest and escaped,” Mr Thaworn said.
Mr Thaksin was believed to be heading next for Tonga and then to Port Vila in Vanuatu, which is tomorrow hosting the annual meeting of the heads of the Melanesian Spearhead Group of countries — Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. The MSG meeting is important for Mr Bainimarama because he will not be able to attend this year’s Pacific Islands Forum summit in Cairns in August, as Fiji has been suspended from the Pacific body. The Fiji economy is in considerable trouble, with tourism in a downward spiral globally as a result of the economic downturn, and with the other major industry, sugar, suffering from the withdrawal of subsidies from the European Union following the failure of the Fiji government to announce elections.
The major investor there this year has been Fiji’s own national provident fund, with some financially stretched smaller tourism operators seeking to exit but finding no buyers at present — thus reinforcing the attraction of Mr Thaksin’s business empire. Mr Bainimarama’s military-installed government has said it will not hold an election until September 2014, providing Mr Thaksin with five years’ security if necessary, reinforced by the Fiji government’s control of the courts. Mr Thaksin’s legal adviser, Noppadon Patama, said the stopover in Kuala Lumpur was merely in order to refuel the jet.
He said there was no attempt to arrest him in Malaysia. He said foreign leaders were willing to welcome Mr Thaksin because they understood the charges against him were politically motivated. Thailand’s deputy foreign minister, Panich Vikitsreth, said extradition requests had been filed to Malaysia and to Australia, apparently in the hope Canberra could use its influence in Fiji.
But relations between Australia and Fiji have become increasingly strained, especially since Mr Bainimarama’s government in April abrogated the constitution, dismissed the judiciary, and ruled out elections for five years. Mr Thaksin was a senior police officer who built a telecommunications empire worth billions of dollars. He became Thailand’s prime minister from 2001 before being ousted in a military coup in September 2006, while he was attending the UN general assembly.,,25754325-16953,00.html
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Australia’s Government says it’s confident the Pacific Islands Forum’s suspension of Fiji won’t be watered down. Fiji’s interim leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, is in Vanuatu for a meeting of the Melanesian Spearhead Group, which includes Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands . The 2006 coup leader will be trying to convince the Group that his plan to hold democratic elections by 2014 is reasonable. Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith, says the Pacific Islands’ leaders demands for elections before then won’t be weakened.
He says, I’m confident that all members of the Pacific Islands Forum will conduct themselves in accordance with the two most recent unanimous resolutions of the Pacific Island Leaders Forum.” He says, “Fiji needs to return to democracy, but I also continue to make the point that at some stage we need to find a method and a way of engaging Fiji in a dialogue to bring it back to democracy.”
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Reports from Fiji say the ousted Thai prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra, has been in Fiji amid speculation that he is seeking safety in a country with no extradition treaty with Thailand. The former Thai politician, whose Thai passport has been cancelled, is wanted in Bangkok to answer corruption charges. Pacnews says he met the interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, on Monday after arriving in his private jet from Dubai via Malaysia where, according to the Bangkok Post, he narrowly escaped arrest. Thaksin reportedly spent a day in Suva before flying to Tonga yesterday. There has been no comment from Fiji’s interim government about the outcome of the talks. Pacnews says there has been a suggestion that Thaksin may have offered a substantial investment in return for a right to add Fiji to the places he can stay.
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New Zealand’s prime Minister has denied claims that Samoa’s Head of State expressed displeasure at the way Wellington is handling the Fiji situation. John Key drank kava while paying a visit to Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, in Apia, on the second leg of the Prime Minister’s Pacific goodwill tour. Tui Atua Tupua reportedly conveyed to My Key his deep concerns that the current approach to Fiji by New Zealand and Australia was harming Fiji’s residents. Mr Key defended the Forum’s suspension of Fiji, saying he stands by the decisions made by Forum leaders in Port Moresby earlier this year. He says he has seen no indication that other Pacific leaders, including the Samoa Head of State, want to veer away from that. “No, I mean his main point was really just that he is concerned everyday Fijians are being hurt by this process and he’d obviously love to see it resolved. And in that regard, I reiterated the position that I say everywhere, which is that New Zealand wants to help Fiji on its pathway to democracy as soon as it possibly can.” John Key’s four-day Pacific tour takes in Tonga, Samoa, Niue and the Cook Islands, focusing on the impact of the economic crisis and swine flu on the small countries.
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