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Fijians Stand up for Ro Teimumu and Church

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Ni ra a vesu toka na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi kei iratou na Talatala ni Lotu Wesele ena Guardhouse mai Delainabua (QEB) enabogi, ratou cakava toka na mateni o Voreqe, Teleni, Driti, Ului kei ira kece na senior officers era sa vodoka toka na Gravy Train, ena RFMF mess, ena bogi. Ratou gunu toka me ratou vakadeitaka ni oratou, na tamata qaqa taudua e Viti, ka ni ratou vesuki ira rawa na Gone Marama Bale, kei ira na Talatala ni Kalou. Ko ya gona na lotu ra cakava tiko na sotia ni Viti – ratou rumrum, whiskey toka. Ia, e sega ni ura me tei damu gonei!
Matata vakasigalevu, ni lai vesu mai na Gone Marama Bale, kei ira na Talatala ni Kalou, ena loma ni bogi, ra vakasaurarataki tu me dua na siga taucoko, mera sega ni moce rawa vakavinaka, ni ra tovolea tiko na sotia rumrum, mera vakamalumalumutaki ira, kei keda na lewenivanua lotu vakarisito. Na dina kece qo ena qai kaburaki mai, ni ra sa tu cala o ira na sotia, kei ira kece na turaga/marama ni valu, era sa mai coko tu ena butako levu, na great train robbery, sa mai vakayacori tu ena noda vanua. Era nanuma ni da drop-out sotia dau rumrum vakataki ratou, ia e cala na nodra nanuma.
Na veibeitaki vakailasu sa mai caka qo vei ira na Gone Marama Bale, kei na Talatala ni Kalou, ena qai sauti ira lesu na mataivalu rogorogoca, e liutaka tiko o Voreqe, ka sa rairai, e nodra Kalou, na sotia dau rumrum oqo. Na nodratou lawa lasulasu, eratou sakitaka tiko qo, me rawa ga kina me kana tikoga kina na vore, mai na buno ni lewenivanua, me rawa kina ni ra vodo tikoga kina, ena gravy train qo. Eratou kila vinaka tiko, ni ratou sa na vakasoburi, sa na biu na pajero, na karua kei na katolu ni vale era sa volia rawa ena ilavo ni FDB kei na Merchant Bank, ka mera toki lesu tale ki na vale e levu kina na kokoroti, mai Delainabua, se mera toki sara ki Naboro! Ko ga ya era rerevaka tiko! Era via mai benuci ira na Gone Marama Bale, kei ira na Talatala ni Kalou, mera kaya tiko ni ra basu lawa, era via vunitaka, na laba mada ni CRW, Rabaka, Whippy, Verebasaga kei Malasebe, kei na nodra basuka na lawa, ni ra a kovea na noda Matanitu, ena Tiseba, 2006. Ia, eda sega ni lialia, se drop out vakataki ira na sotia, o keda na lewenivanua, ka matata vinaka tu vei keda, na butako, na laba, kei na basulawa ni Mataivalu nei Voreqe.
O keda na lewenivanua, meda dei, ka yaloqaqa, ni dodonu tiko na sala eda muria, me vakayacori na noda koniferedi, e Rewa, ena yabaki oqo. Era lewe 4,000 ga na sotia. Vei ira oqo, era lewe 2,000 ga era se cauravou. Ia o keda, eda lewelevu cake! – eda lewe 800,000, na lewenivanua! E sega ni dua na ka meda rerevaka, ka ni tiko vata kei keda na Kalou, ka rawarawa sara meda valuti ira na Sotia rumrum oqo.
Era lako mai ena lomaloma ni bogi, baleta oya na gauna eda moce kina, era kila ni gauna oya, e sega ni yadra vinaka kina na vakasama. Ia o keda, meda sa sasabai. Meda yadra tiko. Meda namaki ira. Vakacava kevaka eda kaya vei ira – Au sega ni kila na lawa o tukuna tiko qori! Au bese na lako! Vakacava kevaka era yadra kece mai na lewenikoro, mera kaya – Sa Yala Eke! Sa yala eke! Sa yala eke! Sa yala eke!
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Fiji’s military government says the media is exaggerating the issue of arrests of key leaders of the Methodist Church. Government spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni, on Wednesday confirmed the cancellation of the Church’s annual conference planned for August.
He says if the conference covers political issues it would be a clear breach of Fiji’s Public Emergency Regulations. Fiji’s interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama told the Fiji Live website he believed the media was blowing the issue out of proportion.
“I don’t know why they’re making a big deal out of this because the government and the military have said no and that’s where the matter should rest,” he said. “I think it’s the press people that are making a big deal out of this.”Among those arrested on Wednesday, are former President of the Fiji Methodist Church, Reverend Manasa Lasaro; General Secretary, Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu, the Secretary for Pastoral Ministry, Tomasi Kanailagi and the Church’s Finance Secretary Viliame Gonelevu. Lieutenant Colonel Leweni says Methodist church leaders who are in custody for questioning will be released once an investigation is complete.Reverend Waqairatu was also among five Methodist Church leaders and another five lay people, who had also been taken in for questioning by the military regime on Tuesday.
The Church says it is planning to go ahead with the conference regardless of the interim government’s stand.Lieutenant Colonel Leweni says the Chief of Rewa, Ro Teimumu Kepa, had also been arrested and detained over a statement she released Tuesday. She was picked up late Tuesday night by more than a dozen police officers and escorted to military barracks for questioning. Since then she has been held in a Suva police station. Authorities would not tell her family or lawyer what she has been charged with. A statement from the interim government said she was being investigated for possible incitement. Ro Teimumu Kepa had urged that the proposed Methodist church conference should still go ahead in her village as planned which is just over a half hour drive from Suva.
- Radio Australia
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Last night when Ro Teimumu came out of the interrogation room friends and family waiting were all there waiting for her. There were hugs, kisses, tears and heart breaking to know that our high chief was treated like a criminal only because she chose to stand by her principles for her people and for the people of Fiji. After the CID HQ questioning they again took her to the camp at Nabua where she spent the night. This morning Ro Teimumu with the others will appear in court so it is going to be a new challenge for us all. Our love, wishes and prayers go out to her as we await and try to figure out how we could all help to get her through this. Ro Teimumu Supporters
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Human rights violations committed by Frank & Co. has become the hallmark of Fiji’s strongman.
He is well known for committing deplorable violence against humanity even on Fiji’s women, youths and children. Frank has repeatedly shown that he is the kind who will break every human rights law for his own self-preservation. The latest spate of detention targetted at the Methodist Church and a Catholic paramount chief has undoubtedly sent wrong and disturbing signals to the rest of the civilized world. They know the people of Fiji have been denied their rights to live like respectable and dignified human beings in their own land. But make no mistake! Frank Bainimarama can not continue applying harsh treatment on the Fiji peoples without expecting retaliatory reactions. It has started and Frank himself has provoked it. Where will it end? We don’t doubt peoples power will prevail over Frank & Co.
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We have received information that paramount chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa and some church leaders who were detained along with her will be appearing at the Suva courts today. The report says they will be answering to charges laid on them for “breaching” murderous Frank Bainimarama’s public emergency regulation.
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The battle for influence in the Pacific that has seen China dispense aid at a rate exceeded only by Australia may be ending through an unofficial truce with Taiwan. A new paper by the Australian think-tank, the Lowy Institute for International Policy, says Beijing may now be rethinking a spending spree that has alarmed both Canberra and Wellington, and loaded tiny island states with frightening levels of debt.
Written by research fellow Fergus Hanson, the paper also points to “miscalculation” by Beijing in pumping money into Fiji’s post-coup interim Government, and a secretive, incoherent strategy through the rest of the region driven mainly by efforts to counter Taiwan. The paper says that since last year’s election of Taiwan’s new President, Ma Ying Jeou, there has been a warming of relations between Beijing and Taipei, including the publication of a Taiwanese aid white paper rejecting the approach to dollar diplomacy.
In response, China appears to be applying the brakes to increasingly successful efforts to swing diplomatic recognition away from Taipei to Beijing in a truce that extends from Latin America to the Pacific. The big test in the Pacific will come with next year’s elections in the Solomon Islands, the “jewel in Taiwan’s Pacific crown”, the paper says.
The paper says it is unclear what concessions China expects from Taiwan, and warns the truce could unravel if Beijing’s expectations exceed Ma’s capacity to deliver.
In the meantime, China has continued to pump money into Papua New Guinea and the island states. Hanson says new information from within the region puts China’s aid last year at US$206 million ($314 million), including grants and soft interest-only loans at 2 per cent a year over 20 years.
Australia, the region’s biggest donor, will contribute about A$1.1 billion ($1.3 billion) this year, and about half of New Zealand’s total 2008-09 development budget of $471.3 million was spent in the Pacific. Other donors include the European Union, Japan and the United States.
But, driven by Taiwan and its own priorities, Chinese aid has been unpredictable and short term, opportunistic and poorly designed, the paper says. Chinese aid built a US$12.9 million swimming complex in Samoa beyond the nation’s ability to maintain, and extended loans to the Cook Islands that the country’s chamber of commerce warned would mortgage its future. Cook Islands’ Deputy Prime Minister Sir Terapai Maotae told ABC radio his Government hoped New Zealand would help pay the loan back. The paper says Chinese aid fails to provide flow-on benefits to local economies, insists China provides at least half of the inputs, and reflects the commercial nature of a programme administered not by an aid agency, but by its Ministry of Commerce. The paper says the most striking example of Beijing’s short-term approach to the region was its support for Fiji’s interim Government. “If past coups in Fiji are any indicator of likely future outcomes, [Commodore Frank] Bainimarama’s leadership is not a guaranteed long-term proposition,” the paper says. “Despite this, China has ploughed ahead with an ambitious engagement strategy with the interim regime.”
- NZ Herald
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CHINA gave $254 million in secretive aid to Pacific island countries last year, a report released today by the Lowy Institute reveals, placing it on a par with other major donors Europe, Japan and New Zealand but well below Australia. The report, by Lowy research fellow Fergus Hanson, concludes that “China lacks a coherent strategy” for the aid program, “beyond checking and reversing diplomatic recognition of Taiwan, and it tends to pursue short-term objectives”.
One such objective has been to upgrade its engagement with the military regime in Fiji, to which it loaned $185m in 2007 and $102m last year. “The extent of China’s engagement with the Fiji regime suggests a miscalculation on China’s behalf,” the report says. “There is no doubt it has been successful in currying favour with the regime, but it would seem a risky way to position itself in the longer term in Fiji.” China’s aid to the Pacific, Mr Hanson says, is “pledged in an erratic manner”, and projects are funded without regard to recurrent costs — sometimes distorting the budgets of island nations. “The secrecy surrounding its program obstructs development outcomes and breeds suspicion,” he says. The report urges China to “seize the opportunity presented by the diplomatic truce ushered in by the election of President Ma Ying-jeou in Taiwan to refocus its Pacific aid program towards longer-term development goals that also better serve Chinese national interests”. And “traditional donors” such as Australia “should explore innovative ways of engaging China”. The details of China’s aid program are state secrets, says the Lowy report. But the think tank obtained what it believes to be an accurate assessment of Chinese aid through “extensive co-operation with numerous officials across the region, on the condition of anonymity”.
China tends to give grants, the reports says, in units of 10million RMB ($1.8m) at a time. “China is often portrayed as pursuing a well-thought-out, long-term strategy to extend its influence in the Pacific,” it says. “However, there is little evidence it has a comprehensive grand strategy guiding its approach beyond its tussle with Taiwan.” There has been no change in the balance of recognition since Mr Ma’s election last year, with Taiwan retaining the loyalty of six Pacific states, but this may be tested by next year’s election in the “jewel in its Pacific crown”, the Solomon Islands.
A consequence of this diplomatic battle has been that China has pursued “short-term opportunism that often undercuts its longer-term interests, as well as those of the region”.
Most of China’s aid goes on infrastructure projects. “The Pacific is in critical need of good infrastructure,” the report says. “However, the criticisms levelled at China’s infrastructure projects tend to focus on sustainability, debt burdening and lack of flow-on benefits.”
- The Australian

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