Friday, July 31, 2009

Fiji Reserves Drained by Illegal Regime

Frank the Knife going pot.
It has now come to light that the former Governor of the Reservre Bank Savenaca Narube was sacked for refusing to release Fiji's foreign reserve's to facilitate the ill fated Sereana Qoro BP Pacific Ltd/ Fijian Holdings Ltd failed takeover deal. A spurned Colonel Aziz Mohamed the FHL Board member, was told point blank by Narubeto seek a commercial bank bridging loan instead.
This got Aziz's nickers in a twist and the over promoted military legal squrriel scurried away to inform Frank who knifed Narube, a true son of Fiji who has held the keys to our coffers on a tight grip since 2000.Yes, folks now that the $190million deal has fallen through, we salute Mr Narube. We have been also informed that should our Banana republic's economy don't start bending upwards- then good old Navosa Gold Marujuana is the answer.
Frank on his recent trip to Guyana South America has teamed up with drug catels to explore legalizing pot to take over from our sugar industry. No, folks, not at all far out! given our present screwed up situation! So much so for PACER people! Move over PNG Garoka gold!here comes Navoha gold export premium quality! Na Ohe

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