Monday, July 27, 2009

Fiji not a failed State: PM?

Fiji not a failed State: PM - July 27, 2009
Sai Comment:
- Another instance where the insane and illegal PM of Fiji is speaking through his head! He just does not understand that no one in Fiji except his minority supporters really believe what he says! Fiji is being run down by his own illegal actions-yet you have to have brains to understand that though. What an embarrasment to have him speak on behalf of the great law abiding and peace loving Fijians. Lord rid Fiji of him and his type so Fiji and its people can once again live in freedom.

Fiji is not a failed State and we do not ride around in tanks enforcing the law, Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama told Australian public broadcaster SBS.Bainimarama intensified his defiance of Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd in the interview broadcasted last night in Australia."If I have to fight anyone, I will fight anyone," Bainimarama said."The situation in Fiji is such that a radical change needs to be brought in, and radical change cannot be brought in by some weak organisation."It has to be a strong entity, and there's no other strong entity than the military."Bainimarama told SBS: "I am not going to give in to have an election. We are not going to have an election just to please Australia and New Zealand.”"The international community thinks we are a failed state, that we are a failed African state, that you see me driving around in a tank."Everything is working well. There is a government in being. It's not a failed state."
He was especially scathing about the European Union, which axed $43m in support for Fiji's sugar industry for this year. It did so, it said, "in the absence of any indications that a legitimate government will be in place in 2009".Bainimarama said: "People think all you have to do is give them $50m and they have an election. Three years down the line, they have another coup. That's OK. We have lots of money. That's what we don't want here.
"Members of the Pacific Island Forum, which has Australia and New Zealand, will meet next month in Cairns Australia, where Fiji is likely to be discussed. The Melanesian Spearhead Group, which has Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea along with Fiji, have said they will lobby for Fiji’s return to the Forum.

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