Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bribes and Corruption by Regime Figures

“Full Choke” PM soon to be President


Yes, Folks, our illegal Prime Minister soon to be installed the illegal illegal (that’s right twice) President is not new to the “Full Choke” method of the old snooker gang of Marks Street. A true extortionist to boot.

News to hand from QEB is that on the day after the abrogation of the Constitution by Moce Jo! Frank and his bodyguards paid a long visit to RB Patel Centre point Nabua from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm the whole day. Obviously they were not part of the days stock take tallying folks, but doing a Full Choke for a cool $10,000-00. After Frank and Co left with their Choke money the Patel brothers could not stop laughing, he he! What’s new folks, these so called cleanup coup cons, they all have their snouts in the trough with the Gugi’s!

Also to hand the Choke for Immigration PR visa return is rife with the top brass of the regime. An Australian businessman who was threatened with deportation because his visa was not in order was going to blow the whistle on Frank and Teleni and the bribe he gave them to secure his visa. He wanted Frank and Teleni to pay back the bribe money or else he would report the dirty deal to ABCTV. The man was released instantly by immigration officials through Major Vuniwaqa the Director Immigration.

Yes people we are watching, the Methodists are watching -40 day! Beware the Ides of Augustus

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