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Brave Rewa Standing Up for All Fijians Against Tyranny

We say – Following is an email we received between Ro Temumu’s assistant and another Rewan.
As they say in Rewa! “Qai se warai na Qai ga!”
As the Assistant to the Gone Marama Bale I am attaching the statements in Fijian and English.
As you may be aware we as a Province, have, under the leadership of the GMB decided to defy the Government and host the Bose Ko Viti. Oqo na nodra i tukutuku vei keda taucoko sara na gone ni Rewa The challenge is to get the message to our villages and kin to tell them the BKV is on and to do our best as we cannot use the papers, radio or TV. We are spreading the news on the blog sites far and wide.
Please get back to me and acknowledge that you have received this message.
As I write this the Qase Levu and Rev Tuikilakila have been taken to the Serious Crimes Unit at Central Police Station for questioning. Please pray for them, pray for the GMB and all of us who serve under her.
Thank you and God Bless!
Isa Na Wekaqu,
Nodaru Gone Marama era sa bole mate!
O cei o au na kai Narocivo ka dina meu qai tu vaksuka ena gauna oqo?
I trust your discretion.
But you don’t need any proof of who sent it.
The GMB has signed the statement and stands by every word.
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Rasheed & Ramswarup – the toxic sugar twins
July 21, 2009
One goes to the mosque every Friday and the other, a Christian convert, brags about his weekly rendezvous at the church. Yet between the two of them, they generate such vicious toxicity,venom and human poison that the mere contact with them can be fatal and lethal. Talk about backbiting,backstabbing, double crossing, betrayal and naked raw evil, they stand in a class of their own and would even leave the Roman Nero and Judas looking like saints. Take Rasheed for example and consider how he routinely destroyed the careers of many capable people in FSC because of his morbid fear of their higher abilities and talents.
Read what he did to one of his own executive colleagues -Ratu Villiame Dreunimisimisi.
The Wanganui College , NZ educated , agriculturist eldest son of Fiji’s most respected chief Ratu Sir Edward Cakobau, and brother of Vice President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and Ratu Tuki Cokaunoto, became an innocent victim of one of the most despicable acts of betrayal, backstabbing and treachery in a plot engineered and executed by the duo -Rasheed and Ramswarup. Ratu Dreu was the Manager of the Ba sugar mill in the mid 1970’s which had a workforce of about 1500 and 6000 cane farmers. In a feature article, in 1978, compiled by Daryl Tarte in the sugar industry journal ” Sugar News ” , Ratu Dreu was credited as ” the Fijian controlling the biggest business operation and largest operating budget in the country only after Prime Minister Ratu Mara”. Immensely popular, highly respected, compassionate in the true traditions of the finest chiefly values , he was also highly successful manager of the second largest mill in Fiji. Ratu Drew was widely seen as the new rising star on the corporate horizon and a logical successor to the last of the expatriate Managing Directors George Moody- Stuart.
But Ratu Dreu’s rapid ascendancy up the promotional ranks was viewed with great hostility , disdain and hatred by Ali and ironically it was this success that was to become Dreu’s namesis within a couple of years later.
As the General Manager Administration, Rasheed watched with nervousness and apprehension the rapid rise of Dreu. From the safety of the Head Office in Suva , Rasheed Ali engineered and manipulated one of the dirtiest acts of backstabbing by propagating viscious lies and poisoning the minds of the Board of Directors, the senior expatriate management and including Ratu Mara against Dreu. That he was able to poison even Mara’s mind shows the ruthlessness and visciousness of Rasheed.
Investigations after investigations, many unscheduled operational audits, witchunts and industrial relations problems were all targetted and framed up against the Ba Mill and all designed to undermine Ratu Dreu’s standing as a successful manager. But the most loathesome feature of Rasheed’s deciet and duplicity was him offering some highly damaging personal information to the Sugar Staff Trade Union in the middle of an industrial arbitration allegedly linking Ratu Drew and his wife to some financial claims from the Fiji Broadcasting Commission and innuedos of double dipping. Rather than showing solidarity to his executive colleague, here was this disloyal ,lower than lowest Rasheed Ali , persuading the union to subpeona Hugh Leonard , the general Manger of FBC to come and testify against Dreu. The union, of course, would not have any part in this back stabbing treacherous charade . However, we did later find out there was no truth in his allegations and it was fabricated just to discredit and demonise Dreu so that he does not pose as an obstacle to his own ambitions.
As a pastmaster in this game , he engineered a similar crusade against another Fijian rising star Ratu Tomasi Korovakaturaga. Ratu Tom was the son of another icon of Fiji’s chiefly establishment -Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau. Ratu Tom’s younger brother Ratu Epeli Ganilau is well known for his service to the country. Ratu Tom through no failure of his was demoted from his Factory manager’s job and counselled in 1982 for some foreign matter found in sugar sold to NZ. Despite the Unions defence of Ratu Tom in a lengthy arbitration and successsfully proving the culpability of FSC management itself in this saga, Rasheed Ali persisted with his agenda of eleminating any body who he saw as a threat to him. It is incumbent on the distinguished brothers of these two great late leaders of the sugar industry to seek some posthumous justice for them and ask Rasheed ali and Ramswarup to account for their past misdemeanours. Likewise many defenceless Indians were similarly victimised through fabrication and lies and of course every trade union leader had to suffer the exile of Labasa and Seaqaqa until they were completely neutralised. Ali Hussain , Tony Amputch , Diwan shankar, Timothy Naivaluwaqa, Vijay Reddy , L P Maharaj,Babu ram and Sukend Sharma amongst many others all paid the price for their principles. And those like Nitya Reddy who resisted were sacked. Arbitrary transfers and demotions designed to inflict the maxiimum collateral damage, disruption and emotional anguish on the family’s welfare including loss of many spouses’s careers and professional lives, disruption to childrens’s education etc. were all part of his armoury of persecution and victimisation.
Gautam Ramswarup
And Ramswarup his partner in this odyssey of injustice and tyranny carried on unrestrained with his own backstabbing aggenda.
Like Rasheed, Ramswarup’s insecurities were so self destructive that he saw everbody including himself as his potential nemesis. In his highly warped mind, whoever he saw as slighly better than himself (there were many of course), he would institute his standard modus operandi of back stabbing.
He lobbied every Board Member,Chairman Cupitt, government officials, every trade union leader, and even cane farmers to secure the No. 2 job in FSC. He circulated some of the most malicious and career damaging lies against two other very capable contenders for the position -one being Abdul Yusuf. In the case of the other, he spread false rumours alleging marital infidelity and extra marital affairs.
His all consuming ego combined with his imagined narcissistic underlay of self importance had blinded him to his subteranean mediocrity, profoundly hollow intellect and glaring incompetence. He dogedly refused to accept his many limitations and acknowledge his entrenched uselesness.
Campaigning almost full time for at least a month with the full approval of Rasheed, he spent at least several thousand dollars in hotels, meals and air fare. But he was always above any kind of accountability.
In his FSC provided burgundy Mazda 929 car Reg no. BG753 he made many rounds of the sugar mills, personally going and politiicking for the job and promising many people with promotions and transfers as pay back for their support. He even requested ordinary mill employees to write letters of support for his bid. To the Staff Union, he had also even suggested dislodging Rasheed Ali from the Chief Executive’s job once he was comfortably secure in his No.2 job. Loyalty, principles, honour, ethics and intergrity are an anathema to these men.
What more proof do we need of their greed and opportunism?
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Tips on how to negotiate with the regime
July 21, 2009
Negotiating Regime Change 101
For democratic reformers in government.
(1) Following the guidelines for transforming authoritarian systems, first isolate and weaken your standpatter opposition and consolidate yourhold on the government and political machinery.
(2) Also following those guidelines, seize the initiative and surprise both opposition and standpatters with the concessions you are willing tomake, but never make concessions under obvious opposition pressure.
(3) Secure endorsement of the concept of negotiations from leading colonels or other top officials in the security establishment.
(4) Do what you can to enhance the stature, authority, and moderation of your principal opposition negotiating partner.
(5) Establish confidential and reliable back-channels for negotiating key central questions with opposition leaders.
(6) If the negotiation succeeds, you very probably will be in the opposition.Your prime concern, consequently, should be securing guarantees and safeguards for the rights of the opposition and of groups that have beenassociated with your government (e.g., the military). Everything else is negotiable.
For democratic moderates in the opposition.
(1) Be prepared to mobilize your supporters for demonstrations when these will weaken the standpatters in the government. Too many marches and protests, however, are likely to strengthen them, weaken your negotiating partner, and arouse middle-class concern about law and order.
(2) Be moderate; appear statesmanlike.
(3) Be prepared to negotiate and, if necessary, make concessions on all issues except the holding of free and fair elections.
(4) Recognize the high probability that you will win those elections and do not take actions that will seriously complicate your governing your country.
For both government and opposition democratizers.
(1) The political conditions favorable to a negotiated transition will not last indefinitely. Seize the opportunity they present and move quickly to resolvethe central issues.
(2) Recognize that your political future and that of your partner depend on your success in reaching agreement on the transition to democracy.
(3) Resist the demands of leaders and groups on your side that either delay the negotiating process or threaten the core interest of you negotiatingpartner.
(4) Recognize that that agreement you reach will be the only alternative; radicals and standpatters may denounce it, but they will not be able to produce an alternative that commands broad support.
(5) When in doubt, compromise.
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Frank’s freedom means killing, detaining, torturing, oppressing
July 21, 2009
Guess who said the following: “My government believes in media freedom and the freedom of expression. We recognise that these are fundamental principles of true democracy.” Don’t worry if you didn’t guess it was our own Frank Bainimarama who first tried muzzling the media with deportations of editors, then firebombing and threats and finally resorted to armed takeover and stationing censors inall media offices. People who think that Bainimarama means any of the words he speaks about his vision for the future should bear this in mind. When he speaks of a Fiji free of racial discrimination, he doesn’t mean a word of it. Judge him by his actions. He has headed the military for over ten years and has done nothing to make the military a more multiracial institution. It remains almost totally Fijian. Now he says he’s going to fix the economy before he fixes the constitution. What does that mean? Simple, it means he plans to enrich himself and hand assets and business rewards to cronies. Should we be surprised that businessmen like Hari Punja are rubbing up against the dictator and making purring noises like greedy cats?
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Police in Fiji have detained four senior figures of the Methodist church for questioning. The action is the latest step in ongoing tensions between the Methodists and the interim regime over the banning of this year’s annual church conference. Philippa Tolley has been following events:
“The church has spoken of hope the group will be released today after the General Secretary was detained last night and the others taken in this morning.” “For the last couple of months, the interim Prime Minister has been telling the Methodist church it won’t be allowed to hold its annual gathering this year, or any other, unless it follows strict conditions, including the excluding from meetings of two former presidents and an agreement to refrain from political discussion. But the church appears to be continuing with plans to hold the annual conference which is important in raising funds for church activities.” “In April this year, the former Methodist President, Manasa Lasaro was taken in for questioning after he called for the restoration of democracy, and the inclusion of political issues on its conference agenda.”
News Content © Radio New Zealand InternationalPO Box 123, Wellington, New Zealand
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We have received news from our sources within the PM’s Office that the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma’s General Secretary, the Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu has been arrested by the police this evening (Tues July 20th). It was again another ill thoughout reaction to a letter he wrote to Commodore Bainimarama and Police Commssioner Teleni warning of possible bloodshed should the Military not allow the annual Methodist Church Coneference to go ahead in August 2009. Bainimarama again demonstrating his dislike of good sound advice rather than the ones he likes to hear.
So they have arrested Rev Waqairatu today. Will they be able to arrest the 300,000 other Methodist Church in August?
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I first met Inoke kubuabla in 1970 when I was a student at Auckland University. He was a bible student trying to complete a course in theology and used to flat with some Fjian boys at 131 Williamson Avenue, Grey Lynn in Auckland. In our Fijian community , we used to often joke about his double faced ” aghe piche’ lack of morality. Whilst he publicly maintained the persona of a very committed ” talatala” , privately he was known to be in a deeply passionate relationship with a Fijian student who later became a very senior civil servant in Fiji. He saw no moral or ethical contradiction in preaching from the pulpit on Sundays pontificating the teachings of Christ and then transending to his beastly passions and immorality straight after the service.
Nothing that he does or does not surprise me as he is destined to damnation.
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Phony Teleni
July 20, 2009
The phony Police Commissioner Teletubby has told the Methodist Church that it would be wasting its time applying again for a permit to hold its annual conference. Let’s hope the Methodist church ignores this big bag of hypocritical wind and applies. When Teletubby knocks them back they can take the issue to a court and claim that the windbag had been prejudiced and his decision should be over-turned. Remember the Appeals Court that over-turned the conviction of the Qaranivalu by a court presided over by Justice Gates who had said before the trial that he would put the Qaranivalu away. Our judiciary is no longer independent but let’s make the illegal judges earn their money the hard way by being seen to be willing tools of a tin-pot dictator.
No more permits says TeleniMonday, July 20, 2009
Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni has confirmed to FBCL News he will not allow anymore permits to the Methodist church in regards to their wanting to hold the Bose ko Viti in Rewa as scheduled. The Methodist church says they will apply for another permit to hold the annual conference in Rewa. Teleni says the church will be wasting their time – and he will not authorize any permits for them. The Police Commissioner says they’ll stick to the decision of the Military Commander and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama that there will be no annual conference 2009 and that is final. Teleni says he does not know why the Methodist church is trying to apply for a permit he says its no use for the church to apply when they know that no permits will be granted.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation LTD
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Fiji a pariah state
July 20, 2009
Fiji is facing the grim reality of being a pariah state with worse tocome! Thanks to the reckless behaviour of the criminally obsessive FrankBainimarama, our beloved nation is now a pariah state. On top of sanctions by imposed by traditional partners such as the USA, EU, Australia and New Zealand, we’ve been kicked out of the Forum, the Commonwealth is about to throw us out and the French have just delivered a pointed snub by not inviting us to the Pacific summit in Noumea. Will it get any worse? You bet it will! For example, unless Bainimarama steps down, is deposed or falls under the proverbial bus, enabling a caretaker government to hold elections sooner rather than later, there won’t be much time left to avoid the ultimate disaster. For one thing, Fiji can’t afford to wait until we reach the dictator’s fictional April 2014 election deadline because, at the current rate of our steep decline, we will have become a failed state by then.
More importantly, as we can already see, the jump in poverty, a ballooning crime rate and the breakdown of our education system are combining to rob our children of their future. That’s the ultimate disaster and it’s the grim, frightening reality of Fiji today. What makes it worse is the dictator’s inability to understand that it’s him, and him alone, who is causing this grave damage to our economy and our society. He only sees things through the narrow prism of setf-interest.
The demons that haunt our dictator won^t let him differentiate between the reality of the attainable and the total impossibility of realizing the absurd, Utopian fairytale that he has spun.
Under Frank Bainimarama, there is only one thing of which we can be very certain: We are heading for a disaster that must never be allowed to happen.
Fiji Democracy Now
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Can someone tell me if this character Gautam Ramswarup who has been appointed the new Chairman of FSC is that same dodgy salesman who was selling Hoover vacuum cleaners in Sydney. If that is so, then it has to be the same chap who came to our Western Sydney home to sell us some life insurance policies and was was chased off by my nanna. Has Fiji gone so bad that they cannot find anybody better than him to run the most important industry in Fiji. How come a man who has not had a decent job for the last 20 years in Australia cons himself into this position.
How much more comical and contemptible can it than this. A failed vaccum cleaner and insurance salesman now trumpets internationally to sell our premium export commodity.
Man stop this comedy and charade and treat the farmers and people of Fiji with the respect that they deserve!
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Sources report that curent Fiji Ambassador to Japan, Inoke Kubuabola, will be taking up his new junta appointment at the end of this month. It is understood that Kubuabola will soon be the newest cabinet member to take up an illegal oath with Iloilo as illegitimate Minister of Foreign Affairs. Inoke Kubuabola is brother to ousted SDL/FLP multiparty Minister of Finance, Jone Kubuabola, one of Fiji’s best brains and former Reserve Bank Governor whom sources say is not impressed with his brother’s choice to serve under Frank & Co. There are also revelations today that Inoke Kubuabola, who was also a Minister in the Rabuka military then SVT government, is a highly unethical and selfish guy who will sacrifice his family for his own personal gain. His profile perfectly fits our “unemployable” kinda guy – you know, the kind who will sell their soul to whoever is in power so long as they remain employed in a cushy government position. We honestly have no time for unprincipled individuals like Inoke Kubuabola, Jim AhKoy, Ben Vunibobo, Winston Thompson and the whole bang lot of them. They simply bring disrepute to the law-abiding citizens of Fiji and are contagious to the new Fiji generation. Fiji doesn’t need these kinda guys, they are the ones who need Fiji to pay their sorry lives for them! Shame on you Inoke Kubuabola and those in your ilk!
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Can these two charlatans , the self proclaimed “we know best” , ego driven serial opportunists answer the following;
1. How many overseas trips did you make during your time in the sugar industry , broken into Sydney, London, Washington , New York, Los Angeles ,India, china , Moscow , nNZ, Pacific, Carribean etc. and for what purposes ?
2. During how many of these you were accompanied by your wives and children?
3.What was the cost of all such travelsand trips? Was it not first class air travel and 5 star accomodation?
4. On how many occassions you visited your mother, sisters and other families in Canada , USA and UK etc. using these industry funded trips?
5. What claims you made during that period from the industry for overseas out of pocket expenses for travel, accomodation, meals , entertainment and clothes etc.?
6. Who approved all your overseas travel and those reimbursement claims?
7. Was there an independent process and transparent protocols of approval and authorisation of these expenses ?
8. Is it not true that it was self authorised and appproved by the two of you without even a token scrutiny from any body else ?
9. Is it not true that the farmers, unions and the internal, extenal and sugar industry auditors expressed their concerns against these practices only to be blocked and railroaded by the two of you?
10. Did you ever declare any conflict of interest and your deeply personal relationship with a local partner of Peat Marvick Mitchell, the external auditors of FSC during your days ? And did you ever declare the many gifts, drinks, dinners and entertainment etc. that you received from him?
11. How many , where and at what cost did you receive FSC funded overseas training and what percentage of the total training budget was expended on just the two of you ?
12. What was so special about the two of you that all these overseas training,conferences and meetings were reserved for you two only?
13 Tell the country how many times and to what destinations you have travelled outside Fiji on your own private money?
14. Tell the country whether expensive overseas drinks and wines were regularly bought from a prominent businesssman friend (holding exclusive agency), for FSC senior management functions – snubbling the products of its very own 100% subsidiay those days, the South Pacific Distilleries Ltd. You both have got away with a great deal and must stop fooling the country now.
Get out before it is too late.
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Ben (Kunatuba) is a great guy and his family has been the tower of his success. I believe that Ben is a victim of some greedy individual who profess to be key figures in what they thought of doing best, but deep within is the love of self esteem and egonism. I do not speak of the political figures. I speak of some businessman who networks their self-desire of mammoth greed by special “offers & favours” for our clean public servant. He is now free but allas!, the shark is still outthere and unless this demon is fished out of the deep, “shark attacks” will continue to find another to swallow. The tale of this shark -it does not bite but swallows its prey. The self profess “King of Fiji” – as the “Asians” knows him well has been the architect on monopoly in the Fishing Industry and has previleged with as pioneers, being holding the government in his hands. Twenty years back, the tuna licenses is being controlled and dictated by this individual and his recognition is even legitimaized in the criteria of obtaining the licenses in Fiji. It is this kingpin that swerve Ben and other senior officers of the Fisheries Dept of that time into his cunning plans for his own benefit. Ask yourself why the Lami jetty, being government developed, reknowned facility of the old NMA is now under a private company. How did the board of the NMA if it was the governong body then, transfered it to the Company of the kingpin. It is no longer a public jetty but a private jetty. Where are the powers of the Fiji Ports here when high sea vessels boarding that port. Who is collecting the port charges – I know it is not the Fiji Ports.
Though Ban was not charged on this issue, it is something that we have to think about as many dealings that initiated by these so called “sharks” keads our public servant into such predicaments. Charging the servants and putting them away is not the solution to the problem. Killing the “shark” is the only solution to the problems. No sharks, every fish enjoys the ecology – the chain begins to thrive and prosperity is witnessed. But this smart kingpin always parade himself as the master in this field by associating himself well to whoever is in power where that leader consults him on industry issues. The cunning kingpin then provides his “professional opnion” in such a way that is sdeen constructive and well thought to address issues at hand.
This kingpin loves to be on air almost every month and speaking on fisheries issues. A sattire was when he speaks of the recent EU visit was the for the incompetence performance of our CA for fishery exported to the EU countries. CA is faced with great decisions when they are called to ok certificates for exports. Things like inappropriate facilities, unrecognized fishing vessels is the problem and not the way the certificate is written. One can now understand the irregular practises from fish owners or exporters can be sited here. Maybe FICAC should investigate this issue. And I invite all those who can give evidences of this practices and dealings to come out into this blog so that the unknown is known.
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Illegal Minister Jiko Luveni not a clue!
July 20, 2009
Jiko Luveni illegal minister for what again? Can someone tell us? Oh well this woman didn’t understand or figure out why such a large number of strong healthy people were asking for assistance when she revealed that 27,300 people in Fiji are receiving welfare monthly allowances. Why does one receive welfare assistance? People ask for assistance because they are not employed and no wages coming in to put food on the table to feed their children. That is the reason 27,300 people are in need of welfare assistance. According to what she has told us, it is alarming and troublesome that around 120,000 people are living in the fast growing squatter settlement on the hinges of urban centres. We would imagine that these people are some that would be asking for welfare assistance and if not should be subsidized in some way to make living a little bit easier for them. Jiko Luveni and others have blamed the movement of the people to urban areas and only being able to afford cheap accommodation for the fast growing squatter settlement. What else did they expect? People move to the urban areas to look for work so for goodness sake do something about it, help them return to the villages to utilize the land that is lying idle. The purpose of welfare assistance is to provide an economic and social safety net for the disadvantaged member of society due to disability, lack of education, lack of job skills, low demand for unskilled labour etc. These people can be strong and healthy! Social Welfare Department Assistant Director Children Services, Sudhnory Nagaiya said that given the budget for Family Assistance remains at $20m for this year they are not counting on any increase in the number of welfare requests. Doesn’t look like any help is on hand for those strong healthy people with families that cannot find a job! Fiji4All
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Fiji’s economy spiralling out of control
July 19, 2009
Yes people, hang onto your wallets as the illegal regime tries to squeeze more funds anyhow to run a lifeless corpse of a nation let alone a clueless and corrupt government. Read the latest draconian mind boggling methods as proposed by coup apologist Serulagilagi. PSC hopes 5000 take up offer The Public Service Commission is looking at close to 5000 civil servants who are on the verge of retiring to take up the voluntary redundancy packages being offered. PSC Chairman Josefa Serulagilagi confirmed that they have put together a proposal and it is with Frank Bainimarama, who will make the decision on whether they will go ahead with the proposed plan.
Serulagilagi said that if Frank is happy with what the PSC has planned on the redundancy packages, then they will prepare another proposal seeking cabinet approval. Serulagilagi said with the voluntary redundancy packages they are hoping to save 20 percent on the current cost of civi service. We say to Serulagilagi, the solution is simple – go rewrite your proposal as :
1) Start with downsizing the army like PNG has done and send the 3000 soldiers to plant tavioka for Jim AkHoys ethanol plant.
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Many people have commented on Gautam Ramswarup’s incompetence and the shock and disbelief surrounding his appointment as the new Chairman of FSC. It is also being revealed that he is on an overseas junket now which is going to cost FSC $150,000. This is very serious.
I left Fiji in 1983. But I was a junior employee at Price Waterhouse,Suva in the early 1970’s when Ramswarup was member of the PW mangement consulting Division. I remember very vividly how he used to flutter around the office talking big, foulmouthing and talking down others and disturbing thesecretaries and other staff. This used to be his routine day in and day out- a tradition he successsfully maintained,i am told in FSC as well. He always talked low of the USP graduates.
The worst and most unethical consequence of his widely known unproductivity and inability to apply himself to any serious work was his habit of arbitrarily charging the clients. Of course it did not take long for the expatriate partners of Price Waterhouse and the sole local partner Bhaskar Bhindi to express their grave concerns and take immediate action. Despite, many rumours of internal disciplinary action and counselling , he showed no improvement and was discreetly asked to leave. His savior came in the form of Rasheed Ali who knowing well his general incompetence offerred him a Management Accountants job-well protected from the rigours of financial accounting.
He developed such a deep vendetta against Price Waterhouse after he was virtually asked to leave , that a few years later he engineered the move to appoint Peat Marvick Mitchell ( now KPMG)as the extenal auditors of FSC in place of the existing auditors Price Waterhouse. Everybody in the accounting fraternity knew about Ramswarup’s personal association with one of the two local Peat Marvick Partners by the name of Abdul Khan who later was fired himself. Some junior staff who had studied in Auckland were themselves aware of the mediocrity of Khan as a professional person and the fact that he passed one of the acoounting papers only after his third attempt. Birds of the same feather flock together as they say and certainly Ramswarup and Abdul Khan had a lot in common , not the least of which was their proven mediocrity.
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The death of Aminiasi Toge of Nakasaleka in Kadavu is very sad. He died in South Afghanistan on Thursday while on foot patrol with a British unit fighting the Taliban . As we express sympathy to Aminiasi’s family we need to also defend the Afghan mission and the resolution to complete the work that have started and making sure it is undiminished. This will be a tribute to Aminiasi who has given his life that his British unit should succeed in the efforts they have begun. Lets forget for a minute the involvement of our military in all the coups and put our attention on the brave souls having to fight a battle against terror. Aminiasi died in the name of patriotism and for others suffering from a loss of freedom in the grip of terrorism and fanaticism. This brave Fijian soldier was the pride of his family because when is father retired from the Vatukola mines in May 2007 his son joined the British Army to support his family. One of the reasons he was there was to send money home to his family. He was very unlucky and we should salute him and our heart goes out for his family and loved ones for he will be sorely missed. If this soldier was sent to fight for unjust reasons as some of us think we should curse the politicians that have sent him there and wish them hell. Aminiasi had no political stake, he was fighting for freedom of the Afghans. He died out of honour and duty as a Fijian soldier to a country and its fellow citizens, in this case the United Kingdom. A reminder to the people of Fiji that the cost of freedom is very high but not as high as not having it. How can we be free when Frank’s regime is in control of our lives? Do the soldiers in Fiji realize that they also cannot secure their freedom from Frank? Aminiasi Toge’s death was not in vain, he died fighting for the freedom of others while we with our Fijian soldiers will continue to be held hostage by the rules of a dictator. Rest In Peace to a fine soldier, your fight for the freedom of others you didn’t know deserve all the respect in our hearts. M. Kingdom
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MPs convicted for breaking the law in a democracy
July 19, 2009
Reading the Courier Mail made me think that Fijian citizens must keep fighting for their Democracy so that all coup perpetrators can be convicted for the act of treason carried out on the 5th of December, 2006. Here in Australia Gordon Nuttall is the latest in a long list of Australian politicians jailed for serious criminal offences in the last 22 years. Gordon Nuttall gets 7 years for receiving secret commissions. The other 12 former MPs including state premiers have been convicted of serious crimes ranging from accepting bribes, stealing from the public purse, sex offences, falsely obtaining money from parliamentary travel account, stealing through false travel claims, for travel rorts, rape, fraud, bribery, electoral fraud and blackmail. These are serious crimes, so it should be a foregone conclusion that those who have accorded Frank’s regime “legitimacy” and have taken up positions should be convicted when the time comes. Gordon Nutall’s ignominious demise has demonstrated that the state of Queensland’s criminal investigation and justice system does work. The same can happen when Fiji is out of the murky world of the military regime, the conviction and demise of Frank and his team will also demonstrate that Fiji’s criminal investigation and justice system is working at its best and so should be the death of the coup culture. These criminals should never be allowed to get away with anything and must be hauled in before a criminal trial and subsequently jailed. Like Nutall, Frank and his men demonstrates both a hide thicker than a bullock’s and a complete disconnect with reality and the standards expected of people elected to public office let alone couped to get there. They should never be given another chance to serve as a member of parliament in any democracy. These people are “bad apples” and should be dealt with severely but sadly it will only be after the rotten fruit has fallen to the ground. Gary WhiteQLD
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A poem for Driti and his military regime
July 18, 2009
We must all agree that any military regime will exploit their people to remain in power. This poem often answers that question many often ponder. Why? POWER HUNGRY The men that have gained great power from the barrel of the gun. Usually does not have the mind to use it. The ones that we have in Fiji at this hourDo nothing more than abuse it. They tip the scales in their favour. To get just what they want and needThey do it to no regard to our futureBecause they are only driven by greed They use the people they controlLike pawns in a game of chess. To pull you into an empty holeAnd make your life a mess. What makes a man’s heart turn sourAnd choose to take the wrong roadNothing but the hunger for money and powerAnd the yearning to be in control. Temo

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