Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement Rally Canberra

Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement Rally
Canberra, 5 Jun 2009
Address by J Baledrokadroka- Fellow Australian National University, Former member of Fiji Great Council of Chiefs and Former Colonel Land Force Commander RFMF.
This day marks a new dawning for our movement. Today you have come from far and wide to be here in Canberra the capital of Australia to show your indignation and protest against the illegal regime in Fiji.

We are here on this mall at Parliament House as part of this beautiful democratic country-Australia with its respect for the freedom of human rights. First of all as Australian aborigine protocol dictates here on these beautiful lawns, we as Fijians would like to acknowledge that we are standing on the land of the Ngunnawal people. (Applause)

Many of you are now an intricate fabric of Australian society and wish your family and friends in Fiji had the same rights as yours here. It is these rights that we as human being are demanding be restored in our beloved Fiji. The freedom to choose a democratic government which has the moral authority to rule over all people in Fiji. The freedom of congregating in a public place. The freedom of speech and a free press. The freedom of a fair trail. The freedom of movement. The freedom of public protest. The freedom of religious assembly. These are but some of the rights that have been violated by the regime in Fiji.
We must continue after this rally to make a stand for democracy and be the voice of the voiceless in Fiji. I urge you all, those of you who will march and rally in the coming weeks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin and the United States this is not the time for complacency. Stand Up! Raise your voices like we have done here today. There will be those that sit on the fence and oppose our fight. We are undeterred. Bonum Certamen Certa. We fight the good Fight.
Da tou valu tiko ga e na i valu vinaka. Me da tu cake ka tu taka na ka dina me tukuni me baleti iratou na veiliutaki sega ni va ka lawa vovodea ka yaco tiko mai Viti. Sa yala eke. Sa yala eke na noda lomaloma rua! Sa yala eke na vei va kaisini! Sa yala eke na vei lasutaki, ena vuku ni noda kawa kei Viti e na vei siga ni mataka. Vinaka na cola i tavi vinaka na cola vanua, vinaka na vala taka na dina na dodonu kei na savasava.
Me vakalougata taki keda kece na tamada mai lomalagi. Vinaka Vakalevu.

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